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Out of town for business

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I had to have a talk with my husband Bob, in order to spend time in Indiana, the next state to our west, for one or two weeks work for my job. I was asked to be on the Ohio negotiations committee for our union to plan and list issues for the stewards to take to the up coming contract renewal negotiations. Since the company is nationwide in scope and the union covered most states where we have employees we were to add local information to the people actually making the big pitch at the bargaining table. It was a bit of an honor to be chosen and it was only one week away from home so Bob and I were fine with me going.

The team was booked into an extended stay type facility with private rooms for each of us and several conference rooms. The rooms we had were nice efficiency apartments with kitchens and everything. We were to have a general meeting with the scope of our mission explained and then would break up into sub groups to discuss issues then one spokesperson from each group would present the findings at the gatherings which were scheduled for twice a day. The body of representatives was mixed with about 15 women and 33 men from all around the

I was placed in Group B, I knew none of the other people in my group but we had outlines and directions for the program. In my group was Jackie an attractive lady from Illinois, Mike a very tall man from Indiana, John, a large older man from northern Michigan and James a black well fit man from southern Michigan. We had an organization meeting till the lunch break and Jackie and I made friends right away. She had been on one of these before a few years earlier and gave me some insight on what to expect. Then she added, ?And remember, what happens at the conference stays at the conference?. Thinking she meant that the negotiations were ?non disclose able? I said ?I know to not talk about things till the contracts are all voted upon? She then said ?No Honey I mean the after hours activities?

Just as I was trying to swallow and absorb that comment a man walked up to where we were sitting and kissed her on the cheek. They were obvious old friends and when he walked away Jackie added ?Now that?s one of the things I was talking about?. Noticing that she and he both were wearing wedding rings I had to ask, ?What is your relationship with him?? Jackie told me that they were on the same team for the last one of these conferences, and that they had an affair. They stayed in touch and had a few trysts since then. Then she also added that several of the gals had ?booty calls? with men at the conference. I looked around and saw several people engaged in what might have been flirting at other tables. I guess I was not surprised at it happening but I was taken aback that it was starting so soon on the first day of the conference.

Into our group Mike, John and James joined Jackie and I at our assigned table in a corner of the conference room. Mike took charge right away and led the discussions. We decided to take turns making the presentations at the main gathering and we all agreed to pull our far share of the burden. That afternoon we had made some progress on our issues for discussion and had a few that needed to be hammered out. Not all agreed on how to resole each issue.

Jackie and I were to do some research on one topic and the other guys would do likewise and we would meet later that evening over supper to prep for the next days work load. We retired to our laptops in my room to amass the information for the next day. Over wine of course?it can?t be all work you know. At one of our breaks I called home to my husband Bob giving him an overview of the conference. He was sympathetic and warned me not to work too hard because he knows me and what happens when I get on a mission?I dig in and stay focused to the point of exhaustion. I promised to call each night at a certain time to check in with things on both ends of the phone. Jackie was doing likewise from her cell phone to her husband.

I was pouring another glass of wine for each of us as she closed her phone saying, ?If he only knew what I was gong to be doing tomorrow night?he?d have a fit?. I asked ?What?s happening tomorrow night?? ?I?m getting laid, Honey! Have you looked around at the men for a playmate?? I was flattered that she thought I might be interested in a tryst but I politely said ?No thanks, I can wait till I get home? Jackie acted surprised adding ?No one will find out and there are some good looking guys here, you should re think that one?. That night after she left and I ran a hot bubble bath for a soak I started getting some big ideas?temptation was crossing my mind. Later I had a sexual dream of being with a strange man having glorious sex.

Next day we submerged ourselves in the mission and tasks at hand. Jackie and I turned in our research and the boys were impressed. James, Jackie and I were assigned the next topic for background and later we ended up in my room again. Jackie was flirting with James as much as she was working. James kept giving me the eye and winking with each of her sexual innuendos. At a break I called home and all was well. Jackie made her call at the same time while James pulled another beer form his cooler. A few minutes later Jackie gathered her things and said she had an appointment, winking at me because I knew what she was going to do. As she left she leaned over to give James a kiss and say ?Don?t do anything I wouldn?t do?you kids have fun tonight? and out the door she went.

I went to the kitchen to pour another glass of wine and felt James come up behind me. ?Looks like we?re alone? I turned and he stepped even closer pinning me against the kitchen counter. ?I?m a married woman? I said to which he replied ?That?s my favorite kind of white woman???Have you been with a black man?? I was lost in a daze. I wanted to say something to make him stop but I felt strangely excited and scared at the same time. All I could say was ?No I?ve never been with a black man? He pulled me close to his bulging chest and kissed me, I didn?t resist, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the fact that he was so sexy, maybe it was because I had often thought what it would be like with a black man but I wanted him with an animal instinct and willingness to be seduced. I felt his hand slide up under my dress to come to rest on the crotch of my panties. He spun us around to pin me against the wall in the hallway. His hand found its way inside my panties, then they we being pulled down my legs but all I could do was kiss him with even more passion.

As I stepped out of the panties on the floor I heard him say ?Come with me into the sofa? as he took my hand and led me to the scene of the crime. Stopping in another embrace in front of the sofa he ran his hands over my body and unbuttoned my dress. It fell to the floor leaving me naked as he directed my hands to his belt. I started to loosen his pants till I could push them down his muscular legs. His tight clinging boxer style underwear was bulging. He was undoing his shirt as I squatted before him to pull the underwear down and off of him. Next to my face was in front of the largest penis I had ever seen in person?I?m sorry is should have said COCK. Ten inches and my hand just did reach around it as I took in to guide its way into my mouth. I was so taken with this adventure that I stayed there sucking and licking that wonderful thing till he said ?I need to sit down? Happy that I was having a positive effect on him I repositioned myself between his feet to resume sucking him as he lay back in comfort.

Next he pulled me up to trade places except he spread my legs high and wide to trail kisses down my inner thighs first one then the other as he worked his way down to my wet vagina. Pleasure shot through me as his tongue split my lips to work its way to my clit. It was a most exciting oral experience taking me to a euphoric state of mind. I felt a finger slid inside me as the tongue quickened its pace sending me over the edge?..I had an orgasm. It came in waves of pleasure till I had to stop him and catch my breath. I remembered thinking that if I thought all black men were like this I would had been into them long ago. I prepared myself to be fucked thinking that he was about to put that big cock in me next, but he surprised me saying ?Now I want you to suck me off, so you?ll really want to fuck me tomorrow night? You?re going to be thinking about fucking me all day tomorrow and tomorrow night I?m going to fuck you like white married women are supposed to be fucked?.

He lay on his back across the sofa and I crawled on top of him?I wanted to be fucked right then and there. We kissed but then he pushed me down to suck him. He was in charge and I was his willing chattel. I stroked and sucked and licked his cock and balls and gave him my very best blow job?then for a climax, (all puns intended) I pumped my mouth and stroked his ten inches till his back arched and his salty sperm flowed in squirts for me to swallow. He sat up pushed me back onto my back and came to be on top of me for a kiss. I was pinned under him holding on to him when I felt his hand direct that large cock into my wet pussy. Sliding into me he pushed himself deeper and deeper till I could take no more. Oh My Gawd! I cried. He slowly slid back out of me and said ?That?s what we have on the schedule for tomorrow night?

He stood to get dressed. I caught my breath and got back into my dress. We finished our drinks as he flirted with me again leading up to the next night. It was like dating again and the first sex with that partner that held a mutual willingness to repeat. We kissed goodnight. Then I started thinking of Jackie, what will I tell her? I took a quick shower to freshen up before crawling into bed but I could not get the idea of fucking James tomorrow night out of my head.

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