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Putting out fires

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It had been a typical Monday; long, difficult and maddeningly crazy and I was tense and tied in knots. It seemed like everything that could go wrong had and I had spent the entire day trying to sort things out, put out fires and get everything back on track. As I left the office, I decided to be nice to myself and indulge in a massage to get all of the kinks worked out of my very tense body.

I had noticed that a new salon had opened not too far from the office so I stopped in in the hopes that they might have an opening. The receptionist greeted me warmly and assured me that they would be able to fit me in. Looking over the list of options, I noticed they provided a massage for total stress relief. Ah, I thought, just what I need after the day I had today.

The receptionist led me to the ladies changing room, provided me with a terry robe and told me to wait in the relaxing room after I had disrobed and locked my possessions in the locker they provided. As I entered the relaxing room, an attendent offered me a glass of wine to enjoy while I waited for my massage. Taking the glass, I sat on a sofa and curled my feet up under me. Cuddling into the soft robe, I slowly sipped my wine as I glanced through a magazine and waited for my massage.

The male massage therapist soon came to get me and led me to a dimly lit room. He instructed me to remove my robe, lie on the table on my stomach and cover myself with the sheet. He left the room saying he would return in a few minutes.

He soon returned, lit half a dozen scented candles, turned the lights off and turned on soothing music. He gently lifted my hair up off my neck piling it atop my head and wrapped it all in a wide terry headband to keep it off my neck and back. He trickled warm oil across my shoulders and began working on my back and shoulders. His hands worked the warm oil into my skin as they travelled across my tight muscles, kneading and massaging until the tenseness began to leave my body.

Slowly he worked his way down my back; his finger tips lightly touching and pressing into the sides of my breasts. I sighed softly as his hands moved up and down my sides. He gently reached under me to cup and fondle my breasts, massaging them until my nipples hardened. Messages of pure lust traveled from my head to my pussy and I pressed it into the mattress as I felt it begin to throb.

His hands worked his way to my waist, kneading the warm scented oil into my skin, the tension beginning to leave my back and move lower into my warm pussy. As he worked his way down my back to my ass, he slid the sheet off my body, exposing the globes of my ass to his hands. His hands circled and kneaded my ass, his fingers sliding into the crack of my ass and sending erotic messages to my overheated pussy.

He moved to the end of the table, his hands spreading my legs open as he massaged first one foot then the other. He began to work his hands up my legs, the warmth of his oils adding to the warmth I'm feeling deep inside me. He climbed up onto the table and knelt between my parted legs as he began to rub his warm oils into the globes of my ass. Working in circles his thumbs lightly touch my rosebud and my inner thighs. The muscles in my ass tensed as his thumbs circled deeper into my slit working the soft skin of my pussy lips. My juices quickly began to flow out over his hands.

My legs moved farther apart as his fingers rubbed and circled my pussy. I pressed back against him as the heat of desire swept through me. His hands slid to my hips, lifting them until my knees were pressing into the table and my ass was raised above him. I moaned as I felt his cock pressing against my swollen clit. Slowly he worked it back and forth, massaging my clit as his fingers fondled my breasts, softly pinching my taut nipples.

My juices lubricated his hard cock as my muscles spasmed and waves of rapturous delight flowed over my body. As the waves began to subside, he plunged his hard cock deep inside my soaked pussy. Thursting his cock harder and harder into me, his fingers massaging my swollen clit, our bodies began to move in that age-old rythmn. Once again I felt the pressure building until with one sensuous explosion we reached the summit and our bodies began to shudder as his cock began spurting his juices deep inside of me. His arms tightened around me, holding me to him as the waves of pleasure consumed us.

As the waves slowly receded and the fires within me died, he eased his cock from my saturated pussy and lowered me back down onto the table. He moved down the table until he was once again standing at my feet. His hands returned to massaging my legs as I slowly drifted off to sleep, a soft smile playing across my lips. All of Monday's fires were now put out.

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