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Pay back

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Hi my name is Pam im 32 36c 25 37 with long brown hair. Im divorce but do have a steady boyfriend. His name is Jim and he 35 and fun in bed. He been trying to talk me into doing more wild stuff and to dress sexy. Ive done some stuff with and had fun. Well his birthday was coming up so i thought i would give him i wild treat. So i went shopping and found me some nice clothes to wear. Nice low cut top and mini skirt. got the stocking, lacy self bra and lacy thongs to match. Well i got all dress up and went to his place to surprise him and to take him out for his birthday. I pull into the parking lot and look up to see his old girlfriend coming out of his building. She was dress allup to the point of looking like the slut she is.Dam that bitch, but as i look, right behinder is Jim and they are walking to her car in get in and go, Dam what the fuck this.Im piss but im block and cant get out to see where there going, so i get out to leave him a note. I have a key and went into his apartment. wow dont take long and i know what they where doing. Clother all over and his bed a mess and wet. So i grab paper and tell him the fuck off and throw it on his bed. So i take off and heading down the exspress way , thinking what i shoud do.But i need to hit the ladys room so pull into the rest stop area to go. Still mad i get out and head for the rest room. As i walk i notice a guy on the phone in front .There are semi truck all over here.So i figure some driver.Well as i walk up he turning around and stare right at me. He didnt even try to hide that he was lookng at me. Now he was a tall well built black man , but it thought this a bit rude lol. so when i got and rest room , it dawn on me why he was staring.I had forgot in my angry that i was still in low cut top n mini skirt lol. Well i guess jim was right guy to check out ,when dress slutty lol So being mad , i decide to let im see. so i took off my bra and got top pull down a bit more and hike skirt up a bit more. Looking in mirrow, dam he will see skin now. Nervous and a bit scared i walk out.He still on phone but stare right at me and following my every move.Well he likes and i started to walk with a bit more wiggle lol. I walk over and got a pop out of pop machine, when i bent over to get it out i peek at him, He had his eye glued on my ass.skirt short enought , he should see my thongs too. I was feel i bit better i set at the table sipping my pop and leg pointing his way.Not looking at him i let them come apart some to give him a peek. Thats when i notice he hung up and heading my way. He bought a pop and stare at me. Then he started to walk torge me. He said hi and ask what im up to. i told him just have a pop and hanging a bit. then he smile and said that your really hot . Welll thank you. Then he told me he was a truck and pointed to this big huge black truck. Nice Truck , that all most as big as my apartment lol. yea i have to live in it lol.He keep checking me out and try to see down my top and up my skirt at same time lol. So i let him and looking at his truck. Then he ask me, ever seen a truck that big before? Yea going down the road lol. come on ill show you it and started to walk to it. Oh what the hell i followed. It got bigger as i walk to it.He stop by passager door and open it. Check it out!Why not ,so i climb up into it, know he was below looking up my skirt.As i turn he was a big smile. then he ran around and climb up his side. He said go ahead and check it out and pull this curtain back. so i turn around to see this huge bed, tv, frige behing me. wow you do live here! when i turn i had spun leg around to see.he ask me if i like what i saw, i said yes this is great.That when he rest his hand on my leg, and said he like what he saw. I jump a bit but smile and said thanks.As he rub my leg, he ask me what my price? What? then he ask againg , how much you want? dam, he thinks im a hooker! I look down and notice he had a big bluge in his pants. i kinda giggle at it and said im not a hooker.He said your sure dress as one. So i told him why i dress up, You got luck boyfriend! But he was still rubbing my leg. then he said with this out fit and your body you look like one hot slut n could make lots of money. With that he took his hand and slide it into my top and grab my bare titt. the nipple where really hard and pointed at this time.. and he had them in his finger rolling them. He slide my top to the slide it down my shoulder. Know my titt was out and he lean over and lick it softly, and slow suck in the nipple. Dam he is good, i was getting horny and his bulge was bigger.As he suck he unbotton my top and slowly push it wide open. Now he sucking one and playing with the other. Dam i was getting hot.He stood up and pull me to my feet and slide my blouse the rest way off.then pull me to him sucking on my neck and play with my boobs.I was breathing pretty heavy by now.that when he slide his hand down to my ass and grab it and pick me up. he had my boobs in his face now and sucking on them. i was holding on his shoulder as he suck away.His hand where under my skirt and holding my bare ass. I dint care , i love the way he suck tittyls. that when he took a couple step back and i started to fall, he was dropping me onto his bed.As i feel his hand where sliding down my ass.When i landed on his bed i notice my thongs in his hands torn from the fall.My skirt was up to my waist now and he stood between my legs. Stare at my pussy he smile, I love bald. pussy slut. i had shave it for Jim I went to get up but as i started he undid his pantes and shove them down, short in all. Out pop his cock and its was huge , fat and long. it was rock hard and all most in my face.So i did lean back.As i did he was finish taken pants off and shirt.then he told me, to get rid of the skirt.With out really thinking and stare at his cock i finish take it off. He slowly knelt down and push leg apart more and bury his face into my pussy. i was allready so wet but with his licking and nibble on my clit drove me over the edge. I was moaning quite loud and telling him to suck it.He took me over the edge, cumming and screaming.As i was catching my breath he slide up on top of me. I could feel his cock poking my pussy.As he reach down to guide its head in, i told him we needed a rubber but he push his cock in to my wet pussy popping its head in. He smile and said we are doing fine with out, and with that started to slam it to me , he was going to town on my pussy deeper each pump.It was bigger then i ve had but he was making it fit.It hurt but i found myself pushing up to meet his cock and maoning yes yes pretty loud.wasnt long and my leg up on his ass helping him to fuck my pussy.i was cumming again as he was bounce my ass all over his bed.He had me stretch to the limts but when he started to blow his load he was slamming hard into me and pull my ass. With all his hot seed shooting into me and me pushing up to meet him , i think he got the whole dam thing in me. it hurt llike hell but i didnt care becaue i was cumming for the third time.he roll off me and said that i was on hot white slut. I laught , is that a good thing, with a smile he said a very good thing.i went to get up and could believe all that black seed pour out of my strectch out wet, happy pussy.He told me that he would love to fuck me again but he had to ret down the road.So i clean up and he help me get dress. I got out of the truck and walking back to my car as he drove away. When i went to get in , i notice something in my blouse pocket, there in my pocket was his card, with cb handel, cell phone # and 200 $ I just laught, i guess im a white slut hooker as i slide his card into the back of my wallet

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