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Picking up my angel from the airport

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The international flight seemed to take forever and here you are arriving a half hour early. Being away from your friends and family for several months is so hard in your early twenties. You call to let me know you're here ahead of schedule, but you get my voice mail. You wait for you luggage deciding what you're going to do for the next half hour. You look stunning as always. That beautiful round ass complements your petite frame so well. I come up behind you as you find your first bag and take it for you. After a half second of confusion you realize it's me. While you're still stunned I put your bag down, take you face with both hands and give you a kiss. It is short with just a touch of tongue, but the passion is undeniable. I tell you you're beautiful and you say no, you couldn't be, because you've been traveling all day. We stare at each other for a moment then you see your other bag. I grab that one as well as the first and we start to walk to the car.

You hold onto my hand that is caring the smaller of the bags and you tell me about the latest highlights of your trip. We get to my car and I put your bags in the back. You get a little frustrated by the lack of affection I've shown you since that first kiss. I just smile and I open your door for you. You start to get in but I stop you. I pull you back to me and give you a much deeper kiss. I pull you tightly close to me and hold us locked together for a moment. You can tell by the bulge pressing at you from my pants that I want to get home soon.

We both get in the car and you look over at the mountain forming in my pants, thinking it looks like it's going to erupt soon. I start the car and leave the parking area, looking at you more than at the road. You think to yourself, if you want to get any extended use out of me later you need to help me release that first bit of pressure now. At a stop light you lean over and kiss me, and as the light turns green you pull your lips from mine and unbutton my pants. "Baby?" I say, questioning your risky behaviour. But you obviously have something on your mind. As you unzip my pants my cock springs up under my boxers.

Together we awkwardly shimmy my pants down enough for you to have access to my whole package. You start stroking my shaft with your right hand and teasing the tip with your tongue. Then you start taking me in your mouth slowly at first. You move your right hand down to play with my balls and the part of my shaft below them as you move your left hand to my cock to stroke the base and balance yourself. You start moaning as you suck, wanting to taste me because it's been way to long. As you get more into it I can't concentrate and I have to pull over. My eyes are clamped shut, my toes are curled and I explode into your mouth and you keep sucking wanting more and more. You sit up and try and say something but your mouth is too full. You smile triumphantly, swallow and say thank you to me. Trying to regain my composure, I thank you back.

The rest of the drive home is filled with heavy petting and sneaking kisses whenever possible. When we get home we leave your bags in the car and you follow me up the stairs at a run almost. I open the door and you follow me in. As you close the door I attack, almost slamming you against the just closed door. We kiss passionately, groping and touching and exploring every part of each other we can reach. I fondle your perfect ass and feel down to the seat of your pants that are moistening more every second. You pull off my shirt and start kissing my chest. I start pulling off your shirts, annoyed by the layers, and when we take your bra off I go straight for that birthmark I love. I switch off between that freckle and your nipples while fondling your breasts and body. I unbutton and unzip your pants, working them over your hips. I have to pause and stare for a minute. You are so amazingly beautiful. As you start to get self conscious of my gaze I take your face softly in my hands and kiss you again. Starting softly but escalating to a more carnal pace. I kiss down your body and the pull at those tiny little panties. They drop to the floor, soaked by your excitement. I usher you to the bedroom, dropping my pants and boxers in the hall.

You turn to say something and I throw you on the bed. I practically pounce on you, bombarding you with more kisses all over your body. Our hands are all over each other and I feel your nails on my back. I look you in the eyes and smile and you go still. After a few moment of eye contact I kiss you on your lips, then your chin. I kiss around your neck and then down to your breasts. I'm sure you'd wish for me to tease your nipples a little longer but I'm on a mission. I kiss down your flat stomach, feeling you tremble with anticipation.

I continue past your belly button and that tiny triangle of hair. I kiss the small area between that patch of hair and the top of that beautiful slit. Feeling you tremble I give you a soft kiss on you glimmering wet lips and hear you gasp. I begin to continue down your left thigh because you know I love to tease you. But instead, I slowly and firmly slide my flattened tongue from the bottom of your almost dripping pussy up to your clit. I repeat a few times, and each time you gasp and arch your back. I swirl my tongue up and down your lips, teasing you clit sporadically.

As I start working your clit I feel an orgasm building in you. I slide a finger in you, and it goes in so easy with how wet you are. I slide in a second. Before I even get the second one in you're bucking and moaning in climax. I slow down and let you start to breath again. I continue to work on your sweet tasting cunt and I begin to rub your other little hole but you tell me. "Okay, I need you to fuck me now" I get in a few more strokes of my finger in and lick up some more of your juices. I crawl up face to face with you and kiss you. You smile as you taste your juices on my lips. I wrap my arms under your shoulders and position my shaft at your opening. I slide it up and down your slit getting the tip nice and wet. Then I plunge myself balls deep into you, getting another gasp of pleasure and your wrap your legs around me, tightening you arms around me. I feel so totally wrapped up in you it's amazing. We start off slow and deliberate. Every thrust is enjoyed individually. We kiss each other all over our face and necks. After what feels like an eternity but not by any means too long, we pick up the pace. I pull your legs up to your body and start to fuck you deeper and deeper.

You start to cum again and I can't take the feeling of you clenching down on me. I unload another wad of cum deep inside you. We roll over with me still inside you and you lay on my chest as we both fall asleep.

I'm not entirely sure how long we sleep but it is a good sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night is even better as I feel you stroking and kissing my shaft back to life. As soon as it's erect and before I'm fully awake you remount me and slowly start taking me in you. Once you've taken all of me in you, you place your hands on my chest and start rolling your hips back and forth slowly. As I continue to wake up, the feeling is just as wonderful as the sight of you riding me. I can tell by the expression on your face that you woke up needing this. You start to thrust harder and harder into me, now rocking with the rolling of you hips, slightly lifting yourself off me on the backstroke so you can slam back against me. I reach up and start to play with your breast as they bounce in unison to your strokes. I can feel you start to tighten down and the soft hands on my chest start to tighten and release with every sway of your body. I can feel your nails digging into me as your moans begin to grow. You pussy tightens down and you get louder and louder as you work yourself through your orgasm.

You sit on me for a few seconds while I let you catch your breath. I can feel your juices all over my shaft and balls. After you look like you can see straight I roll you off me on to your left side. I pull up your right leg up to your body and straddle your left. In one stroke I'm all the way inside you. I can feel myself hit the full depth of you in each stroke. You gasp loudly with every thrust. You grab my hand and start to feverishly suck on my fingers. First you suck like you would a cock, then lick between them like you're probing another woman. After you flail and squirm through another orgasm I pull you up to your knees at the end of the bed. I slide back in you and I feel you wince. And I pause.

You look back at me while you reach between your legs and start testing your clit. "Baby," you say, "If we want to play tomorrow, I don't think my pussy can take anymore." I figure we had a good run as I slowly pull out of you. Then you smile your little devilish grin and say "But I'm not done fucking tonight so I need you to fuck my ass." Excitedly working through the shock of you saying something like this I step over to our night stand. I pull a bottle of lube out of our special drawer. When I get back you're rubbing your clit and smearing you pussy juices on your ass. I drip some of the silky lube just above your ass and watch you use it to start probing your own ass. As excited as I was about doing it myself I've never seen you finger your own ass before. I take a step back and stroke myself as I watch you. After you get your first finger down to a second knuckle I see you try and start to work a second finger in. I continually maintain nice amount of lube for you as you start to finger your ass with your middle two fingers.

You get close to climax a few times then look back at me in frustration. "Baby, I need you to fuck my ass now". As a gentleman, I oblige. I drip some more lube on your ass before you work your finger out. Then I cover my cock with a nice slippery coat. I start to ease in you but realize that you've prepped it well. I take care to add a little more lube as I pull out each of my first few slow strokes. You look at me with an expressing I'm not sure I've seen before. "I said to fuck my ass, now start fucking." For a half second I'm stunned to hear you talk like that, but am too turned on to think about it for that long. In a few moments my hips are slamming into your ass and you continue to talk dirty. I'm not used to hearing talk like this out of you and I keep just fucking you harder and harder. I feel my balls slapping your fingers and pussy. As you start to scream in to the pillow I can't take any more. I slam all the way in you, feeling my balls shaking from your fingers rubbing you clit. I hold still, almost unable to move as I feel my self pumping cum in your ass. I feel my cock trying to pump more though I'm sure I've got none left.

You fall on to your stomach, and half roll to your side. Both of us are drained and happy. You look at me with a smile that may be the best thank you I've ever gotten.

I help you up and take you to the bathroom. We're both a little wobbly and I prop you against the door frame as I get the shower temperature right. We take a long hot shower, caressing and kissing throughout. We wash each other and admire each other but are too worn out to talk much. We make are way back to the bedroom. I lie on my back and take you in my arm. You're asleep before your head hits my shoulder. I'm asleep before I notice.


I wake up the next morning and look at the clock. Well, maybe it's not morning, more like noonish. I wonder how late we were up last night but don't have the foggiest idea. I look over at you and smile. You haven't moved a muscle since you fell asleep. I roll you to your back so I can slide out from under you. I get a drink of water and come back to find you've kick off the covers and laying spread eagle. Not sure if it was deliberate or not and not really caring I crawl up the bed to your beautiful mound. I slide my hands up under your legs and give you a soft lick up your lips. I don't feel a movement out of you. So I lick again this time I start all the way at the tip of your ass and lick firmly up you lips and across your clit. I feel you shudder and taste that just under the surface your still in the mood for more. I lick again and can taste those juices already.

I feel you tugging at my head and assume that maybe I've started a little early for you. As you pull me up to your beautiful face and your sleepy eyes you kiss me. I tell you I love you and you tell me you love me. I start to move to lay next to you and you block me with your leg. You wrap you legs around me and smile. I ease into you and softly and slowly make love to you. It's much different than the night before. It's not a lack of passion but an over all feeling of content. We roll over and you stretch for a second before you start again. We talk a little bit about how much we've missed each other. And sometimes we just look at each other. But either way you keep rocking your hip.

Then there's the grin again. You take my hand and start to suck on my fingers like the night before. You tell me, "baby, I met someone over there, a last night when I was licking your fingers, I was imagining it was her." Then you start telling me about a fantasy of the three of us at a hotel. I get harder than I thought possible as close my eyes and listen to you tell me the story. Equally you get wetter and wetter. I can feel your juices as they drip down between my legs. Before you can finish you're interrupted by an orgasm. Naturally with the story and the riding you've given me your orgasm milks me dry. Then I feel you practically jump off me. Surprised I open my eyes to see you take my cock in your mouth, covered in both of our juices. With how sensitive my cock is I can barely handle it. But as I watch you clean us off of you, there's no way I could have you stop. I watch you clean my cock then my balls, you even go down and clean the juice that have dripped down to my ass. A few moments later you come up with both our juices all over your face. A look of pride fills the cum-covered face of my wanton sex goddess. You go to the bathroom for a quick clean up as I lay exasperated from the last 18 hours.

The phone rings. "Hello" I say.

"Where are you two? We thought you'd come over by now. We miss that sweet little angel of yours"

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