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Passionate Love

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You finish putting away dinner as I relax in a hot tub of water. My feet are propped up on the end while I have my head laid back and my eyes closed. I think of how good you are to me and how I am so lucky to have a man that will stand beside me through thick and thin. We have been through a lot together but our love has seen us through it all and has made us stronger. While I lie there and think I feel your hand rest on my feet and then slowly move up my legs. I smile in surprise but keep my eyes close to savor the curiosity. Your hand moves further up my legs then between my thighs to my womanhood. You fondle me there for a moment making me shiver and moan then move your hand up my body. You cup my right breast then move your other hand to the water to cup the other. You squeeze them tight and pinch my nipples between your fingers and thumb making me whimper in pleasure. You then move your hands up to my shoulders then to the back of my neck as you lean over to kiss me. Your sweet lips press hard against mine as your soft tongue moves into my mouth. I reach up and run my hand over your face as we continue to kiss passionately. Our love has never been stronger then it is now. You start kissing me down my neck and to my shoulders getting me more and more excited. I open my eyes to find that you have removed all your clothes and are getting just as excited as I am. You reach down to let the water out of the tub as I move to stand up. As I step out of the tub you catch my foot and place in on the side while placing your face between my legs. Your tongue runs up the folds of my pussy and titillates my clit. I shake with ecstasy and try to move away but your hands firmly grip my ass. As you suck and nibble my hardening clit you realize I am starting to get weak. You move me out of the tub to the bed where you lay me down and bury your tongue in my moist cunt once again. I call your name in pleasure as I run my fingers through your hair. I arch my back as I feel myself about to explode. You bury your tongue deep and suck my clit hard as you reach around and shove your finger up my ass. I scream and pull you to me as I explode all over your face. You continue to lick my pussy cleaning all my juices. I beg you to share until you finally move up my body and kiss me passionately. As I suck all of myself off your tongue and lips then lick it off your face you gently slide your erect cock inside my already throbbing cunt. You probe deep inside me while you kiss me harder and harder. I wrap my legs up with yours and push up towards you as you thrust inside me. You move your arms behind my head and pull us closer together. I whisper that I want to taste you but you beg me to cum again first. You start pounding the spot that you know drives me crazy. I start moaning and calling your name. You tell me you love me and that you want me to be yours forever. I promise you that I am all yours and that you will never have to share me with anyone. You push your manhood deep inside me as I scream your name. I explode all over you again as you suck hard on my neck. I push you off me and move immediately to take you in my mouth. I run my hand down the side of your shaft to your balls. While I run my velvet tongue over the head of your dick I fondle you and run my finger over your asshole. You jerk in pleasure making me take more of your. I begin to take more and more of your hardening cock as I continue to play with your ass. I can feel your getting rock hard while my tongue caress you as I suck you hard. You reach down and start running your hand over my head and back telling me how good it feels. You know that I love tasting you and even more so after you have been inside me. My pussy gets wetter and wetter as I continue to suck your cock. You start jerking forcing your self in my mouth as I slide my finger up your ass. You moan in pleasure, as your dick gets harder then ever. I know that you want to explode but you hold back for me. You move your hand down to my face and gently push me off of you. Then you get above me placing your shaft back in my mouth and lean over to suck my breast. You move your hand down and slide your fingers in my wet pussy. I cry out but continue to ravish your dick. My hand cups your balls as I slide my finger back up your ass making your move in and out of my mouth while I hold a tight grip on it with my tongue and lips. Your lips around my nipple and your hand between my legs are making me hotter. I can?t stand it any longer; I have to have you now. I kiss up your body and pull you down to me kissing your with more passion then you have every felt. You take your fingers out of my cunt and place them I my mouth. I suck all of my juices off your fingers and your shove your rock hard dick into my pussy. You kiss me so that we can share what you have just created. You pound me hard and hard taking me right to the edge the stop. I beg you for more but you love to see me hang there yearning for you. Then when you think that I am about to come down you start pounding me again. You never have trouble finding the spots that drive me to the edge. You tell me that you want to cum but that you want us to finish as one. You kiss me ever so softly as you move in and out of me. Once again you bring me right to the edge then stop. This time neither of us moves, we know that next time we will not be able to stop. You can feel the love and passion between us as we lay there in each other?s arms. You start to move inside me again and I can feel your throbbing. I want you so deep inside me that I reach down and grab your ass pulling you to me. You start to move faster and faster as I scream louder and louder. We are about to cum together. You moan in pleasure and tell me to let it go. I can feel you flowing deep inside me as I release the passion that has built up inside me. I scream your name as you stroke my insides with your hard cock. You groan in my ear as all that you have built up now flows free. Together we have become one never to turn back. Our love will forever grow! Things start to slow down and I wrap my arms tight around you and hold you close. You lay your head on my chest and listen to my heart that it beating only for you. We whisper our love to each other before we drift off to sleep dreaming of each other?s love. The next day we wake up intertwined and kiss each other good morning???.

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