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SLS dreams cum true

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Before we were the wonderful couple we are now, we were just 2 single people in the lifestyle. I had just got of a lifestyle relationship (she dumped me for another guy she met while we were at a swing club), and her hubby had left her not to long before. I saw her body pic, 42DDDs and thought, sure why not, send her a message. So she to my surprised responded. I caught her online while I was reading the message, so I sent a chat request and she responded. So we introduced ourselves. It became so easy and flowing, the next day we spoke on the phone. We share about our experiences in the lifestyle. By that following weekend, we made arrangements to meet for dinner. Mind you she lived 2 hours away, and it was January, but I made the trek to see her. I was nervous as all what. I got lost on the way, but she soothe my ansies and directioned me all the way in. And when I got to the door, it was like WHOA, this was worth the trip. Hips, lips, and fingertips. She was even better looking that the scanned pics she had sent me. Here I am, looking her down and up, suede mini skirt, thigh high boots, nipples erect through her halter top. Yes she indeed was a 42DDD. That made me even more nervous, like a deer in headlights. However she thought so much of me and found me tempting at the entrance. I asked, "so where we're going to dinner at?", and she said "I'll be ready right after I....", and then she approached me so seductively. She gave me a passionate kiss, the type I was hoping to get as a good nite closer.

We arrived at the steak house, there was a wait. I could see others staring at her, looking ultra-sexy. I stayed right by her side, proud that I was there on a date with her. I tried to play cool at dinner, have intellectual conversation. By the time I looked around 10 minutes later, her plate was completed, only thing left was the 'T' on the t-bone. I was like "damn baby, slow down", lol. She said, "a sista was hungry, plus I'm not trying to stay here all nite", and kicked one of her legs up on my knee under the table. I thought to myself, well let me hurry up. When the check tab came out, I reached for my wallet, she said, "Oh no sexy, I got this. You came all the way to see me, its the least I can do...and maybe more. Don't worry about anything, I got it taken care of, just like you". I'm thinking to myself, where the hell mold did she cum from? I wanted to insist on paying, but didn't even come close to getting a chance to do so.

We left and went back to her place, we sat back lounging for a while, conversation enticing, and then she said, "You know you're not going home tonite, right?". I got bold and said "You know you're not going to sleep tonite, right?". She smiled oh so seductively, stood up, lifted up her mini skirt. I saw she was wearing thigh highs with a garter, and thought, 'oh shit'. She sat straddled across me, kiss me in such a way that my erection was felt all the way through to her. Once she felt this, she flinched, looked up at me. I felt a bit embarrased, and jokingly said "yes I'm really that happy to see you". That's when she seductively smiled again, then got up from off top of me and let her skirt down, and went upstairs. I wondered had I blown the moment. In the next moment she says "are you coming up?", so I went upstairs, only light that I saw were flames from candles. I saw her standing at the top of the stairs, in those thigh highs and garter, minus the mini skirt and halter top. I came closer to her, as she undressed me from the doorway to the bed. She laid me down on the bed and unhooked her bra strap, and all that I had been staring at most of the night, had been released to me. Huge succulent breasts, with erect nipples an inch in size. I grabbed each one in my hand, fingers spread wide to hold and teased the left nipple with the tip of my tounge. After teasing a while, I couldn't contain myself. Being the breast man that I am, I devoured into. She let out a gasp and grabbed the back of my head. She began to shiver and after not being able to take anymore, she pulled my head away, and laid me back down on the bed. She began kissing and licking me, starting at the lips and delicately working her way down, stopping here and there to entice various spots. When licking around my navel, she reached below. When she felt that my dick was ripe and hard, she let out a 'mmmmm', and looked back at me. She slowly went down, teasing the head a couple times, then opened her mouth wide, and devouring the entire head in her mouth. The feeling made me reopen my eyes and want to look to see what she was doing. She proceded to go down even further deep throating much as she could, then having her tongue lick that back base. She went deeper and deeper until her tongue reached my balls. The feeling made me squint. That's when she slowly slurped up to the top of the head, put my dickhead in her hand, and then reached to lick my balls. The feeling of one of my balls in her mouth sent shockwaves through me. She moaningly said, "looks like they are full of cum". She then slowly came back up, put her breast back in my my mouth. All the while she was slowly mounting me. Before I knew, she had slide me inside of her. We both looked at each other in the moment. She was wet and warm beyond belief. The deeper I went inside, the hotter and wetter. I pulled her legs up toward my shoulders, and thrusted up and inside her. A minute later she was getting to an even hotter wetter pointer. Her legs shuttered and then folded back up. She looked at me in amazement and said "I can't believe you made me cum so fast". She regained her compusure, then straddled me and started riding me. I could hear the head board hitting the wall. After a while it was sounding like thunder. She began to ride faster and harder. I tried to hold on to the head board, but she grabbed my hands, and began riding me harder, as if the headboard banging excited her. She grunted and groaned, her pussy tightened up that I could feel it all. Then the juices were flowing all over me. She was cummin' hard, but would not stop riding me. She slowed down after the cum juiced filled orgasm, she began to pound up and down on me. She held onto my wrist for balance and she pounded up and down. I could feel myself inside her deeper than before. I began to thrust with her. When I began to thrust with her, it got her even hotter. She began to cum boiling hot. I finally after containing myself couldn't do so anymore. I began to twitch. She saw this and began to get excited. She started pounded even harder and faster, shouting "cum on wit it, give it to me". I tried to contain, but I finally shot a load so hard and deep, it hit her G spot. She screamed repeatedly "damn that shyt is hawt...", until after a few moments she became leg weary. She pulled out, my dick still fully erect cum covered between a mixture of mine and hers. She became excited when she saw this and proceeded to begin licking from the base of my balls all the way up, slurping down every drip she find. She then reached over the edge of the bed. I wondered what was going on? She then pulls up 2 cold bottles of water, and hands me one. She takes a drink, put my head back in her mouth with ice cold water. I orgamsicly shiver.

She looks at me and said "I thought I wasn't going to sleep tonite?" Needless to say, 2 years later, and we still haven't had a full nights sleep.

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