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Our First Couples Massage

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Debbie and I are your normal middle aged couple with kids. A lot of running around and tired. Our sex life has downsized to 2 times per month. Leaving my mind to wander and entertain myself. This all changed when Debbie booked a couples massage during the day at the local massage envy. When we arrived the standard form filling out was required and Debbie being the PTA mom, girl next door good girl check the box to not massage her ass and she even kept her underwear on. I of course check the box to massage mine and camando. Our massuses came out to meet and bring us to the couples room. Mine was a good looking 25 ish women with very small breast. But Debbie?s was a late 20s inshape , good looking guy. Deb gave me a look like maybe we should switch. They took us to the room and told us to undress and get under the sheet face down.

This is a good time to describe us. Debbie is 44, 5?tall, 130 lbs curvy with a lot of it in her boobs. Looks like Rachel Ray very pretty, a little slimmer then her but with huge natural boobs. She has DD breast and after kids they do sag, you know the kind with the stretch marks on top but very, very nice. They are big , soft and bounce all over. Even though they sag the areolas are not pointing downward and are still kind of in the middle of her breast. Her areolas are very large, brownish in color, measured them once and 4? across. You know the kind that get bumpy when they are hard. Her pussy is trimmed to a 2? patch and she has no hair on her lips. They are brown , big meaty hanging pussy lips with pink folds. Her ass is nice and thick with a tattoo of red lips on one cheek (from her younger days). She would never do that again and says see regrets it but its really sexy. I?m 46, just under 6? tall, 190 lbs of muscle (love to workout). Told I am good looking, olive skin, wife says million dollar smile like hers I say. I?m completely shaved average 6.5? and thickness.

Now back to the true story. Our tables are only 3? apart in the couples room. I tilt my head sideways and watch my wife lying on her stomach with your big boobs squeezing out the sides. I watch as this stranger begins to rub his hands on her back and I go into this intense viewing and find myself getting hard and I mean really hard. I noticed him sliding his hands up and down her back and towards the sides ever so slighty brushes the sides of her huge boobs. I didn?t think he meant it but they?re so huge . He peels down the sheet and I see her panties . He begins to massage her legs with long strokes and every time he gets close to her ass he goes off to the hips as to avoid making contact. I cant believe how fucking turned on I am to watch the mans hands all over my wifes body. I wonder if she is enjoying it and fantasizing about being with him. Instead of getting me upset it turns me on even more. I actually want to watch her fuck him and see his cock inside of my wife bringing her to orgasm. I think wow I really want this to happen, this is all so new but I think this is the beginning of a fetish for me. Would she do it? Would she get mad at me if I told her? Before I know it our massuses tell us to turn over. I keep looking at her and watch her massuse hold the sheet but not high enough to block his view. Hey I thinks this guy is checking her out.

I roll over and my cock is rock hard and there is no hiding it. My massuse covers me again with the sheet as my tent is in plain sight but she acts very professional with a few lingering glances at it but I don?t even care I want to watch my wife.

My wife is now lying on her back and her huge tits have spread apart and are lying off to the sides with the sheet covering them. He continues his massage and takes her arm and massages it with long strokes from wrist to shoulder and back. He then stretches her arm from her side and places it on his chest as if she were reaching and grabbing his chest as he continued with the long strokes. Now I know she has to be enjoying touching this younger muscular goodlooking guy. I watch closely as he hands travel to her shoulder and brush her tits again. She is looking directly into this guys eyes. Wow if I even touch my cock I would cum! He then moves towards her feet and takes her one knee and bends it and then lies it flat on the table, like a groin stretch. He takes the sheet and tucks it underneath her thigh and brushes her crotch. The other part of the sheet he tucks underneath her back by the lower rib cage area and definitely makes contact with her tit. He now begins to long stroke her leg from her ankle to her crotch with every stroke getting closer and closer to her pussy. She has to be getting wet and turned on. His stroking becomes faster and harder in touch and shakes the sheet from the one tits where the sheet was tucked in under her lower rib cage. Holy shit her one tit is out in plain sight. He and her do nothing to recover it and I want to get up so badly and feed her my hard cock. Even my massuse glances over with long looks. This all continues with the next leg and even the other tits is now out. And then all of the sudden the massuses ask us if we enjoyed the massage and for us to take our time getting dressed as they leave the room and wait outside.

I pop right up hard cock and all and walk over to Debbie. She says wow you are hard. And I grab her tits and try to suck them but she quickly stops me saying ?they are right outside and we have to go?. We quickly get dressed , me with my cock against my stomach and are greeted outside the room by our massuses. I see hers is running his eyes up and down Debbies body and I can?t wait to get home and fuck her.

Once we got home its only 1:00 in the afternoon and right upstairs we go. I cant take it any longer and tell her I got to fuck her. She asked ?What got into you, your massage? She was cute?. I tell her ?No, seeing that guys hands all over your body?. She has a shocked look on her face. I think its over she is turned off.

I still rip her clothes off and we still have oil on our bodies. I start kissing her passionately and she returns the lustful passion. I think hey, this is a good sign. I lie her on the bed and pull her panties off and noticed that they are soaked and remembered she had them on for the massage. I cant wait , no foreplay , I just spread those wet big meaty pussy lips and enter her. She is so fucking wet. I knew she was turned on.

I begin to tell her how much her massage turned me on. And I wanted his hands all over her tits and then to suck them. She just moans, no shocked look. I tell her I wanted to feed her my hard cock as he massaged her. She lets out a load ?mmmmmmm?. Wow, shes turned on to , let me see how much. I am fucking her long and hard with her tits bouncing all over. I tell her I want to watch his cock go in your mouth and I put my index finger on her lips and she starts sucking it and moaning and fucking me back against my thursts.

I ask her did you like his hands on your body and she moans louder and begins to cum for the first time.

As she is cumming I tell her I want to see his cock inside of her and she begins to start cumming again and this time I explode inside of her. Ropes and ropes of my semen explode into her. We lie there after post orgasms and she tells ?that was incredible?.

We have made an appointment for next week. Same massuse for her.


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