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Poolside I'm walking through the woods surveying a property when I notice a woman out sunbathing by her pool. I try to resist looking but my voyeuristic tendencies get the best of me and I have to sneak up to the fence to get a better look. You are lying there tanning. I thought I was pretty quiet but you know I'm there and decide to tease me a bit. Without looking at me you sit up and slowly take off your top and lie back down. I've seen topless sunbathing before and have never really been intrigued by it but I find myself riveted to the spot. You know I'm still there and decide that being topless isn't enough tease so you slip off your bottom too. I have to get a closer look at this so I peek my head over the fence when I think you aren't looking. I'm wrong about that, you are keeping a close eye on me and see me peek. Finally, you look my way and curl your index finger up inviting me closer. I'm a bit embarrassed by my peeping tom act but I jump over the fence anyway, drawn by your eroticism. Walking up to you I stop and stare down at your naked body, a sizable lump already showing in my pants. You ask "Can I help you?" I respond "Oh yes, but right now I think I need to help you." I get down on my knees next to you and start to kiss you. First your neck, then your shoulder, the side of your breast and then the nipple. My tongue darts out to tease at first and then I brush it lightly with my lips. You feel my lips and my hot breath and you say "Mmmmm that feels good." I stay there for a minute, licking, kissing. Then I start to move south again, slowly trailing my tongue across your belly, stopping to kiss and lightly suck now and then. Your hand reaches up and starts to play with my hair, your touch sending goose bumps down my spine. Its time for me to move so I get up and go to the end of the chaise lounge running my fingertips lightly down your legs as I go. Now I start my kissing and licking again. Beginning at your right ankle, I slowly work my way up your leg, pausing at a couple of places on you inner thigh to nibble. Putting my hands behind your knees I lift your legs up so that you knees are up near the sides of your breasts and your pussy is spread wide and inviting. My mouth is there now but I haven't touched you with it yet, I'm just looking, admiring the beautiful shape of your lips. I can smell you though and it's intoxicating. Finally, I place my mouth over your pussy and begin to suck, my tongue flitting out from time to time to tease your clit. I'm getting myself pretty worked up and I'm into the zone. Not really thinking about what I'm doing, just doing. You are starting to breath heavy, an occasional moan escaping your lips. "Oh yes, that's the spot." you say as I start to suck on your clit. I slide a finger into your pussy, reaching up to the top where your g-spot lies, a gasp escaping from your mouth. You are really turned on now, your hands grabbing what little hair I have, pulling my mouth hard onto your clit. My finger starts to tap on your g-spot, slow at first, then faster, trying to find your rhythm. I can tell when I've found it, you pull my hair so hard it hurts and you moan, loud. My tongue is sliding up and down over your clit now and I can tell your close. I hold my rhythm on your clit and g-spot, anticipating your orgasm. I don't have to do this for long, spasms start to wrack your body, your hands pulling my mouth so hard to your clit. Suddenly your hips thrust into my face, little chirps escape from between your lips and your juice flows out covering my fingers and face. I begin so slow down and so do you, your body relaxing but still holding my head. You pull me up to you and kiss me, hard, and then lick your juice from around my mouth. "Your turn now" you say as you get up from the chaise. You push me down on to it while you pull my pants down. My cock is rock hard from the excitement of getting you off. You pull down my underwear and when you see the ooze all over them you say "Oh someone must have been excited." You push my legs apart and position yourself between them. Grabbing my cock, you slowly start to slide your hand up and down. I just lie there, dumbfounded, watching you stroke me and looking into your eyes at the same time. You sliding your hand from the base up to the tip, squeezing a bit at the top, forcing more ooze out. "Mmmm that looks tasty" you say as you just barely touch the tip with your tongue. I jump. Even though I was watching you I wasn't ready for the sensation. "Does that feel good?" you ask, "Yes, give me more please, I want to be in your mouth." "I'm not ready yet" you tell me and you keep slowly stroking me, my head swollen to the point of bursting. I just lie there, my mind somewhere other than in my head, my legs starting to shake a bit. You can sense my intensity and know how bad I want to be in your mouth. "Is this what you want?" you ask as you take me all the way in. It's my turn to let out a moan, a loud moan, as my butt cheeks clench up tight from the feeling or your mouth. You slowly back off and start to suck me, your eyes locked on mine, your head bobbing up and down. I raise my knees up so you can get to my balls. You know what I want and you take your hand and start to massage them gently. I moan "Oh yes, mmmm." Sweat is rolling off my face, my heart is racing, I'm in heaven. You stop sucking me for a minute to catch your breath but you keep stroking me, long and slow. "That feels so fucking good" I say. "Oh I've got other tricks too" you say as you take one of my balls into your mouth. I wasn't expecting this and I jerk violently from the feeling that runs up through my balls and into my dick. You know you have me close now. You move your mouth up to my cock again and start sucking hard, real hard, trying to draw the cum out of me. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh fuck yes" I spout as my balls start to pull up. I explode into your mouth, my cock pumping squirt after squirt of cum shooting down your throat, my balls pulled up so tight that it's a little painful, my body rigid. Finally I am done cumming and I start to relax. You slide up to me and kiss me hard, the taste of our fluids mixing together. We kiss like that for a minute and the you stand up. "Aren't you supposed to be working?" You say. "Huh?" I respond "Oh yea." You turn and walk to the pool as I pull on my pants. My last glimpse is of your naked body diving into the pool. I hop over the fence, falling as I do so, my mind still all foggy. "I think there are going to be some errors on this survey." I say to myself as I walk back into the woods. That way I can come back out on the next nice day to see if I get lucky enough to find you at your pool again.

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