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Renee and Rick

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R & Rick Well, yesterday was different... I really thought that I would have only been on my knees before Rick but ... he wanted more ... but, you know that I have been on my period this week. You and I had discussed doing someone unknown and making a video of the experience and I agreed, but this was an awkward time. I haven't been heavy at all! So, I took my protection out and when my marry way over to meet him... I arrived first.

When I got inside ... he started kissing me like mad... He has hardly ever touched me. Pretty good kisser. He has natural hair. Short with a nice ring in his left ear. He was rubbing my clit through my jeans and pulling me tight to him. That part I enjoyed but being with a black man for the first time I was not ready for the bulge I felt in his jeans. Man, I could not believe the stuff he was packing! I began to realize the fantasy as I pulled unlatched his pants and pulled them down but this was for real and it was something we had both looked forward to. Then I slowly knelt down, staring up into his eyes as I slowly dropped to my knees. Damn! Sucking him and stroking his big dick. Not a bad looking dick, but not as beautiful as yours, even though he has you by a few inches! ;-) He pulled me up in a few minutes... I pulled my jeans off and he sat down on the floor. He told me to take his boots off ... and I did like a good slave. He laid back and I stroked him and he asked me to tell me how much I liked him. I said he was kind and then he said to tell him how much I liked the dick so I had to start talking.....dirty. I mentioned that his cock was enormous. I also said I didn't think I could satisfy him with my mouth because it was so big, figuring in my condition that was the only way I could satisfy Rick. And then I tried to put his hard dick in my mouth. But he wanted to hear the truth. He pulled me up and said , "How is the dick" and I had to catch my breath to tell him, "It's good. It will feel good deep" even though I knew I couldn't possibly deep throat him like I do you! I couldn't believe that this man I had met just days before was so intimate with me. I sucked in and out but couldn't take it all in, I tried my best by sucking all around for a few minutes until he said stop.

I stood there naked for a few moments in front of Rick before he pulled me into his arms and had me lay down on the floor with but a small throw pillow under me. He hiked my legs up and did something I didn't expect. He knew my condition so instead of entering me, he spit into his hand and rubbed it onto his hard cock and started rubbing it while his other hand began massaging my ass. I don't even do that with my husband and sometimes with you! But Rick had me at hello at the door so I let him make the final move.

He spit again to rub his cock while he coaxed a finger in my ass and I moved up on the pillow. Oh God, there is no way this cock is going to fit in my little ass but the more he ground his finger, the more I wanted him. I do love you so much and I love the way you ass fuck me but even with the video going, there was no way I could take this cock in me. So I let him show his cock to me and felt more fingers inside of me as I spread wider and wetter. Then, in but a second, He pressed the head close to my ass and I closed my eyes as I knew what he was attempting. But I liked it! I could not believe he had the head in but he did. Your cock would have been in the length in seconds but after only a couple of minutes he had the head in.

Then it began. He knew my pussy was off limits for fucking but Rick knew what to do about timing. He put one finger on my clit and another in the opening to my pussy and began to slowly, slowly enter my ass. It was a full minute before it hit me that he had entered me completely and then he started fucking me for all it was worth.

I looked back at the TV to see him buried totally in my ass before I realized I had taken it all. It slid so completely inside that I never realized his spit was part human and part astroglide that he had taken from the night table. I keep it there for toys and he had grabbed it before we started. Rick started stroking and playing with me for almost 2 minutes before I took over the clit work cause I really wanted to feel it. I dug deep while his cock took over till I felt his balls hitting my clit rubbing hand. That's how deep he was! Rick probed every part of my ass for nearly twenty minutes while I rubbed him and myself before I heard him groan. After such a grinding, I could almost feel his straining cock in my throat! Man, it felt good feeling the wetness inside my ass as he slowly slid his dick out of my ass. A total gentleman because he took it out ever so slowly while telling me how tight I was.

In a few minutes he took me by the arms and before I knew what hit me he had me on my back. His fingers in my pussy and his mouth on my clit. He laid back down and I cleaned his manhood with a wash rag while I cleaned up as well. I went back down on him and finished what I had started earlier so he could leave without a pup tent. Mmm, you do know how I cleaned him up? I did take every drop and you know I do love the taste of a man. We put our clothes back on. We stood around but, you know how affectionate I can be. I kissed and stroked his skin. He made a few comments about how nice it was.

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