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Rainy Afternoon Delight

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I recently met this man who is not a super star, is not a millionaire, isn?t even a typical sex object, but for some reason when we are together, there is such sexual tension between us, it takes my breath away. It is like every cell in my body drinks up every cell in his and makes me want to collide into him with such intense passion, there will only be little pieces of ash and bone after we are finished with our sex.

It was raining one afternoon and we met in an unoccupied house. I knew that there was a bed in the back room so when I unlocked the door; I headed directly to our destination. We stopped long enough to put down lunch and keys, and kiss one another. Our kisses were open mouthed with clever tongues and full body contact. I drank in the pleasure of his hands on my body, it had seemed like it had been months since we had been together, but it had only been a few weeks apart. I moved down the hall to find the bed, with his long legs keeping up with mine.

When we found the bedroom and we quickly took our clothes off. His rock hard cock was so ready for me, as I was for him, since I had had 2 orgasms already. He placed me on my back and enclosed me with his arms, gathering my breasts so they would hold pert against his chest. He entered me while he kissed me with long and short kisses, deep and shallow. Within the first several strokes, his cock massaged my g-spot and I had an orgasm in waves around him. He kissed me in approval, and continued to fuck me with such intensity and passion, I came again. We continued like this for a period of time, until I ask for a bit of a rest. He had such control over me and over his dick that he made me come 10+ times but he held out for more of my satisfaction.

While we were supposed to be ?resting?, he placed me on my back and spread my legs wide open. He sat next to me and played me like a guitar. He leaned down and kissed my nipples, taking his index finger and his thumb and masturbating my clitoris up and down. He brought me to such a level of excitement that I started to cum as he slid his fingers into my pussy. When he did that, I spent with such force; I squirted fluid from my pussy. He said that he had never had a woman come on his fingers where he could feel the waves of the internal muscles roll over and over again.

He then encouraged me to climb on top of his hard dick and nestle my pussy all the way down his shaft. Because of the way we fit, his size and shape and mine, he reaches the little known g-spot on the back side of the pussy wall. That is the main stimulant for me to squirt. I came almost immediately and dripped pussy juices all of the way down his shaft to his balls. We kept our mouths busy the whole time kissing each others lips, sucking each others tongues, filling each other up with our shared passion.

I reversed sitting on top of him with my back facing him and masturbated my clitoris and rubbed my g-spot with his dick. Between both types of stimulation, I could hardly maintain my hold on him. I begged him to let me cum and when I did it was with grand shudders. I crumpled up on top of him and caught my breath. I knew he was indulging me so that I could get all of the sex that I needed, but at a certain point it would be his turn. I ended back on my back again, with my legs up in the air, exposing my drenched pussy to his sight and his sex. He held my legs up and pulled his dick out of me and masturbated my clitoris with the head of his hot dick. I became so excited, that I almost came right then but he slipped his dick back into my pussy and then I exploded. The intensity of my orgasms were getting stronger and stronger, with the groaning and moaning getting louder. Fortunately the thunder and rain were competing with us for the noise level.

He kissed me with approval again and this time I knew it was going to be his turn. He started to increase the speed of his strokes and directing his dick on the left side of my pussy so he could get the right friction. He pumped into me as his breath started to become irregular. He moved with me and I moved with him in the ultimate dance of life, and as he exploded into me, I exploded around him, both of us pumping and heaving to make sure that every itch was scratched, every drop was drained, every cell was satisfied. We held each other in the most loving embrace that lasted for several minutes. It was the crash of thunder that got our attention and made us startle. We settled back down and fell asleep listening to the rain.

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