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I wake up the next morning thinking that I must have had one hell of a dream. It?s almost as if it really did happen but it couldn?t have. The reason is because I have no recollection of anything that happened last night. Somehow I made it home and got all of my clothes off except my shirt.

When I wake up in the morning there are certain things I like to do. Swinging my legs over the edge of the king-size bed and standing up to get to the kitchen is the first thing on my agenda because I have got one hell of a headache and I need some caffeine. Luckily the coffee pot is the one-cup kind so it won?t take long to brew. While it is brewing I need to get the migraine stuff from my handbag.

I walked into the bathroom after finding the pills to get a drink of water to take my pills with. The bathroom door is only open a crack and I can hear running water. I was hoping that it was from outside. I push open the bathroom door and get slammed in the face with steam. The water shuts off.

Who the hell is in my cottage! The shower door comes open and I SCREAM as loud as I can and he screams too. ?Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing in my place?? This is when I really try to remember everything from last night. I don?t remember bringing anyone home with me. He looks at me and says, ?My name is Brad, we met last night.? Then in one instant it all comes back to me and that is why I feel like I can?t walk straight.

?Wow we must have done a lot last night because I don?t know about you Brad, but I don?t remember a damn thing so you may have to refresh my memory.? He looks at my slyly and says that I can do. I am standing there wondering how he is going to do that and walk away to retrieve my cup of coffee. Standing at the counter I grab the creamer from the fridge and a spoon from the drawer.

Oh, the feel of caffeine surging through the body always wakes me up in the morning. I sit the cup on the counter just in time to feel him behind me. ?You want me to bring the memory back from last night, that?s what I am going to do right now.?

?Hands on the counter and don?t move.? I can feel his hands on my legs slowly caressing my skin. He inches his way up my sides and then under my shirt he reaches around to my naked breasts. He cups them ever so softly and tweaks each nipple just enough to make them harden through my shirt. I feel his right hand slowly reaching to my now pulsating clit. He lightly grazes my clit and I can already feel myself getting wet. Then I feel the rise from his cock from behind me, poking me in my ass cheeks. I spread my legs and bend over slightly teasing him with my moist swollen pussy lips. ?Raven, that pussy of yours looks so damned inviting. I can?t hold back I have to have you again. You wanted reminded of last night and now you got me horny once again.? He stepped away from me and I turned around to see his hard cock.

Walking into the bedroom I noticed that he was not far behind me. I stopped by the bed, ?Get over here now Brad, I am just as horny.? I grabbed the over-sized pillows to bring them closer and guided him to a sitting position. With a pillow under my knees I decided that I was going to show him what pleasure is like.

Just as swiftly as he had gotten my horny I gently grasped his growing, throbbing cock in my right hand. He is not circumcised so I gently push back his foreskin with my thumb on the underneath I gently rub up and down on his shaft while sucking on the head of his hard cock. Sucking harder and harder and then slowing down to make sure he does not go over the edge. Just when I assume by his body movements that he is ready to cum I stop completely. I want him to know what it feels like to want to cum so badly and then have an orgasm come to a complete stop before being built back up again.

After stopping I have him scoot back onto the bed all the way on his back. I lower myself onto his cock. He looks at me pleadingly, ?Ride me, ride me hard. Make me cum inside you.? I now have his length inside me and can feel his cock grazing my g-spot. Slowly I rock back and forth grazing my g-spot and bringing both of us to the edge of explosion. Suddenly I feel like there are fireworks going off inside my body and when I close my eyes I can see them. Then it happens, we both explode at the same time. I can feel his cum shooting inside me and my pussy muscles contracting around him.

Slumped over him I feel like I am exhausted. I slowly dismount my stallion and lay beside him with my head nestled into his shoulder and his hand caressing my neck. We lay there beside each other regaining our breathing allowing our hearts to slow down and for the blood flow to return to normal from the adrenaline rush.

I kiss him on the lips and swing my legs over the side of the bed. I walked toward the bathroom because I needed to get into the shower. I open the shower door and step inside. Reaching for the shower handle turning on the cold water which is something I need right now to cool me off since I just got all heated up. The cool water felt so good running over my body. My eyes are closed and my back to the shower door when I feel like someone is watching me. I turn around and open my eyes. There he is naked and rock hard again.

Running through my mind are the words I JUST CAN?T GET ENOUGH OF HIM. All it takes is just seeing him like that and I want him all over again. I am not sure why this is, but what the hell. Right there in the shower with my back to the wall he is sliding slowly into my dripping pussy. My back moving up and down on the wall as he slides his hard cock in and out of my pussy. We both come to climax quickly since we are still trying to recover from the glorious bliss in the bedroom.

?Brad, am I ever going to be able to get anything done? All we have done thus far is heat each other up to the point of being all hot and bothered.? I asked him this because we just met last night at Atmosphere. I wanted to be able to get to know him more. This got us both to finish showering and get dressed. I wanted to go check out some area shops and since he obviously was a native I needed someone to show me around.

Tonight I will be hosting a party at my cottage. I was sure that it would take a while to get everything together. I wanted to post flyers and everything but that was not needed. I was planning to hold it next weekend but thanks to a little bit of gabbing from Hayleigh and Brad it will be tonight. They called it a welcome to the neighborhood/beach party. Hayleigh got a friend of hers to cater for free and we all pitched in for the alcohol that we were sure would be needed.

It did not take long for the two of them to pull everything together. It is almost like that had it planned before she called me yesterday. Oh well, it would be fun and I would be able to meet more people and that is one thing I wanted to do while here. From where I come from we call it networking. Since I had a little before the party started I decided to grab a quick shower and then get ready. Since we were having a beach party combination everyone was to just come in their swim suits or bring them along.

I just got out of the shower when Hayleigh showed up. ?Raven, there is something that I need to tell you about before everyone gets here. This is something that most of the people in this town know about or at least most of the people that will be here tonight.? Now I was getting worried and wondering what she had to talk to me about. ?Instead of me talking to you about it, I am just going to show it to you.? I was guessing that there was something wrong with the place and that made me mad in a way because I did not want the place falling down on me or any thing like that. ?Come with me, Raven.?

I followed Hayleigh out of the living room and through the bedroom. She walked over to where the long dresser was and moved it down the wall. ?There is a false wall right here.? She gave a light shove to the wall and a door opened away from us. ?Don?t be afraid there is nothing scary or anything that is going to hurt you. What is down here is actually connected for two blocks and is part of every house on these blocks.? Now, I was frightened that someone would be able to sneak into my cottage at night without me knowing. Hayleigh must have been able to read the fright in my eyes. She looked at me and said, ?Don?t worry no one can get into your place only out this way. Because on the other side is a key pad and if they have the code and the key to the cottage. That key opens the lock.?

We walked through the door and down the steps. I walked into what I was sure would be total and complete darkness. The further we went down the steps I could hear music. I wasn?t sure what genre quite yet. We got to the bottom and that is when I discovered that there was more than one room. Different kinds of music could be played from each room and there was one big room in the center of all of the rooms. Apparently right beneath my cottage was the center of it all. Each room had its own door and you could not see in only out because it was meant for privacy. This was for people who like to watch and not sure if they like being watched themselves.

Hayleigh showed me around each room. Every room was exactly the same. They all had different kinds of toys, sex swings, whips, chains, straps for bondage, anything you could imagine that involved pleasure. Even the huge room in the center but it had four of everything. I am guessing this is what you would call the orgy room.

?Raven, I sensed from the moment you walked into the realty office there was something different about you but I just could not put my finger on it. Then I figured since you decided to have the party and trusted us to invite people that you wouldn?t have a problem with this.? It took a little bit for everything to sink. ?Are you okay with it or against it??

This was not something I was used to but with my experiences over the last few days, I decided that I would be able to try anything once. ?I am fine with it Hayleigh, I just don?t know why you left me know about it.? She looked at me in shock and then said, ?The reason I am asking is because the party you are hosting tonight might lead to being down here. Incase people starting missing from the party you have an idea of where they are going. Everyone coming knows where the door is because it is located at the same place in every cottage. They just won?t be able to come back out through your place.?

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