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Sarahs Vacation

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Sarah was excited. It was almost the start of her vacation. She had been looking forward to it for the last six months. She was ready! Her backpack was already packed and sitting right next to the front door, Mrs. Simms from next door had already agreed to pick up her mail and feed Charlie and clean his litter box for him. The only thing she had left to do was to stop off and pick up sunscreen. She thought with a grimace about the painful burn she had gotten last year when she forgot her sunscreen. By the end of summer, she wouldn't need it anymore. She'd be nicely tanned by then. But with this being the first trip of the year, her skin was still winter white. Only 5 more hours to go! She had thought about driving up tomorrow morning, but decided she didn't want to wait anymore. She was going to leave tonight, make the drive up, stay in a hotel tonight, and be on the trail at first light. Good bye cubicle! See you in two weeks!

She left work, stopped and got her sunscreen, and rushed home for her backpack. She stopped and talked with Mrs. Simms briefly to thank her again. Such a sweet old lady. Gave Charlie a pat on the head as he ate the food she'd just put down for him. Flicked the living room lamp on and turned the stereo on to give the apartment that "lived in" look. She laughed. Mother would be so proud. Then she grabbed her pack, and out the door she went. She tossed her pack into the back seat, and put the top down. Her powder blue Cadillac convertible may not look like much, but it never failed to get her up to the mountains.

She stopped into the deli next door to the gas station where she went to fill her car up. She wanted to grab a quick to-go sandwich and a soda for the drive. That cottage cheese and bunch of gr*pes she had for lunch was not going to last much longer, and she didn't want to stop again before getting to the hotel. So, sandwich in hand, and a full tank of gas she was on her way. She liked the feel of the wind through her hair as she sang along with the radio between bites of her sandwich. The sun was just dipping below the horizon as she pulled into the gravel parking lot of the hotel. The gravel crunched pleasantly beneath her tires, sending a puff of dust up as she came to a stop.

She had stayed here several times before. It was never very crowded or loud. Maybe not fancy like those five star places she passed ten miles back closer to town, but the owners always kept it tidy. The smell of their roses carried to her on the warm night air as she walked to the office. She inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with their sweet fragrance. What a wonderful evening! The sky was turning that deep purply blue that you could seem to fall up into and the fire flies were beginning to sparkle here and there. Perfect. She checked in, got her key, put the top up on the car, and grabbed her pack. Oops! Better not forget to take that sandwich wrapper too, she thought. It would really suck to get up tomorrow to find a bear had ripped up her rag top just to get to a silly wrapper. She unlocked the room door and went right in, dropping her pack by the door. The only thing she really needed out of there was her toothbrush.

Sarah peeled off her clothes then and folded them on the end if the bed, and headed to the bathroom. She turned on the shower to get the water warm while she relieved herself. Then she peeled the wrapper from the bar of hotel soap that was "For her convenience". Mmm..French lavender. Probably another reason she loved this place. She grabbed the tiny bottle of shampoo and conditioner too, and stepped into the shower. The warm water sensuously cascaded over her body, washing away the stress from the last week. She wet her long chestnut hair under the stream, and felt the warm water wash over her back to run in a tiny river down her butt crack. It always made her shiver just a little, making her nipples stand out rock hard. She shampooed her hair, rinsed and conditioned. Then she began gliding the bar of soap over her body. She was starting to become aroused. It had been some time since she had made love. Ever since she and David had broken up. Jerk! But, he did know how to make her feel real good. She thought about their last session as she glided the soap across her breasts, making her nipples slippery, just like his tongue had that night. And then his tongue had glided lower, just like her soap was now. He had an amazing tongue! Sarah sighed. Gone now. Best not to think about it. She finished washing and stepped out of the shower to dry off. While toweling, she started thinking again about how she could find a new lover. No new ideas. She sighed as she tossed the towel over the shower curtain rod and headed to the bed. She pulled down the sheets and crawled in bed. It's funny, she thought as she drifted off. I've always liked the smell of hotel sheets.

She woke up with a fragment of a dream still lingering in her head. A dream where she and David were together still. They were in a park. The sun was just setting, and they were lying quietly on the blanket that they had brought with them. They had just finished making love and were still damp with perspiration from their passion and the idyllic feeling. But the trail awaits! She jumped up from the bed, and headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Then she dressed with the clothes that she had so carefully laid out the night before. She reveled in the way her body felt. So alive, so free. She grabbed her pack, left the door key on the table and headed for her car. Tossing the pack in the seat next to her, she was off. The road started getting windy from here, and she had to make sure her excitement didn?t get the better of her. She had the top down again to feel the early morning breeze rushing through her hair.

She finally came to the parking for the trail head. She pulled into the open slot, closed her rag top, and grabbed her pack. She walked up to the Ranger station to sign in for the trail, and as she approached, she noticed a handsome young guy just moving out on the trail. Sandy hair and a nice butt, was really all she noticed. She signed in for the trail and started getting her gear together to move out. She adjusted the straps of her pack, made sure her water bottle was within easy reach, checked her hiking boots, and then moved off. The trail started off slowly at this point. She was hiking through meadows with long grasses, and a few high trees, but she knew that it would get tougher afterwards. As she went along, she could see the handsome guy she saw in the Ranger station just about a quarter mile ahead of her with his red pack. Close enough to watch, but not feel like she was spying on him.

The tall firs were all around her now. The scent of them, the long meadow grass, and the dirt beneath her feet were exhilarating to her. A perfect tonic for the stress of work, losing a boy friend, and everything else that invades a person?s mind and causes them to seek solitude with nature. She began to get into the rhythm of the hike after about the first half mile. She reveled in the movement of her body. The way it felt. The contracting and relaxing of her muscles. The way the sun was warming her skin. The weight of her backpack resting perfectly on her hips like it should, and the gentle sway of the weight of it. She also began to pay more attention to her surroundings as well. The rocky peaks that surrounded the valley that she was walking through. They were so high that the sun was only now clearing them at 9:00 o?clock I would be afternoon before the east side of the valley was out of shadow. Here and there streams and small waterfalls cascaded down the slopes to join the river that was on her right. It had been a tough winter this year, and the heavy snow pack still clung to the tops of the peaks, even though it was the middle of May.

The trail was nearly deserted. Well, it was deserted except for the guy with the red backpack. To be expected though since it was only Thursday. She had planned it this way so that she could be deep into the trail before the weekend, and thereby have some solitude before the weekend hikers could catch up. The fact that there was that guy there didn?t bother her. Only one person. Besides, Sarah thought, he does have a cute butt! She actually began to watch him a little. She hadn?t seen his face earlier at the Ranger station, and she began to wonder what he looked like. His movements were as sure as hers were. He was obviously an experienced hiker as well. Just then he stopped briefly to make a small adjustment to his pack. It startled her because she had been staring so intently at him, and she hadn?t expected him to stop. She felt like a small child who had been caught spying. He hadn?t even noticed her though, and after adjusting the straps of his pack, he moved out again.

Sarah stopped then. She removed her pack, and grabbed the sunscreen from the top pouch. It was starting to get warm, and she didn?t want that painful sunburn. After applying the sunscreen, she donned her pack again and started moving once more. The sky was a bright, deep blue. Not a cloud in sight. The trail began to climb in elevation now, and began to get tougher. Much more rocky here, steps of the trail being carved from the mountainside for hikers. The sign post along the trail showed that she was 4 miles from the Ranger station where she had signed in. Seven more miles to go today before she would camp. Tiny lizards darted across the trail occasionally, only to hide among the rocks once more.

As the trail began to drop slightly into a glen, she heard something moving to one side of the trail. She stopped to listen. There! It was a deer. Actually, there were two deer there. A mother doe and her dappled fawn. Momma never let the fawn fall far behind, and was alert for dangers. Often stopping to scan for cougars or bears that might hurt her baby. Sarah watched until the doe and her fawn had crossed the trail to the other side and disappeared into the brush. She began to move along the trail again with the easy motion that comes from long practice. Since stopping to put on her sunscreen, and to watch the deer, there was no one in sight on the trail. The young guy with the cute butt must be far along the trail.

Sarah began to become lost in her own thoughts. Not actually thoughts really, more like the absence of them. This is why she liked hiking. It gave her time to clear her head, and get back to herself. By the time that she stopped for lunch, her mind was quite still. Lunch was nothing more than a rather squished chunk of French bread torn from a loaf, and a handful of trail mix washed down with plenty of cold clear water that she had filtered from the mountain stream that fed into the river still on her right. Rested a bit, and lunch over, she began again. Now the trail really began to get steep. Backpacker books called this part of the trail a ?real butt kicker? and they were right. The going was much slower as she moved among the granite boulders rising on either side of the trail. While this might be the toughest part of the trail, she knew what rewards awaited her once she gained the necessary altitude. She had to stop to rest several times and to drink. First rule of hiking: stay hydrated. Especially at altitudes. Knowing her destination was at 7000 feet, she estimated that she was at about 6000 feet now. Probably about 2 miles left to go, and it was going to take at least 3 hours to cover that distance. She would be getting to the campsite just as dusk was settling in. Concentrating on her footing, she had no time for any other thought.

She finally came to the peak of her ascent for the day. Below her, there spread a deep, wide valley covered in bright green spring grasses and tall firs. This was called Heavenly Valley, and after the harshness of the climb to get here, she could see why. It was so peaceful and inviting. The sun was just beginning to dip below the peaks to her left as she made her way along the now gentle down slope into the valley. The spot where she always camped here was at the far end of the valley, and would take her another fifteen minutes or so to get there. She loosened her pack slightly, and let it swing freely from her shoulders since the trail was easy.

Coming to the area that she camped, she noticed a red backpack already propped against the log of the fire ring. That guy! Well, guess I?ll have to go to the next site, she thought. Just as she began to move on, she noticed the guy climbing up the river bank going back to camp. He had his shirt off and was drying the river water from his body with it. He was sort of handsome. Not model handsome, but there was something very manly about him that she instantly liked. He caught sight of her finally, and she realized that she had stopped and was staring openly at him.

?Well hello there,? he said. ?You?re the first person I?ve seen all day on the trail. Nice day too.?

Sarah closed her mouth with a snap that she was sure he could hear as he walked closer to her.

?Hi yourself,? she replied. ?Are you going to camp here??

?I was planning on it, why??

?Oh,? she said. ?When I come here, this is where I normally camp. Since you?re here though, I?ll just move to the next spot.?

?The next spot isn?t as nice. Hmm. I wouldn?t mind sharing the spot with you if you don?t. Plenty of room here for two tents, and that way we only need to build one fire. I?m Charlie by the way.?

Sarah instantly burst into laughter which seemed to make the smile slip from his face in confusion and his extended hand intent on shaking hers slowly drop.

?No, no, no,? she said between peals of mirth, ?My cat?s name is Charlie. I just wasn?t expecting it. I?m Sarah,? she said as she grabbed his now only partially extended hand. ?I am glad to meet you.?

?Glad to meet you too, Sarah.?

Charlie?s smile returned once more, and she noticed how it was like the sun appearing from behind a cloud. His hand was firm but smooth in hers and his hairy chest and stubble of a beard was in direct contrast to his boyish features. She could smell him too. Not unpleasant since he had just bathed in the river, but there just the same.

?So what do you say? Share the camp site??

?Sure. Actually, I would appreciate that,? Sarah said with a smile.

?Great! Then it?s settled. Tell you what, I?ll gather up some firewood before it gets too dark, and you can set up and whatever.?

With that, Charlie turned to head toward a stand of trees on the far side of the valley.

Sarah carried her pack to an area just beneath a tall fir tree. She unzipped the pack, got her tent, and began setting it up. It didn?t take long, and soon she had her sleeping bag safely inside. The she sat down on one of the logs around the fire ring to shuck off her heavy hiking boots and socks, trading them out with the flip-flops she always brought with her. It was nice to be out of those boots! Charlie was starting to head back with an armload of firewood. Sarah went to her pack and grabbed the little towel she carried, and some bio soap. Charlie was just setting the armload of wood down as she gathered those things.

?My turn to wash,? she said. ?And no peeking either!?

She could hear him laugh as she walked toward the river. The bank dropped gently toward the river, but it was high enough that the campsite was completely hidden from view. She peeled off her T-shirt and then her sports bra, next came her shorts and her ?sensible? panties. She waded out into a little pool formed from the curving of the bank. The water was ice cold from the snow melt that fed the river. She could only go so far as her calves, and even then she would not be able to stay long before her feet were frozen. She splashed water over herself, the cold water making her nipples so hard that they almost hurt. She used a little soap on her strategic areas, and then rinsed. Now came the hard part. She wanted to dunk her head, but the water was so cold that she didn?t want to fully submerge. She was getting cold already! She waded out a little deeper, and bent from the waist to dunk her head quickly and came up sputtering. Turning to head back to the bank, she thought she caught a glimpse of Charlie watching her, but she couldn?t be sure. Just for a second. It made her excited in a way.

She waded back to the shore to retrieve her towel, dried carefully, and redressed. As she mounted the bank heading back to camp, she saw Charlie kneeling by the fire pit trying to get a fire to go. He was back lit from the sinking sun which was already well below the mountains on the other side of the valley. Guess he wasn?t peeking after all. Wishful thinking she told herself. She was cold from the washing, and her nipples were still sticking up hard and showing through her T-shirt. She hadn?t bothered to put her sports bra back on. She went to her backpack by her tent to grab a sweatshirt, and headed over to where Charlie was finally getting a fire going. The tiny flames starting were beginning to crackle, and the smoke rose in a small column straight up into the fading sunlight. The fire light illuminated his face, showing the more angular features in relief as he bent lower to blow the flames into life.

?All clean now, and feeling much refreshed,? she said as she approached.

?Good! This fire will be going in nothing flat. It?s a good thing too, I?m getting hungry.

?Me too!?

?Wow, you got cold down there,? Charlie said. ?Your lips are turning a bit blue.? His eyes darted down to her erect nipples showing even through her sweatshirt.

?I?ll be alright in a few minutes. Especially once that fire gets going,? she told him.

?Almost there.? Charlie stood up and added some larger pieces of downed branches to the fire, squatted down and bent low to blow on the flames once more. ?There,? he said sitting back satisfied as the flames of the fire roared to life.

It was dark enough now that the fire provided the only illumination around them. It was supposed to be a full moon tonight, but the moon hadn?t crested the mountains to the east yet.

?So, what?s for dinner??

?Well,? replied Sarah, ?I?m doing Ramen and bread tonight. What do you have??

Charlie laughed. ?Believe it or not, hot dogs. Yeah, I know, not your typical pack food, but I look at it as a luxury for the first day. I?ll share if you want. I can?t imagine sitting here torturing you with hot dogs while you eat Ramen noodles. Good as they are, and I will be eating them in a day or two, I treat myself every once in a while when I?m hiking.?

?Tell you what, let?s share. You get the hot dogs and I?ll get the Ramen and we?ll have a feast.?

?Sounds good to me,? he replied.

Sarah walked back to her pack and retrieved two plastic baggies of Ramen, and her camp pot to put it in. She grabbed her cup, and measured out enough water from her bottle for the two packages. After pouring the water into the pot, she walked back to the campfire carrying the two packages of Ramen, her cup, and the pot of water. Charlie was back as well, and was carefully sharpening two sticks for the hot dogs which were lying beside him on the log that was part of the fire ring. Sarah carefully set the pot next to the fire so as to not stir up the ashes, and settled back on the log next to Charlie.

?What a wonderful day this was. I saw a Mama deer and her fawn earlier on the trail. It?s the only other thing I saw but you here today.?

?Really? I missed them.?

?You were probably too far ahead by then.?

Charlie finished sharpening the last stick and handed her one. He picked up the package of hot dogs, opened it, and waved one in front of her. She smiled and grabbed it from him as he grabbed another for himself. They both put their hot dogs on their sticks and settled in to roast them over the glowing fire. Steam was beginning to rise from the pot that Sarah had placed by the coals of the fire.

?Would you mind holding this,? she said handing Charlie her stick.

He took it, and she got up from the log with the baggies of Ramen. She grabbed a little stick from the ground and retrieved the pot from the fire. She poured the noodles and seasoning into the pot, put the lid on it and settled back onto the log as Charlie handed her the stick with her hot dog on it.

?Almost done. Give it like five minutes,? she said.

?Just enough time to finish these,? he said waving his skewered hot dog over the flames.

They continued to roast their hot dogs over the fire in silence. It was weird, Sarah thought. Not speaking, but not uncomfortable. Almost like being alone, but knowing someone else was close by. Sarah rose from the log to retrieve the pot of Ramen. She handed Charlie her stick, and he took it without a word. She divided half of the Ramen into her cup and handed the pot to Charlie who took it with a smile. He set the pot on the log next to him, and produced a small plastic bottle from behind the log along with a coffee cup. He poured a measure of the liquid into the cup, and handed it to Sarah. She could smell the alcohol as he handed it to her. He held the bottle up toward her.

?To new found friends!? He said. ?Another one of my luxuries, but I?m happy to share.?

Sarah giggled a bit raising her cup to his bottle. She brought the coffee cup to her lips and sipped at the liquid. Whiskey! Not her usual drink and it burned a bit going down, making her cough slightly.

?Easy with that,? Charlie said.

Sarah set her cup beside her on the log, and began to eat. Charlie had taken the Ramen and was slurping noisily at the pot. They ate quietly for a while, and then began talking a bit. Charlie skewered two more hot dogs on their sticks.

?So Sarah, what brings you up here??

?I try to get up here several times a year. This is my first trip of the season though.?

?Yes. Mine too. I try to go at least once in the winter, but I got busy this year, and didn?t have the time this winter, so my first trip of the season too. Where are you hiking to??

?I plan in getting to the Ridge trail tomorrow, and heading south to Mirror Lake. I?ll camp there tomorrow night, and head back down Copper Creek Trail the next day and back to the Ranger station.?

?Really? Me too. Mind if I tag along??

?No. It would actually be nice to have some company. As long as you don?t think I?ll slow you down. You seem to be a better hiker than I am, and I?ve been doing this for a while.?

?You won?t slow me down. I was pushing myself today. Sometimes the physical exertion clears the mind, and I needed to do that.?

She caught a slight sort of disappointment on his lips as he said that, but she didn?t pry, remembering David and her own need to get away.

They chatted peacefully as they ate the rest of their meal, talking about he different places that they had hiked, the things that they had seen, and places that they still wanted to go. They both began to relax a bit. Sarah was getting a little light headed. She supposed it was from the whiskey that she was sharing with Charlie, but she couldn?t be sure if it was that, or Charlie?s presence. He was handsome, and it had been so long since someone had taken an interest in her. Especially on a level that wasn?t focused on bedding her; like the kind she ran into in the clubs on a Friday night with her girlfriends, who insisted they go out and try to set Sarah up with a ?David replacement.? She appreciated her friend?s concerns for her well being, but they just didn?t realize her need for something deeper than what could be found lurking in the clubs looking for their next conquest.

As they finished their meal, they both began to look at the stars above them. They pointed out different constellations to each other, both of them pointing out a shooting star as it streaked across the sky. They talked about their lives, and what they had done. Sarah finally admitted her break up with David and her need to get away from those feelings.

?Yes. I can relate totally with you. I?m coming off a bad break up too. Tiffany and I had been together for two years. Finally we just realized that we had different goals and ideals about life. It was for the best, I guess, though it hurt like Hell.?

After that they sat in silence. Each lost in their own thoughts. Sarah finished her cup of whiskey, not choking anymore, but relishing the warmth on her tongue.

?Well, time to turn in for me,? she said, rising from the log.

?I agree. Early start tomorrow??

?Yes. Thank you for a wonderful meal. Much better than what I expected. Thank you Charlie.?

?My pleasure.?

She headed toward her tent, missing the warmth of the fire. Unzipping the flap, she crawled inside, stripped off her shorts, sweatshirt and top, and snuggled into her sleeping bag. She lay awake for only a few minutes, marveling in the new friendship that she had found in Charlie. What a sweet man!

She awakened to the sound of a pot beating. She knew that there must be danger! She scrambled out of her sleeping bag and quickly unzipped her tent to emerge into the night air. She saw Charlie beating at a camp pot with his plastic coffee cup and spied the lumbering shape of a bear running away from their campsite. She ran in Charlie?s direction screaming at the top of her lungs as well to scare the bear away. Charlie turned to see her, and stopped cold. It was only then that she remembered that she was clad only in her panties. She quickly tried to cover herself, but her breasts showed themselves beneath her clasped hands. Charlie leaned back inside his tent to grab his sleeping bag. Coming up to her, he wrapped it about her shoulders. Its warmth and his scent enveloped her.

?Thank you. Where did he come from??

?I think he must have smelled the hot dogs. I?m usually very careful about them, but the bag must have leaked a little as I brought them out for us. He came sniffing around my tent and woke me.?

?Bears really scare me,? Sarah said. ?I know that they are out her, but they scare me. That?s why I?m so careful about foods that smell.?

She was trembling now, from fear, excitement, and embarrassment over having let Charlie see her nearly naked. He drew her to his arms.

?I?m sorry. I will be more careful next time.?

?You better be!?

She turned to go back to her tent, and realized that Charlie was following her.

?What now??

?Well, ah, not to be rude, but you do have my sleeping bag.?

?Oh, sorry.?

She crawled back into her tent, partially zipped the flap up, and handed the sleeping bag back to him through the flap.

?Thank you. I?m sorry, Sarah. Good night.?

?Good night.?

Sarah lay there awake for a long time afterward. She was afraid of the bear, certainly, but she was more embarrassed than anything. She had let Charlie see her nearly naked. She couldn?t believe she had done that! Then she realized that she wasn?t exactly embarrassed. She was excited by it! The way his eyes opened wide when he had seen her. She knew that his senses were already at a peak from seeing the bear, but his eyes had widened even more upon seeing her. It was thrilling in a way. No one had ever looked at her that way. She drifted off to sleep then, thinking of his look of astonishment. Realizing that his astonishment was slowly replaced with a smile.

She awoke the next morning with the sound of Blue Jays fighting in the fir tree high above her, and the fragment of a dream that still lingered in her mind. Kissing someone. His face was hidden to her, but she could almost feel the brush of his lips and the way they tasted. As her senses slowly returned, she realized that she could hear the crackling of a fire close at hand. She dressed slowly, trying to remember the dream, and remembering with clarity the night before when she had rushed from her tent, and the look that Charlie had given her. She emerged from her tent to see Charlie sitting by the fire that he had obviously fueled back to life. He was just pouring boiling water from a camp pot into two coffee mugs.

He turned and saw her as she approached.

?Good morning, Sarah.?

?Good morning.?

?Look Sarah, I?m sorry about last night. I?ve made us some coffee,? he said offering her a cup. ?I?m sorry about the bear. I?ll be more careful. Peace??

She took the cup from him.

?Apology accepted. Thank you for the coffee.?

They finished a quick breakfast of coffee, the bread that Sarah had brought, and some oatmeal. Both of them packed up their belongings in their packs and set off together.

They made a gradual climb out of the valley; the trail was gentle beneath them with soft dirt and leaf litter. The air was cool this morning, and dew still clung to the trees around them, bringing out their scent. Firs, cedars, and Scotch pines. They talked little that morning, enjoying each other?s company in silence.

They reached the Ridge trail at mid morning. They had gained enough altitude that the trees had become sparse. They were just below tree line here, and the trees had been replaced by the high Alpine grasses and wild flowers. Marmots scurried across the trail occasionally in search of a meal. Their reddish fur reminded Sarah of fall leaves. There were few high peaks to obscure the sun anymore, and the sun was warm now that they were exposed on the trail. They both stopped to shed their sweatshirts that they had donned earlier. They filled their water bottles from a nearby stream and drank deeply. The water here was ice cold, and patches of snow could still be seen here and there on the ground on the north sides of rocks and hillocks where the sun did not reach. They had not seen another hiker at all.

?Looks like we?re alone today, Sarah.?

?Yes, I believe so. It?s kind of what I had in mind. That?s why I started yesterday instead of today. I knew that the rest of the hikers would just be starting today, and I wanted to be ahead of them. I enjoy the solitude when I am out here. Gives me time to think.?

?You don?t mind that I?m here, do you??

?Oh no Charlie, not at all. You are a good companion. I have hiked with others before, and everyone seems to want to chatter about this and that while they go along. I like to hear the wind in the trees, the buzzing of insects, the singing of birds and such. Not other people?s voices. You are different. You seem to enjoy the solitude too and hike as quietly as I do. It?s nice.?

?I do like those same things when I hike. That?s why I normally go alone as well. But it?s very nice at the end of the day to have someone to talk with by the light of a campfire, and to share a meal with. At night, the silence can be deafening.?

?Except when someone is beating a pot to scare a bear away,? she said with a sardonic smile playing on her lips.

?Hey! Not fair! I apologized.?

?I know. I was only teasing.?

?Besides, if I hadn?t done that, I wouldn?t have been rewarded with the sight of a mostly naked she-devil flying from her tent.?

Sarah turned a deep crimson, and had to turn away. Her cheeks were on fire.

?I was hoping that you wouldn?t mention that,? she breathed.

?It was a rewarding sight,? Charlie said moving closer and laying a hand on her shoulder that made her jump. ?You are a beautiful woman.?

Sarah turned to look into his eyes, and she could see that Charlie was not teasing. She kissed him lightly.

?Thank you. You?re sweet.?

They gazed at each other for a long time, neither of them wanting to break away and end the magic spell. The only reason that they did finally was that a hawk swooped low above them. A sure sign that it had an aerie nearby and did not want them around.

?We?d better be going,? Charlie said softly. His voice was little more than a deep rumble.

The spell was broken and they both put their packs back on. This time Charlie took the lead. Sarah was glad for that. She had felt his eyes on her all morning as he followed. She knew he had been watching her ass, she could feel it like a physical thing. But every time she would glance over her shoulder, he would quickly look down at the trail. Well, turn about is fair play she thought to her self, and began watching him. She noticed how nice he looked. His ass was firm from hiking, and she got caught in the rhythm of watching the muscles contract and relax as he moved. His legs were strong, and his calf muscles were bulging and tight. Watching him move, and thinking about the look in his eyes, and the lusty deepness of his voice made her began to wonder what it would be like to make love to him. She could imagine those strong legs between hers. Could imagine what it would be like to grasp that firm ass in her hands to pull him in. To see him above her with that same look in his eyes as before. She began to color again, but this time not with embarrassment, but with a rising passion.

Charlie glanced back at her. ?You?re getting a little pink there. Do you have sunscreen??

The question dumbfounded Sarah for a second, lost in her own passionate thoughts as she was, and it took her a while to respond. Charlie just looked at her quizzically.

?Oh! Sunscreen. Yes, I have some. I should probably put it on. With the air being thinner up here, I tend to burn easily during the first part of the year.?

She used the ritual of taking off her backpack and applying the lotion to cover up her racing thoughts. As she squirmed to apply the lotion to the top of her back and shoulders that would not be covered by her T shirt and pack, Charlie came over to her.

?Here, let me get that for you.?

Sarah handed the tube of lotion to him, and he squirted a measure of it into his hand. He handed the tube back to her, and then rubbed his hands together to warm the lotion, and walked behind her to apply it.

?Mmmm?that feels nice. Thank you Charlie.?

?My pleasure,? he said, wiping the residual on his hands over his forearms.

Lustful thoughts in check once more, Sarah hitched her pack over her shoulders and buckled the waist strap as Charlie did the same. They continued to follow the Ridge trail for another mile, and then it turned left, and began to drop slightly as it skirted a rocky outcropping. As they came around the outcropping, the view they encountered was jaw dropping. There was Mirror Lake nestled slightly below them at the bottom of a high Alpine meadow. The water was that bright blue that can only be found in these high places, and reflected with clarity the snow capped peaks around them. A stand of firs were perched on the far side of the lake on top of a slight rise. The meadow itself was filled with tiny purple Lupine that swayed slightly in the gentle breeze. The voices of many songbirds filled the air as they flew around the field from place to place, and thousands of multi-colored butterflies floated on the breeze from flower to flower. The far side of the meadow had no mountains around it, and you could see for miles among other lesser mountains through crystal clear air.

Charlie and Sarah stood completely still, taking it all in. Mouths hanging open slightly in wonder and amazement. Sarah could not help raising her left hand to hold Charlie?s right hand as they looked out across the meadow, and all of the wonders it held. He took her hand just as easily into his own, never giving it a second thought. They stood like this for a long time, neither one of them daring to speak. They slowly began to move into the meadow, still holding hands and gazing all around them. The trail began to narrow as it meandered through the meadow, and they needed to let go of each other?s hands. Charlie took the lead again, but they were both walking slowly, almost as if in a dream.

Because Sarah was looking all around her, she did not notice the rock on the trail ahead of her, and she stumbled and gave a slight cry as she sat down hard, twisting her ankle slightly. Charlie turned around at her cry, and came rushing back to her, shedding his pack as he came.

?What happened??

?I tripped on a rock, and twisted my ankle a bit,? she said as she struggled from her own pack. Charlie helped her finish taking off the pack, and then kneeled before her to inspect her ankle. He removed her boot and her sock gently, and probed her ankle tenderly.

?Nothing broken,? he said, massaging her ankle with his hands.

He continued to massage her ankle, and her pain was replaced with pleasure at his touch. They looked into each other?s eyes, as he continued to rub her ankle. His hands began to move higher. To her calf now, and to the back of her knee. She let out a small moan of pleasure.

?I want you Sarah.?

Sarah did not say anything, but only smiled. His hands moved upward over her thigh. Both thighs now, as he leaned in to kiss her. The touch of his lips on hers was exhilarating, and electric. She parted her lips slightly, and brought her hand up to the back of his head to pull him closer. Their tongues intertwined as their passion rose, and he laid her back, gently supporting her weight easily in his arm. They continued kissing, lost in each other. His lips began to move lower, across her chin, and she cupped his head in her hand, fingers twining in his hair. He kissed his way down her neck, across her collar, and up to her ear, taking the lobe softly into his mouth and sucking gently, while his fingers explored the other side of her face, her neck, and her shoulder. He began moving lower to cup her right breast, her nipples standing out and straining against the fabric of her shirt in excitement. A small cry escaped her lips as his thumb brushed against her nipple.

He leaned up then on his knees; Sarah?s left leg between his as he reached for the hem of her shirt to pull it up and over her head exposing her heaving breasts to the soft breezes. She pulled his shift off over his head as he bent once more to her. Their lips and tongues met in another kiss as he cupped her breast once more. Then he bent his head lower to take her left nipple into his soft lips, making gentle sucking sounds that were driving her crazy and making her wetter than she had ever been before. She ran her hands over his strong back and shoulders, and marveled at the way his mouth felt on her. She ran her hands down both of his arms, to his elbows and forearms, enjoying the soft hair that covered them.

Charlie dragged his tongue across her chest to her right nipple that longed to take its turn in his mouth. The cool breeze caressed the wetness of her left nipple making it even harder. He cupped her left breast in his hand, gently pinching her nipple between two fingers as his mouth worked on her right one. Sarah arched her back in pleasure as her right nipple stiffened under his ministrations. He released her nipple and began to trail kisses across her belly, stopping at her belly button to twirl his tongue around it. It made her giggle a bit, and goose flesh stood out all over her body, making the little hairs of her skin stand up.

Charlie dropped his head lower, trailing his tongue to the top of her shorts. She twined her fingers in his hair. He rose on his elbows slightly to unbutton and unzip her shorts. His tongue snaked its way beneath the waist band of her panties to twirl into the soft chestnut hair of her triangle. He then leaned back onto his knees to pull both her shorts and panties off in one smooth motion. He unlaced her other boot and pulled both it and her sock off. Sarah now lay before Charlie completely bare, and he looked at her with lust in his eyes. She could see the bulge in his shorts right before he leaned back down to begin running that marvelous tongue along the crease where her thighs met her pussy. She could feel her juices begin to seep from her to dribble down her ass cheeks. Charlie trailed his tongue back across the top of her downy fur, and then moved it straight down to the waiting flesh beneath. Sarah gasped as his tongue trailed down one side of her pussy, and then back up the other. She parted her thighs wider to give him better access to her treasures.

He lay fully down between her legs now, and cupped her cheeks into his hands, raising her off the ground slightly. She was wide open to him now, and he didn?t waste a second before burying his head between her thighs to feast upon her. He continued to run his tongue up and down the outer lips of her pussy. It was driving her crazy! She could feel her clit swelling bigger than it ever had before, and she longed for Charlie to take it into his mouth. Charlie continued to tease her, letting her passion build, before finally parting her outer lips with his tongue, to graze across her throbbing clit. Sarah went completely wild. She could feel her orgasm building already. A warm glow deep within her belly that slowly spread to the rest of her. To every part of her. Charlie continued his slow working of her pussy, dragging his tongue up and down her overflowing slit. Sometimes stopping to swirl his tongue in circles around her aching clit, sometime letting his tongue snake deep inside of her. Sarah wrapped her legs around Charlie, crossing her ankles over his back. She could feel her orgasm beginning to rush up on her now, and she gripped Charlie?s head, and pulled it tightly to her. Charlie took his cue, and opened his mouth wide to take her entire pussy into it while continuing to flick that marvelous tongue against her clit. Sarah exploded into his mouth, crying out involuntarily as wave after wave of her orgasm shook through her body. Charlie continued to lap every drop of her nectar as she writhed beneath him for what seemed like hours. Time stood still and had no meaning, just the continued explosions of her orgasm, growing smaller and smaller, finally subsiding to leave her limp.

Charlie released his firm grip on her ass as her orgasm subsided. Sarah reluctantly dragged her legs from his back, and he leaned up onto his knees. A slim thread of her juices trailed between herself and his lips as he leaned back. She could see her juices covering his chin, making it all shiny. She leaned up to kiss him deeply, tasting her own sweet saltiness on his lips as their tongues intertwined once more.

?Thank you,? Sarah breathed as they broke the kiss. ?Now it?s your turn.?

Charlie stood up to remove his shorts.

?No Charlie. Let me unwrap my present.?

Charlie stood before her, and Sarah reached for the button of his shorts. She could see his erection straining to be free from its confines. She released the button, and slowly began pulling the zipper down to free his hardness. His cock sprang free from his shorts, almost hitting Sarah in the forehead, and she giggled a bit as she dragged his shorts to his ankles. She undid the laces of his boots, and Charlie stepped out of his boots and shorts. Sarah helped him to remove his socks. Charlie now stood before her as bare as she was. She marveled at his cock. How hard it seemed! It bobbed with every beat of his heart, and a tiny pearly drop of pre-cum was forming on the tip. She reached out to scoop it up with her finger tip, and brought her finger to her mouth. Sticking her tongue out, she tasted him on her finger, sucking gently on her finger to make sure she had gotten it all.

She leaned forward then to nuzzle his thigh, his cock brushing against her hair as she did so. She planted little kisses up his thigh, moving closer to her destination. Charlie reached down and gently stroked her shoulders as she got to his cock. She traced her tongue up the side of his cock very slowly, marveling at the contrast. How could something so hard be so velvety soft? She began to tease him as he had teased her. She traced her tongue up the side of his cock, and back down. She avoided his head, and switched to the other side to do the same. She could swear that his cock grew even harder under her ministrations. More pre-cum formed in the tip, but she ignored it for now. She brought her tongue lower, tracing her way down to his balls. She ran her tongue all over the sack, and finally sucked the right one into her mouth gently. She rolled it around in her mouth all the time breathing in his musky scent. Sarah released his right nut from her mouth, and sucked the left one in, giving it the same attention. She stroked it with her tongue as she sucked gently. Charlie let out a moan of pleasure.

Sarah could see the drop of pre-cum building on the tip of Charlie?s cock, growing so large that it threatened to drip off. Sarah couldn?t let that happen. She released his left nut from his mouth, and began to trace her tongue up the underside of his shaft. This time, Sarah did not avoid the head of his cock. Instead, she drew her tongue to the tip, to lick the pearly drop from it before it got away. Charlie sucked in his breath as she did this, and another moan escaped from his lips. She traced he tongue back down the underside of his cock and back up again. Then she swirled her tongue all around the head of his cock. She let her lips rest on the head for a few moments, and sucked gently, drawing out more of his yummy pre-cum. She then slowly parted her lips and began to take him into her mouth. Slowly. Sliding down the shaft. Her lips parting to make room for him. Head flaring against her tongue. She took him as deeply as she could. His hair was tickling her nostrils. She held him like that, enjoying how full her mouth felt. Then she began to pull back, again with the same deliberate slowness. Charlie let out a sigh. Sarah began moving back and forth along his shaft. As she would get to the head, she would stop to twirl her tongue around it. She reached down to cup his balls in her right hand while her left stroked his thigh in tempo with her sucking. She began to pick up the pace a bit, her left hand moving to his ass cheek. She could feel the muscles begin to tense a bit.

?Sarah, I?m about to cum.?

Sarah released his balls with her right hand, and cupped his ass with both hands now, doubling her efforts. Up and down, up and down. Taking him deeply each time. Wanting him to cum. Wanting to feel him flowing into her. Wanting to taste him. Charlie leaned his head back, and rested his hands on her shoulders. He moaned deep in his throat, and she could feel him trembling beneath her hands. His cock began to expand. She could feel his pulse in his shaft quickening. With a roar, Charlie came in her mouth. Sarah held him still in her mouth while he came, her hand moving back around to pump every last drop from him. She tried to swallow all of him, but a tiny bit escaped from the corner of her mouth to run down her chin, and drip onto her breast, running down to her nipple. She could feel his erection begin to subside somewhat in her mouth, and she swirled her tongue around his cock as she withdrew it from her mouth.

?Sarah, that was magnificent.?

Sarah stood up, and leaned in close to him. Their mouths met once more, this time mixing both of their juices. Sarah thought that they tasted good together. They continued kissing as they moved back down to the ground once more. Sarah reached down to grab hold of his cock, and was surprised to find it still as rock hard as it had been earlier. Charlie positioned himself between Sarah?s thighs. Sarah once more crossed her legs behind his back, marveling at his stamina. Charlie grabbed his cock with one hand, and opened Sarah with the other. He positioned himself so that the head of his cock was at her entrance. The locked eyes as he slowly pushed forward, splitting Sarah with his cock. The moment he entered her?Ah! What heaven! It felt like he just kept going in and in, and in. Finally she could feel him fully in her. His pubic bone pressed tightly to hers. Charlie began to move slowly then. Taking his time with each stroke. He would pull almost completely out, before plunging back in again. Sarah raised her hips and met each of his thrusts. Grinding her pelvis into his when he was fully inside of her. She gripped his muscular shoulders in his hands, and their eyes locked together. Charlie set the pace, and Sarah followed. Pumping, grinding, groaning. Eyes never leaving one another. It felt incredible to Sarah. She could feel him deeply inside of her. Her muscles squeezed him tightly, holding him in. Not wanting to let go. Charlie began to move faster now; his need was great, and hers was as well. She could feel another orgasm building deep within her. She looked into his eyes and could see the wantonness in them. She was sure that it matched her own. A tiny drop of perspiration rolled down to the tip of his nose, dripping onto her chest as he pumped into her. Harder, faster, deeper. She met him thrust for thrust. Her legs were pulling him in just as deeply as she could. She was consumed by him. The only thing that mattered was that beautiful cock of his sliding in and out of her. Her body became all tingly as her impending orgasm grew. She knew he was getting close too. His teeth were clenched, and she could see the strain in his neck, as the muscles bulged. She grabbed onto him tightly as the wave of her orgasm broke. He roared out his passion at the same time, pumping hard into her, filling her up. She could feel the hard spurts of his cum hitting her cervix, warming her to her very depths. They writhed together in the throes of their passion. Sarah just kept cumming. It was like a separate orgasm for each one of his spurts. She never wanted it to end. Such a beautiful man! Finally his orgasm was done. He moved gently, still inside of her, and she held him closely. She could feel his cock growing soft within her, but she squeezed her muscles tightly to hold on as long to him as she could.

?Oh Sarah. I am so glad that I met you.?

?Charlie, that was beautiful.?

A small swarm of butterflies flew around them as they caressed one another. Tiny blue and yellow ones. One even lit on Charlie?s shoulder as he grew softer inside of Sarah. They gazed into one another?s eyes and knew that this was only a beginning. The only thing to break the silence was the skreeing of a hawk high above them. He cocked his head, looking down on the intertwined lovers. He saw something magical.

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