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Passionate midnight

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Passionate midnight

The city seemed to be throbbing that summers night we ran through the streets after the party.You looked so natural and beautiful in your party dress that came just above the knee,and some beautiful garment leather boots to.

The city seemed different this night as there was a heavy atmosphere in the air as we ran laughing in the streets,and then we both stopped and i looked into your eyes and you looked so beautiful and natural and i wanted you so much.

Gazing into each others eyes as though we could read what our minds were screaming and longing to say out loud.Looking around us we spotting an alleyway and we made our way down to the darken area.The air was filled with passion and the smell of sex mixed with the hot sweet smell of a summers night.I pushed you against the old fire escape stairs that ran down the whole side of the apartment block,with we joined lips with such frantic passion that it sent shivers all over our bodies.

You looked so stunning as a gentle breeze came down the alleyway whipping up old news papers like a whirlwind as to match our feelings and wanton desires.Your lips were so hot as they pressed against mine and so sweet that i craved more and more of your touch,as i kissed i ran my fingers through your hair.

I wanted you there and then as i took your hand as i pushed you firmly back against the brick wall .I could see your chest heaving up and down with excitement as i started to kiss you once more,while at the same time i cupped my hands either side of your cheeks and as i did you moved your lips and kissed my hand.

The alley was dark apart for the odd apartment window light and the passing taxi's taking people home from there own adventures.I could feel your hands around the back of my neck as we looked into each others eyes,and with that i ran my hand down either sides of your figure fitting blue dress and over your hips and all the way to the hem.I bent down and started to kiss all the way up your thigh and i could feel the heat of your skin through the stockings you had on.

I could feel your dampness on my lips even through the lace front of your underwear,and with that i started to kiss you through the fabric and i could hear you moan so i looked up and you pushed my head back down to carry on.

I ran both hands up and under either side of your underwear pulled the palms outward,so the through rolled over the backs of my hands as i pulled them down your thighs and then to your ankles.

Your smell filled my nose like the most amazing bouquet and i couldn't stop my self from sampling you.

With my hands squeezing your cheeks firmly as i took your scented lips in my mouth and lips,and then i moved one hand up your front and onto your stomach and with that i could feel you spasming with delight.You pulled my back up to your lips as we both shared your essence and i could feel your nipples so hard as you pressed against me.You turned around and said undo me so i pulled down the zip and you magnificent breasts spilled out for my to taste.

With my foot i push your foot wide.

Your front of the dress is around your waist and you start to kiss my neck and bit my shoulder as i start so pull your dress up enough for me to enter you.Still kissing i feel you reach down and take my shaft in your firm and gentle hand and guide my in,and with a thrust i feel you moan into my mouth .

I lift you up as i thrust inside you in a slow and rhythmic way as we both move as one,as i feel your thighs and legs wrapped round me so tight.As we make love with such abandon we barely notice that is started to rain from all the summer heat,and the sound of the rain coming down makes you look up and doing so you see we are being watched from off the windows but it doesn't matter as it only heightens the emotions.

The alleyway suddenly becomes brighter as a neon sign lights up the darkness a little.On and off and on and goes the light as it casts it's reflection in a pot hole in the ash felt that it now a puddle.

I feel you grip my shaft and head to tight i would to explode inside you it feels to good.The water is pouring down the walls and all over us as your arch your neck for my to kiss.The rain drops are rolling off your neck and onto my lips.

The street seems more alive now spurring use to move faster so not to get caught,but that only serves to make the moment more thrilling as i feeling you shudder with a breathless intensiveness that is to much to bare as i let myself go inside you.

We both look at each other and laugh with such an excited and deeply personal moment we just shared,and with that we tidy ourselves and make our way home.

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