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Rachael meets her Dom

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Rachael had been running the company just fine by herself for over 3 months when the owners decided to hire a man to do the job, saying the customers responded better to a man. So needless to say, Rachael was deadset against Andy before he even walked in the door the first day. Never mind that when she laid eyes on him, all she could think was that his ancestors must have hailed from Greece where all the gods were from, cause this man was indeed as handsome as she had seen! It didn't help matters that he tried to be nice to her, smiling that big, bright smile at her and those green eyes of his piercing into her soul. Good looks or not, he was arrogant, and that was something she just couldn't deal with.

They had been avoiding each other as much as possible when one weekend he asked her to fill in on a Saturday night for the dispatcher who called in sick. Since she didn't have anything else going on, she agreed thinking of the overtime. Rachael had just gotten settled in good around 10:30pm when Andy dropped by to see how she was doing. She really resented having to see him this late at night with all those nasty thoughts she had of him during the day at the office. As his usual, he was friendly, but aloof. When he had finally gotten her feathers ruffled good, he left with the promise that he would come back later to make sure she was doing ok being in an office all alone overnight. She sarcastically responded, "I'll be sitting here holding my breath till you get back." He just smiled that beautiful smile of his and said, "Good!" She sat there in the chair, leaning back watching him leave. "Damn, if he didn't just KNOW he looked so damn sexy it would be so much better! Who in the hell can be attracted to such an asshole?" The night went on very uneventful, Rachael was tired since she had been at the office already from 8am-6pm and was now back working dispatch from 10p-6am. At least she had a TV to keep her company since the crackle from the radio was few and far between. Somewhere around 2am, Andy decided to come back to check in on her. She tried to be a little nicer to him since he was just making sure she was ok being by herself all night in a lonely dispatcher office. It wasn't the best neighborhood in the daytime, let alone in the middle of the night, so she was somewhat thankful to see him come back. Andy came and took a seat in the chair next to her and propped his feet up on the corner of her desk. She just gave him a dirty look and rolled her eyes. He smiled at her and said, "You know, it's awful late at night and we are both too damn tired to be so crabby. How about we call a truce for the night, cause I'm gonna be here with you a for a while so I can finish up this paperwork." Rachael eyed him suspiciously, but murmured an agreement. They had both been sitting there ignoring each other for a bit when Andy got up and took off his jacket and put it on the back of his chair. He remarked that it sure did get hot in this small room all of the sudden. She couldn't help but to agree. He said he needed a form from the shelf behind her, and she leaned up towards the desk so he could reach behind her and get it. When he sat back down, he commented, "Those sure are some sexy thongs you got peaking out of those jeans! I don't ever see THAT in the office!" Rachael turned bright red and ignored the comment. She made sure to lean far back in the chair so he couldn't see her ass again. He mumbled to himself about having gotten the wrong form and reached over her to get the right one, when all the sudden he turned his head and it was right in front of her face. Rachael was sitting there holding her breath trying not to breath in his scent when he leaned into her and kissed her. Not knowing what in the hell was going on, her own body betrayed her and started kissing him back with passion. She came to her senses and pulled away from him, putting her hands on his chest to push him away from her. He slowly moved back to his chair and stuttered out an apology, saying, "I'm really sorry. I just thought, you know, I was feeling you wanted, Hell! I don't know what I was thinking!" Rachael exhaled very slowly and said, "It's ok. Just don't do it again." She turned her head to look at him and the next thing she knew, he was back in front of her kissing her and she was all over him, running her hands through his hair, up and down his back, and she really didn't know what was going through her mind when she started unbuttoning his shirt. This was all the encouragement Andy needed to scoop her up out of her chair and sit her down on the edge of the desk. He started places sweet kisses on her face, her neck and as he unbuttoned each button on her shirt, he would kiss her there. He stood her up and took her jeans off, she already had kicked her shoes off earlier in the night. She was standing there in nothing but her thongs as he started taking off his uniform. First the shirt, then the bullet proof jacket, then the undershirt, Damn! He had a lot of clothes on! When he got his pants and shoes off, he looked at her with a different look than he had ever looked at her, and told her, "Do you like that cock?" Rachael caught by surprise, managed to answer, "Oh, yes! I do!" He told her to put it in her mouth, she was so caught up in the moment that she didn't realize she hated being told what to do and gladly bent down and took his hard cock into her mouth, sliding it up and down and running her lips and tongue around it. She was really getting into it when Andy reached down and grabbed her arms and pulled her up roughly and turned her around. He had her face down on the desk and was rubbing her ass and sliding his fingers under the fabric of her thong when he said, "Only bad girls where panties like this. Have you been a bad girl, Rachael?" When she didn't answer, he slapped her on one side of her ass quickly followed by a slap on the other cheek. He repeated, "Have you been a bad girl, Rachael?" She was torn between answering him or wanting him to smack her ass again, she had liked it so much. She decided to humor him and responded with, "I wasn't bad until you showed up!" His answer was to slide her thongs to the side and put his hard cock still glistening with her saliva on the entrance to her pussy that was already wet and waiting for what he was about to give her. He slowly put the head of his cock inside of her, giving her an inch at a time until he had put all of it inside of her. Not only was it the longest one she had ever had, it was the thickest one she had ever had. She could feel one inch at a time as he stretched her pussy bigger and bigger than it had ever been stretched before. He slowly started pulling it out until it was almost to pop out when he slammed it into her again and again. He reached up and pulled her hair out of its ponytail and had both hands in her hair pulling her head back with each stoke he pounded into her. She was moaning with delight when he stopped all of the sudden. She was unable to turn her head because he still had both hands wrapped up into her hair. She stayed still and he said, "So tell me, do you like this?" She responded with an enthusiastic,"OH YES!" Andy told her to tell him what she liked. She responded with, "I like what you are doing." He told her that wasn't good enough, tell him what she wanted him to do. Swallowing hard, she managed to stammer out, "I like you fucking me from behind." He knew she wasn't one to talk dirty or curse in front of people, so he was taking pleasure in watching her whole body flush in embarrassment, he told her, "Tell me EXACTLY what you want me to do to you." Rachael was starting to get turned on by the idea of talking dirty, so she had no problem telling him, "I want you to fuck me hard with that big, hard cock of yours!" That was what he wanted to hear, and he resumed pounding her from behind until he could feel himself getting close, he stopped and turned her around and put both his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees, he instructed her, "I want you to swallow my cum and clean every bit of evidence of me having been inside of you away." She gladly did what he asked of her as he placed his cock at the entrance to her lips and and unleashed the biggest load of cum she had though possible. She found herself licking the sides of his cock as it ran down the sides of her mouth onto him, wanting to get every last drop of him he had to offer. When he was spent, he pulled away from her and started getting dressed. He handed her clothing to her and told her she might want to get dressed herself, unless she planned to spend the rest of the night naked. Once he was dressed, he gathered up his paperwork and walked out, without even saying a word. Rachael sat back down into her chair and heard the radio crackling, a voice on the other end asking if she was there. She picked up the radio and responded that yes she was there. The voice on the other end told her he was about to stop by and check on her like Andy had asked him to do when he got to work and he was almost there.

Rachael panicked, thinking that the smell of sex was going to be everywhere in this small room and that her and Andy would be found out. She saw that the candle she had lit when she first arrived was still burning and hoped that would help. Danny came through the door as she was still trying to get her breath under control. He started fussing as soon as he walked through the door at her for not answering the radio, "What if there had been a real emergency and not me just making sure you weren't laying down on the job?" Rachael assured him that she had not laid down one single time since she got here, smiling to herself because she wasn't lying. Danny responded with, "Well, you don't need to be dozing off when you are here, I know it gets boring, but if one of your officers need you, you have to answer immediately. Can you imagine how bad it would be for you if it was Andy trying to get a hold of you?" She just smiled and looked at him and responded, "Oh I know just how important it is to be available when needed!" Danny just shook his head and left the building. She was just catching her breath when her cell phone rang and saw it was Andy calling. She answered with a breathless, "Hello?" and heard him laughing on the other end of the phone. "I didn't have to time to leave the parking lot when I heard Danny come on the radio saying he was almost here, so I drove around behind back and listened to the whole conversation. I'm glad to hear that you understand how important it is to be available to me when needed. I'll be counting on it!" He hung up and she looked out the back window and saw him driving off, thinking to herself, "You bet your sweet cock I will be!"

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