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Our Boat Trip, Romantic, Male Female

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WE get on the boat and i take my shirt off, you bring the cooler and hand me the basket of food.

I put the basket of of food down in the cubby and pop open two beers and hand you one. we pull out from the dock and start going driving aroundlooking at all the houses. You take off your shirt and of course i melt looking at your body. i get the lotion and spread it all over your body except your nipples i run my tongue over them. i do your back running my hands over your ass and then up and down your legs between and around of course i have to rub your cock a few times. i hand you the lotion and ask if you would put some on me you start by my neck and back then, you pull my shorts off and rub some on my ass and legs my stomach and my chest as you are rubbing my chest you catching me starting at you and you reach over and kiss me. i smile and take a swig of beer. we find a place to park in the middle of the lake and we go lay out on top of the boat. i grab another beer and lay on my back with you next to me i drop my staps so i do not get any lines. you lay next to me, and we listen to some tunes and relax for a while. after a while goes by, i am gatting hot. I roll over to lick your nipples and arouse your cock with my hand, which of course wakes you up. I kiss your lips then your neck as i continue to rub your cock. i tell you that i am going to jump in the water to cool off and i want you to join me. i stand up and jump in and you follow. i get out and grab a tube that is attached to boat , i start by taking my bottoms off and grabbing for your cock. I rub your cock back and forth up and down until your cock is so hard and i wrap my legs around your waist. luckily we are in the sand bar s you are touching the ground, there are other boats by us but not to close. i continue to bounce up amd down on your cock while we are in the water until we cum of course i am moaning but trying not to be to load, but i think the guys in the boat next to us know what is going on. God i love that cock. after we both are done cuming i get off you and swim to get my bottoms and but them back on. we got back by the boat continueing kissing and playing iin the water, dunking eachother and grabbing eachother. WE both our hungry so we get into the boat and i dry you off all the way down to your cock. i reach my hand in there to dry it off and realize that it wants more, so i pull your short down and wrap my mouth around your cock. i lick up and down and start stroking you, you deceide to sit down while i finish you up, you cum in my mouth yummmmmmmm. i licked my lips and got up to get another beer and the sandwiches. WE ate and started to drive around some more. You found a place in the middle of the lake. i went down in the cabin to grab something and as i turn around you are right there. you start to kiss me and you untie my top as it falls to the ground, you move your way down to my breast, my nipples hard as you twist them and staart sucking on them. i pull your short off and begin to stroke your cock, it is hard and i go down on you. you grab my head and rock it back and forth as your cock goes in and out of my mouth. the faster you move my head the faster your cock goes into my mouth. YOu tell me you want my pussy in your face so you lay down, and i put my legs over your face as you pull down on my hips so your tongue can start stroking my lips. making me wet, you finger me, and watch me cum all over your face you tell me you want to fuck me so i turn over and you get on top you pull me to the end where you are standing up and you begin to thrust your cock into me as you play with my clit. i am grabbin my tits as i can not help but moan, you turn me over and stick your cock in my ass, and continue playing with my clit. i am really going crazy you are making me orgasm over and over again, and as your thrusting that huge cock in me an di am moaning we hear boast going by honking there horn. We start laughing because we realize that they can hear us. you pull out and i wipe your cock and you lay down and i climb on top of you to bounce up and down as my tits bounce up and down . i go faster and faster until we both cum all over. i roll over exhausted and you smile and say again. I laugh and kiss you you are so amazing. i get dressed in a little black dress for dinner and you put on your pants and shirton. we dock the boat and go in to eat.

we sit down at the table you order us steak and lobster and a bottle of wine. i take my sandles off and begin to stroke your cock with my foot. i tease you all through dinner. THe steak was awesome and i go for the lobster. I use my fingers to eat the lobster as i pull the meat off and put it into the melted butter and then in my mouth, as i lick my fingers. you use your fingers and feed me a piece of yours, and of course i have to suck on your finger as you pull it out of my mouth. you smile and say it is time to do back to the boat for dessert. i smile back and say can i have whip cream on mine. you smile back and say yes. we pay the bill and you grab my hand and we walk back to the boat. i take off my shoes off and sit down as you pop open the bottle of wine. i grab the stawberries and dipp it into the whip cream and feed you. you sit down next to me as we look up at the sky looking at the stars. I look at you and tell you i do not want this to end. You are so incredible. you smile back at me and kiss me, and pull me close. we begin to fool around you pull up my little black dress and put me on your lap. I begin to give you a little lap dance until you pull my thong underwear off and unzip your pants and pull out your cock. i smile and gladly climb up on top of you and begin to roll my hips around as you hit my g spot over and over again, i begin to cum. YOu drop me down to the floor and with my legs up you pump me in and out until you cum inside of me. oh, god that feels so good. you look at me and smile and tell me this does not need to end. i smile and kiss you on the lips. We get up and get our things together to get off the boat and head home. what a night. you made it so romantic and so awesome. we drive back in the wrangler with the top down just holding hands and smiling. i then can not resist but i have to go down on you one more time, so what if people see, i am not showing my face lol. after getting you aroused i stop an d just snuggle you till we get back to the restraunt. i kiss you good night and you say oh no you have to finish what i started lol. i then went back down on you and staarted to stoke your cock with my hand as i lick the tip of you cock, i lick you like a lollipop until you explode again in my mouth. you are to amazing. how many times can you cum.

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