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One day lovers tryst

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One day escape 

Later than I wanted to be, I can't get to him fast enough. It's been too long and I've missed him so much.

I feel like a school girl - squealing in delight that I'm about to see this man that's really gotten under my skin. I SO did NOT want this to happen.

I wanted to "run free" and just be my self for awhile - figure out who I was without being the other part of a something. Not my Nan's daughter, Debi's sister or Tom's  wife ... Just be Jenalyn.

I don't even know who "Jenalyn" is. 

Fear of being alone has held me here in this stifled unhappy abusive home for the past eight years and now that I'm strong enough, I'm ready to move on to new adventures. 

I could rent the loft apartment in this quaint little riverside community, the condo near  work or even an efficiency on the South side of town  . . Just me and my dogs.

They won't care if we have pizza fir breakfast, pop-tarts fir lunch or popcorn for dinner. They won't mind sleeping without the tv or my singing with the radio when I clean house. 

 How did I get here? Feelings for this gentle giant of a man with a heart as soft as a teddy bear ... And amazed that he could want me?

No one has made me feel like this in so long. It's a wonderful feeling to know I interest him, I appeal to him, I'm worth something to him. Wow! It gives me a high - such a rush knowing I can even turn him on and he wants me!

Across the causeway, from the gas station I can see his truck. My heart races even from here. He's that close! I can't wait to be in his arms. 

Finally - fuel in my car and I'm heading across the bridge ... 

Pulling in , he seems as happy to see me as I am him. Pulling me into his arms, he hugs me and kisses me and all is right on this planet though I couldn't care less if the planet existed at this precise moment. He's all I can see. 

Gazing out at the water, his arms wrapped around me from behind, kissing my neck and smelling my hair, I don't know how it could be any better than this. So safe and secure - a feeling I haven't known in my life before. 

We go to the nearest motel and get a room. I'm not sure what the room was like to be honest. I remember wishing I were wealthy enough to have a suite for us in the lodge so we could sit on the balcony and watch the sunset on the water.

But when he comes in the room and pulls me to him again, the sunset is the furthest thing from my mind.

I pull him on top of me as I lay on the bed. We've never been in a room alone before. We've been in my car, in his truck and a restaurant but a true actual bed ... Never. I almost purr in contentment.

I don't remember how our clothes came off. I'm sure I instigated it - as always but thankfully we are quickly skin-to-skin for the first time.

A brief moment of shyness washes over me but just as quickly the inferno of desire I have for this man takes over and he says I nearly attacked him. (Yet one more case of my lack of self control so prevalent in our times together!)

Somehow I didn't recall it being a problem but I do know I wanted him so badly I couldn't get close enough fast enough.

For a moment as I take him in my hands, I wonder if he could feel any better inside me than he did the first brief encounter we had in the gazebo. I'm certain it will feel like Heaven on Earth and I'm dripping wet in anticipation of him taking me. 

As I crawl on top of him I feel a level of passion and desire I can't fully comprehend. The emotion wells up in me so strongly. I want to make love to him and hope he never wants to let me go.

He's so incredible. So hard, I try to slide down and it's almost too much for me. I have to take my time when I want to just take him all the way inside me ... Nice and hard and tight.

At first I have to pause to keep from climaxing immediately. I've never felt this full. It's so amazing. Even more so than our first time together.

This can't be real but I open my eyes and see he's looking up at me and it is! He really IS here and for now, he's all mine! 

Before I know it I'm sliding back and forth on him, rubbing against him and enjoying more intense pleasure than I could've ever imagined.

Should I be more passive, more demure, more "sweetness" than animalistic? Am I pleasing him? Am I good enough for him?

I HAVE to get out of my head and be present in the moment. I don't want to miss a second of this day. 

Don't pinch me! I'm going to stay right here in this breathtaking dream .. With him holding me, touching me, kissing me - wanting me!

But we have to get something to eat and there's someplace I've always wanted to see. I'm so glad I'll get to see the state park with him. There's no one I'd rather share this with me. This is a day I'll never forget.

Riding up to the lodge, we walk around the balcony, even walking down to the grass to look down at the river. Another moment where I don't want to be pinched because it's too perfect a dream to end here.

We go inside and explore the lodge talking of how nice it would be to come back for a weekend and stay right there. Hmmmm ... They have a sweetheart's package that sounds incredible. 

Onward to the cabins which are just now being rebuilt after the tornadoes from a couple of years ago. I had no idea it was so bad here but it's a sobering view of cabins destroyed and all the downed trees.

Walking through the cabin thats almost finished, we decide the hot tub should be right here on the patio so we could enjoy a river view below or watch the sunrise from the bedroom.  .  . Just as the construction manager comes over and chases us off. Oh pooh. Lol

Getting back in the car my deviant mind thinks, "too bad we aren't staying here because we'd be that much closer to being back in each others arms in another passionate exchange like earlier today!"

We didn't eat earlier so we better get something now ... I don't even want food but I don't want to feel bad from skipping every single meal and not be able to enjoy our evening together.

So we decide to get pizza and bring it back to our room. Waiting for our pizza we run to the nearest store to get drinks and a toothbrush since I left mine.

Walking hand in hand, for a little while it feels like we are a real couple instead of lovers sneaking away for a secret tryst. 

A quick bite and he makes love to me this time. There's no rush now  Taking our time, he's such a generous lover. I'm in ecstasy and I never want to leave. 

The little things mean the most - a common little moment shared in the midst of all the passion and excitement and he says this is the one that sticks in his mind ... Sitting naked on the sofa in front of the tv after he made sweet love to me - we enjoy another slice of pizza. This makes me giggle when he brings it up a couple of weeks later as we both had pizza for the first time after our trip. 

What stays with me is the moment when we're lying there asleep a few hours later and I roll over to touch him just to be sure he is still there and I really didn't just dream of the most incredible day with this gorgeous hunk of a teddy bear. I barely touch him and I feel him respond and grow thick and hard in my hands.

I'm overwhelmed with the desire to take him in my mouth. I want to lick him and kiss him, run my tongue all over his body and follow with kisses right after that.   

I think he likes being awakened this way as he makes love to me again. 

Anazingly enough, we wake up two more times for encore performances. Wondering to myself how can he do this? He's already made love to me four times then beandfore breakfast  we have hot, passionate sex one more time.

Too quickly we have to shower and leave to go back to our regular lives.

We enjoy breakfast then spend an hour and a half talking in his truck in the parking lot  I don't think either of us wants our time to end.

Talking about his being a boat Captain and how it would be nice to get his license back , enjoying  another hug, stealing just one more kiss...Time passes all too quickly and finally we have to tear ourselves apart and head in separate directions - back to our other lives. 

Pulling over before I cross the bridge to leave this picturesque little town, I wrap my arms around myself in a hug and wish he'd call and say he can't let me go again. I know it's an impossibility but a girl can dream. 

... But I know there's a possibility that one day, we might NOT have to say "goodbye" but instead he'll whisper  "Sweet dreams honey .. Sleep well" and we'll snuggle up next to each other. What an incredible day that would be ...

Finally, much to my glee, the phone does ring but he says, "Drive careful baby! I love you and I miss you already!"

I know I willcalways cherish the time we had. It will be one time I'll never forget. A short, hot, sweet incredible escape from reality. 

... To be continued. 

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