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Our First Meeting

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Our First Meeting By nightowl_fun2 We decided to meet in town and get a bite to eat so I waited at the corner service station as you made your way to meet me. I was excited as this would be our first face to face meeting. When you drove up I could see your eyes and the smile on your face and so I was not as nervous then. When I come to your car door and we touched for the first time I was glad we had decided to meet. As we sat there eating our eyes would meet and you have beautiful eyes that are enticing and erotic. They hypnotized me with desire to kiss you and hold you close. We sat and talked while we ate and got to know each other a little better. We left there and went to get a microwave that you needed. While shopping we would have talked more about ourselves, getting to know more about each other. When the shopping was done we went to the lake and sat to talk in the park. We watched the birds and boats on the water, holding hands and walking around, kissing and holding each other close at times and enjoying each other?s company. After several hours we decided to go to a hotel. We arrived at the hotel and I got a room for us. We got into the room and I kissed you gently on the lips first, then the neck, our hands touching each other softly. I looked deep into your eyes and could feel my desire for you growing. I kissed you again and touched your breasts gently. I could feel your nipples growing underneath your blouse. I felt you pull me closer to you as we kissed passionately. Our hands begin to explore each other as we kissed and hug each other close. I slipped my hand under your blouse and cupped your breast as our desire for each other become stronger.

Our minds were racing as to what we could do to please each other. I quickly unfastened your blouse and slipped it off your shoulders. I reached behind you and unfastened your bra and let it fall to the floor as you pulled my shirt off. I pulled you close to me and felt your breasts against my chest. Our bodies were responding to each other as we kissed and touched one another. I kissed your lips again and then your shoulder as I touched your breasts. I knelt down and kissed your nipple gently, sucking it and lashing it with my tongue. I heard your moans of pleasure as I kissed and sucked each nipple. I kissed your breast again and kissed your lips deeply, pulling you tight against me. My hand unfastened your pants and pulled them down as you stepped out of them quickly. I felt your hands go to mine as we kissed again. In a moment we both were standing there with just our shorts on, kissing and touching each other. I slipped my hand inside your panties as we kissed and begin to caress your mound gently. I could feel your hand on my manhood as we kissed and touched one another. I guided you back to the bed and slipped your panties down and off you. I eased you back into the bed and knelt in front of you kissing and touching you all over. I kissed you again on the lips and caressed your breasts. You guided my lips to your nipples and I quickly took one in my mouth, licking and sucking it gently as my finger begin to work its way into your wet lips. I begin to slip it in and out, playing with your clit as I sucked and licked your nipples, first one then the other. Your moans were becoming louder as your desires grew.

I felt your hands pushing my head down towards your wet lips. I knew you wanted to feel my tongue licking your sweet juices that were flowing strong now. I pushed you back onto the bad and put your feet onto my shoulders. Parting your legs wider I run my tongue across your lips slowly, Gathering your juices as I did. I heard you moan with pleasure. I slowly licked your lips again and again, stopping at times to thrust my tongue deep inside. I slipped my finger inside your lips and begin to massage your ?G? spot as my lips sucked your clit into my mouth. You could feel my tongue lashing your clit as I sucked it, biting it gently. My other fingers massaged your nipples and I continued to lick and suck your clit, bringing you closer to an orgasm. Your moans of pleasure were getting much louder now and you begin to thrust your hips to meet my tongue, your hands pushing my head hard against your lips. I felt your legs tighten against my head as I sucked and licked your clit, your body begin to tremble as you lost complete control. Moaning loudly you raised your head and looked into my eyes with passion, your legs tightened and tremble against my head as you climaxed, I felt your juices squirting against my face as my tongue tried to gather all of it. As your legs relaxed I sucked your clit into my mouth gently and caressed it with my tongue. You reached down and pulled me up to you, kissing me gently, tasting your juices on my lips. I felt your hand caressing my cock now and I could see the desire in your eyes to have me inside.

You rolled me over onto my back and kissed me on the lips as your hands stroked my cock. I could feel it growing to your touch as you kissed my lips and neck. We could see the passion in our eyes as we held each other. You kissed my neck and then my chest, your hand stroking me softly. I felt your lips as you took the head of my cock into your mouth, easing your lips down around the head of my growing manhood. I could feel you working my cock with your mouth, slowly taking it all in and sucking it hard as you pulled it out. I felt your tongue licking my balls and the shaft of my hard cock as you got it ready for you to take deep inside your wet lips. You rose up and kissed me deeply as you straddled over my hard cock, easing down around me slowly. I could feel my cock parting your hot moist lips, easing inside you till you had all of me inside. We both stayed still for a few moments, feeling you wrapped tightly around my hard cock as we looked into each others eyes. You leaned down and lay your breast against my chest and we kissed passionately. I begin slowly moving in and out of you as we kissed; I looked into your eyes and smiled as we allowed our passions to take control again. You rose up and started to meet my strokes now, riding my hard cock gently as I massaged your nipples. I begin kissing and licking your nipples as you slowly ride me and your hands held my head against your breasts. You raise my head up and kiss me deeply as we are locked together with passion. I can feel your love canal wrapped around my hard shaft as your ride me slowly. Our motions begin to get faster now as our passion grows more and more. We can feel the tingles starting deep inside as you get closer to having an orgasm. I reach down and grab your hips and begin to meet your thrust with my own now, driving my hard cock deep inside with each thrust. You begin riding me harder now, driving me deeper with each passing moment. I feel your hands gripping my shoulders for support as you get closer to climaxing. Faster and harder we drive ourselves against each other, our moans getting louder with each passing moment. I feel your hands clamp hard onto my shoulders and your love canal squeezes my cock tightly as you thrust down hard around my cock. You feel my hard cock pulsating and my body becomes ridged as your orgasm erupts from deep within, flowing out around my cock as I cum deep inside you.

We stay that way for a few moments, savoring the feelings we have just had. We look into each other?s eyes and I pull you down to me and kiss your lips gently. Laying your head on my shoulder we lay there with me still inside you. Our desires fulfilled for the time being we begin planning the next time we can be together. We hope that then we will have more time to spend together. The pleasure we gave to each other in this short time we were together will always be there. We know we have to get dressed in a little while and you have to go your way and I mine. We look forward to the next time we can be together. I get up and take you by the hand and lead you into the shower. I gently wash your body, taking my time enjoying every touch and caress I can give you. I pat you dry when we are through and help you get dressed. I put on my clothes quickly and pulled you close to me and kissed you again. With our arms around each other we look into each other?s eyes and see that we must meet again soon. The memory of the pleasure we shared today will always be pushing us to be together again. We walk out the door and each gets in our own vehicle and drive away. We call each other and begin planning for our next meeting, hopping that it want be long before we can be in each other?s arms again.

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