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Satisfying Susan

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"Jim, come here please". It was Susan calling from the bedroom. I answered, "Sorry baby, not right now I have to get this off right away." I was writing a short report for a client.

"Jim, I need you to come here. I want to show you something," she whined in a sultry voice.

I knew damn well what she wanted, and had wanted every second hour of our weekend together. I was close to collapse; I had to steady myself when I stood up too quickly, my knees shaking so much. She was inexhaustible. I also knew that if I went to see what she wanted to show me, that we would be fucking once more and quickly.

Finally, the thoughts of what was waiting for me in the bedroom outweighed my need to finish the report. Perhaps if I lay her one more time, a longer envelope of time might become available to finish my work. I was not sure what might appear in my report with these erotic thoughts racing through my mind.

I went and stood in the doorway of the bedroom and said, "Alright Susan, what is so important that I cannot finish my work."

She was lying in the bed covered by a light sheet clinging to her body, her eyes soft and beckoning, her lips wet as her tongue tip flicked around them. She peeled the sheet down to expose a tit, the nipple appearing almost ready to explode. "This", she purred.

I attempted to appear nonchalant and said, "And what about that?" But my cock was already swelling and my mouth filling with saliva.

She turned to one side facing me, lowering the sheet to bare herself to her hips and upper thigh. My eyes drifted down past her exposed tits, the other nipple just as ready do pop as the first, to the "V" of her legs and belly, her tiny bush covering her prominent mound, the tip of her slit. "Well, how about this then."

Impatiently I said, "What exactly do you wish me to do Susan, you will have to explain yourself better than that." Even as I spoke I was pushing my shorts down and standing in the doorway with my cock jutting out from under my tee shirt.

I climbed on the bed, crosswise to her as she laid on her back now, her eyes focused on me as I moved my face over hers. Without touching her I bent down and licked the corner of her lip. I allowed my eyes to drift down her naked body. I took a nipple between my fingers and rolled it, our eyes locked, her breath coming more quickly. "Is this what you want Susan"?

"Yes," she breathed. I took the nipple between my lips, ran my tongue around the aureole and sucked gently. She was squirming now, her hips moving and she spread her legs ever so slightly. I allowed my hand to drift down her body, along her side and hip, then moved it inside and traced the line of her "V" from her belly to the tip of her slit.

"What about here Susan, do you want me to touch you here"?

"You bastard, you know damn well I do". Her legs parted some more, inviting me to slide my fingers between them and along each side of her very moist slit. I accepted the invitation, being careful not to touch the slit itself, but rubbing gently each side of it.

"Is that good enough Susan, is this what you want". I clamped my lips around a nipple and sucked it while my fingers played around her pussy. Her body was trembling, anticipating my touch at any second. I eased one finger between her pussy lips and removed it saying, "I would like to taste that, would that be alright"?

All I received in response was a groan. I pulled the finger out and looking directly into her eyes I sucked it. "Jim, please, stop teasing".

"But you haven't told me exactly what you wish me to do for you. You know that I do not want to upset you and do something that you do not desire. You have to tell me Susan."

My fingers were back at her pussy and I slid two fingers into her, one each side of her swollen clit. I inserted the finger tips under her mound and proceeded to tap for her "G" spot. I must have located it as she suddenly thrust her hips upwards and grabbed my hand, crying out "Jim".

Her pussy lips crushed my fingers; it felt as if she was sucking them as her body vibrated. Her eyes pleaded with me, she was not playing my game any longer.

I let her settle back, not certain if she had cum, allowing my fingers to continue slipping in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes again, her hips ground away, her nipples hard and erect. She wanted more and I was in the mood to give her more.

Still sideways to her body, still fingering her pussy, I kissed my way down her body. I kissed her lips, our tongue tips entangling softly. Her tits were heaving and I moved my mouth under each one, licking along the crease of her chest. Then to her nipples, inhaling one and then the other, feeling them throbbing in my lips, pinching them and pulling them. Down her belly and hips to her upper thighs now spread wide. I rubbed my cheek on her mound as my fingers continued to ply her wetness. I could smell the sweet musky smell of her hot cunt. I kissed the tip of her slit, flicking it with my tongue. She pulled her knees upwards opening herself to me.

I rose and settled on my knees each side of her hips and moved slowly up her body, dragging and rubbing my balls and cock on her as I slid upwards. She was quiet except for the intake of her breath. I lay my cock between her breasts and folded them over top of it. Our eyes locked as I fucked her tits. God I was hot. I rose a bit, moving the tip of my cock to her mouth. Her lips opened and I pushed the knob to her lips. She ran her tongue around it then slowly sucked it into her mouth.

I put one hand under her head and lifted it, pushing my cock in deeper. "Hold still Susan; let me fuck your mouth a little." I felt the cum rise up past my knees as my balls tightened. I was tempted to go for it, but relaxed and pulled my cock out of her mouth, letting it linger in her lips.

I moved between her legs on my knees. I raised her legs upwards until her slit lay horizontally, and slid my cock back and forth along the slit, teasing her with the knob. She was quite patient now. She knew there was no way that I would not be running my cock into her soon. She moved her hips, anticipating a thrust, but I had one more game to play. The hornier I am, the more I want to taste pussy, and there was a very tasty pussy available.

I moved quickly down on her, going directly for the swollen wet slit, the clit prominent now between her open lips. I licked her wildly; bottom to top of her slit, pressing my tongue flat and rubbing it full length. She used her fingers to spread the lips as I hovered over it and she moved her clit to my tongue. I flicked it, then closed my lips around the little hood and sucked it.

Susan almost exploded pulling my head down and jamming her pussy up at my face. I thought she was ready to cum so I quickly jammed my cock in her, collapsed down on top of her and we began to fuck like it was the last day on earth. She dug her nails in my butt as our mouths sought the others, thrusting upwards in complete unison with my frantic strokes.

There was only the sound of our breaths as we lay there totally spent.

I said, "Now, can I finally write that report?"

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