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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Orgasmic Waterfalls (fictional)".


Orgasmic Waterfalls (fictional)

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After a long and wandering walk down in the beauty of wilderness along side with beautiful rivers, we came to a perfect spot of our dreams: waterfalls. After settling down with our camp gears, putting up tent and fireplace, we changed our clothes into something more comfortable and relaxing. We made hot chocolate and walked over to waterfalls encompassed with rocks, trees and erotic plants everywhere. Exhausted, we enjoy gazing at waterfalls, falling waters striking rainbow from sunrays. Rainbow waterfalls drain softly in harmony on few different levels. The view is breathtaking and a visual sound seems so erotic and perfect.

Gazing at waterfalls, visually penetrating into our souls, we sigh in pleasure, enjoying the importance of life. We look at each other and smile, and put down large, thick and soft towel down on grass facing the waterfalls with sun shining on the top of waterfalls shining and diffused in water mist. We lie down and watch at such beauty; smiling and I rub on your back lightly and rub your sore and tired back. You look at waterfalls, imaging how much relieved you will feel once when you are under those falling waters.

Feeling romantic, slowly you took your shirts off, leaving bra and underwear on, and I look at you in amazement. You then start to take my shirt off, by rubbing up my stomach under shirt, feeling around my chest and force the shirt off, feeling my neck and my hairs; you put your loving arms around me and hug me passionately. You lie over me, kiss all over my body, lick my tits and work your way up to my face, you press your body against mine, hip around my top leg, fondling between your legs, feeling aroused, you lick my lips, open my lips and gave me passionate French kiss.

Feeling the erotic flame in your inner soul, you pull me up from ground and start to walk into water. You watch me as I start to wet my tight, light blue jeans into water as we start walking towards falls. Our hairs starts to moist from waterfalls' mist, warm water drizzling all around our bodies, giving us the warm, relaxing relief, that calms our souls into more erotic levels. As we walk closer to the waterfalls' falling waters, we can feel the vibrations of rumbling waters, not rapid, but soft rumbles, enticing our senses into harmony with waterfalls' domain. You turn around towards me, took my hands and pulls me towards you, I wrap my arms around your hips as you hold my shoulders, interwoven your fingers behind my back. You held my head against yours, lick my wet and moist lips, dug your tongue into my mouth, feel my warm entrance, we French kissed feeling our erotic warmth going up into our soul graciously and consistently.

I held you up and start walking towards falling water, slowly you feel water running down on back of your head, you held your breath as water go down your head then into your body, you sigh in pleasure, enjoying the running water down on your body, under bra and all over your underwear. I groan in pleasure as I look at your face whilst you enjoy the running waters down your body. Under waterfalls, we found a large stone bed that unparallel run under length of falling waters, I lie you down on that stone. I slowly move your body, starting with your legs into falling waters as I enjoy watching you taking in the pleasures. You can feel water start hitting your left leg run across your body, softly run down your underwear and last up to your right bra and end at your right shoulder, you can see running water from top of waterfalls, looking at partial cloud sky and wavering tension of water moving up and down consistently. Oh, it is a majestic and erotic view to look at!

I rub all around your body, kissing your left feet, licking up bottom of your feet while rubbing your lower leg, working my way up to your underwear, then rub across between your leg and vagina, then rub down intermixing with falling waters. I get my hair soaked wet under falling water, water running down my back and down on my jean. You watch at me, and down on my pants, you can see my hard cock anxiously ready, you unzip my underwear and stroke it softly as I start to take your underwear off slowly down your legs. I kiss up to your stomach, kissing all over, and tongue digging your belly button, while my left hand stroke your pubic hair intermixed with soft falling waters.

I then kiss my way up to your perspiring tits, sucks it softly, encircling my tongue around your tit, then bite your tits, then lick up to your neck behind your ears then gave you a nice French kiss. You close your eye into passion, holding my steaming cock, rub my sack and your other hand holds my head as you enjoy my tongue. I stroke in between your vulva, blocking water from your pussy, middle finger stroking down and up across your clitoris, redirecting the running waters down on your vulva and clitoris at same time, giving you maximum pleasure. You can feel the consistent pressure of running water, giving you sense of rapid strokes as I start to finger up your pussy hole, stroking up and down slowly as you enjoy the running waters. As your pleasure start to heat up, I start my attention to your needing nipples as I start to suck it slowly, you moan intensely as you enter the first stage of orgasm from constantly stroked clitoris and vulva.

I start to sense your come, I slow down my stroke and start to feel more of your inside, rubbing around your g-spot as it is being hit all around from finger and water, you inhale and moan harshly, trying to reach more strength of orgasm. I left your left tit and reach for that unused right tit, suck it once sending you into new exploding levels, you grasp my balls, sending me into erotic pain. You continue to explode slowly, bigger explosions continues to grow as you experience shorter implodes. Feeling waters falling across your body, stroking your sweet lips and clitoris and on your right breast, feeling my lips enjoying your tit, my right hand stroking your another tit, you feeling the hard cock, you look at the darkening sky. You clinch your another hand on back of my head against your tits, exploding you groan, you feel your pussy gushing warm water, feeling mixture of cold and hot water down your butt. You gush even stronger, you close your eyes harshly, held your breath, feeding slow motion explosion, and you gush even more. You held my cock harder, your hips go up, perfecting water strokes in harmony, you came like a volcano, you start to feel pain, and you close your legs, holding my right hand. So I stopped stroking, you continue to enjoy the halted explosion as it slowly go down, you move my hand to comfort that orgasmic explosion, nod your head to give me hint to stroke slowly to nurse that dying explosion. You gush more, this time soft and weak, you collapse into pleasure with water running all over you without effect, I withdraw my hand from your pussy and you smiled in pleasure.

Intensely satisfied, fully aroused, you stood up, and pulled me in behind the falling waters, kiss all over my moaning mouth, dug out my tongue while lightly stroking my hard cock, kissing down on my neck, chest and stomach. You turn me around, put me against the rocky wall with water streaming down, feeling the wall rumble softly from running waters and you then kneel down. You took all of your time staring at my solid cock and enjoying the view. You stroke down, pressing against my pubic bone, tighten my shaft skin down and lick around it.

I can feel your tongue as I stare at running waters, splashing on the bedrock where you came, I put my hand on your head lightly, my other hand behind my back for support and I breathe deeply. You suck my cock head as if it were ice cream while you hold my tight sack, pulling it down softly. You suck my cock entirely to your best ability and suck it outward tightly.

You caught something strangely on your left side, a small cave; you took your head off my cock and investigated. Inside that cave, you can see a slope on the right and on the left; you can see two triangles on both sides of wall on the corner with light slope on the corner itself. Up in the top, you can see small opening that leads to sky and moon lighting through. Moon's illumination is reflecting off the mist that swirls around on cave's entrance, striking yet, so beautiful like flying diamonds. We return to our campsite and bring piles of pillows and blankets, encompassed with plastic bags and brought back into that cave.

We place blankets on that slope on left side. You put me on that slope, and crawl on floor showing me breast and pussy while I stroke my cock. You crawl around, showing me your ass, arching your back to show pussy in betwixt your butt. You open your lips, showing pink part as I moan, wanting to fuck you. You resist, telling me to stay remain on that slope as you crawl up to my feet, playing your boobs on both of my feet, and crawl up to my warm cock, comfortably on top of thick sheets of blankets. You grab my cock, took my stroking hands off, lick it then suck it softly and slow. I moan and reach for your pussy from behind, feeling all wet, I put my middle finger in your hole, stroking your pussy against anus' side, then push outward against your g-spot located on front. I stroke in circular motion, you moan in pleasure, then turn around your dripping pussy towards my face, you continue to suck, feeling the rumbling waters on floor.

I stare at your pussy, light up from moonlight, staring with pleasure as you suck my cock softly and slow, I put my hands on your lips, examine the beauty of silky lips and pearly clitoris hiding shyly in hood. I lick around and give you hickey on one side between your pussy and leg, munching as if if I am eating ice cream, then while munching, I slowly move across your pussy munching wetly, my eyelashes wet from your dripping pussy. I start to munch your entire inner lips, then lower my tongue down to your clitoris, munching my top of mouth on your lips stroking it while my tongue go up your clitoris towards the pussy hole. Tasting the delicacy of pussy juice, I put my thumb on top of anus, not inside yet and my other hand, middle finger half way inside your pussy from bottom while I munch your delicious vulvas. I munch and munch in accordance to the resonance of rumbling waters hitting everywhere outside. You start to suck in harmony to my munch at same time.

Feeling fully aroused, I grab your hips, move you over to that corner, spread your legs open, each legs on top of those triangle as you lie down back on the slope, I place my cock near to your pussy, both of my hands on top of your knees. I stroke my cock head up and down your pussy, stroking your clitoris and I suck your nipple. I inserted my cock head into your pussy hole then withdraw, go up your clitoris, encircling around as you feel it bumping over and over, sending you to frenzy. I slow down with strokes then encircle it around on your inner lips and nearly entered your pussy hole, going around the front of hole, then slooooowly dip my cock head in and out for a while. Your pussy grips as my cock go all way in ONE time, then all way out then my cock head go in for awhile, then all way in two times. You moan intensely as you look up towards the shining moon, squeezing both of your breasts, squeezing tits in frenzy you moan in bewilderment.

I entered my cock head few times then fully in three times and then moved my cock up to your clitoris with my thumb on top of it. I pull your hood back and put my shaft across your clitoris, spanks it few times lightly and then quickly down into your pussy moderate quickly then exited sloowly as I move my hips around allowing my cock to move around inside freely. I took my cock out, strokes it then put it back in. I move both of my hands on your hips then softly and quickly fuck you in constant rhythm. You can feel my balls touching your lips and you held your left hand on my lower back with your other hand squeezing your breast.

With all strong feeling building up inside, I start to slow down, put my hand on your lower back, pressing your back against my swaying hips, your body is set aflame. You push me back and down back on that slope, angrily you sit down on my throbbing cock and ride on it like if you are riding on motorcycle. You sway and sway and sway moaning as orgasm build up into you, you held my arms on floor, and I look at your ferocious face in rage seeking for that wonderful plasma of love. You sway and sway as if you are swinging on swing then start to encircle around, your butt bone hard on my hipbone grinding and grinding....

Feeling orgasm coming up, you grab my hair, pull my face towards your excited tits and I suck on it tightly with my lips on my teeth, squeezing as you came down and hard. Your pussy gush hot lava of juice on my cock, and I can feel it driving me to the brink, throbbing the hot ejaculation of affection into you. You continue to sway in huge explosion, unmercifully fucking my mind out in hot rage, all things that matters in your mind: "Fuck until I can his life out!" Moaning in intense and dying orgasm, I scream holding your hips down and hard searching to revive that inferno orgasm. I start to kiss your neck, munching the life out of that flesh, up to your neck and behind your ears, I held your body so close to my body, pulling my cock down and up slowly into that hot and wet affectionate tiny vale hole of gushing volcano. I squeeze your butt so hard, fucking you intensely and slowly, turning into monster. I took you off my body, turn you around, arch your lower back down across that slope, then inserted my cock into your spamming, juicy and hot pussy. I bang once, then stroke 3 times then repeat the process while I held your hips with hard squeeze.

I continue to bang/stroke you until you explode in uncontrollable fury, fully angry screaming "fuck me hard! More!" you scream in moan, your eyes clinching shut, your head going crazy and you could not have enough of that. Looking at you, in full fury, I fuck you fast and hard, banging your hard cervix into submission, your pussy tortured with hot and glowing rod. Feeling all the fury orgasm, I unload a hot rope of sticky load into your womb, you scream into pleasure feeling the orgasm, feeling the wrath, feeling the hot load, feeling the hard cock, kneeling down like a ranting dog. We both came screaming. As we break down, we moan intensely, angrily and lustfully pleased we both fall asleep in cave.

As I woke up in the early morning, with hard cock, sun shining in through waterfalls, sunrays diffused partly into cave, I can see you lying down and sleeping. I can see your hip curve with your left leg in front of your right leg, which is on the floor. I can see your wet and perspiring pussy showing between your legs. Your body is facing towards the floor and your face seems satisfied from last night's pleasure. So full of horiness, I caress your hip firmly, held your front hip bone, and lick your pussy from behind, then took your legs apart as you face upwards, still sleeping. I munch your pussy softly and constantly as you smile in pleasure.

You look at waterfalls, draining profusely from above, caressing your pussy whole, sun shining and reflecting off the water tension, you feel intensely aroused, your tits hard and tickling in pleasure. You held your breast as you enter the warmth of erotic feeling all over your body, you grip your feet tightly in pleasure and you enjoy the natural flow of the warm waterfalls caressing your heavenly valle. You reach down to the running waters, feeling its warmth running through your fingers, but instead you took my head, realizing you just now woke up from dream with me munching your pussy away softily and constantly like a waterfalls.

Moaning in delight, you held my head down firmly against your pussy, moving your hips around all over my face, you can feel my lips, hot tongue and nose on your clitoris and vulva, being sucked, squeezed and licked. You move my head to a position where my tongue is in your vagina, you move your hip to a point where my tongue press against your vagina and pubic bone in a way that my tongue is intercoursing you. I cup my tongue's tip stroking your g-spot while it come out and back in against your pubic bone into that wet and slippery vagina. Your pussy spasms around my tongue and gushes down hard into my throat. Looking at your face, angry eyes looking at me, you bite your lower mouth, you close your eye then look upward at the rocky ceiling, it sets me aflame, my cock drooling ravenously, my soul is set on flames and I got up on my knees, grab your legs on my shoulders, I held your lower back and continue to eat your pussy like eating softily on the corncob.

You arch your back as you reach to the full orgasm, I removed my head from your pussy and stood up and fuck the life out of your tortured pussy, in slow stroking speed, but very pressing into your pussy, screaming as I enjoy your spamming pussy gripping hopelessly around my hard cock going firmly against your front pussy as you held your elbows on floor, hugging your legs around my hips and screams "deeper! Faster! You fucking freak!"

I stop fucking, held your hip tightly against mine, I move my hip around causing my cock head to explore everywhere inside your pussy world, caressing against the wet and slippery wall all inside, you can feel my cock head's side moving around stroking your cervix, you took up, held my hips and climb upward my body and hug me soooo tight, sitting down on my cock while I am still on my knees. I start to walk towards the wall, put you back on the wall and half way stroke out of your pussy, then slowly slam into your pussy harshly against the wall, you feeling my whole body, being penetrated with intense lust, you moan, scratching my back with your fingernails, leaving my back with red marks and you start to bite my neck. Feeling your fury, I turned into r*pe fury, fucking you hard, fast and intense, you feel your crazy and hard orgasm going all over you, you bite my neck harder and you held my back of head, pulling my hair hard and with your another hand you continue to scratch my back.

You can feel my soft sack of balls hitting your vulva, sending up the fires, you took my head and start to french me while I r*pe you down and hard. I took you off my body, turn you around and stroke my hot red rod into your tortured pussy, held your hip like vise gripping around metal, and bang into your ass like there is no tomorrow. I held your breast with HARD grip, while you breathe deeply and fast, moaning as you came into intense orgasm expanding all over your body, your legs, your arms, your neck, your head, your tits, your clitoris, expanding everywhere, expanding, expanding and exploding!

I continue to fuck you mercilessly, feeling full of wrath all inside, I look at you angrily, screaming and moaning with high pitch and my muscles overly tightened everywhere, including my feet and toes! I grab your shoulder while my other hand hold your hip, and I deepen my cock penetration into you and increased the fucking speed as I attempt to get in touch with orgasm. Struggling, you are overwhelmed with burning orgasm, you grab my balls, held it hard and feel my stroking' cock against your gripping' vulva, clicking by my cock head as it partly exit and enter your wet and gripping vagina. Feeling overwhelmed with all senses on my cock, balls, your body on my hips, watching your orgasmic body in frenzy, feeling your heat and enjoying the lustrous feeling, I finally feel the orgasm coming up; I began to slow down strokes.

As I slow down, you finally took over me, you get my cock out, and start to suck on my cock, while holding my balls, I ejaculated, ejaculated and ejaculated like crazy while you stroke your clitoris while you work your orgasm down and we collapse again, breathing hard with cum all over the place, began to watch the running waterfalls and sigh in pleasure.

We stood up, dressed up, collected our blankets, pillows, and brought over to the tent. We cooked ourselves a nice breakfast then broke down tent, packed all equipment and hiked back away from waterfalls. We stop, turned around and took picture of waterfalls for one last time, in our home we watched at picture of waterfalls and dreamed to do it once again.

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