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The Prince's Story Tracy's lips ,slowing almost imperceptably, began to open. The profile of her beautifull face was easy enough to see ,in the dim light, but strangly in and out of focus, as minute changes in the light of our bedroom seemed to reveil her creamy tanned complexion and then hide it in shadow. Her face was peacefull and relaxed , showing no hint of agitation or emotion at all. Her soft delicate lips continued to slowly part and her adams apple rose slightly as she swallowed, and began taking slow even breaths threw her mouth. "Finally" I thought as I continued , ever so gently, to massage her shaven pussy with the palm of my hand. " Now comes the tough part" I knew, as I gently rubbed her smooth crotch, it's lips still folded evenly together with no sign of her inner labia protruding. I adjusted my palm to match the shape of her sleeping mound and kneeded the lilly soft skin there, just below her tuft of silky pubic hair. Too much pressure or too lite a touch would register with her deeply sleeping brain as a tickle or hard nudge. She would then probably wake up ...somewhat bewildered and confused and scan around trying to make sense of this intrusion into her warm cosy sleep. "But" Just the right amount of a steady, even , touch would eventually......"YES'

and then I saw it for the first time, her brow had tensed , just tiny bit, and her closed eye lids had begun to rhythmically twitch as her eyes swept back and forth under them.

Tracy was dreaming.

I glanced at the clock out of the corner of my eye, almost entranced and afraid this moment would vanish that .....let's see Three- twenty -two....almost an hour had passed since I settled in beside her and began listening to the regular steady sound of her sleep.

This moment had come four days after it's first , flicker in my brain , as I drove the 260 miles to my next business meeting. "On the road again" that was me, I thought: as I listened to static filled talk Radio and tryed to occupy my mind , and avoid the "idiot" drivers that always seemed to travel along with me on the turnpike. Randomly my thoughts turned to Friday....4 days hence...the kids were hosting another sleepover with their friends....the cupboards would be pilfered, crumbs in little piles all over the living room 5 to 10 teenagers sprauled over it , watched DVD's and giggled ......until probably 5am.

No doubt Tracy would try to sleep , fuss, fume and eventually pry open our bedroom door.....move to the top of the steps and announce Loudly to the movie watchers that I"TS TIME TO SETTLE IT DOWN YOU GUYS....TURN THAT DAMN MOVIE DOWN AND GET TO SLEEP.

The kids would choke back laughter...turn down the volume....continue their antics somewhat more peaceably......probably until sunrise not knowing that Tracy , with the ears that only a mother has, would continue to be tortured by this even reduced noise long into the night.

Eventually Tracy would take a sleeping pill or a couple of those over the counter things and zonk out for good. With that aid she would uncharacteristically sleep like a baby and nothing short of a Freight Train would wake her up.

I was doomed ....gone all week ....home on Friday....horny as a Billy goat and Tracy there sleeping like a rock. "But" I thought..."what if I enticed her a little in her sleep. It was a running joke between us ....that on occasion I would see how long I could rub her curvy waist and even between her legs,,,,, until she would wake up , with a sleepy smile and say something like "you crazy bastard" while she slipped out of her night shirt. But I'd never done that when she was really OUT.....a couple pills full of relaxation running through her bloodstream.

"What would happen" I wondered as I continued my solo drive. Would she even respond .....perhaps I'd just get an reflexive elbow in the side for my trouble. Maybe though.....maybe she would start dreaming......her brain not quite shutdown...not quite inhibitions no problems keeping everyday thoughts from bouncing in and out of her conciousness.

The more I thought it over the more real the idea became.....I would ask her what she thought about this crazy fantasy of mine. What's the worst that could happen ....we'd have a good laugh about my wild imagination foul.

Traci's legs had been more or less parallel to this point but I noticed that now their out line under the sheets had splayed appart somewhat. Lying beside her with my hand carefully caressing her, I felt the warm touch of her thigh against mine as she adjusted her legs further appart. My eyes darted quickly back to her face.....but saw that she was still relaxed and calm....her eyes still fluttering underneath her eyelids.

Her jaw slacked further and she seemed to let out a deeper it was an almost inaudible moan, like the softest whisper you can imagine. Each side of her cunt began to slowly buldge and rise and I could feel her labia inching further and further apart.

"Well " I thought It's now or never. Gently and delcately I unwr*ped her body from the wisps of sheets around her and exposed her soft , hot skin.

I was certain she would startle and wake ......but she seemed comfortable and calmly unaware that she was now lying completely naked in the dim light.

I took in this beautiful sight for a minute but was pleased to feel a warm slippery feeling on the palm of my hand. I closed my fingers and thumb and used two fingers to slowly trace the sides of her now engorged and moist pussy. Slowly up the lips.... along side her swelling clitorous...

and back down the other side of it. A gleaming, tiny drop of her juices had formed at the bottom of her puffy lips and began to ooze and flow down between her legs.

Another look at her face reveiled and a still calm but more concentated look ...her eyes were now darting more quickly back and forth and I began to hear parts of words whispered out with each breath ooooo uuuuuu ooooooyessss ooooo...baaaa ....yessssss The insides of her legs and crotch were now glistening with slippery wet juices, that seemed to flow in a trickle....I smelled a musky almost sweet smell as the liquid began to emerge thicker and pale white.

As I glanced up at her again her eyes fluttered and opened just enough for me to see the pupil darting back and forth. For an instant she seemed to focus her nearly closed eyes on me......."Ohh Baby YES"........she whispered as she seemed to stare at me for just a minute and then continued flicking her eyes back and forth...with her eyelids still barely cracked.

I inserted two fingers into her steamy cunt while rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb. Her hips began to thrust as she extended her wet cunt towards me and arched her back with each thrust. I waited for the explosion of her orgasm ...but realized that she was building and releasing with every few thrust of her pelvis. Cumming over and over again....each one starting with a higher pitched moan and ending with a deeper almost gutteral exhale. I don't know how many times she came ....I lost count at five.....but....after a number of them her eyes opened almost fully and she extended her arms towards me ....still lost in her sweet extasy....."Please Baby" "Give it to me" "Give me that Cock" "Oh Baby....Pleaseeeeee she whispered Pleaseeeeee.

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