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Piano In the Dark

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As James slept soundly he began to dream. He entered a ballroom dressed in a traditional black tuxedo. An unseen piano played softly and melodically. He looked around the room confused. He knew the sound was live and there with him, but he could not see it's origin. The sound began to crescendo and the playing became more animated, more alive. He walked around the room, wall to wall, and searched to no avail. He recognized the style, he'd been hearing it for years, but from where? As he arrived in the middle of the room and stopped to think the room began to darken from the edges. The darkness closed around him, yet he did not fear and the piano played on. The darkness enveloped his dream and then his reality as he awoke. The master bedroom that he shared with his wife Theresa was pitch black and she was not in bed beside him.

After 12 years of marriage he knew exactly the cause of his dream and what had awoken him. The cause of both was one in the same. The 5 bedroom 6 bathroom home that he shared with his wife and 3 children, who were away with his parents for spring break, had 5 years ago been built to their exact specifications. He had his private offie, his theatre with "80 projection screen, and his "boys only" game room. The kids game room was set up in the loft that over looked the foyer and contained every imaginable childhood want. Theresa had only one request. In the front of the house to the right of the foyer was a professionally accustically designed room which housed her pride and joy, a pearl white Steinway and Sons concert baby grand piano. The room was sound proof in either direction with the double doors closed, but when they were open the melodic notes that traveled from her soul to the 88 keys were audible throughout the house.

Tonight she'd left the doors open...and it was no accident. She played lightly at first to try to rouse him gently, but also having 12 years of marriage to know her love, she understood the need to add a little more "umph" to get him on the right side of consciousness.

James layed in bed for a few minutes and enjoyed the magic that was his wife and her piano. He often joked to his wife that he hoped he and the piano were never in a hostage situation in which she'd be forced to choose. They'd both grown up humbly, and as her mother scrounged to keep her in lessons she'd never dreamed that she'd own such a beautiful instrument. She cried for an hour when they arrived home from dinner on their 5th anniversary and she saw it sitting in the family room of their former house. He jarred from the memory to realize that the music had again gone up a notch in volume and intensity. He began to understand that he was being summonsed. Now she was playing Chopin or was it Mozart? She tried endlessly to educate him on the differences between the classical composers but she may as well been trying to teach him French, something she did indeed try to do as she spoke it fluently.

He sleepily rose himself from the bed and carried himself to their master bathroom. He didn't bother with the lights. They hurt his eyes and he'd mastered peeing in the dark as a child to avoid the discomfort. The cold tile that had been imported from Europe for the extravagant bathroom jolted him slightly more awake as his feet landed on it. He lifted the toilet seat that, for fear of international crisis, was always down when not in use and began to releave himself. As he flushed and walked over to the sink to wash his hands he heard the piano again quiet to the romantic tones that had invaded his dreams. Somehow over her own din she'd heard him up. That woman had amazing ears. He gargled with the Cool Mint Listerine he kept by the sink and headed out to see what his love needed with him in the middle of the night that couldn't be done in the comfort of their bed.

As he opened the door to their bedroom he noticed that like the bedroom the rest of the house was shrouded in darkness. But having lived there for half a decade--and having the fact that the kids hadn't been home to leave anything out for him to trip over to comfort him-- he navagated expertly from his bedroom to his wifes sanctuary.

"Bonjour, mon amour. Pourquoi Ítes-vous haut ‡ cette heure?" She asked playfully as he entered. His silhouette was barely visible in the darkness, but even after their many years together his physique still turned her on. She paused from playing and stood to kiss him.

"Mmm, cool mint. Good boy. Stinky breath kills the mood."

"Me and my stinky breath were in a great mood while we were asleep."

"Oooh, Est-ce que quelqu'un est peu un grincheux?"

"I don't know what you just said, but I assume it was smart-assed."

"You'll feel better when you understand why I woke you up."

"Will I now?" James had already been acutely aware when his wife hugged him that no clothing seperated their skin, but this risque suggestion produced a noticable reaction in his boxers. He couldn't see his wife's body, but he didn't need to. Her body wasn't that of a supermodel, though she did keep in wonderful shape. She had bore him three beautiful children and her body hinted at it. Her breasts were not as pert as the day they married. Her hips were a little wider. But she had matured and aged gracefully and he wouldn't change a thing about her.

The twitch in his underwear had not been lost on her. "Let's get rid of these," she whispered into his ear as she slid her body down along his. By the time she arrived at her destination he had twitched a few more times into a full erection. She pulled the elastic of his boxers out and over his extended penis. She didn't touch it or kiss it as he'd hoped, but she did allow her long hair to brush against it as she came up. This sent electicity through his body. "You did that on purpose."

"Je? Je n'ai aucune idée ce que voulez dire vous."

He understood enough of the last statement to retort, "Like hell you have no idea." She only smiled and placed her long slender pianist index finger to his lips, "Enough, my love. It's time for you to learn why you're here instead of in bed."

In the room with the piano was an oversized couch where family, friends, but mostly the children would sit in awe as her fingers perfomed balet over the keys from one side of middle C to the other. Their first daughter would only be put to sleep listening to the modest upright in the spare bedroom that became hers upon birth in the two bedroom condominium that they had for their first 2 years of marriage. Theresa took James by the hand and led him over to the couch. As he sank into the soft cloth covering overstuffed cushions he wondered what his dagerously beautiful, fatally cunning wife had in store for him. She didn't make him wait to find out.

"I've spent the last few weeks working on a new composition especially for tonight. It's called "Le petite mon."

James had known this one since high school, "That means-"

"Yes, my love, it means "the little death" what the French call the orgasm. I've spent a lot of time on it especially when you and the kids have been gone. I'm finally satisfied and tonight you get to experience it"

"'Experience it?'"

"Yes, love, it's an interactive piece."

James was rock hard by this point and quite frankly couldn't give less of a damn about music. He was interested in doing every sexual thing to his wife that he possibly could until neither on of them could move. He knew better than to voice that opinion however as this was obiously very important to his wife.

Theresa walked back to the piano and pressed a few buttons on a small box below the keyboard. It was equipped with recording equiptment that would play the piano in the absence of the pianist. CD's could even be purchased that would be read and played on the piano itself. James imagined what his wife looked like bent over as she set up her song. He knew her gorgeous ass was pointed right at him...and she knew he knew.

A slow, "Brian McKnightesque" riff came from within the body of the instrument. As was the trademark of his woman, it sounded perfect. She'd have no less for her man.

She walked extra slowly back to the sofa. When he could hear that she was close enough he stood and pulled her tightly to him and went to kiss her, but she wormed away from him and forcefully pushed him back down.

"This is my concert. I'll conduct" She informed him with no hint of humor in her tone. He obeyed and remained seated and still.

She parted his legs and stood between them. Theresa knew every hot spot on her husbands body. But that night wasn't about the slow drawn out love making sessions they shared when the children were away. It was Theresa's grandest performance, a musical fuck. She had composed sex and it was streaming from her piano. She leaned over James and kissed his lips softly. She ran her French manicured nails down his neck and over his chest. She drew them over his once chisled stomach that now still had a looser, but still sexy, definition. His firm manhood bounced on his stomach as her hand brushed against it. She bent down and put one hand on each of his feet. She slid them over his shins to his knee and against the inside of his thighs. James heartbeat became more rapid, and he noticed that it was perfectly on beat with the music. What had she done?

The music began to pick up in pace. Normally, Theresa would've taken great care in orally servicing James to his first orgasm, but not tonight. She instead lifted his hand and guided it to her neatly trimmed vulva. "Put your finger inside me slowly," she ordered. He complied. As he did this he notice the music become slow again and mellow with many notes coming from the bass clef of the piano. He wasn't quite sure what to make of all of this yet. His wife was generally very submissive in the bedroom, and tonight she was control. It was different but incredibly sexy. As his finger entered her he became aware of how wet she was. She gasped lightly. He wished he could see the look on her face.

"Now spread it over my pussy. Get it nice and wet." He wasn't sure he'd heard right. She never talked dirty. She could be sexual, sure, but not blatantly so. He froze.

"You heard me. Do it!" He left his shocked daze and did as he was told. After she was satisfied she pushed him back. The music picked up in pace. She braced her hands on his shoulders and slid her thick wet pussy down his abdomen. She relished the sensation as her clit was stimulated from the friction. An expert on being on top she didn't need her hands to get him inside. She arched her hips forward and used her pussy to pick him up. She then arched her hips back until his tip was at her entryway. She paused waiting for her cue. He was dying with the anticipation of being inside her and she knew it. His breathing was heavy and his dick twitched at her opening.

The moment arrived. A long series of notes, drawn out by holding the damper pedal, began and so did she. She slid down his member with as much precision as her fingers had slid over the keys that played the notes floating through the air into their senses. The combination of the two was almost overwhelming for James who was quite certain that he must still be dreaming. Theresa, was in a blissful state in her own right. No one, not even her husband, knew that she had, on a few occasions, orgasmed while playing the piano. She felt it to the core of her being, almost like she felt the love of her husband. At that moment they were both inside her, pleasuring her, just as she'd planned. Her two lovers. Her perfect threesome. She slid up and down on him, a metronome in perfect time. She rotated her hips on his tip and he exhaled powerfully right in time with a riff drawn from the middle of the keyboard. He was amazed at how they played right to the music. He could feel her all around him and the music was creating an invisible blanket over their bodies. This was the most amazing thing he'd ever experienced. He knew he wasn't going to last long. Her hands were wrapped around his neck choking him lightly. He couldn't believe this was the woman he'd been married to for 12 years. The music was picking up in pace and naturally so was she. She leaned down so that her mouth was parallel to his ear. She licked around his lobe and he felt it from his ear to his feet. She whispered to him, "Here comes your orgasm love." No sooner had the words left her lips than the music became frantic and he felt the tingle in his loins that signaled that he was nearing orgasm. His body began to burn. His ears were hot, his legs tingled, she rode him with reckless abandon but still harmonious with the sounds of ecstacy coming from her other lover. The music rose to a sharp cresendo and he exploded inside her. His body convulsed uncontrolably. His dick throbbed and he felt one load of semen after another leave his body. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly as he rode the wave of his orgasm in the ocean of the music. The music started to slow and so did he. She continued a slower, but not slow, steady rhythm up and down his hyper sensitive shaft.

The music started to pick up again and he felt himself get worried. He couldn't handle that again. He had never cum like that. He felt like the first time he ever masturbated all over again. A whole new sensation. His chagrin must've been more obvious than he imagined becasue she assured him, "Don't worry, baby, this is for my orgasm."

She slid off his still twitching semi-hardon and told him to slide down a little. She was standing on the couch, a strict no-no by her own rules, and when he did as he was told she balanced her soaking vagina over his mouth. His head was pushed back into the cushion as she grinded her hips against his face. He didn't know how but his tongue lapped her clit to the music and her hips moved on a different beat that still fit perfectly. His hands cupped her ass and he squeezed never having been so turned on at how his wife dominated him.

Both of her lovers pleasured her on a level she'd never felt. Her husband ate her pussy just the way she wanted and her piano was fucking how her how only it could. The music was becoming wildly stacatto. Her pussy began to contract in tiny squeezes that were leading up to the main event. It was coming, she was coming.... soon... oh.... god.... him... it...her... music... sex... tongue.... notes...perfection...perfection! She raptured. The piano danced wildly in their consciousness. A freight train would be halted at the power of the orgasm that enveloped her. Her silent scream was audible only to God and the Devil. Every force of nature and art coursed through her body as the piano and her husband played her to one seizure after another. For minute after minute she came over and over until finally the music began to decresendo. James, as turned on as he was, couldn't've been happier. He was sure his wife had been in another demension for the past few minutes and almost just as sure that she'd nearly broken his nose and just as nearly drowned him in the process.

The music returned to the Mc Knightesque tones it had started with as she slid, a wet noodle, down over his body. They both tried to catch their breath. There were no words that needed to be said. The notes from the piano were talking for both of them.

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