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Satisfying the lust

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?it was six o?clock in the morning and I had just finished dragging my lazy ass out of bed to get ready for work. Friday morning and I was having my usual bowl of cereal before heading out. Just when I was about to take the last bite my gorgeous breathtaking wife flies around the corner with a glazed look in her eyes. I have seen that look before but not very often and I knew this was going to be one memorable way to get ready for work. She grabs the bowl and sets it on the end table, grabs my hand, lifts her flimsy lingerie and places it directly on the wettest pussy I had ever felt. When I looked up her eyes were closed anticipating the entry of my fingers into her swollen lips and over her extremely sensitive clit.

My god she was so horny I could almost feel the heat from her body as she began to manipulate my hand in the direction she wanted for maximum pleasure. I was shocked but excited all at the same time. I find my wife to be the most erotic woman on the face of the earth but when she is ?wanting? and ?nasty? and doesn?t care what, or who, is around that just sends me over the edge. My cock was bulging and begging for release but I knew this was not going to happen. I knew this was all about her and, to be honest, I was perfectly fine with that. There is no bigger turn on for me then to watch my beauty in the throws of massive orgasms. Yes I said orgasms. She can have one orgasm after another after another after another until she collapses in shear exhaustion. This was to be one of those moments and I was going to take in each and every erotic, sexually charged moment!

I kind of chuckled at her for a moment and told her that she was getting ready to break my wrist contorting it to match the angle that she needed for perfect manipulation and maximum pleasure and she gave me the cutest little smile. It was mixed with pure unadulterated desire and a pixy like grin that beamed with naughtiness. She simply said come with me. Did I obey? Come on now was there any doubt in your mind?

She got to the bedroom before I did and when I got there is was pitch black. I had to literally feel my way to her, which is what she had in mind anyway. When I got to her I found her feet first and began a slow accent to the landing zone but she was going to have none of that. She made no bones about the fact that she was in total control and she wanted me for only one thing and one thing only?to make her cum!! I couldn?t even tell you what she was wearing, if anything, but I knew she was wet, hot and smelling like sex so I didn?t care what she had on. I put my nice warm hand, I warmed it in my pants on the way to the room, right on her silky smooth mound and gently parted the lips to her swollen treasure. Her pussy was so wet it was almost dripping with white hot juice, dripping between her thighs and dropping lightly on the sheets below. Inserting one finger I felt her body tense and release like she had just been poked with and ice cold white hot object. A deep sigh whispered from her mouth and a guttural sound emanated deep within her! As I started to remove my finger I ran it directly up her lips and over her clit. Her first orgasm?.ummm it was heaven. Even though I couldn?t see her, my previous trips to paradise washed over me and I could envision exactly what she was doing and how she was moving whilst in the throws of her first orgasmic moment.

It was then time to move deeper and with more substance so I inserted my two middle fingers into her dripping pussy and reached as far back as my fingers could reach then bent them to massage the upper part of her beautifully soaked pussy. At the same time my thumb and palm were covering her swollen, rock hard, clitoris which increased the excitement ten fold. I pulled up with my fingers which made me clamp down on her clit and I just massaged her for a few strokes, removed my two fingers and ran them up to her clit where I began to slowly stroke it between the two fingers. With all of her juices flowing freely it slid perfectly back and forth and I she immediately shot into throws of orgasm after orgasm. Just as she began to relax a little I began the motion all over again and off she went?ahhhhhh. My god it was the most erotic thing to listen to and feel as darkness prevented my eyes from seeing so the mind had to work overtime to envision what was happening beside me. What an erotic moment. No sight, just the touch, the sounds and the delicious aroma of her fragrant nectars as the spilled from their erupting cavern.

As I had said earlier, this was not going to have anything to do with me but was strictly an ?oh fuck I am so horny I need to cum? moment and I need you as my toy. I think I was successful in that endeavor or so it seemed! I guess you will have to ask her yourself!

My cock was straining and wanting to explore the dark cavern below but alas the job called and I will just have to wait and enjoy the memories of what transpired?until I get home that is!!!

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