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Reunion Night

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My wife and I were staying in a midtown hotel for her college class reunion. On reunion night, she was fetched by Alex, an old college boyfriend.

I had agreed on this set-up since my wife said it was the most practical arrangement since his house was not that far from the hotel where we were staying.

I decided to spend the night in our hotel room browsing on the internet and watching some porno movies while waiting for her return.

She kept calling me regularly by cell phone to update me on the progress of the events in her reunion. She was very enthusiastic about the compliments she was receiving for her fantastic overall coordination of the reunion.

She called again to tell me that her welcome speech was well received by the whole class. They said it was "witty, entertaining and so enthusiastic". She also said that the dancing was about to begin.

At about 10:30 pm, I got another call from her. My cell phone rang.

Me ?Well, having fun??

Her ?Yeah, I have been dancing with some of the guys?

Me ?Where are you now??

Her ?In the Ladies Room?

Me ?So how many guys have you danced with??

Her? I ?ve danced with 5 of the guys on fast dances but only 2 slow dances?

Me ? Who were the slow dances with??

Her ?Of course, Alex?.and he liked it?

Me ?Oh??

Her ?Yeah, .he had a big hard on and I felt it.?

Me ?No one saw you did they, you have to be careful.?

Her ?No one saw it. It?s pretty dark on the dance floor. When we slow danced the first time I felt his cock pressing against me about halfway thru the song and I started rubbing my stomach against it. Alex kept pulling me closer and moving from side to side. He was definitely hard. Then on the second song I started off with my stomach pushed against him and felt it get big.

Alex was talking in my ear about how good I felt and how much he like dancing with me. I was telling him the same kind of things When the song ended we were on the opposite side of the dance floor from the group and I squeezed it through his pants.

Me ?So what are you going to do now??

Her ?He told me we were driving around first before bringing me home. I told him I had to check with you first.?

Me ?So what do you think will happen later??

Her ?Honestly I don?t know but in the party Alex kept whispering that I was making him horny!?

Me ?Well, I think you are horny yourself. Are you willing to go to bed with Alex if he invites you later??

Her ? Only if it is ok with you?

Me ? I have been laying here naked stroking my cock thinking about you being with him and what he is going to do to you?

Her ?Oh boy, now I really have to do him since you said that!?

Me ?So when will you call again??

Her ?I will call you later when I?m free.?

Me ?OK, be thinking about me playing with this hard thing in my hand?

At 11 my cell phone rang. This time her tone of voice was completely different from the earlier calls. It sounded giddy, excited and a little nervous.

Her? Alex just left for the men?s room. He said that we were going straight to the motel!?

Me:Wow! As I expected, he is going to fuck you tonight!?

Her: ?I feel so horny. I am very wet right now.?

Me ?Have fun.?

Her ?OK, Gotta go,Alex is coming .I think we are leaving now.?

Me ?I love you?

Her ?I love you too?

I slowly stroked my cock as I was thinking about them together.

We hung up about 11:05. I figured they would be in the motel by 11:30 pm.

So I should hear from her no later than 1:00.

I flipped and flopped around in the bed keeping one eye on the clock.

1 AM came and went 1:30AM came and went Now I am getting worried. It had been over 2 hours since we had hung up.

Finally at 2:10 my cell phone rang.

Me ?I was wondering when you would call, did you fall asleep??

Her ?Yup! In fact Alex is still snoring right now. We finished about 30 minutes ago?

Me ?Damn, must of taken you a long time to get started.?

Her ?Hell no, Alex has been fucking me for over an hour. He went on and on and on!?

My hand was stroking my cock.

Me ?How long were you actually fucking??

Her ?Over an hour, but he would put it in and stroke some and then pull out and eat me. He did that over and over until he came. Sometimes he would be really pounding and sometimes he would be going slow with deep strokes.?

Me ?Did you cum??

Her ?Oh yes, I had several big ones and I lost count of how many little ones. First Alex made me cum eating me and then when we were fucking he would pull out and eat me until I came and then put it back in and fuck me until I came then do it all over again. He kept talking about how responsive and vocal I was and how he loved it when I would tell him I was cumming.?

Me ?How big is he??

Her ?A little longer than you, but real thick. The shaft is real wide but he has a small head, so I didn?t feel the head as much as when you do me. But he is very thick and I felt completely full of cock?

Me ?What all happened??

Her ?We checked into a pretty large motel room.It was dark except for some light coming from under the bathroom door. We did some passionate kissing and fondling. He got my blouse and skirt off really quick but left my thong on. We got on the bed and kissed a lot while his leg was between mine and he was rubbing on my clit. We were feeling each other. He has a nice firm ass. I went down on him and started sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Alex really liked it when I swirled my tongue around the head and used one hand to stroke it and the other hand on his balls. I did that for quite awhile. He almost came that way and made me stop. He rolled me on my back and laid on top on me and stuck just a little in for a few strokes and then pulled out. He was teasing me. He kissed my neck a lot then moved down to my boobs and played with them for a long time. Alex really loved how big my nipples get and kept telling me how incredible they were. The whole time his fingers were playing with my pussy. Then he went down and started licking my clit. He had me cumming real quick, he sure knows what he is doing.?

Me ?How many times did you cum while he was eating you??

Her ?I think 2 or 3, Alex ate me so many times it is all kind of running together in my head.?

Me ?What about when Alex was fucking you??

Her ?Boy, I don?t know. When he first started fucking me I got real close but couldn?t get there, so he pulled out and started eating me again and I came in a few seconds. Then he got back on top and started pounding me and I started cumming. Then we would fuck for awhile and he would go down on me again and I would cum and he would start fucking me again and I would cum.?

Me ?Damn! How long did that go on??

Her ?At least an hour. But sometimes he went slow to keep from cumming or he would pull out and just play with my pussy some before he would start licking it. By the 3rd or 4th time he knew how to lick me and make me cum.?

Me? What about him? Did he cum??

Her ?Oh boy, did he ever!?

Me ?Did he cum in you? Did you know when he did??

Her ?Yes, at the very end he snuggled his face into my neck and wrapped me up in his arms and kept up a steady rhythm of long strokes. He would pull almost all the way out and then go back in all the way. He was tensing up and breathing hard and I felt it swell up and get harder, then he groaned and his legs jerked. Then he stopped and left it in me while we both caught our breath. Then he crawled off and lay down and slept.

I had been stroking my cock while she told me what Alex had done to her. I could see it in my head and had worked myself to almost cumming as she finished telling me.

She ?? Are you jacking off?

Me ?Yeah, It was terrific!?

She ?Alex is awake now. Gotta go. He wants to fuck again! Bye now?

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