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One Night with Tera

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"Hi Tera! It's me...! How are you?"

"Hey! It's been a long time! Has it been a year?"

"Yeah! Well, I'm going to be in the area next week, would you like to meet up for dinner and catch up?"

"Great! I'll pick you up from the airport!"

"No need, I will have rental car, I'll call you when I get there!"

"Ok! Looking forward to seeing my old office roommate! Hahaha!"

It all started innocently enough. We were couped up in the same office for 3 years and developed a friendship. Since I was going to her area for a job interview, I thought I might as well drop by and say hello.

Tera is a petite girl of 31 years, blonde with a great body that she maintains by going to the gym 3 times a week. Having a personality that a lot of people despised, we became friends by default since I was always the only one who provided comfort when she was upset. Our relationship was very platonic at most and I became her confidant. She talked to me about everything. From menstrual cramps to disputes with her boyfriend, you name it!

The day of my trip came. When I got to my destination, I picked up my rental car and headed to my hotel to check in. It was a nice day, a bit hot but the cool breeze made up for the humidity. I was tempted to use the hotel pool and the hot tubs but instead gave in to my bodies request for some down time. I took a nap and woke up at about 4 PM, I was a disoriented and was in a bit of a panic. The kind you get when you wake up in a strange place and it takes you about 30 seconds to figure out where you are, with a feeling that you slept through something important.

I jumped into the shower and collected my thoughts. It was then I remembered that I had to give Tera a call to let her know that I was in town. Since she was still at work, it was a short conversation. We hung up and I went for a drive to familiarize myself with the area. When I got back to the hotel, my cell phone rang. It was Tera, "Hey! So where are you at?" in her usual matter of fact tone. I told her what hotel I was in and she tells me that she knows where it is.

"There's a small restaurant in that area that has great seafood." "Seafood sounds great!" I responded.

"Meet me at the hotel entrance by 8, I'll drive." and she hung up

I went for a walk around the grounds, the hotel was nicely landscaped the pool, although enclosed by a fence was surrounded by greenery that drowned out the black metal bars. The hot tubs were easily viewable from the pool area but was far enough to give you a sense of privacy when you're in it.

I checked the time and it was 7:55, I started heading for the entrance. As soon as I get there she arrived in her convertible with the top down. "Prompt as usual!" she says loudly while laughing. "Being 41 years old, I take appointment times very seriously!" I replied with a cheery voice as I was getting into the car. We headed off to the restaurant and had to wait 30 minutes to be seated, apparently it was very popular even on the week days.

We were talking about work when we were called in. We sat at our table and started looking at the menu. We were both quietly going through the menu when I glanced at her. It reminded me of the time we shared an office. She was always reading some report whenever she sat at her desk. I said "You look great! You look as great as the last time I saw you!" She broke out a big smile and said "Thanks!" and leaned forward to whisper "I think my boobs got bigger..." I laughed and went back to looking for what I felt like having. I decided on the baked clams and she followed suit and ordered the same thing. She also asked for a margarita, her favorite drink. Not being a drinker, I just had some sparkling mineral water. We talked about everything under the sun while we were eating. When we were done, we split the bill as usual and headed for her car.

"Are you going to be okay driving?" I asked her knowing she was loaded with a couple of margaritas, she said "I'm fine." and we drove back to the hotel.

As we were pulling in, she mentioned that the place was nice. I agreed and told her about the layout. She said that she's never been in there so I offered to give her a tour. She accepted the offer and parked her car in one of the available spots. I was relieved that she decided to walk around for a few minutes just to make sure that the drinks are gone from her system by the time she drives home. It was already late and the hotel was very quiet. Typical atmosphere for the middle of the week.

I was showing her the grounds when we walked by the hot tubs. She looked like she wanted to use it so I asked "Would you like to take a dip?" with a funny tone, like a father asking daughter if she wants a cookie. She looked at me and said that she hasn't soaked in a hot tub ever since she moved because they didn't have one where she lives.

"The only problem is that you don't have a bathing suit..." she interrupted me mid-statement and said "Are you kidding? I work hard on this body and I take every opportunity to show it off! Hahaha! I have my beach bag in the trunk!" Not knowing how to react to her statement, I just laughed. She's always been very conservative around me. Although I've heard stories about her when she goes to conventions. I recalled one where she joined the boys (she wanted to act like she was one of the guys) and crossed over to Mexico, rather big disappointment for the boys since they wanted to get a cheap lay but were too afraid to do it when she joined them. They were afraid that what happens in Mexico might not stay in Mexico if she was around. They went to a cheap bar where the women were dressed scantily just to piss her off. They said that after a few margaritas, she was dancing like a "slithering snake" and the "bar ladies" were trying to get the manager to kick her out because she was attracting a lot of attention from the clientele.

I never really looked at her in a sexual manner, I guess it was because of the age difference. I knew she wasn't a slut, that's for sure. A cockteaser maybe but I know that's as far as she will go.

She went to her car and picked up her beach bag. We went to my room so that she could change. I was a total gentleman and courteous. I offered to stay out of the room while she changed but she said "That's what bathrooms are for dingy!" When we got to the room, she exclained "Oh shoot!, I didn't shave this morning" My mind is racing by this time with the imagery in my head. She pulled up her pant leg and showed me her calf. I laughed and joked that I honestly thought she meant somewhere else. She responds with "No, of course not, I spend money on a Brazilian wax for that! You are so dirty minded" she says laughing. She goes into the bathroom with her bag, I changed into my swim shorts while she was in there. The door opens and she comes out wearing bike shorts and a tank top. I offered her one of the hotel towels and we headed towards the pool

When we got there. She sat at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. She says that it felt really nice to be able to do this in the middle of the week, sort of a hump day relaxation break and thanked me. I sat at the table as we talked. She said she missed being able to talk to me like this. Sure we were a phone call away but we never really talked on the phone, always face to face. She mentions that she broke up with her boyfriend after she moved because he didn't want to move with her and the visits were getting a bit tedious. I just said "His loss but I am very sorry to hear that." It was understandable though, he had a good paying job that wouldn't be available in this area. Lets go to the hot tubs!" with that, she got up and headed in that direction. I got up and followed her.

She pulled her tank top off as she walked towards the tub, I was pleasantly surprised because I thought that she was in her tubbing outfit already. She dropped it on the floor and pulled her bike shorts down. "Somebody call 911!" I thought to myself. An old man is about to have a heart attack! She was HOT! I never thought I would see her in this state of undress. She wore a white bikini that barely covered her crotch in front while her perfect gluts were modestly covered.

"This bikini is the reason I get Brazilians regularly."

I was in awe. God what a perfect body! She continues to speak casually and said "The only problem I've had is that I feel retarded when I pee. I guess the hair was acting like a guide for my flow before and ever since it was taken off, it would go all over my crotch.'

I'm sorry, I may be old but I'm still a man. My dick was standing at attention and I did my best to get in the tub as fast as I could to keep my composure. I sat on the opposite side and tried to keep eye contact. She was gorgeous. The dim lighting didn't help at all in making her less tempting to look at. In fact, it made the scene more erotic in my head.

I thought that I should say something stupid to break the silence I was in. All I could think of was "Really? Let me see it, maybe we can figure out a position you can assume while you're peeing!" I laughed and she laughed along while pointing her index finger at me!

Then, she did something I totally didn't expect. She got up and sat on the side of the tub. Opened her legs and pulled the crotch of her bottom to the side giving me a full view of her pussy. Mind you she didn't do it fast either. She looked at it as she was showing me for about half a minute while stating that she thinks that her inner labias are so small that they don't protrude and that's probably why she can't stream her urine. "I have to wash it whenever I use the bathroom."

I thought to myself "She sure is a cock teaser, showing me something I can ever have!"

She stopped talking, probably realized that she went too far. Either that or she just realized I was kidding and she totally just lost herself for a moment.

I slid my way next to her and stared straight into the darkness "You know Tera, you are a very attractive girl and I doubt you will have any problems getting what you want." She was still quiet. I turned my head towards her thigh. Her eyes were still staring into the darkness. I gave her a gentle kiss on the thigh and she didn't move. By now, my dick was raging and begging to be released. The kiss turned into gentle licking and she still didn't react.

My head was spinning, the experience was unreal. I instinctively moved my face between her legs and started gently patting her crotch with my lips. She closed her eyes and turned her face up. She probably couldn't grasp what was happening either. I was waiting for her to stop me. "Please stop me" was going through my head. It was a very awkward, scenarios were rushing through my head as to what can happen next. I closed my eyes and took deep whiffs of that sweet smelling pussy. I slid my tongue under the edge of her bikini and felt her slit.

She moaned, I wasn't sure if it meant approval but I felt intoxicated. I wanted to invite her to my room since I really wasn't a big fan of public sex but at the same time, I was afraid she might decide to call it a night and leave. Her juices started flowing from her pussy, she bit her lips gently and moaned. I stood up in the tub and pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom to the side, I slipped my swim shorts down and positioned the head of my dick at the opening of her pussy. As I was doing this, I pushed her top off her breast and exposed her amply sized breasts with erect nipples. I sucked and licked them gently and tongued my way to her mouth. Gently kissing her mouth while flicking her tongue with mine.

I slid the head of my dick past her opening, she placed her arm around me and let out another quiet moan. I inched it in very slowly until her pussy completely engulfed me . I was in heaven, I didn't want it to end. I felt her pussy tightening up around my dick as I slowly pumped in and out of her. It felt like I was being milked. Her moans got a little louder again. This time she was clawing my back. I felt her nails burying my skin. After a minute of this tight embrace, she relaxed a slumped over me. I pulled out and her pussy made a popping sound. I pulled her bikini top over her breasts and fixed her bottom over her crotch while we were gently kissing. I looked her in the eye and held her hand slowly pulling her up as I got out of the tub. Nothing was said. I picked up the towels and patted her dry. She took her towel and wrapped it around her waist and I placed mine over her shoulder. I held her hand and we quietly walked to my room. We were both looking straight ahead and avoiding eye contact with each other. She too probably couldn't believe what just happened.

As soon the door closed, we started kissing again. As gently as we did when we were at the tub. The room was dim, lighted only by the fixture outside the window coming through the curtains, I untied her top and set it on the table. I pulled on the bow on one side of her bottom and let it fall to the floor. She pushed my swim shorts down and I stepped out of it without breaking from our kissing in each others arms The cool breeze from the air conditioner felt good on my back and made my dick even harder. I was rubbing it between her legs, over her slit. We finally made it to the bed and I slowly layed her down. This time, we had constant eye contact. It felt like we were talking but we haven't spoken a word since she exposed her crotch at the tub.

I pushed up over her and slowly grazed over her naked body in all it's glory. She was the sexiest woman I've ever been with. I then lightly kissed her on the forehead and made my way to her neck. Back up behind her ears then down her neck again to her shoulders. Her skin was soft. The dryness from the chlorine in the tub made it even more intense. I could feel her goosebumps as they came up. I kissed my way down her arm and sucked on each finger. Made my way back up her shoulders and crossed above her breasts. I licked her cleavage and around the nipples and crossed over to the other arm. The room was quiet except for her silent moans and deep breathing

After sucking on each finger on her other hand, I started kissing her around the navel. My hands were sliding all over her body as I was kissing her all over. I moved down to her slit. Her clit was an innie, it didn't show outside her outer labia but it was big. I gently sucked on it until she came with force. She begged me to stop but I kept on gently kissing it with my puckered lips and she started moaning again.

I kissed my way down her thigh to her foot, the I slowly turned her over and kissed my way back up to her butt which were really firm. My tongue lingered over the upper end of the slit between her butt cheeks and placed a finger inside her pussy. I pushed it in deep and was hooking it in the area of the clit inside the vagina. She came again and her juices started dripping out her pussy. I continued to kiss up her back again and lingered over her shoulder blades. She started to shudder again and had another orgasm from the finger I had in her pussy.

All this time my dick has been engorged. As I was kissing her shoulders, I slowly inserted it into her pussy from behind. She was so wet that it went in easily with very little resistance. Again, I slowly pumped in and out until I felt her pussy clench. I speeded up my rhythm and started pumping harder. She buried her face in the pillow and screamed as I pumped as deep as I could. I was on the verge of cumming when she pulled my dick out and turned around. She positioned her legs folded over her chest and hugged me. I slid my dick into her pussy again. This time, just pumping slowly so that I could prolong my impending ejaculation because I didn't want it to end. After about 5 minutes of holding it in, My dick twitched and she felt it too. As if on cue, she let my dick slip out Wrapped her hand around it and started sucking. I came hard, my cum was dripping out of the side of her mouth but I knew she was swallowing whatever she could. She continued to slide my dick in and out of her mouth without sucking and cum just kept dribbling out. She then proceeded to lick my dick clean and we kissed. I could taste my cum in her mouth but it didn't bother me. This was the first time that I've ever actually tasted my cum! We kissed until she drifted to sleep. I got behind her in a spooning position and pulled the blanket over us. I could feel her whole body against me and it felt so nice.

My alarm clock went off at 8 in the morning. Good thing it did even though I hadn't set it because I would have been late for my interview. She was gone though. I rushed to get ready and drove to the site. It was difficult to go through a whole day of interview after what I had been through. I was distracted to say the least. By the time I was done I had to rush to the airport, turn in my rental and check in for my flight. As I got seated on the plane, I was going to give her a call before take off and I realized that I had misplaced my phone.

When I got back, I got in touch with my service provider to try to recover her phone number but for some reason, they said they couldn't find it and I was told that the numbers only get archived after getting called for a certain number of times. I was devasted. Her call didn't register on my bill because she had a restricted number.

I feel bad. I didn't even get to thank her for taking the time to come out and see me, so much more for the things that followed. She never called me. She probably thinks I used her. To be honest, I didn't. I would have loved to be able to stay in touch with her. All I have to remember her by is a tissue where she wrote "Thanks!" and had slipped into my luggage side pocket.

I'd like to think that I gave her the best night of her life too. Maybe....

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