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Our Storm (couple, romantic)

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Our Storm You feel the storm flow through your body, energizing you with its power. You have always been like this - restless, feeling the blood rushing madly through your veins. Many a time, you had wished for someone to share it with you.

I had finally found you. You stood in the clearing by the gazebo in the park?what has brought you to this place to meet this man? The warm rain pelts down on your face. I could feel the tension in you too. You practically radiate it. You stand there; eyes closed feeling everything?the storm outside, the storm within. It set your nerves on edge.

I come to you and place my hands on your shoulders. You don't move a muscle. It was as if you do not recognize my presence. Slowly, I slide my hands down your arms, moving to your waist and pulling you to my body. You trembled slightly, your hands curling into fists in an attempt to subdue the turmoil within yourself. Still your eyes remain closed.

I could feel the electricity in the air. It made me a little crazy too. I bend down to your ear. Very deliberately, since I know you don't like me teasing your ears, I blow softly into it. You give a sharp cry and came alive, twisting around to press yourself into my body. I see you starting to turn around and quickly lower my head from an attack of ?elbowitis?. I take your weight easily as I run one hand through your wet hair.

Your hands clutch at my back, as your lips claimed mine. This was no warm, loving kiss. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth, boldly demanding a response. I give it. My hand molds your body against mine as I let loose all the wildness I restrain with everyone but you.

Lightning flashes above us lighting up the clearing for a split second. You jerk against me, hands clenching behind my back. Then suddenly you shove me away and run. I stand frozen in shock and then I come running after you.

We run deeper into the woods. The rain coming down so hard that I can barely make you out in front of me. You are running so fast that I am scared that you will slip on the muddy ground and slide down one of the steep inclines. Amazingly you stay on your feet, still racing with the wind. Your exultant laughter floats back on the wind to me.

Suddenly you slide to a stop, doubling over to catch your breath, laughing breathlessly still. I pull you upright and prop you against a tree. Your clothes are soaked, your hair plastered against your brow but you are more alive now than I have ever seen you. Your eyes are aglow as you throw back your head, stretch your arms out and yell. I am entranced. Who is this wild creature?

Your eyes came back to my face. I see the power in your eyes, and suddenly I have the wild notion that the storm's energy is in you, being channeled somehow through you to the outside. Your gaze intensifies. Your lips part, your tongue slips out to slide delicately over your lower lip.

"Do you want me?" Your voice is lower and huskier than normal.

"How could I not?" I answer, my eyes drinking in the sight of you moving slowly against the tree. You hold out a hand to me.

"Then make love to me." I slowly lay you down onto the wet grass. You let your body fall with mine, melting into the ground. Then swiftly, you twist out from under my body, throw a leg over me and prop yourself over me, your face alight with triumph. You catch my wrists and drag them over my head, holding them down to the ground. Slowly, you stretch out over me, your large breasts poised over me; erect nipples clearly outlined through the wet fabric.

"Geesh?Woman!" "You like?" you purr.

"Like? Here's how much I like." I throw you off, pinning you down easily, shifting to let you feel my obvious arousal against your thigh.

"Tell me. How much do you want me to make love to you?" You groan in response, thrusting up your hips against me. I laugh softly then bend down to suck your earlobe into my mouth. You try to squirm away from me.

"Do you want to feel my tongue against your clitoris? Do you want to feel my fingers slide deep into you, press against your walls?" came a low, deliciously husky voice in your ear.

"Yes!" you gasp.

The vibration of my voice sends tiny muscle spasms running down your side. A wet tongue slides around the shell of your ear. You shriek. Damn it, I knew perfectly well that your right ear was one of your most sensitive spots! Then the lightning flashed again and you are arching against me, suddenly filled with the need for passion and power.

"Please, I need you now." you groan.

I cock my head in mock surprise.

"Now where's that woman who spends our days/nights endlessly teasing me? Can't you stand it when the shoe's on the other foot?" I bend down swiftly to sweep my tongue over the sensitive side of your neck. You groan as your body continues to move restlessly under me.

"Too bad." I continue silkily. "I'm going to take my time and I'm going to see you go crazy with pleasure." Swiftly I come to my feet and reach down to pull you up. Backing away slightly, my intense eyes holding your own, I begin to strip. Your heart leaps into your throat and stays there as I finally stand there in front of you. A wave of faintness sweeps over you as your eyes travel over my body. Proud, naked, beautiful. Framed by the storm. Your fantasy comes to life.

Sobered a little by the depth of your emotions, you lift your hands to your buttons and begin to shed your clothes, unconsciously using the grace inherent in you. Soon you too are bare; your skin prickling in the wind that rustles the leaves around us. I make the first step, backing you into a tree.

The feel of my firm body pressed against yours, the hardness of my penis traps itself against the soft flesh of your tummy, this was becoming more like a dream by the minute. The knot of tension within you tightens as your breathing shallows I bend my head ever so slowly to nuzzle at your neck. A wet tongue strokes up to your ear and then down again, tantalizing every single nerve ending on the way. Your nails dig into my forearms as muscles in your buttocks contracted with exquisite slowness.

Thunder crashes above us and a fresh fall of rain makes its way through the leaf cover onto us. The heat of my body burns through the chill as my hands move over your body, touching, stroking, and spreading the water over your breasts. Suddenly, you come to life again, wrapping your arms around my neck and pulling my head down for an intense, satisfying kiss. One bare leg lifts and hooks over my hip as you pulled me into your body.

I can feel the heat of your mound pressing against my hip, more than just tempting me to plunge into its warm depths. But I was enjoying myself way too much to end it so soon. Instead, I slip one hand down your side; follow the smooth curve of your bottom and stroke along your raised thigh. I break away from our kiss, looking deep into your stormy eyes as my hand slips between our bodies and into the heat and wetness waiting for me.

You give a sharp gasp, pressing back against the tree as my cool fingers part your outer lips and drive into you. I can feel your inner muscles contracting around my fingers and I crook them forwards and find your G-spot. Slowly I start to stroke the sensitive tissue, softly at first and then with more pressure.

You bury your face in my neck, stifling your moans into my shoulder. Your nails dig into my upper arms as you hold on for dear life. Carefully, I add my thumb to the concerto finding your throbbing clitoris and start on the exact same rhythm I am using inside you.

"No! Stop! Please?I can't stand it." You shoot away from me and grab my hand to still it. A second later I am pinning you to the tree, immobilizing you with my own body.

"Relax. Don't fight it.? I murmur into your ear, as I start up again.

"Oh God... please?no. I can't?" I speed up the tempo. Harsh cries started to escape you, your body tensing up against me. You had never felt such violent pleasure in your life. You need to scream, to tear into me, anything to keep you from going insane.

"OH GOD! GOD!? you cry out.

I managed to keep you upright as your legs melt way, concentrating on keeping the pressure of my fingers intense all the while. My own body is on fire, as I watch the ecstasy in your eyes, feel your muscles start to contract involuntarily. Your scream comes with the thunder, and then again and again as your orgasms tear into you with a force you have never imagined.

I hold you then, feeling the aftershocks run through your exhausted body long after you have cum. My own body is throbbing unmercifully after watching your explosive climaxes, every fiber straining to thrust into you with all the power I have. I force the image from my mind. You were too worn out to continue.

Your hand wraps around my shaft. I gasp at the contact. You lean over me, your eyes dark with a dangerous sexuality. The storm was still going strong. Maybe they WERE connected somehow.

You catch my wrists and drag them over my head, holding them to the ground. Slowly, you stretch over me, your breasts poised temptingly over me. A very familiar smile spread over your lips. You look at me lewdly and I hear you say in my ear...

"Now where was I?"

to be continued?

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