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Sailing.....calm waters.....

The day was so beautiful outside?.The blue green ocean was rippling so smoothly?.The sun was warm and shining, you could see ocean for miles and miles?.no one was around for as far as the eye could see?We were on a sailboat?.just drifting along?.He was at the wheel?..guiding us along this glassy ocean?.I was standing in the back?against the railing?.in small white short shorts, and a peasant blouse neatly tucked under my breasts?.I was looking at him?.admiring his torso from behind??Such a well defined man?..he looked wonderful in his khaki shorts?and nothing else?the sun made his skin glow a delicious brown?..I leaned back against the railing?.and closed my eyes?smiling to myself?and just imagining what I wanted him to do with me??I raised my hand to my throat?.and slid it down to my breasts?and slipped it in?and softly stroked my nipple?I opened my eyes, to find him turned around, and admiring me?.. I knew what I needed to do?..I slowly unbuttoned the small buttons, one at a time?.and slid it off my shoulders?.he smiled?I wasn?t wearing a bra?and he greatly approved of this?Lightly, I brushed the tips of my pink, small nipples, and brought myself to a quick arousal?.They turned to a deep rose color, he knew I was excited?.my hair shined like gold in the sun?.and it fell over my shoulders, teasing me gently as it brushed each nipple?.I slid my hand down to the button on my shorts, unzipped them?and slid them off?.As I stepped out of then, I felt his eyes on me?I looked up, as he was licking his lips, and smiling like I had never seen before. I stood their in small white panties?.lacy around the edges?.and nothing else??Slowly, I slid my hand down my belly, and slid my fingertips down to the edge of them, and slipped them in?.Mmmmmmm ?so soft, and moist?..I loved the softness of my edges?and slid even farther down, and felt how wet I was becoming?.The sensuous rocking rhythm of the ocean, and the rhythm of my fingers were in sync?.my hips swayed back and forth with each ripple of the sea?.

I found my clit, it was swollen and throbbing, begging for a soft touch, so I lightly brushed it?..I could hear low moans emitting from my lips??I was welling up with so many juices, I could feel it start to pool inside of me?.

I opened my eyes, and noticed his pants bulging, as he ran his hand over his cock, stroking it?..and smiling at me??.I motioned for him to c'mere??I watched as he put the sailboat on "auto" pilot?and walked over to me?..

He leaned me back against the railing, and pressed himself onto me?..I lowered my hands to the front of him and stroked him?.and undid the button oh his shorts, and slid them down his hips?he stepped out of them, and I smiled??and slowly licked my way down his chest, around each nipple, and down his belly?..I could feel his stomache muscles tighten as I did this?.I reached his cock, and leaned forward and took him completely in my mouth, one hand at the base, and the other one wrapped around his thigh, guiding him back and forth?.it was in perfect unisom with the rocking of the boat?.He slowly thrust himself inside of my quivering lips?.as I hungrily lapped at his cock?..admiring the hardness he had?I could taste his pre-cum?.and it was delightful?..I knew he ached for me?as I ached for him?..I ran my tongue around the head?and along the ridge, this made him shudder with delight?.He had his hands in my hair, caressing my hair, and then slightly lifted me, and pulled me up?..I could feel his cock on my belly?.nudging me?..he was running his hands up and down my belly and my breasts??making me ache??he then slipped his fingers under my panties?and slid them down my hips??we were naked in the warm sun??him pressed against me??licking my neck?.along my jaw line and to my waiting lips?.he darted his tongue in between my lips?.hungrily, like he had never tasted me before?..his tongue, so soft, so warm and inviting?..and slid his fingers down to my pussy?and teased my clit?.I thought I was gonna lose my balance?.it was so intense??slowly, he inched his fingers down along my wet lips?and inserted 2 fingers inside?and dragged my moisture to my clit?teasing it?.making me weak at my knees?I could feel the muscles in my legs, aching to be wrapped around him?.as my eyes were closed?I could see a million little lights going off in my head?.neon bursts of intense color?.mmmmmm?.this was heaven?.

he layed me on the deck?..and asked me to get on all fours?.I did gladly?I knew this feeling, it was always a good position for us?multiple orgasims for both of us guaranteed.. he came up behind me, and from behind, slid his tongue back and forth my pussy, spreading the juices from one end to the other?.so, he would easily be able to slip inside of me?.I could feel myself dripping?.this is way to incredible for me?please baby, just take your time?and slide it in?he wrapped one arm around my waist, and slowly put just the head in?inching his way in, and back out again?.teasing me??making me spill my fluids?..he suddenly plunged in?all the way in?and I let out a moan?.we rocked back and forth, and he reached around with the other hand, and played with my clit??our bodies were glistening in the sun with our passions ?moisture, was building up between us, I could feel it puddleing on the small of my back, and dripping down between my tits?..he rode me with superb rhythm, rocking back and forth??my hands grasping the boat floor, as I felt myself start to cum?..I screamed out, fuck me babe, slow, deep and hard??give it all to me?.let me feel how warm your cum s?.and he picked up the pace?pounding me?I felt his balls slap against my ass??..I knew he was gonna cum soon, and I wanted to cum again with him??our bodies swayed in unison, and I felt his muscles tighten up?.as he thrust himself inside me?and shot his warm cum inside me?we fell to the deck, laying there?..panting, sweating and smiling??he asked me, "shall we go home now baby?" I said, "aye aye Captain"?and we drifted back home

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