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Pool Game Win

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It's Friday night, the beer is cold, and my pool game is hot. Well at least I thought it was until I got into this game with Bear. If it keeps up I am going to lose. I hate to lose, especially to Bear. I will end up owing him a favor and that can mean anything. He might just ask me to wash his car or screw his wife. There is no telling. One more shot and I am home free.

"You're not going to beat me Scooter. You are going to choke on the eight ball and then I will run the table" said Bear.

"Well let us just see how I do. Eight ball, side pocket" said Scooter. A smooth stroke, the cue rolled sleekly across the table to tap the eight ball. Unfortunately, the ball hit the edge of the pocket and instead of going in, it bounced off and away from the pocket. "I know, choke, choke, and choke."

"And I told you that I would end up running the table if you missed. Watch this "said Bear. One by one the balls fell. "Now you owe me a favor Scooter. And I tell you what; you're going to enjoy this favor much more than the average one. You see the favor involves a lady."

"Do tell, what do you mean a lady is involved Bear? Since when do ladies get wrapped up in pool games, especially with you; Ladies aren't your style" replied Scooter."

"Well I tell you what. Last week I was a bit miffed and ended up playing a game of pool against a little fire ball of a red head. Red was terrible at pool except for the fact she was so hot that I was so distracted I lost. Not on purpose, I plain out and out got out maneuvered with her smile and big tits. Next thing I knew, she had beaten me. As a result I owed her a favor, a sexual favor. I literally lost my ass to her. Well, I have no intention of fulfilling that because Lisa and I are on the mend and I don't want to mess that up. However I don't want to welsh on the deal either. So, I figure you will have no problem, since you are uninvolved and a whore hound anyway, in fulfilling my part of the bargain of providing sexual satisfaction to Red" said Bear.

"A whore hound, is that how you think of me? Just because the ladies are attracted to this tall muscular physique and that Fat Boy in the parking lot doesn't mean that I am a whore hound. Come on man, give me some credit. When they come after me it doesn't make me a whore. It makes me a man with a ten inch dick." Scooter's eyes twinkled with mischief as Bear looked at him with a smile on his face.

"And if you believe that line of shit I have some swamp land in Kansas I'll sell you at a low low price" stated Bear laughingly. "Here, let me get her on the phone and see what she is up to. You are right in the mood. You are on your Harley tonight and it has gotten really cold out. You live in Waxhaw. From what I gather the girl lives in your neighborhood too."

"Hello, Red, yeah this is Bear. You remember the game we played, yeah, that one. I am still recovering from my defeat. I'll never live it down. I know I still need to pay up and I am about to do that for you. I was planning on sending you your reward this evening, if you are so inclined. Well, not actually me, I have a friend that owes me and I think you will enjoy him much more than me. You know my heart is in Lisa's court and since we are on the mend I don't want to trash it. Scooter on the other hand is free to play as he sees fit. Since he owes me and I owe you, well it is a win, win situation for us both. Yeah, I can, here he is" replied Bear as he handed the cell phone over to Scooter.

"Hi. Just call me Scooter. Yeah Bear is a mess. I understand that he owes you a favor. Uh huh, I do. Yeah if it is alright with you I will come in his stead. How do I find you? Yeah I know the neighborhood. Right behind the store, I can find that no problem. I'm on my bike so if you could have something to help warm me up when I get there it would be great. I was thinking more like a hot toddy but that will do babe. See you then" replied Scooter.

"What have you gotten me into Bear? She sounds incredible. Her sultry voice is enough to make me hard right now. You say she is a red head, and totally hot, built like a brick shit house?" indicated Scooter. "Never mind answering Bear. I have got to get on the move. As it is I am going to be an ice cube when I get there. Shit it was 65 degrees when I left the house around lunch time. Now that it's dark it's turned cold, what is it 30 degrees now? At least I brought all my leather. By the time I suit up and get out of here to her place it'll be an hour from now and probably colder."

"Well get on out of here then dude. Don't let me hold you up" said Bear. "And don't forget to let her know that I paid my debt in full. And by the way, I'll wager you'll end up wanting to owe me by the time your through. She's an addictive little minx."

How many layers did I have on? I had two wardrobes in my saddle bags it seems. I had on under armor, my jeans, and chaps. I also had on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, leather vest, leather jacket, my leather neck collar, face mask and helmet not to mention my gloves and boots. I was so wrapped up it's a wonder I can handle my scooter to get me there. It is twenty miles to her place. As I turn the curves on the cold chilly March night I wonder just what I have got myself into.

As my fingers start to go numb in spite of the gloves I think about the fact I don't know this chick at all. She may be the next black widow or some psychopath stalker. Hell, if Bear didn't want to hook up with her, what is wrong with her? I know he says he wants to not mess up his thing with his lady but hey, a man can't turn down a ripe lay when it is presented to him, or can he?

As the tires turned over the miles my gut started to quiver. Was it the anticipation of meeting this chick for the first time or was it just the cold ride on a winter night? I suppose I will find out when I arrive, which is right about now. The last turn, first house on the left past the store is the destination. A 1950's brick ranch with picture window on the corners of the den. The lights are on; music is playing though I can't tell what right now. As I walk to the door I get a glimpse of shoulder length deep auburn hair and a smile that lights up the night sky.

"Well hey there Scooter, come on in here and warm up by the fire. Bear told me you were on the bike and I thought you were crazy. Now I know you are. You must be an ice cube. I've got some hot coffee for you or if you prefer I can fix you a hot toddy to warm you up on the inside too. Just tell me your poison" said Red. I advised that I would like that toddy rather than coffee. She went to the stove just off the side of the den and pours some liquor in a pot on the stove along with adding a few other ingredients.

The smell of cinnamon slowed started to permeate the air. Red came back over to me by the fireplace as I struggled to remove my layers of clothes. "Here, let me help you get out of some of that leather. I don't think your fingers are working to well as you can't seem to grab a hold of the zipper pull to your jacket."

Before I could reply the most beautiful heart shaped face I had ever seen looked up at me with twinkling green eyes and smiled. She was Alyssa Milano and Reba McEntire all rolled into one. I was done for. That flutter in my belly turned into a cosmic roll. My god, what had I gotten into. When Red reached up and took hold of my hand to help pull my glove free, fire ensued. When she touched me a bolt of electricity so strong went through me that I was instantly at attention. Desire stronger than I had ever experienced before found its way into my loins. How could I survive this encounter? I was going to owe Bear big for this.

Without knowing how it happened I had been stripped of my outer layers and was standing in the center of the den by the fire in nothing but my jeans and under armor shirt. The feeling was coming back to my fingers. They were tingling. Question is, was the tingling from warming up or from the touch of the beautiful minx who was helping to bring color back to them?

"Here, try this. It's my own recipe for hot toddy. A bit of Wild Turkey with honey warmed on the stove with a stick of cinnamon and a touch of orange juice. It should help take the edge off the chill you got. Make no mistake; you are extremely crazy riding your bike on a night like this. I know what it is to ride but don't you know to have the horse back in the barn before night fall in the dead of winter? Dude you are a glutton for punishment" said Red with a slight tease in her voice.

"Well, I hadn't planned on being out this late. I had every intention of being in the barn by dark but one thing led to another, a beer, an order of wings, another beer, and a game of pool and before I knew it, dark and cold. It was too late then, so I had another beer and another game of pool, which I lost and thusly ended up here" I said. "From what I can see it was the best mistake I ever made, not getting my horse in the barn by night fall. Thanks for the drink. You're right; it is a nice way to warm up from the inside out."

"Tell me, what is it specifically that you are expecting as reward for your pool game win? Bear just told me that I was a "favor" he owed you for losing a game to you since I lost to him. What my little gal does that mean? Am I to be your slave for the night or what" I asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I never figured Bear would pay up, much less send me a six foot four Adonis biker as his stand in. You look like someone who was plucked right out of some James Dean movie or something. All joking aside, I am not a woman who wants an unwilling participant in my bed. I have a healthy appetite for fun, of all kinds except from those who would rather be elsewhere. Have a drink, warm up, and be on your way if that is your pleasure. However, if you'd rather stay and warm my bed, there will be no objections here. It is your choice how this encounter plays out" stated Red.

"Come here, please" I asked. "Let's just see if I have regained the feeling in my fingers." As she came to me I reached up and gently traced the line of her jaw with the tip of my right index finger. My other hand found its way up into those auburn tresses of its own volition. Before I knew what was happening I tasted her. Her heady scent had me reeling. How long we stood there, entwined in front of the fire I will never know. Time stood still as we explored each other. I reached down and rubbed my thumb over the red sweater she wore, hunting for the nipple that was encased by clothing. There it was, erect and wanting to be touched. A moan escaped her lips as I ran a small pattern of circles over and over it.

I needed air, now, and badly, before I embarrassed myself. She had me so hot that I was ready to explode. If I didn't slow this down there would be no pleasure for Red. I knew that pleasuring her was going to be the ultimate experience for me. I backed away from her, tilted her chin up, and looked her in the eyes. I saw desire written there. She wanted me as surely as I wanted her. I still had to ask "Are you sure this is what you want? Now's the time to turn back, I don't want any regrets in the morning from you. I want to know that you say yes because it's me, not some payment for a pool game. I want to know that we are together because it feels right between us, not because you have to save face with Bear. As far as he is concerned, payment was made and nothing else will ever be said. If he asks, it was fabulous and he missed it. I don't want you to feel obliged to do something you don't want to do."

"Shut up and kiss me!" replied Red. I obliged. My reaction was so strong my jeans were straining at the seams of my crotch. Causing a pain so delicious yet uncomfortable I had to pull away. "Does that give you your answer? Come with me, please."

Red took my hand and led me down the hall way to the master bedroom. Decorated with female touches of blues and pinks with flowers it was a room that she fit right in, all sultry and sexy. It even smelled like her. Scented candles were placed in various places around the room providing for fragrance that was a mix of cinnamon and honey. It blended well with her scent. It also lent light that was reflected on her skin and in her hair, making her all the more edible. I was definitely going to devour her.

As I moved farther into the room I realized that Red was looking at me questioningly. It was as if she was waiting on me to lead. How could this woman who held such power in her presence be willing to let me direct our path? I certainly am not going to question my good fortune. On the contrary, I will definitely take the reins. Though I am more than willing to let a lady lead an encounter and keep it in her comfort zone I prefer to direct. I reached up, placed my hand behind her neck and pulled her to me. My mouth crushed hers in a strong embrace. A moan escaped her lips. That was all that I needed. My cock was bulging at the seams of my jeans as I tore at hers. Her hands found their way into my hair.

She was shimmying out of the jeans I had somehow figured out how to unfasten. Touching me everywhere fingers under my shirt, in my hair, and wandering to my buckle. I was amazed to see that Red chose no panty. I reached down around her waist and lifted her up into my arms. Her legs tightened around my waist. She was just above my waist. I released my zipper finishing off where Red had started. My cock was engorged to the point of pain. I had to have her now. A little shift and my lord I was impaled by her hot juicy pussy. Frozen in time for just a moment, allowing her tightness to adjust to my size. Lifting her ass I started a slow tenuous rhythm.

The rise and fall of her bottom as her pussy stroked my cock was more than I could bear. I know from the moan that escaped Red and the shudder starting to begin within her it was more than she could as well. Less than two minutes and she was going to have me completely done in. I had to slow things down. Carrying Red over to the bed while still sheathed with her I gently laid her back and removed myself from her. A moan, almost a cry of pain came from her lips. "Don't stop, please come back, you feel so good" said Red.

"Don't worry my little minx, I promise to not stop. We just need to slow down a bit and savor this win, not rush through it." I finished shucking my clothes, looking all the while at Red. I was watching her reaction to what she saw. I could tell she was pleased by the smile on her lips. I reached down to help her remove the last of her clothes as her top was still a barrier to my holding her nipples in my lips. One touch as I lifted her shirt over her head and my fingers felt as if they were on fire. I had to taste her, now.

There she was, in all her golden glory. A glorious golden tan was visible over the curves that were in all the right places. A smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and on her arms indicated the truth of her red head heritage. This heritage was backed by the red landing strip visible at the juncture of her thighs, right where I wanted to be. I touched her there. She was still wet and hot from where I had been inside her. As I got closer I could smell her sent, so sweet. There was a mixture of raw sex and some lingering perfume; some sort of cherry blossom fragrance.

I gently parted her pussy lips with my tongue. I heard a moan escape from between Red's lips. I knew I was on the right track as I used my tongue along with my fingers to drive her hips into a frantic motion. Her fingers were caught in my hair tugging me closer. I was drowning in her juices yet loving every last drop. She tasted like honey. She was beginning to tremble, as harder now the vibrations of her orgasm came. She moaned, and then screamed, her hips raised, shook and over the edge she tumbled. I worked with her through the first wave, let her down a bit, and then tickled her clit again to start the waves over and over again. She came so long and so hard she was panting trying to back away from me toward the head of the bed. I had a grip on her hips though which controlled where she could move to and allowed me full access to every inch of her luscious pussy.

Finally when I had had my fill of her I released her hips and let the waves of orgasm subside. I noticed the bathroom off to the side. I went in search of a towel or something to clean my face and Red. As I touched her to wipe away her love juices I asked her "How do you feel my minx?"

"Absolutely incredible is how I feel. The only thing that would be better is to have you inside me" stated Red.

"My dear being inside you can certainly be arranged since you have asked so nicely" I replied as I lay down beside her to hold her for a few moments. I needed time of my own to settle back down. While I had not embarrassed myself as of yet I was so close that every moment I could take to calm my senses was necessary. The only problem was her sent still had my senses reeling. As I stroked her breasts and down her side, along her hip, with my fingers I could see her nipples hardening with desire. They were so perfect. Erect and pink, just full enough yet not too large. The pertness in my mouth was perfect as I sucked on them each in its turn. As I came up for air a moment Red took the initiative to push me back down on the bed. She too began to suckle my nipples. Oh my god her tongue was causing excruciating pain in my groin. While my nipples were being tickled my balls were swelling so large that it was painful. I needed to find release, and now!

Suddenly I pushed her away, rolled her over and found myself mounted behind her. I wanted her ass so close to my balls that I could feel the curve of hips against mine as I stroked. I spread her cheeks and slid my cock between her pussy lips. She was wet and ready but still so tight. As I began to create a rhythm my hands seemed to find her shoulder and hair of their own accord. Next thing I knew I was stroking her at a steady gallop and using her hair as my reins. Tugging and pulling and stroking. Red was certainly enjoying it from the sound of things. She was asking for me to go faster and harder. Telling me she wanted all of me. I was certainly going to oblige.

Those sweet curving hips were such a cushion for me as I stroked. Deeper and deeper I was able to go. God she was so perfect. The quivering began deep within. I could feel her body start the spasms. As the spasms increased her body stilled. Inside she tightened and as she did I lost all control. My body was racked with spasms of its own. As I blew my load into her the exhaustion overtook me. As our orgasms subsided together we collapsed together in a huddle on the bed. I was still inside her and couldn't bring myself to retreat.

Finally I gathered the strength to remove myself from her. Only I couldn't leave her that way. She looked so forlorn, laying there spread out on her belly with a hip teasing me with its curves. I reached over and rolled her on her buttocks. Then I started working with my tongue, down her hip, around her mound. I could smell our joining. All that accomplished was to start a rise in my own crotch again. As I parted Red's pussy lips I began to tickle her clit with my tongue. She began to moan. I knew I was on the right track when her fingers found their way into my hair. She was tugging harder, rubbing my scalp, digging nails into me as I stroked. Around and around I went with my tongue. A finger found its way to the sensitive circle of skin surrounding her ass hole. Smoothly I worked the juices from our joining around. I took some in my mouth, god we tasted good together, a blend of sweet and salty.

"God what your sweet pussy does to me babe. I'm ready for you again. Do you want more? " I asked. Her only response was to raise her hips to my lips and moan something similar to an "uh huh." She was ready. Juices were flowing and she was wet. I was harder than before. I lifted her hips just enough to find entry. My rod found its home sheathed in Red's hot pussy, stroking in and out. Faster and harder I went. We had found our rhythm. I stroked long strokes, bringing myself deep inside then pulling almost all the way back out, just the tip still inside. I could feel her body reacting. She was starting to tremble again. I reached down and stroked her nub at the same time, little circles round and round finding the rhythm of the strokes. Sheets were grabbed, her back arched, and Red froze in place as her body began trembling and over the edge she fell.

As Red went over the brink I had to find my own release. I wanted to go the next step with her but wasn't sure Red would allow it. As I removed my cock from her pussy Red indicated her displeasure "No don't go baby. Please stay inside me." Tentatively I checked to see her reaction to my thoughts. I placed a finger at her anus and waited to see if an objection was raised. Contrary to an objection, quite the opposite happened. Red pressed up against my finger as I tentatively entered her ass hole with it. "Go slow babe, make sure I'm ready. You're awfully large for there but I want it as bad as you do" said Red. I definitely would comply. In and out I stroked my finger I used the juices from where she had cum earlier to lube up the entrance. She was beginning to get wet all over again. Red's ass pressed up against my hand in a natural rhythm ages old. Her response was as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

I knew she was ready. I could taste it on her. I licked her pussy and her ass again as I traded my fingers for my tongue. The moan I got indicated I was making all the right moves. Red's hips indicated she was ready for me now. Up I raised placing the head of my cock at the entrance. Slowly, oh so slowly I pressed forward, gently parting her ass cheeks, her feet back on my shoulders giving me just the right angle to enter her, deeply. Inch by precious inch she took me all in. So tight, so sweet, I almost couldn't take it. I began to groove. Red followed in the most natural of duties to find a satisfaction as old as time. In and out I stroked he hot little ass. Each time deeper and deeper I was able to go. More and more she groaned. I moaned. Stroke after stroke I pressed on. I felt it, just as I was dumping my load the trembling started, blended with my own. We both were frozen in awe as our bodies found release together. Over and over for what seemed like hours but surely was only minutes the waves of orgasm rolled over us. Finally I pulled out exhausted. Taking Red in my arms we lay replete satisfied as only two who had found such a successful release could be.

I certainly didn't know where this night was going from here. However I did know that I would never look at losing a pool game the same again. Finding a woman that fit so deliciously with me and liked the same intimate style which I did was rare. Finding her as a result of a lost pool match was nothing short of a miracle. The night was still young and Red was still ripe for more pleasure. I was going to find out just how far this miracle was going to take me tonight. Hopefully it will take me to ecstasy and beyond.

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