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Our friend John

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My wife is Mrs Shy and reserved but she also really enjoys sex. It's kind of strange, because she would NEVER be the least bit sexy or provocative in public and when we're just relaxing by ourselves and I bring up something sexual she'll blush, answer timidly then change the subject. However, once we get alone and we both know that sex is going to happen she's totally different, she never says no to anything I want to do, if she likes something she'll bluntly say "...fuck me this way.", or "...I want your cock here".

I'm an average guy (aren't we all though). 6 feet and 2 inches tall, 205 pounds and my cock stands tall at 7 inches. My shy and reserved wife is no where near average and I wonder constantly what on earth I did to attract her in the first place. She's 5 feet 1 inch tall with "C" cup breasts that are absolutely perfect for anything you may need a breast for, and I do mean anything. At the beach or pool with friends other girls are constantly asking her how she keeps her tummy so flat and the few guy friends who have ever made a comment about her perfect body have been chopped at the knees and politely but very firmly told that she has the body she has and is not open for comments, stares or anything else from anybody but me.

We had been married for 6 or 7 years and just for grins I'd stopped by a sex shop and purchased a dill doe that looked like a real cock. I wasn't a monster, but it was one of those that was based on the cock of some white porn star and I thought it would add a bit of shock value to our next sex session.

Saturday came and we spent the day skiing at the lake with friends which as usual, ended up with me horney as hell because hanging out with gorgeous women in wet clingy bathing suits all day gets to me no matter what. We got home a bit after dark and I immediately told Mrs Shy and Reserved that she was about to get a long, hard fucking from a very horney husband. She feigned surprise and said "really? and which of the bikini clad women are you going to pretend I am tonight? Did you notice Jan's top come off when she did the rope swing? And Karen's white suit was almost totally see through when it got wet...that's why she only got in the water one time."

Those were comments that were a bit out of character for her, but hearing those words come out of her mouth caused Mr. Happy to really get excited. I just told her that I was going to imagine I was fucking the woman that was always my fantasy and I got on my knees in front of her, pulled her shorts and bikini bottom down and began licking her shaved mound as I pushed her down on the couch. As I licked and played she ditches her top and pulled my shirt off then leaned back and enjoyed the tongue lashing I was giving her. After just a short time she tensed up and I could feel the familiar feel of a female orgasam sweep over her body.

I stood up and told her that I wasn't done yet and I pulled my shorts off and she instinctively took Mr Happy into her mouth and and I just began to talk to her as she sucked. I told her that tonight I had a surprise for her and that she was about to get fucked in the as by a rock hard Mr. Happy. As she nodded her head in approval, I reached over and pulled the new cock shaped dill doe out and told her that while I was fucking her ass someone else was going to be nailing her pussy. Her eyes widened and her lips came off of my cock and she started to speak, but before she could say anything I kept talking.

I told her that I had in my hands a replica of a real cock and she had to tell me who's cock she wished it was, because it was going to be pounding her at the same time I was. For once her shyness overcame her lust during sex and she was speechless. I demanded that she had to tell me who we were with today had a package she wished she could see more of and finally she blurted out "John, it needs to be John." I asked why and she said that he never makes passes at her, is always a gentleman, but also never misses a chance to casually move his legs around so she could see up his swim suit. That was a shock to me, but it made sense and I told her "...then John it is in your cunt tonight!"

I played around a bit more with her, teasing verbally and physically then I moved around till I found a place that I could stick "John's cock" to something so she could mount it like she was laying on top of John fucking him with her ass in the air waiting for another cock. As she slid the dill doe (now known as "John") into her wet and sloppy pussy I had her close her eyes and talk like it really was John and she started moving her ass up and down on it fiercely, her eyes closed and her mouth uttering things girls just shouldn't say. I was playing with her tits and soon she tensed and came yet again. She pulled off of John and we talked and fondeled each other for a little while and when I couldn't take it any more I told her " looks like John wants some more of your sweet pussy, why don't you crawl up and give it to him."

Immediately she obeyed and slid up, closed her eyes and started talking dirty to "John" as she laid on top of him moving her ass up and down. I moved in behind her and lined my well lubed cock up on her waiting ass hole and just slid it in. As I worked myself in balls deep, I could feel "John" below me and the torrent of profane pleasure erupted from my wife's lips and she began to buck like the whore she was being at the moment. She was moaning, begging and wanting more and I told her that right now I was getting what I wanted and she needed to shut up, and keep "John" in her cunt until I was done with her ass.

For the next 5 minutes, I pounded, adding lube as I went along and she bucked, fucked and cursed. When I came and pulled out she just collapsed on the floor and I asked her if it was good. She said "fuck yes...and we need to talk some more."

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