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Queen of Spades

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I?m Mark, and I had seen some unusual frat parties in the last two-and-a-half years of college, but this night planned by Dave was bordering on the bizarre. Okay, granted that most of the guys in his fraternity were not ?attached?, and at least half of those that were also indulged with their girls in some combination of ?multiple explorations,? but this idea hatched by Dave and Melanie, his girl from Del-Kappa, to have a social experiment between our two houses was, well, let me start over.

Dave and Melanie managed to get a majority of house members to agree to a sex experiment between the two houses, to explore several questions: (a)does size matter; (b)they?re all the same in the dark; (c) how long does it take to get someone off without using your crotch. There were a couple more suggested questions, but tonight the question for exploration was (b) they?re all the same in the dark.

It was ?closed? party between the two houses, at the frat house this time, and both groups had a full turn out. It was acknowledged that not everyone had to participate. It was completely voluntary, and sixteen girls volunteered. Fourteen guys had volunteered, and some arm-twisting and negotiating was done to fill out the numbers to sixteen couples.

Now realize that this is pretty awkward: here were two people proposing random anonymous sex for two groups who knew each other pretty well. It meant that guys could be shagging their frat brother?s squeeze, and the sisters? would be fucking each others? boy friends. And some, like me, weren?t going with anyone in the other house, or, for that matter, with anyone at all. But Dave and Melanie managed to convince us to do it.

There were two lists posted on the dining room wall at the end of the buffet, one what the girls were to report on, the other what the guys had to evaluate. The girls? list had questions included how does he smell; actual size (length and girth in real time); shape (curl, straight, etc.); how many minutes did it take to get him off by hand/vagina; and a couple others. The guys? list contained did she give head (rated 0-10); how good were her tits (1-5); how well did she put a condom on (1-10); how much vaginal control did she have (1-10). Yeah, there were a couple other questions too, but you have to realize the constraints.

The rules of ?engagement? were as follows: While there were 11 available beds in private rooms above stairs, only eight were used at a time for the ?study? helping assure anonymity. So, there were two shifts of eight. Since most of the girls knew who?s room belonged to whom, rooms were randomly assigned . The guys went upstairs first and were ?fastened? to the bed, nude of course, by Melanie and Dave, and blindfolded. They would not be able to know who was coming into the room.

A pinochle deck was used, one card marking each door. Yes, it was arranged so that a card on the door meant that a matching card was in the ?select? pile which the girls drew from. So, it was random partners. The girls wouldn?t know what guy they were getting either, but since the results were going to be posted (by card identification) each ?partner? would evaluate and see ?their? results--success or failure as the case may be. Oh yeah, no talking, and there was a forty minute time limit. After that, if anyone was overdue, then an expose? was likely to occur.

After restraining and blindfolding me, Mel and Dave said I was in the Queen of Spades room, turned off the lights and closed the door. Downstairs, the girls who volunteered were handed a bowl with the corresponding cards for selection. After drawing their card, they were escorted upstairs to the appropriate floor by Dave and Melanie, the timer was set for 35 minutes, and then?

Everyone had been told to relax and enjoy the experience, that it was sex for the sake of sex, and to report the feelings/results ?anonymously?. This no-strings-attached-sex was for fun and everyone was responsible for their own orgasm, if it should occur.

I figured out the following semester that Cindy ended up assigned to my room. Eventually we had the chance to share with each other our feelings, and this is mostly her story. She was glad she was in the first group, because her boyfriend, Brad, was upstairs, tied down at the same time and there was a random chance she?d get him. But when she walked into the darkened room matched to here Queen of Spades, she knew it wasn?t him. There was a night light which illuminated just enough shadows on one side of the bed for her to realize it wasn?t Brad?s legs she was seeing. The only thing she could see were the bright numbers on the alarm radio. She noted how much time she had.

Remembering the list of things that the guy in the bed (me) was evaluating, and knowing what she had to report, she stepped up to the side of the bed and knelt on it, still clothed. She stroked up the outside of the bare leg to my arm, across my chest, and down. This felt strange. She have to seduce this male, me, somehow, without knowing anything about me. Random sex. With Brad, she would?

She leaned down and rubbed her nose over my chest, catching my rib cage. Her jaw-length hair just managed to reach skin and drag across my chest. She didn?t realize it went over one nipple. She inhaled through her nose, smelling a scented soap. She nuzzled, found my nipple, and kissed, then licked. I sharply inhaled, feeling it go to my toes..

Okay, she felt me respond. She blew gently on the nipple as she stroked her fingertips down my side, passing over waist, hip, thigh, to my knee, and drew her hand back up. Nibbling on my nipple, she allowed her fingers to drift over my abdomen?which was firm!?and over to my other thigh. One of my hands reached her shoulder, stroking down her side. That told her I had some movement to be able to touch her, but also the extent of how far I could move. She grinned slightly.

She sat up, unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, and used it as a tease over the length of my body, drawing it up over my chest, around my face and head, over my torso and down one leg. She noticed it caught on my erection and released. Kneeling next to my body she felt my hand on her jeans as she teased my toes with the tail of her blouse, and watched my legs separate as she stroked it up my left leg. She leaned over and rubbed her bra-covered tits on my torso, taking a nibble at my side.

My far hand stroked her hair, the side of her face, my near hand ran a finger across her waist above her jeans. She felt her nipples perk a bit. She slid back, off the bed, and standing, unsnapped her jeans. The sound of the zipper was a whisper of promise, the shoes dropping softly on the bedside rug. She left her underpants on and climbed back onto the bed, fitting her body against the length of mine. She looked at the clock: 5 minutes gone.

Curling her hand, she ran her fingernails over my sternum, down, circled my naval, down, tapped the tip of my cock. (I was going crazy, but could feel her relaxing.) Her fingers separated and she stroked down, not touching if she could, each side of my man meat, and her eyes snapped open. How long?? She stopped, then let her fingers continue over one hip as my pelvis shifted and I sharply inhaled again. She threw her leg over my near leg, positioning her crotch on my hip, and leaned onto me. My near arm, stroked across her shoulder blades, my far arm stroked her shoulder. Turning my head, my chin drew over her forehead and she could feel me kiss her hair. I sighed deeply.

Her thigh was touching my scrotum, and she raised her knee between my legs, opening her groin to more contact. She sat up, rubbing her crotch on my thigh as she unsapped her bra and tossed it onto her pants and shirt. A quick glance at the clock, eight plus minutes?

Leaning on her arms, she leaned forward and nuzzled my neck. The smell of soap persisted, and there was the clean scent of shampoo as she stretched up and drew a circle with her nose around my ear. My hand stroked down both sides of her and she could feel the tips of her nipples make contact with my chest. I pulled her to me, kissing, nibbling her shoulder. She flexed her hips and I felt her groin grow moist.

She sat up, drawing her hands down over my chest. I reached for her and caught up short by the ties. Groaning, I let my arms fall. Her hands roamed down, and her one hand reached my crotch. She let it explore while her other hand drew circles around my pecs.

My cock jerked at the attention, and her fingers molded down over the surface to my scrotum. She could feel the compacting skin drawn, tightening over my testicles. She let her fingers circle them, then cup both of them with a gentle firm caress. Releasing her hold, she drew her hand up, and her thumb and finger formed a natural ring around my cock as she slid her hand up further.

She rose, kneeling next to me, glanced at the clock: eleven minutes?oops, twelve. She shifted, swirled her hair over my torso, bringing her face to my cock, shifting her hips toward my shoulders. She nuzzled her nose into my groin, inhaling the clean scent of my pheromones. Her hair stroked over my cock, her cheek pushed against her hand holding me. She felt my hand stroke her butt cheek, then find its way to her panty covered crack.

Nibbling at my balls, she stroked her hand up and down my shaft. She felt my fingers exploring her groin, then catch the seam by her leg and slip a finger into the cramped quarters. She nibbled my shaft, I withdrew my finger and palmed her mons. I stroked her labia, then cupped her as her heat centered in her.

She was high enough that I grabbed both sides of her hips and pulled her over my face. I forced her hips down on my mouth as my tongue captured the panty covered mounds and probed. Her pants were starting to soak up my saliva, but her hips shifted, driving my chin near her clit.

Her hand squeezed as I dove into her crotch and she gasped. Then, feeling her hand wrapped around my pole, she pointed it at her mouth and her lips engulfed the crown. Her tongue swirled around the tip, painting it as her hand drew more of his pole in. She hadn?t expected the length. I was going crazy. She could taste my precum.

Groaning, she pulled off of me, grabbed her pants and threw them off. Her jeans squirmed in her hands as she desperately searched for the pocket that had the condoms. There. Grabbing one, she climbed back onto me, cunt over my face, and fed her dripping pussy to my ravaging mouth. The clock registered twenty minutes gone.

She could feel my surprise, and welcome as my tongue reached for her splayed labia. She could smell herself as she ground onto my mouth. She felt my tongue sweep between her lips and circle her hole, probing like a small cock, teasing with its point, then broad, then point again. She fell forward, leaning toward the head board, and as my tongue and lips sucked their way towards her clit, my hands grasped her breasts, catching her nipples, and tugged just as my lips locked on and sucked her clit off her pelvis.

A wordless cry tore from her as she pushed her clit hard against my mouth. A deep shudder racked her as she forced my head against her. She felt the pressure of my hands on her breasts, holding her up as she collapsed forward over me. Catching her breath, focusing her eyes, she saw the clock telling her less than ten minutes left. ?UH! UUHH!?, she moaned struggling to get her arms and legs coordinated enough to move. Grasping the foil packet, she tore it open, dropping the silastic glove on the bed. She slid her legs down both sides of me, dragging her clit down my chest as she picked up the condom.

Sitting on my thighs, she grasped my cock and wrapped her lips around it, swirling her tongue as she hummed deeply. Then, she sat and struggled to get the tight condom on my cock. Finally, having unrolled it further than ever before, she held my cock pointing at her core as she lifted her leg and sat down slowly, feeling me go in as much as she could take. Halfway in, she let go and fell forward and found out I was taller than her boyfriend.

I grabbed her by her breasts, she grabbed his head and kissed him thoroughly, tasting herself deep within him. His crotch jerked and a little more went in, then out. She felt a long, sensuous stroke on the inside of her vagina draw very effectively over her g-spot. Her body responded by shoving her down, consuming my whole length in her nether lips.

The top of her head reached my chin, her groin ground her clit against my pelvis. My cock nudged against her cervix, and the shaft stroked her favorite spot. She curled, her mouth finding a nipple, my hands finding hers, and her pelvis started to drive. Stroke upon stroke I rose to meet her. Her vagina clenched, spasmed, clenched again. It made her feel as if I was growing each time (which I was) she clenched and pulled with her labia. Driving down on me, she almost yelled as I shoved up and spasmed, releasing warm stream after warm stream into the silastic sleeve. She collapsed on me, her breathing ragged as mine, and could feel my heart pounding through my chest against her breast.

My hands just reached across her back to meet, holding her close. Shifting, she drew her legs closer together as if she could hold him tighter. Kissing my chest, she raised her head to look at my chin just as she heard the timer in the hall. Slipping off the bed, she gathered her clothes, leaned over and kissed me, then walked out the door and down the hall to where the girls had a bathroom to ?put themselves back together? before returning downstairs.

I lay there drained, amazed, blind and helpless, utterly stunned at this experience of random sex as I was freed by Dave. I knew I would volunteer for another ?experiment.?

She identified my chin a week after.

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