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Passions Fulfilled

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It had been the occasional glance, the flirtatious look, as you and I would pass by each other at work, for the last month or so...both of us sensing that ?electricity? between each of us (that for some reason only seems to occur between certain people; wonder why that is?).

You were about my height, with shoulder-length brunette hair, a sensual figure, and you usually wore a modest mini-skirt, and dress-tops, that just gave a hint of your d├ęcolletage?; I was 5?7?, brown hair, gray eyes, medium-build, nothing that would normally set me apart from other men, unless one noted my hairy chest, which was either a blessing or a curse!

I?d lay awake late at night imagining what it would be like if we ever did get time alone with each other, to talk, to hold, to kiss, to share, but we were on different projects at work?but that changed most unexpectedly when the Project Supervisor asked us to develop a new ad campaign for the company, that would require some travel to find a photographic background for the stockholder?s annual report.

We were assigned to a small satellite office, and given three months for completion?.we looked at each other, not really believing this was happening; your hand brushed against mine, and we actually smiled at each other; could this be?

?Ummm, make sure you two don?t get too ?distracted? completing our layout, ok,? as we both started, as our supervisor, with assistants in tow, walked by. Was it that obvious? You smiled at me, and gave me a brief hug, even though Office Policy forbade any physical touching (how many times did that rule get violated by top management, I wondered); my passions inflamed, and it was not even halfway through the workday!

We spent the next week moving our effects to the satellite office; it was Spring, and we?d take a lunch outdoors, having the freedom to talk, to rest, and yes, the occasional hug and kiss, for we were left to ourselves, with the occasional visit by our supervisor from the main office. Soon, the work on the layout started, and we?d go scout out backgrounds for the Annual Report, that took us out to meadows, to beaches, foothills, mountains, as we took roll after roll of photos?we?d pack a lunch, and find some secluded spot, to discuss the day?s work, but alas, soon our passions would ?interfere.?

First it was the kissing; briefly at first, then longer?longer embraces, as my senses would take in every aspect of you, your eyes, your touch, your sensual form, as I felt your hands caress my face, my hairy chest, my hands also touching your smiling, yet sensual lips, the small of your back. The ?electricity? fairly seemed to ?spark?, and we knew, without saying anything, that one day the right moment would come, where we?d be at a location where we could totally and uninhibitedly express our full passions for each other, but as the Project Deadline approached, we wondered if that would really happen!


Finally, the layout and photo-bacgrounds were done; it had turned into 18-hour days, and we were complimented on our work; the smiles from our associates told us enough. As we were about to leave, our supervisor handed us a small sealed envelope, and we noticed knowing smiles amongst the office staff (had they been ?spying? on our little trysts? Gulp!); ?Go ahead, open it; its our way of saying ?thanks? for a job well-done, by people who know how to work together so well??

My face flushed, as you and I opened the envelope:

I stood there wordlessly, my face turning a bit red, as you read to me, ?You both are hereby granted a 4-week all-expenses-paid vacation, to the location of your choice, courtesy of the Company, for the excellent and timely completion of the lay-out for the Annual Report.?

Our supervisor said, ?Go on, get on that phone and start planning your vacation, you two!?

He scooted us to a unused office, with a phone, and closed the door behind us; we stood there looking at each other, not really believing this was happening; maybe the Company had spied on us, but overlooked our ?trysts,? as we made such good work partners?we giggled, and soon discussed where?d we like to go; Hawaii, the Caribbean, French Riveria, Colorado?after an hour or so of ?friendly? debate, we realized we were hungry??Where?d you like to eat at,? she asked? In reply, we drove to her favorite restaurant, and enjoyed the best dinner in years; the wait-staff gave us the wine on the house, and a fine dessert, which definitely warmed up our mood?

?Hey, let?s drive to our little ?secret? location, that has the spa nearby; the night is young, to celebrate our upcoming vacation?? as we got up to leave the restaurant; I didn?t need any prompting, as you had dressed very sensually tonight; a tight mini-skirt, a silky top, unbuttoned to reveal your fine cleavage; I didn?t look so bad either, as your hands kept brushing by my lower back, and my posterior; I was starting to get quite horny!

Soon we were at ?our? spot, where?d we had so many times before hugged and kissed, and yes, some heavy petting, but alas, cut short then by our work schedule?there was no one about, as we walked into our cottage, and expressed surprise that someone had set the table with some wine, bread and cheese, and left a crackling fire in the fireplace, and a bubbly Jacuzzi!

And that deep-pile carpet, and the bed?I felt your tight embrace of me, your perfume, as you didn?t let go of me?I kiss you with passion, and your hands touch my face, my back, my posterior, as I feel you unbutton my shirt, caressing my hairy chest, which didn?t bother you. My hands were soon intimately caressing your face, your neck, and soon were under your top, pleasuring your smooth didn?t take long for our clothes to slide off, and we embraced, caressed, and kissed with increasing passion?

You whisper something in my ear, and soon we are sprawled on the largest bed I have ever seen, you licking, kissing, and touching me in ways that have me so hard for you?. You lay my hand on your tummy, and I do that ?magic? caress, that slowly makes its way down past your tummy, down your thighs, then back up, each time getting closer to your hotness?then I touch you there, feeling softly your passion, caressing each fold, pressing gently, as I feel your hand on my member, now most at attention for you, as our eyes lock, and we kiss with passion!

You have me lay down, as you arch over me, and my eyes meet yours, as I feel the warmth of your breasts upon my chest, your hands caressing my manhood, as my mouth kisses each breast, my hands caressing your back, your face, your thighs, your rounded cheeks?I feel your hand squeeze my manhood till I thought I?d not contain my passions, and I feel you guide it inside your love-tunnel, then deeper, as your love-tunnel pulls me in, feeling it knead and stimulate me so intensely! We move together, as our hands explore each other intimately, as our rhythm builds!

We lose all sense of time and place, as you and I bring each other to peaks of ecstasy unknown to each other?such had been the fruit of waiting for this Moment? I kiss you on your breasts, that would send electricity through you, and your love-tunnel would do something so intense to my manhood, that somehow again you?d bring me to a peak?hours passed, as our rhythm started to slow?soon we were cuddling spoon-fashion, too spent to move, and we gaze into each other?s eyes, kissing gently, holding each other.

We must have fallen asleep, for it was morning?birds chirping, sunlight coming in. I heard a bubbling sound in the next room, and you took my hand, and we made our way to the Jacuzzi, noticing the bowl of fruit and wine on the small table?hmmm, someone knew we?d be here a while!

We let the waters relax us, as we somehow found ourselves embracing?we made small talk, and soon I took your hand and I playfully dried you off, as you did me. We almost forgot about our small breakfast, so we put on some robes, and started to eat?I?d take a piece of fruit and gently place it to your lips, then you?d take it from me, and do the same! Your flirtatious looking at me arose my passions again, and I?d take some tropical bite of fruit, and let it rest on your lips, letting the juices run down between your cleavage, and I?d ?pretend? not to notice. You draw me close to you, and ?beg? for me to lick those juices off, and pretty soon, we were putting little pieces of fruit on each other, first on our faces, then our arms, then I felt a wetness on top of my manhood, as you put a particularly juicy strawberry there!

You gently ate that strawberry, being careful not to touch my manhood; that drove me crazy, but you weren?t finished yet?you rolled over, and I got the hint: two succulent half-cherries, on top of your breasts! You started to giggle, but soon my mouth was ?busy,? as I licked the last of the cherry-juice from your now-swollen nipples?.you take my hand, and up comes some bite-sized honeydew melon?from your look into my eyes, this will be a day of most passionate love-making?.

To be continued, or if you would like to contribute to this tale of passion?write on!

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