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Sara II, continuation of The Awakening of Sara

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Sara II

As Rick drove home from the hotel, he could not help but to think about the night he just had with Sara. The sex was more than just incredible, but more than that he felt a connection to her. It felt like he had known her forever. They could talk about anything and everything. Even in the quiet moments it was like they could read each other’s thoughts and feelings. Yet, Rick felt some gravely ominous feeling that made his blood run cold. There was something definitely wrong in that relationship, something scary.

For the next several days Rick told his closest buddies about the evening. While they all sat amazed and turned on by the accounts, they couldn’t understand why Rick was so “smitten.” He would probably never see or hear from her again, Rick could have any girl he wanted and he never stayed long in any relationship.

For the next month or two, Rick was in a fog. He had a hard time concentrating at work, didn’t date or have sex with anyone, and his only sexual release was late night masturbation sessions under the covers while thinking only of Sara.

After about two months, Rick realized this was ridiculous and started hitting the single scene again, but this time with utter abandonment. He dated and bedded just about every girl he met. Sometimes, two or three a day. Sometimes, two or three together. It was a total obsession, but never satisfying. Like many women say that they get more satisfaction from a warm bubble bath than sex, Rick was getting more satisfaction from his late night masturbation sessions than the actual sex. Now, what made it even stranger, was that these girls/women, one was more beautiful than the other and all of them were sexual gymnasts. But, the heart does strange things to a soul!

After about six months of this craziness, Rick decided to plunge himself deeper into his career and forget about women totally. Than it happened, a Friday night, about 6:00pm the phone rang. (No, It wasn’t Sara…that would make this story so contrite and simple. But, close). Rick answered the phone to a very sultry voice that introduced herself as Kim, a good friend of Sara’s. Rick could feel his heart skip a beat or two or maybe three. He started to ask how Sara was, but was cut off when Kim said “I need to see you immediately.” Rick gave Kim his address and directions and she arrived about an hour after. When Rick opened the door, standing in front of him was a goddess. Kim was about 5’10”, slender, busty, incredible legs and ass, dark blue eyes and long flowing black hair down to her waste. However, Rick’s mind was only on Sara and he wouldn’t even have noticed if Kim resembled the Wicked Witch of the West. His thoughts were completely wrapped up on only one subject….. SARA.

Rick led Kim to a sit and she started talking and it wasn’t going to be for a while that she stopped. She Rick, “I am going to tell you word for word the best I can what happened to Sara and what she told me.” Rick’s past thought of fear were about to be realized.

Kim started telling the story:

The next morning after Sara and Harry awoke, Harry was in a very surly mood. When Kim asked him what was the problem, he just sputtered out something mean. Sara proceeded to ask him if he was upset about last night.

Harry: You sure seemed to enjoy yourself last night.

Sara: He was a nice guy.

Harry: Is that all? You did things with him sexually that you would never ever do with me.

Sara: Well, I was a little drunk, he was very attractive, but I did all for you.

Harry: All for me?? Is that why you let him fuck you up the ass and cum in there not once but twice? Is that why you were screaming his name and saying how wonderful of a lover he was? Is that why you said I love your huge cock and I finally feel like a complete woman?

Sara: Yes, he was a great lover and his cock was huge and incredible.

Harry: Lover? I am your only lover. He was just a sex toy for you.

Sara: I know and I do love you, but what an incredible sex toy…lol, lol Harry: I should have realized, you are nothing but a slutty whore and will cheat on me now constantly. Admit it, sex was better with him than me.

Sara: Alright, I admit it..it was incredible, the best,…but

With that Harry reached out and slapped Sara flush across the face. Sara than reacted and hit Harry back. Now the physical part escalated. The last thing Sara remembers was waking up in the hospital. She didn’t realize that she had been in a coma for close to two weeks. She had a few broken ribs, swelling around both eyes and soreness around her genitals. All areas where Harry had struck her. It seems that when Sara struck back at Harry for his vicious verbal attack, he went berserk and his anger boiled over into complete physical rage. Sara turned out to be the recipient of this anger. Harry wound up in jail, eventually went to court and is serving a five-year sentence. After about 3 months and a lot of therapy, both physical and mental, Sara was released. However, having no place to live and still feeling weak, she moved in with Kim and her family. That was the problem. Though Kim turned out to be a wonderful friend and support, having Sara stay with Kim, her husband and 2 children in their fairly small house was difficult..very difficult. During, Sara’s recovery Kim got to know a lot about Sara and her relationship with Harry. The only thing that Kim was still in the dark about with Sara’s past life before Harry. That was a dark well-kept secret that Sara wouldn’t divulge.

Kim did learn about that night with Rick and all the details. It turned out that Sara also couldn’t stop thinking about Rick. That was why Kim was at Rick’s place now.

Rick while hearing the story had to constantly wipe tears from his eyes. He always felt that there was something bad that was going to happen in the relationship with Harry and Sara. But, never imagined anything like this.

After several more minutes of talking between Kim and Rick, she asked him if he still would like to see Sara? Rick, quietly and slowly nodded his head and said, “yes, very much. How can that be arranged? She is outside in my car, would you like to see her?” Rick’s jaw nearly hit the floor, but he was able to mutter the word “sure.” Several minutes later Kim had left and Sara was sitting in Rick’s living room. They started talking and it seemed like they had never been apart. They talked about everything under the sun. Rick had found his “soul mate” and this time he would not let her get away.

He went over to where Sara was sitting, bent down and gave her a soft, tender kiss on the cheek and than in one swoop, he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, he gently layed her down and proceeded to kiss and stroke her face for the next 15 minutes. His hands ran down to her small firm breasts. He gently started rubbing the palm of his hand over her erect nipples. Low soft moans could be heard escaping from Sara’s lips. Rick than slowly unbuttoned her blouse and removed it along with her frilly bra. Her nipples were like hard pebbles. He gently sucked one and than the other and they grew more and more in his mouth. His hands roamed down between her legs, through her jeans. He could literally feel the heat rising from her pussy right through her jeans. Rick proceeded to pull her jeans off and stared at her tiny little thong. He could see the wet spots forming on the panties between her legs. He than kissed his way down her body and was one motion lifted her sweet little ass and removed the thong. Sara was on fire. She had never felt this way before. Her body was flushed and her pussy was actually flowing. When Rick started tonguing her and licking her clit, she exploded with what she truly believed was the most powerful orgasm of her life. Sara looked up at Rick and saw that he was still completely dressed. She beckoned him over to her and removed his shirt. His smooth chest was such a turn on to her. She helped him off with his pants and than his underwear. She than stared in amazement at the massive size of his endowment. She thought of the night at the hotel. He had fucked her in every position and in every hole, but she didn’t realize he was that huge. How was she able to handle him that night? How would she be able to handle him tonight? She did not have to wait much longer because in a flash, Rick was between her legs and his huge cock was sliding deep inside of her. To her amazement, Sara was able to handle every inch without any problem. Sara pulled her legs back, but Rick didn’t pump her hard. After several minutes they both exploded in a powerful mutual orgasm. Sara layed there wondering…”Is this what making love was about?, because it definitely wasn’t just “fucking.” It was tender and beautiful. They snuggled in each other’s arms and eventually both feel asleep. When the awoke several hours later, Rick looked down at Sara and said, “We need to speak, openly and frankly.” With a shy nod of the head Sara agreed. Rick proceeded to ask her, how did she ever get involve with such a slob as Harry. Sara looked at Rick and said, “If we are too have a chance of being together, you need to hear my story, the whole story from the beginning.”

To be continued

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