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A short fantasy By Phantazia

You trace your fingertip along the firm outer edge of my lips and a flame ignites. Slowly circling around to the softer, fuller part of my lips you gently part them with your finger and use your other hand to pull me nearer. My face inches, mere seconds from your tender sweet lips. Your breath , steamy and hot on my skin as you tenderly place a subtle kiss on my cheek instead.

I long for you. But my body seems frozen in time. Though it burns with desire, I can?t move, can?t blink an eye. I can only lie motionless, submissive to your every desire and command.

Your eyes?so dark with hidden intimacy, gaze over my body as though it were the body of a goddess. The one thing I feel more than anything at this very moment is wanted, desired.

You lovingly place moist kisses along the side of my yielding neck and across my bared shoulder. A slight shiver trails the length of my arms as you persist with your adoring kisses. I feel my heart jump as you near the slight bulge on my chest that begins my rounded breasts. I ache to offer my essence to your sweet kisses and I hear an ever-so-slight whimper escape the depths of my throat when your heated breath passes just over my breast.

I hunger to arch my spine and press my craving body upwards to feel your lips on my skin. To have you suckle so gently on my erect nipple.

You raise your head slightly and look straight into my craving eyes. The look on your face speaks of a hidden wish to have me touch you too. Yet I remain subdued. As if completely paralyzed and not capable of motion at all.

Drizzling the tip of your tongue along the flattened part of my abdomen, you continue downward, taking time to tease and tantalize my navel with your tongue.

My heart begins to quicken its pace, I feel my will melting and my blood seems to be racing through my veins. I am suddenly aware of even the tiniest blood vessel in my body, for each has expanded and pulsed with the beating of my heart.

I feel your hands now caressing the skin of my thighs and carefully parting my legs to gain access to your point of desire. My yearning grows even greater than before. A deep breath and I should be in control of myself again.

No use. I am a puppet in your hands. Take me, please take me! I hear a voice crying out in my head. But its useless. Nothing comes forth from my lips except a slight moan as you rest your lips now on my inner thigh.

Oh! the heated desire welling inside me right now! I can almost feel your satisfying lips pressing inward towards my pulsing lovebox. Your tongue searching within the reaches of my being to make me yield fully unto you. At this moment you are a god. You possess me completely and I am at your command.

Just as your lips brush so softly against my innermost mound, I can feel a movement at long last. Yes! My hips are now pressing into your face, begging, pleading?

At long last I have regained my composure. I can move my body. I reach down and run my fingers through your hair grasping onto your head, guiding more than anything to show you what I need at this moment.

You respond by quietly moving your face deeper into me. My body trembles as you reach the essence of my soul. The world seems to slow to a slight swirl as I near the summit of a most intensive orgasm. My body courses with fire as it thrashes and pulsates in the rhythmic flow of love that passes through my soul.

A sleeping volcano has awakened inside me and I erupt with such immense force that I can?t contain my rapture. I hear a wail pass through the room as I reach my orgasm and I realize its my own voice I am hearing now. Your tender sweet loving has brought forth a fountain of flowing love. I lean forward and take your drenched face into my hands now and lovingly, thankfully kiss you long and deep.

That look of sheer joy is on my face and you have a look of contentment on your own face, knowing that this is what our rapture is all about.

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