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Prom Night

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Like most people I couldn't wait for my Senior prom. It was coming down to the end of the year and everyone just wanted to have fun and to be honest everyone just wanted to get some. I asked a girl that I actually dated in middle school and grew to kinda not like so much in high school. But of course I was so curious what it would be like to actually get more physical then just kissing her. We had started to get along and catch up towards the end of the school year , we were always very flirtatious together.

I asked her in a very cute way by sneaking over to her house late at night and spelled out prom with tea candles on the street in front of her house. I lit them all called her and asked her to come outside and that is when i was standing there with flowers. She came out wearing these tiny little shorts and a sports bra. She got the biggest smile on her face and jumped into my arms.

My date is a little girl, she has not changed much from when I dated her in 8th grade. She was wearing this sexy little dress, strapless the top around her breast was white and then the rest was black. She was also wearing some high black heels. I couldn't help myself but walk up give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her how beautiful she looked.

We get to the prom and we start dancing, she started moving her hips and grabbed my jacket, pulled me behind her and started grinding me, I grabbed her hand with one of my hands her hip with the other and started grinding back. I love dancing it is great foreplay. We danced together with other people throughout the night and then we found each other again. We started dancing this time much more sexual and intimate then before. She was really pushing up on me and me on her. She wrapped her arms around my back to hold me right next to her, I put my hand on her inner thigh pulling her back towards me. She looked back at me and we started kissing. The kiss was as if we were back in 8th grade, two young hormonal teens making out.

We decide to leave and enjoy the limo ride, needless to say we had been drinking so i was expecting instant action. At first she just came cross the limo to the back where i was sitting and sat on my lap. She kissed me once then we started talking, one thing led to another and we started arguing a little, about the past about us just not really liking each other the entire argument we starred into each others eyes seeing the fire that we each wanted to explore so bad. She beat me too it and moved one leg so she was now straddling me, she grabbed my hair and pulled it back as she started kissing my neck. She worked her way up and started making out with me, I grabbed her by the waist and just picked her up and moved straight forward till I was on top of her.

About this time the driver rolls down the window and asked were we wanted to go, he could not see either of us but my date answered ?just drive around?. He rolled the window up and she pulled my face towards hers again as we started kissing. She wrapped each leg around my thighs pinned on top of her. This was one of the sexiest moves ever done to me and I was feeling it inside my pants. After a while of kissing she took her legs off of me we rolled over and she got back on top in a straddling position. We continued to make out and rubbing each other all over.

I started unzipping her dress, once it was all the way unzipped she just seemed to slip right out of it. She was wearing a sexy red and black lace bra and matching matching undies. She crawled her way back to the bench behind the driver window. She knocked on the window and he rolled it down just a tiny bit and she asked him to turn up the music and looked back at me and smiled, she sat there laying back with her legs apart. I took off my jacket shirt and vest then I crawled between her legs and started kissing again. My hands were rubbing all over her, I moved them up to the top of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs, she started giggling at first and was just smiling at me the rest of the time. Once she was undressed she scooted up on the seat and grabbed my face and pushed it down between her legs. She was already getting a little wet just in anticipation. she put her legs over my shoulders and rest rest them across my back.  I started teasing by running my tongue up and down her inner thighs, I would light touch her outer labia and move up to her mound and back around again. She let out a big sigh as i kissed her lips and slowly stuck my tongue deep inside. I started working my way to her sweet spot and started kissing and sucking on it, I used the tip of my tongue just teasing her special spot. She let out a little squeal and started breathing really heavily. I kept kissing/licking/sucking on her pussy as i rubber her nipples and stuck my middle finger deep inside her, she grabbed my hand that was on her breasts and started sucking on my fingers.  I got up went and sat next to her. She pulled my face to hers and started making out with me and rubbing my cock through my pants. After the kiss she smiled and say mmmmm I taste good and giggled.

She got down on her knees as if she were gonna stick my cock in her mouth suck, she unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. She was shocked at how big I was and smiled. She grabbed it and took the head in her mouth and came back away. I told her she did not have to do this.  She put one knee on the bench seat and swung her other leg over my cock she ended up with her pussy right over the bottom part of my cock pushing up against my stomach. Her pussy was still a little wet from before and she started rubbing her pussy up and down the bottom part of my dick. I reached into my jacket pocket put a condom on and looked her in the eye and said your all mine now and she just smiled. I grabbed her waist and picked her up over my cock she grabbed it and directed it in. I lowered her down on top of it and the first inch was in once her knees hit the couch, she kept lowering herself down till my dick just would not go in any deeper.

Unlike before she knew what she was doing and slowly worked herself up and down, she also moved in circles and figure 8's to help herself loosen up (Boy was she tight). Once she was loose she took the reigns and she started riding me at her speed and her intensity. She would ride me really hard and fast and would then slow down but would do it all with the same intensity and passion. She started slowing down, then stopped moving with my deep inside her. She started leaning back and then laid down on my upper legs. I grabbed her hips and started bringing her back and forth at a very slow and easy pace, her breaths would come emotion and the timing of her sliding as i brought back towards me and my cock went deeper she would breath out slow and easy, then as I lift her off she would breath in.

I grabbed her and made sure I was in good and deep and I slowly rolled us over so I was on top and she was laying on her back, she lay there legs wide apart grinning at me so I pulled out and grabbed myself. But instead of thrusting it inside of her I grabbed it and slapped her pussy with it. She gasped and squealed a little so I did it a few more times and slide back in started slow but deep. My entire cock was going inside her for the first time and she was loving it, biting her lip squinting light moaning she loved every bit of it. She moved her legs up against my chest I started moving in and out in a fast hard motion.  She started moaning louder and louder but before she got so loud that the driver could hear her over the music I flipped her over on her stomach. Her face in the bench pillows so she could scream if need be and not be too loud.

Her legs fell open I grabbed my cock and slid it back in, I grabbed her wrists and started pulling her back towards me pumping her harder then before. I started grabbing her ass and speeding up her moans intensified but was muffled by the pillow. I reached around and started rubbing her special spot with one hand and played with her breast with the other. She started moaning more in repetition with my thrusting I could tell she was ready to have an orgasm. I felt tightening inside her and at the same time inside me, we were going to orgasm together... a few seconds later she is screaming the pillow and I fell the shivers go through my body and explode. We did move for a couple of minutes catching our breath the she fell to the ground with a huge smile on her face!

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