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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy I had to share this experience with you. About 4 weeks ago I hurt my back at work. I strained my lower lumbar and pulled a bunch of muscles. They ran the usual test and took x-rays only to determine that in just needed to rest my back and go to physical therapy. So after a few days of rest I showed up to my first therapy session. After checking in I was taken to the back to meet my therapist. She is cute. She is in her mid to late 20?s, about 5? 2? tall with a body that is in great shape. She has average sized breast and a cute little round ass that just begs to be squeezed. We talked about my injury and what we were going to do in therapy. I started off on the treadmill for ten minutes and then it was time to start the stretching. She twisted and stretched me in all different directions. If you have ever been thru this then you know how painful this is. I was in agony and sex was the last thing on my mind. She could see the pain on my face and decided I had done enough. She took me to another room. It looked like an exam room with a massage table. She asked me to remove my shirt and lay face down on the table and then said she would be right back. At this point I am nervous as to what she was going to do next. She returned and said she was going to start me on electro therapy. As she hooked up the contacts to my back my mind was racing. What kind of new hell was this? I was already in so much pain I couldn?t imagine how this was going to feel. She placed an ice pack on my back and turned the machine on. Much to my surprise it didn?t hurt and the ice felt nice. I laid there for about 15 minutes and was starting to feel human again. She returned, removed the ice, unhooked the machine and asked if I was feeling better. I said the pain was starting to go down. She then began to massage my lower back. Her hands were magic. I was quickly headed for heaven. She asked me if my legs were sore. Unable to speak I moaned yes. Her hands began their magic on my thighs and ass. After about 20 minutes she stopped and said we were done for the day and that I needed to come back again tomorrow. I slid off the table and stood up facing her. I did not realize I was so aroused until I saw her staring at the tent in my pants. I quickly turned away and put my shirt on as she left the room. As I was leaving she said is 9:00 ok for tomorrow. I said sure and headed home.

When I arrived the next day I quickly apologized for my condition after my massage. She laughed it off and said it happens a lot and it is natural. She then shocked me by saying she was glad to see that she could bring me that much pleasure and that she hoped today would be better. The session was pretty much the same as the day before within 20 minutes I was in pain and almost to tears. She finished twisting like a pretzel and we headed off to the room again. This time she asked me to completely undress, cover with a towel and lay face down. When she came back she placed ice on my back and turned on the electro therapy. She stayed in the room this time. I heard the latch turn on the door and heard her moving behind me. I felt a warm liquid on my shoulders. She started rubbing oil on me. Her hands were smooth and firm. Without realizing it I let out a moan. She said that if I didn?t object she was going to give me a full body massage. I raised my head and turned to look at her. I got the shock of my life. There she was rubbing my shoulders wear just her bra and a pair of thong panties. She gave me a sheepish grin and said she didn?t want to get massage oil on her clothes. I smiled and said she looked great. For the next 20 minutes she rubbed my shoulders and upper back. Then she removed the ice and began to work her way down the rest of my body. After finishing my back she quickly moved to my legs. She started with my feet and was slowly moving up my legs. She slid my legs apart and climbed up on the table between them. She spent a lot of time working the back of my thighs. It was a great feeling and I could feel my cock growing against the table. She stopped for a minute. I froze thinking it was over and things were going to get bad in a hurry. She began moving around between my legs. Then I felt something on my shoulder. I reach up to find a very wet thong. She had stopped to remove her bra and panties. All of a sudden there was a loud crack. She smacked my ass. She began to rub and massage my cheeks. She leaned forward and I could feel her nipples graze my ass as she began to kiss my spine. She worked her way down my back and then began sliding her tongue across my ass. She grabbed my cheeks and spread me open. I moaned as she blew softly on my puckered hole. I felt her tongue at the top of my crack. Slowly she worked her tongue towards my hole. I took a deep breath as her lips sealed themselves to my ass. Her hot tongue parted her lips and slid into my waiting ass. I felt a shiver run thru my entire body as her tongue slid in and out of my ass. She tongued my ass for about 5 minutes. When she pulled away I let out a groan and disappointment. She raised my ass in the air putting my knees under me and keeping my face on the table. I had a feeling what was next. I was right. She began to work two fingers into me. I had only had a woman rim me once before and it was quick. I couldn?t believe what was happening. She was amazing. It hurt a little at first but the feeling was amazing. I had never had anything in my ass before. She started moving her fingers in and out of me. She was finger fucking me. Then she pushed the fingers in as far as she could and held them for a minute. I could feel her curl her finger and then she hit the spot. My balls swelled and began to ache. I couldn?t move, I was frozen in an orgasmic state. As her finger swirled around in a little circle lightning bolts were shooting thru my dick. I thought I was going to explode. I felt her hand on my balls. She pulled on my sack and squeezed. She whispered not yet baby I want to taste your cum. She pulled her fingers from my ass making a popping sound. She rolled me over never letting go of the stern grip she had on my balls. She is beautiful with an amazing body as I see her naked for the first time. She looks at my throbbing cock and sees my juice oozing from the head. She lowers her head and in one smooth motion sucks my 7? cock to the base. I feel her start to gag a little then she relaxes her throat as she releases my balls. I feel my head swell as my cum boils up my dick. She starts to choke and pulls her head back a little. It feels like she is sucking the head off of my cock as she takes my load into her mouth. I shoot what feels like a quart and she swallows it all before releasing my dick. She raises her head and kisses me. I can taste my fresh cum on her tongue.

She climbs off the table and starts to get dressed. She hands me her panties and says I need to keep them. I stand up and start to find my clothes. She tells me my next appointment will be a 4:30 in the afternoon so we can do the massage at her apartment afterwards. That is another story. I am done with therapy now but we still get together and have kinky sex. She knows I am married and we are swingers. She wants to get together with me and my wife and do us both. My wife and I can?t wait.

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