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Randy and Sherri - An Internet Romance - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Sherri waited on the computer the following evening at the time she and Randy normally chatted. She wondered if he would show up tonight. The time of their regular meeting came and went, but no Randy. Sherri did her best not to be too disappointed. After all, he was married and there could have been many reasons he was not able to show up. Sherri waited another 30 minutes, then turned off the computer and slowly went to bed. She did not sleep well that night. There were too many thoughts going through her mind. Her immediate thought was that Randy had been disappointed in last night and that he would not be contacting her again. A tear ran down her cheek and onto her pillow. She never did learn how to handle rejection. After many years of rejection in marriage, only to be rejected outside of marriage. She finally drifted off to sleep remembering the feeling of Randy’s hand caressing her wet womanhood.

Randy was a computer programmer by trade, which meant at times that problems would arise and he would have to drop whatever he was doing, and address the problem. And last night was one of those times. Randy got so deep into problem solving, he didn’t realize the time. When he finally resolved the problem and had a chance to take a breath, he realized it was almost 2 hours past the time he and Sherri normally chatted. He became worried about what Sherri might be thinking. He logged onto the computer to see if Sherri had left him a note, but nothing.

Suddenly Randy had a thought that maybe Sherri had not even logged on. Maybe she didn’t intend to contact him again? Randy really enjoyed last night and definitely wanted to see Sherri again, but he hadn’t had a chance to find out if she felt the same way. Randy sent Sherri a note explaining what had happened this evening, and that he hoped they could chat the following evening. He slowly logged off, and headed to bed. As he lay there exhausted from the day, before drifting off to sleep, a smile came to his lips as he remembered Sherri’s touch on his manhood.

Sherri got up the next morning, not really rested from the night’s sleep, which she didn’t get much of! As she was drinking her morning coffee, she decided to log onto her computer to check and see if her kids had sent any e-mails to her. Sherri was very surprised to see a note from Randy. Her fingers quivered as she opened the note, afraid that Randy was going to say good-bye. To her delight, the note from Randy was exactly the opposite! Sherri couldn’t wait to respond back to Randy letting him know she DID miss him last night and was very glad to hear from him. She confirmed that she would be online that evening. The whole day looked a lot brighter now!

That evening, Sherri kept her eye on the clock, wishing it would move faster. She was ready to chat with Randy. Finally the time came for her to log on. When she finally got onto Yahoo, she found Randy already there.

Randy: Evening babe!

Sherri: Have you been out here long?

Randy: Just got on as a matter of fact.

Sherri: Got on what? LOL There was a pause.

Randy: The computer silly! LOL Sherri: Oh, just wonder what you were ‘getting on’ tonight!

Randy: Well, after the night before, what I want to ‘get on’ is not over here!

Sherri: Oh?

Randy: Yeah, had this really hot date with an absolutely beautiful lady.

Sherri: And did you ‘get it on’? LOL Randy: No, but I think we both wanted to. The park was not the most private place.

Sherri: Park? Wow, you really know how to impress a lady! Big time spender! LOL!!!

Randy: Well, it was her idea.

Sherri: Probably picked the park as that was the safest place she could think of being around you!

Randy: Well, I think she had a pretty good time.

Sherri: Yes she did! And she would like to see you again…and more of you!

As soon as Sherri hit the enter button, she had second thoughts, but it was too late now. She wondered how Randy would take what she blurted out!

Randy smiled as he read what she wrote. He sensed that this was a spur of the moment comment as it seemed pretty forward for Sherri. But then again, he hadn’t really known her that long. Randy suddenly realized that he had not responded to Sherri and she was probably wondering what had happened to him.

Sherri started to get worried, as she stared at the screen…and nothing was coming back. She sensed Randy was taking this wrong. Before she could determine what she should say, Randy came back.

Randy: Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Couldn’t believe that you want to see me again…and more of me!

Sherri: And why not? You’re an attractive man and fun to be with.

Randy: But you are such a lovely lady. You could have just about any man you want?

Sherri: Right! I’ve been told by some that my breasts are too big along with my thighs.

Randy: Well, for what it’s worth, I absolutely loved your breasts. Sweetest nipples I’ve tasted in a very long time!

Sherri: Well, thank you very much! I really enjoyed you sucking on them! And I also enjoyed feeling your manhood! Too bad the park wasn’t more private!

Randy: Well, I don’t think either one of us anticipated what would actually happen.

Sherri: Do you have any regrets?

Randy: Not at all!

Randy thought long and hard about how to suggest they get together again, but in a very private place, behind closed doors. Sherri was also thinking how best to suggest they get together again, without being too forward. She was glad Randy spoke first.

Randy: Well, since it seems we both had a good time and would like to see each other again. How about we see about getting together some evening for some dinner and private time?

Randy very slowly reached to press the enter key. He knew that he was taking a chance. If Sherri took this wrong, or he had read her wrong, this could be very short conversation. Randy finally pressed the enter key. The screen went blank and then returned. The message had gone.

Sherri was surprised but very pleased upon receiving Randy’s message. However, she quickly became concerned. The ball was in her court now. She knew that her reply could indicate the point of no return. Memories of Randy’s touch flashed through her mind. Her heart was almost racing. She realized that Randy was probably having the same feelings. And he was. It seemed like forever before Sherri replied. The longer she waited, the more he knew he had made a mistake. His heart almost stopped when Sherri replied. Her reply was short and to the point.

Sherri: Would love it!

Randy: Was beginning to wonder if I had read your signals wrong and you weren’t ready for that question.

Sherri: Just remember, babe, I haven’t done this before and this was a big decision for me.

Randy: If you are having second thoughts and would like to wait a bit, I totally understand. I don’t want to put you into a situation you are not comfortable with.

Sherri: No, not having any second thoughts at all. Just a big decision for me.

Randy: I know how you feel. So, do you have any evenings that might work best for you? Or do you want to see about making plans at some other time?

Sherri: No, would like to see if we can make them now. I’ve made my decision and I’m comfortable with it. I want to see you again and feel you make love to me over and over.

Sherri didn’t realize how bold her reply had been till it was already sent and she was reviewing it. Yes, it was bold, but it was exactly how she felt. She wanted someone to make love to her over and over again. Her body ached for release.

Randy was a bit taken back by her last statement, but very pleased. He sensed that once Sherri made up her mind, that she was going to follow through and not much would stop her.

Randy: So, any evenings or weekends coming up that would work best for you?

Sherri: Yes, as a matter of fact. My husband is leaving town next Sunday morning for the week. How would Sunday evening work for you?

Randy: That works for me! I’ll see about a place and get back with you? How does that sound? Want to plan for dinner also?

Sherri: Actually, I would like to just plan on meeting at a hotel and spend the evening together. How does that sound to you?

Randy: Sounds wonderful to me? Well, I guess I better let you go for the evening as it’s getting a bit late.

Sherri: Yes, it is, and we both have to work tomorrow.

Randy: I’ll see about getting us a room and let you know what I find out.

Sherri: Sounds wonderful to me, love. Talk to you tomorrow?

Randy: I’ll be here.

Sherri: Night Randy.

Randy: Night Sherri.

Randy and Sherri both logged off and both went over what had happened that evening.

The next day, Randy started looking in the phone book for a hotel that was not too far away from them both, but not too close that someone they knew would see either one of them there. As Randy thought about it, he started being concerned about both of them walking into the hotel at the same time. If by chance someone was there they knew, being together would be very uncomfortable. Randy had to think about this for a bit, but did come up with a plan.

That evening, Randy suggested his plan for them not going into the hotel together. Sherri really liked his plan. Randy would check into the hotel alone and plan on being in their room around 7:00PM. Once in the room, Randy would call Sherri on the phone and give her the room number. With that, Sherri would simply walk into the hotel and go directly to the room, acting as if she was staying there.

That Sunday, Randy was very nervous as he checked into the hotel. It was 6:45, and he knew Sherri would be waiting for his call.

About 2 hours earlier, Sherri started getting ready for her evening. Her body seemed especially sensitive to the hot shower. She took the time to slowly shave in the proper places, being very careful not to cut herself. She found her hands trembling a bit, not from anxiety, but from excitement. She had never told Randy, but it had been over a year since she had been with a man. And her body was ready to feel a man deep inside her. As Sherri dried off, she couldn’t help but noticed her nipples were hard and swollen. She smiled and simply credited this to the cool air in the bathroom. Sherri had been to the store earlier in the day and picked up some shear pink bikini panties. She had also bought something she thought she never would, and that was a low cut bra. Sherri had always thought her breasts were too big. It seemed to her that most men were turned on by the smaller breasted ladies, but Sherri didn’t have much choice. Sherri stopped and smiled. She remembered how Randy seemed to love the size of her breasts while at the park. Maybe Randy was one of the few that liked a full breasted woman. Since Sherri had already decided what she was going to wear that evening, a shear white bra was the perfect item. Sherri slowly slipped into the panties, enjoying the sexy feeling of the material. After getting the bra on, Sherri began to have second thoughts. It didn’t look that low cut when she tried it on earlier in the store. But it was too late now. Sherri pulled a shear white button up blouse from her closet. After buttoning it up, she really had second thoughts now! It wasn’t that the bra could be faintly seen, but her full cleavage was very visible. It didn’t seem that the buttons were in the right place. One button showed too much, while buttoning one more covered everything up and made her look like a prude! Sherri realized that others would only see her for a very short it was decided! Show the cleavage! Sherri slipped on her pale blue slacks. Slipping on her shoes and she was just about ready. Standing in front of the mirror, she realized how much different she looked. She really thought she looked attractive and sexy at the same time. Looking at her watch, she realized that it was 6:45 and she needed to head out soon. Sherri picked out a nice necklace and put it on. It only emphasized her cleavage, but she didn’t care! The last item was a pair of earrings. She hadn’t realized how nervous she was until trying to put in the earrings. Her hands were shaking. A quick splash or two of perfume and she was ready to head out the door.

Randy’s hands were shaking a bit as he tried to insert the room card into the lock. He finally got the door opened. Inside the room it was very nice. A small couch was on one wall across from the TV. The king sized bed had two end tables. A small table was located in the corner of the room of those businessmen that needed to do some work. Randy glanced at his watch and realized that it was now 7:00 and Sherri would be waiting for his call.

Sherri jumped when her cell phone rang in her car.

“Hello?” answered Sherri.

“Room 305” replied Randy.

“15 minutes” replied Sherri. Sherri hung up the phone.

Randy set the phone down and picked up the small bag he had brought along. Opening the bag, Randy pulled out two candles. He set one on each of the end tables by the bed, and lit them. Then sitting down on the bed, Randy turned the radio on to find a station if they wanted some music. Finding the right station, Randy turned the radio off. Looking around the room, Randy decided that all he could do now was wait. He sat down on the couch and began to flip through the TV channels. His mind wasn’t really on the TV!!!

Sherri pulled into the parking lot and found a space. Looking around, she saw Randy’s truck parked on the other end. Getting out of her Explorer, Sherri began to walk across the lot to the hotel entrance. She realized that her breasts were gently bouncing with each step, and she was not use to this. Sherri never thought about this when she was looking at bras! She didn’t think that her breasts would bounce as she walked. She didn’t even try walking when trying on the bra! As she entered the hotel, Sherri smiled, knowing that inside, she felt very sexy! Sherri knew where the elevators were, and headed that way. She was relieved that no one else there. Sherri moved to the back of the elevator, toward the middle. The doors started to close, but suddenly, a hand stopped them. An older, heavy set man quickly got on. Sherri simply smiled at him. The man moved toward the back of the elevator, in the corner after pushing his floor. Sherri simply looked forward. But then she began to feel a bit uncomfortable. The man casually moved toward the front of the elevator and Sherri felt him staring at her. Sherri tried to ignore him, but found it difficult. Thinking that he saw something she didn’t Sherri casually looked down the front, to the floor. She almost died! She had been thinking about being with Randy so much, her nipples were fully erect and pressing VERY visibly against her bra and blouse. Sherri felt embarrassed…but then, she realized that she was very sexy! Finally, the elevator stopped at her floor and the doors opened. Sherri hurried to get off but just before the doors closed behind her…Sherri stopped! Putting her hand on the closing door, Sherri popped her hand back in and gave the man a quick smile.

“Pretty nice tits aren’t they?” Sherri quickly let the doors go, but not before seeing the total shock and embarrassment on the man’s face. He had been caught!

Sherri giggled a bit as she walked down the hall. She couldn’t believe she actually said that!!! Sherri stopped in front of room 305. He hands were damp and shaking from nervousness. Again, this was a time of decision. Sherri slowly lifted her hand and knocked softly on the door.

Randy jumped as he heard Sherri’s knock at the door. Opening the door, Randy was taken back by Sherri’s beauty.

“Wow!” said Randy softly.

“May I come in?” replied Sherri smiling.

“Heavens yes!” replied Randy moving to let her in.

As Sherri moved past Randy, he could smell her light perfume as she entered the room.

“You look fantastic!” said Randy smiling.

“Thank you,” replied Sherri moving to put her purse down.

Sherri turned to look at Randy and couldn’t help but laugh!

“And what’s so funny?” asked Randy almost defensively.

“Oh nothing!” laughed Sherri. She had just left a man in the elevator that had a similar look on his face!

“Oh? Something is funny?” now Randy was getting a bit upset.

“Love,” said Sherri moving closer to Randy. “It’s just the look on your face.”

“What about the look on my face?”

“It’s the same look the man in the elevator had!”

“What man in the elevator?”

Sherri shifted her weight to one leg and placed her hands on her hips.

“I don’t see what that man was staring for!”

Randy took a step back laughing.

“Do you look right now like you did in the elevator?”

“Well, yea, I guess I do.” Said Sherri cautiously.

“Babe,” started Randy. “Just look at you! You are simply beautiful. That blouse shows off those fantastic breasts!”

“Well, so what?”

“Love, just notice one other item…your nipples are rock hard through that blouse!”

Sherri looked down and once again became embarrassed.

“Well, I can’t help that!” said Sherri smiling. “I was thinking about you!”

“Let’s just say that I can very easily understand why that man was staring at you!” smiled Randy.

Sherri let her hands fall from her hips and slowly walked over to Randy. She put her hands on his hips and moved closer to him. Randy returned by putting his hands on her hips. Randy looked into those dark brown eyes. He could get lost in there! Sherri pulled him closer and kissed him gently. Randy pulled her closer to him and his lips found hers. Their tongues found each other. Sherri’s tongue was so warm and soft. Sherri pulled back for a bit.

“So, you like what you see?” asked Sherri.

“Very much so….very much so,” replied Randy giving Sherri long deep kiss.

Sherri could feel the passion beginning to stir within her. Pulling away gently, Sherri walked over to the vanity and began to remove her right earring. Again, she was fumbling due to her hands shaking. Looking into the mirror, she could see Randy moving up behind her. Sherri laid her right earring down on the vanity and began to remove the left one.

Sherri twitched slightly as she felt Randy’s warm lips on her neck. Randy slipped his hands around her waist. Randy could see Sherri in the mirror. Her breathing was quickened and her full breasts rose and fell with each breath. Randy’s manhood was fully alive now. Randy’s heart pounded knowing that in just a bit, he would be savoring those sweet, hard nipples that were pressing even now against her blouse wanting to be free. Sherri laid the other earring down on the vanity, and tilted her hand to the left, allowing Randy to kiss her soft neck. Sherri’s body began to tingle as his kisses moved down her neck to her shoulder. Sherri reached behind to remove her necklace.

“I’ll do that,” whispered Randy.

Randy unhooked the necklace and let it go. It paused just a bit before softly sliding down and disappearing into Sherri’s cleavage.

“Oooppps!” giggle Randy.

“Now you know don’t you,” said Sherri softly, “that someone is going to have to go get that!”

“Yea, I do,” whispered Randy. Randy moved his hand very slowly down between her breasts and finally found the necklace. Sherri’s body tingled as she felt Randy’s fingers between her breasts. Randy very slowly pulled the necklace out and laid it on the vanity.

“Took you long enough!” giggled Sherri.

“Well, a bit crowded in there,” smiled Randy.


“Not at all…not at all!”

Randy slipped his hand down once again and unbuttoned her top button. Sherri’s eyes were closed, her body responding to Randy’s touch. Randy had moved his lips up to her ear and was gently nibbling her ear lobe. Sherri began to squirm. Randy pulled her blouse back a bit to bare her right shoulder. Moving his kisses to her bare shoulder, Randy could hear Sherri begin to moan softly.

Randy very slowly pulled Sherri’s blouse out of her slacks and began to unbutton her blouse all the way down. Looking in the mirror, Randy could see Sherri’s heavy breathing. Sherri started to turn toward Randy but he stopped her.

“Not yet.” he said softly.

Randy let the blouse fall softly to the floor. Randy then moved his hands back around her waist. Sherri began to wiggle under his touch. Reaching up, Randy slowly pulled her right bra strap off her shoulder while kissing her neck. Then he slipped the left bra strap down her shoulder. Sherri’s breasts ached to be touched by Randy’s fingers! Randy reached behind her and unhooked her bra…and very, very slowly, let it slide away from her body…gently dropping to the floor. Sherri’s full breasts were now released. Her breasts were fantastic in Randy’s eyes. Each breast was a light cream color topped by a very hard pink nipple. Randy cupped her breasts. Sherri gasp softly as her breasts had finally received the attention they longed for. Sherri placed her hands over Randy’s and began to caress and massage her breasts over Randy’s hands. Randy made a point not to touch her nipples and Sherri sensed this.

“Are you teasing me?” whispered Sherri hotly. “Touch my nipples. Please!”

Randy began to move his fingers toward her swollen nipples. Sherri’s breathing had quickened, anticipating his touch. Sherri’s body suddenly felt Randy’s fingers tugging at her hard nipples. Sherri moaned with pleasure.

“That feels so good!” whispered Sherri pressing back against Randy’s body. She could feel his hard manhood pressing against her thigh.

“You have fantastic nipples!” whispered Randy in Sherri’s ear. Randy began to gently twist her nipples. Sherri could only squirm under his touch. Sherri could not wait any longer. Before Randy realized, Sherri had turned towards him. Sherri pulled him close and kissed him deeply. Her tongue finding his. Randy pulled Sherri close, feeling her warm body pressing against his.

Sherri’s passion was in full bloom now. Randy could feel Sherri’s full breasts pressing against him through his shirt.

Sherri pulled back a bit and smiled at Randy.

“How come I’m the only one without a shirt?” she giggled.

“Just lucky I guess!” laughed Randy.

Sherri moved Randy so he was facing the mirror in front of her.

“Two can play this game,” giggled Sherri.

Sherri moved close to Randy and began to kiss his neck. Randy wiggled under Sherri’s lips “Touchy?” whispered Sherri.

“Yes,” replied Randy..”Very!”

“Oh, really?” giggled Sherri kissing the side of his neck. Sherri was glad she had her arms around Randy as he was wiggling like crazy!

Sherri pulled Randy’s shirt out of his slacks. She moved her hands under his shirt and found his warm chest. Randy had quite a bit of hair on his chest. Sherri began to play with his nipples while kissing his neck. Randy was still wiggling like crazy! Sherri pulled Randy’s shirt up over his head. Sherri placed her hands on Randy’s back and almost fell to the floor as Randy wiggled away from her.

“What?” asked Sherri in surprise! “What did I do wrong?”

“Love,” said Randy pulling himself together. “My back is VERY sensitive when I’m aroused!”

“Oh…really?” said Sherri with a devilish grin on her face. Sherri began to move toward Randy. Pulling him close and kissing him deeply. Sherri’s nipples could feel Randy’s warm chest. His hair caressed her nipples. Without thinking, Sherri moved her hands to his back and lightly touched him. Again, Randy climbed the walls! But this time Sherri was ready for him!. She had her arms firmly locked around him and he couldn’t get away. Randy finally wiggled away laughing.

Randy stopped and simply looked at Sherri. She was standing there in the candlelight. Her breasts quickly rising and falling from the excitement. Her nipples were rock hard with anticipation. Randy moved to Sherri slowly and gently pushed her down to the bed. Her legs dangled over the end. Randy stepped back a bit and began to unbuckle his slacks. Sherri moved her hands to the sides of her slacks and began to slide them down. Randy quickly moved to her and gently pushed her hands away.

‘I’ll do that!” he said firmly..

Sherri paused, then very slowly moved her hands up over her head letting Randy know she was totally his. Sherri watched as Randy began to slide his slacks down to the floor. Sherri wetted her lips in anticipation of seeing Randy naked in front of her. She could see the bulge in his shorts! Randy was watching Sherri laying on the bed. With her hands above her head, this only emphasized the beauty of her full breasts. Her hard nipples begging to feel his lips! Randy moved to between Sherri’s legs and bent down.

Without thinking, Sherri put her arms around him and pulled him close. Randy’s tongue found Sherri’s. She began to run her hands firmly down his back. Randy wiggled some, but not like before. The time had come to move from the foreplay to the love making. Randy moved his lips down her neck. Sherri knew that was coming..and her body was ready. Randy’s lips moved down even further and found her full cleavage.

“Suck them please!” whispered Sherri. “Don’t make me wait any longer!”

Randy didn’t intend to make her wait any longer. Sherri had her hands behind Randy’s head pulling him toward her right nipple. Sherri moaned and gasp as she felt Randy sucking her right nipple into his mouth. Randy began to flick her nipple with his tongue. Sherri felt Randy’s right hand find her left nipple and began to tug at it gently. Sherri’s body was now at level of passion she had not experienced for many..many years!

Randy continued to suck her right nipple, letting it pull gently across his teeth. Sherri’s hands were pulling him firmly against her. Sherri was wiggling under Randy’s savoring of her nipples. Her nipples were so firm and sensitive! Randy moved to her left breast and firmly pulled her swollen nipple deep into his mouth. Randy then took her left breast in both hand and began to massage while sucking her nipple. Sherri moaned and moaned under his lips. Randy stopped and looked up at Sherri. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. Her breasts were quickly rising and falling with passion! Randy began to kiss the soft area between her breasts while tugging at each of her nipples. Sherri gasp as she felt Randy’s lips start to move down her body. Her womanhood had already soaked her panties with her honey. Randy’s lips moved further and further down, across her stomach and stopping at the top of her slacks. Randy stood up and once again looked at Sherri. Her breathing and heart were racing in passion. Randy reached down and slipped his fingers under the top of her slacks and began to slide them down. Sherri arched her hips, letting the slacks slide down past her pink panties, past her soft thighs and gently to the floor. Randy silently picked them up and tossed them onto the chair. Sherri sensed Randy was looking at her…and he was. He was smiling once again at her beauty. Looking at her pink panties, Randy could see the darker area that was her womanhood. Randy was glad Sherri was not a shaven woman. Randy just had to admire her beauty. Moving toward Sherri, Randy knelt down on the floor between her legs. He began to gently kiss her soft stomach. Sherri couldn’t help but wiggle under his lips. Randy moved further down. He could smell the sweet fragrance of her honey! Sherri moaned softly as she felt Randy’s lips kiss her womanhood through her panties. She arched her hips once again as she felt Randy slipping her panties down. Randy began to kiss the insides of her thighs. Sherri quivered under his lips…anticipating when she would feel him in her womanhood. Randy picked up Sherri’s right foot and placed it gently on his left shoulder, and then placed her left foot on his right shoulder. As he moved to kiss the insides of her thighs, her legs spread to give him access. His kisses began to move up her thighs. Sherri was once again biting her bottom lip. Her heart was racing in anticipation. Sherri arched her back and gasp as she felt Randy’s warm tongue enter her womanhood and find her swollen clit.

“Oh!!! Oh!!!” whispered Sherri. “Don’t stop!”

Randy’s tongue began to ‘stroke’ her clit. Her love juice was just like honey to Randy. Her womanhood was so warm and wet! Juices just running down her womanhood. Randy moved his tongue down to her love canal and flicked the sensitive opening. Sherri couldn’t help but wiggle and moan with pleasure. Randy reached under Sherri and grabbed her bottom and found her clit once again. Randy sucked and flicked her clit. Sherri felt herself moving toward a climax! Sherri quickly placed her hands behind Randy’s head, guiding him and keeping him firmly buried in her womanhood. Randy sensed Sherri was coming…and he wanted her to come hard. He continued to flick and suck her clit. Sherri’s hips began to rock against Randy’s face. Suddenly, Sherri arched her back and let out a long moan. Her love juices just poured from her womanhood. Sherri had come…and come hard. Sherri kept Randy pressing hard against her.

“Oh my gosh!” gasp Sherri. “I’ve never come like that before.” Sherri’s body was twitching as she came down slowly. Randy simply rested his head on her stomach, letting Sherri come down slowly.

Sherri took Randy’s head between her hands and gently pulled him up to her lips. His lips were still wet with her honey, but she didn’t care. She pulled him close and kissed him deeply! She ran her hands down his back and into his shorts. She found his bottom and squeezed him firmly. His manhood was pressing against her and her body was aching to feel him inside her.

Before Randy knew it, Sherri had turned him on his back and was between his legs.

“My turn,” she whispered with a smile on her face.

Sherri moved up and began to kiss Randy on his neck. Then down his chest to his right nipple. Sherri pulled his small hard nipple into her mouth. Randy squirmed under her attention. Her kisses began to move down his body, across his stomach. Sherri gently ran her lips over the bulge in his shorts and down to his thighs. Sherri heard Randy moaning with pleasure. Sherri placed her fingers under the top of his shorts and gently pulled them down. Sherri smiled as she saw Randy’s swollen manhood come into view. Randy was not a big man, but more than enough as far as Sherri was concerned.

“Glad I don’t hear you giggling!” said Randy.

“Oh, baby…nothing here to giggle about!”

Sherri slipped his shorts off and tossed them on the floor. Leaning down Sherri took his hard shaft in her hand and ran it along her cheek. It had been a very long time since Sherri had felt a man inside her mouth, and she was trying to remember what seemed to work well. One thing she did know was that Randy was larger than should could take into her mouth without discomfort. Sherri placed on hand on the base of Randy’s shaft and kissed his swollen head very gently. Randy moaned and began to wiggle. Sherri ran her tongue around his head. Randy only wiggled and moaned more. Sherri then placed her lips on this head and began to very slowly slip her lips down across his head and down his shaft. Randy gasp as he felt her lips sliding down his shaft.

“Oh ,baby!” whispered Randy. “That feels so good.”

Sherri continued to take his shaft into her mouth. She loved to feel the soft head of his shaft slide along the top of her mouth. While pulling him into her mouth, Sherri found Randy’s balls and began to massage then very slowly. Sherri was surprised how smooth and soft they were. She wondered if Randy shaved down here. She would have to ask him…but not now!

Sherri had taken as much of Randy into her mouth as she could. Then slowly pulling her lips back up, stopping at the head. Sherri ran her tongue under the head of his shaft. Randy moaned louder and wiggled more.

“Seems someone likes that?” whispered Sherri.

“Oh my…yes!”

Sherri began to pull Randy back into her mouth. Randy began to wiggle and rock his hips. Sherri didn’t want Randy to come too quickly, so she slide back up his shaft. Randy was breathing very hard.

“You all right?” asked Sherri concerned

“Just can’t take much more of that babe. Been too long and I’m ready to pop!”

“I want to feel you inside me!” whispered Sherri.

Randy gently rolled Sherri over. She stretched out her arms for him. Her womanhood glistened with her honey. Randy slipped in between her legs. Randy had dreamed about this so many times. Randy knew he should be prepared to be gentle. Sherri arched her back and gasp as she felt Randy’s swollen head begin to part her lips. Sherri was uncertain if the first time would be painful since she had not been with a man for so long. She started to same something softly to Randy, but then she sensed he already knew. Randy very slowly began to enter Sherri. Sherri could feel her womanhood begin to yield to Randy’s hard shaft! Sherri had forgotten how good if felt to have a man sliding his manhood into her. Sherri moaned as Randy slid further and further into her. Randy was doing his best to not let his passion take control and drive hard and deep into Sherri. Randy continued to slide his shaft into Sherri. Sherri’s legs wrapped around Randy’s as she felt him get deeper and deeper. Her hands found his bottom and could feel his muscles flexing as he slid his full length into her hot wet, womanhood.

Randy moaned as he finally reached his full length. He started to slide out, but Sherri gently stopped him by holding his bottom.

“Baby?” whispered Sherri looking into Randy’s soft blue eyes. “It’s been so long since I’ve have a man inside me..can we just lay here for a bit longer?”

Randy smiled back at her. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. Sherri pulled him close. They lay there, Sherri’s legs wrapped around Randy, Randy deep inside her, and each kissing the other deeply. Sherri wiggled just a bit, trying to make sure Randy was a deep as possible.

Sherri stopped and once again looked deep into Randy’s eyes. She didn’t need to say anything. Randy began to slide in and out of Sherri very slowly. Sherri could feel his entire length each time he slid deep into her. It wasn’t long before Sherri could feel herself start to climb. She could sense that Randy was close as his thrusts were getting quicker and more intense. Sherri was now climbing fast.

“I don’t think I can wait much longer babe!” whispered Randy.

“Don’t wait,” whispered Sherri hotly. “Let me have it all baby!”

Randy picked up his pace. Sherri was pulling him hard against her by arching her hips on each thrust and pulling his bottom firmly against her. Suddenly she felt Randy stiffen. Then she felt his hot juice inside her! That was all it took! Sherri came right after Randy with a load moan and gasp as the waves of pleasure raced through her body. She felt the waves again and again. Randy felt Sherri’s womanhood throbbing and tightening around his shaft! Randy slumped down on Sherri. Sherri could feel Randy’s manhood throbbing inside her. Her legs quivered and twitched. She tired to keep them still but couldn’t.

“Love?” said Randy softly.

“Yes?” replied Sherri in a soft, satisfied voice.

“Be careful about my back. It will be extremely touchy.”

“Oh?” giggled Sherri running her fingers lightly up his back.

As Randy warned her…he began to twitch and wiggle. Sherri couldn’t help but giggle.

“That’s not really funny.” Whispered Randy as he lay there wiggling and his head resting between Sherri’s warm breasts.

“Oh yes it is,” giggled Sherri. “It’s very funny. I have you right where I want you.”

Randy picked up his head and looked into her soft brown eyes. She smiled at him with a look of complete satisfaction.

“And where is that?” smiled Randy.

“Oh…let’s see,’ giggled Sherri. “How about right between my legs with your head resting on my breasts.”

“Sounds wonderful to me,” replied Randy moving his head down between her breasts again.

Randy and Sherri lay there, enjoying the feeling of being one. Randy could still hear the quick heartbeat of Sherri as he lay there between her full breasts…and Sherri could still feel Randy inside her.

Randy and Sherri both regretted having to leave, but they knew the time would come. They didn’t say much while getting ready to leave. As the door closed behind them, Randy slowly looked back as they walked down the hall to the elevator as if to take one last look.

“Think we should leave at different times?” asked Sherri as they got to the elevator.

“Don’t really see a problem this time of night,” replied Randy as the doors opened.

Sherri was glad they were alone on the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Sherri quickly moved to Randy and gave him a deep kiss.

“Just wanted to make sure you know that I don’t have a single regret about what happened!”

“Neither do I” replied Randy smiling.

The doors opened and Randy and Sherri headed for the front door. There were several people in the lobby including an older gentlemen sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. Randy happened to notice that he seemed to be watching them. Randy tried to determine if he should know this man. Just about the time they were in front of the man, Sherri raised her hand and gave him a little wave. The man quickly raised the paper up to block his view.

“Uh, do you know him?” asked Randy.

“Yup,” giggled Sherri. “That’s the man in the elevator!”

They were just about to the door and Randy looked back. Again the man raised the paper, as he had been watching them. Randy stopped.

“Just a minute” said Randy.

“Where are you going?” asked Sherri as Randy headed for the registration desk.

Sherri saw Randy say something to the clerk and the clerk handed Randy a pen and a piece of paper. She saw Randy write something then head over to the man reading the paper. Sherri was starting to get worried. She saw Randy simply hand the man the note and head back to Sherri.

“What did you say?” asked Sherri in a worried voice.

“I simply wrote him a note.”

“I saw that! But what did you say?”

“I simply told him…her tits WERE fantastic!”

Sherri couldn’t help but laugh out load. Without thinking, Sherri looked back at the man…only he was gone. Sherri looked around and suddenly saw the man heading down the hall in a quick walk.

Sherri and Randy stayed as long as they thought they should in the parking lot.

“Nite babe,” said Randy indicating it was time for them to part.

“Thanks for a wonderful evening!” said Sherri, her eyes twinkling.

“Me too!” replied Randy smiling. “Me too.”

Randy watched as Sherri walked to her Explorer. Even now, after making love to her, he still found her very sexy walking away from him. He smiled, remember what it was like inside her. Remembering the passion locked up inside this woman. Randy turned to his truck.

Sherri could sense Randy watching her walk to her vehicle. She didn’t dare turn around. She didn’t want him to see the tears running down her cheeks.

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