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I had to take the car into the dealership for it?s scheduled service while my husband was working out of town. The dealership offered to drive me home if I would drop the car off and then deliver it back to me when it was completed. They have always given good service in the past and I had no fears that the transaction would go smoothly. I was not prepared for the level of personalized service I was about to experience.

At the dealership I was offered the drop off and pick up service or a loaner car but I opted for the ride to and from since I didn?t need to go anywhere that day. The new service director, James, trying to give a good impression to his employer and provide customer service offered to take me home personally. Thinking nothing of it I followed him out to a courtesy car where he held the door for me and I gave him directions to our house. He was a tall black man about five or so years younger than me, well built to the point of being ?buff? and strikingly handsome. He soon added flirtatious to qualities he possessed.

Harmless flirting at first but then when he learned that my husband was out of town he turned on even more charm. He started mentioning how nice I looked and how if he was my husband, he?d be worried that a man like him would be hitting on me while he was out of town. I was enjoying James personality and attention a little too much and I spoke before thinking with the comment ?What my husband doesn?t know won?t hurt him.? He picked up on that as an invitation to be more direct with his approach and reached over the put his hand on my thigh just below the hem of my skirt and gently ran his hand up and down my leg. I was feeling sexier than I should and wondering just how far he was intending to go with this so I didn?t move but did respond with ?Don?t you have to be getting back to work??

He didn?t answer me and we didn?t speak other than directions on where to turn. His hand kept getting higher up my leg and I slid down in the seat to allow me to spread my legs apart. His fingers were lightly touching the crotch of my panties all the way to my driveway. ?Here we are? I said to which he replied ?Do you mind if I come in? I need to make a phone call? Wanting to see what he was up to, as if I didn?t have a good idea, I agreed to let him come in. I opened the garage door, since the dealership doesn?t like for customers to leave door openers in the cars being serviced and told James to pull inside.

I hit the door close button as he turned off the courtesy car and leaned over to kiss me. I had never kissed a black man before and now I was in a private place with a very nice looking one with one hand on my panties and it was putting me in the mood for a very exotic sexual experience. We got out of the car and were headed inside the house when I heard him call into work from his cell phone saying he was going to stop off for lunch before heading back to work. When he snapped the phone closed I said ?So does that mean we have an hour?? Yes that?s what that means? he said. I moved right up to he chest to get another much better and longer kiss.

?Does you husband know that you like black men? He asked and I told him I had never been with one but I was enjoying him as my first one. He quietly responded that he would be gentle and asked where I would like for us to get comfortable. I lead him to the master bed room and threw the comforter to the floor. He was undressing so I faced him and started doing likewise as I noticed that we were watching each other more than what we were doing. He had the biggest penis I have ever seen in person. It was longer than my husbands by at least two inches and half again as husky. Naked we closed in on each other for another hot kissing session till I got that overwhelming feel of wanting sex and pulled him onto the bed. He kissed me as I felt his hands touch me softly all over my body. My hands went right for that big love tool of his. His kisses left my lips to find my neck, breasts, navel, tummy, down one thigh as I spread my legs apart, then back up the inner thigh to lightly kiss my pussy, give it a lick and head up the other thigh, then back down to begin my transformation into his very willing, adulteress partner.

Fingers were busy in and out of me while his tongue darted on and around my clitoris. He was very good at oral sex. I knew time was ticking away so I offer to suck him, something I wanted to do ever since first seeing it a few minutes ago. He got on his back and I went for my knees between his legs so I could watch his expressions as I went to oral work on him. Our eyes were glued to each other as I sucked and licked it, My husband likes for me to be looking up at him when I give him a blow job so I thought James might like that treatment too. I couldn?t get it all in my mouth so I mouthed up and down the sides of his shaft between sucking on him and getting as much as I could in my mouth.

He gently reached down to pull me up on top of him. I got another kiss as he guided his penis till he worked that big thing of his between my lower lips and into my well lubricated pussy. Into me just a little at first then with each motion in and out he got a little deeper till I was completely penetrated by the full length. I got a little orgasm, the kind that feels really good and keeps on giving little spasms of pleasure with continued intercourse. ?I?m there Honey? I moaned ?Don?t Stop!? He replied ?Yea Baby? The pace of our rhythmic sex picked up and I tried to return my body's motions to enhance his thrusts into me. At a feverous rate of wild fucking I gave out with ?Do It James, Do Me, Do Me and then DOOO MEEE! As we were reaching our uncontrollable climaxs. He went off inside me. We collapsed on the bed together, our sex parts still engaged but well spent as I was still on top of him. I rolled almost all the way off before his penis came out of me. Iwas amased tht it was that long. I wanted to cuddle but knew it was just fun sex and he needed to leave soon so I kissed him as he was catching his breath.

We dressed and I walked him back to the garage to let him out. It was very obvious that we were sex partners and not emotionally attached other than that as we kissed a few times but with much less lust. We agreed that we liked the way each other fucked and he mentioned that he?d like to be with me again. I told him my husband was out of town till Friday and that was three days away. Maybe James adn I?d try again before he got home.

When James delivered the car back to me that afternoon someone else was following him in the courtesy car to give him a ride back to work. But He stepped inside the front door and closed it beind him for me to sign the paperwork and we took the opportunity to get a nice soft kiss. ?What would you think about seeing one another again tomorrow? He asked and I agreed to see him again when he got off work about 4 PM.

I?m looking forward to it as I write this.

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