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On the Interstate

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On the Interstate - a true story

It was a lovely sunny afternoon as he drove the convertible onto the Interstate, feeling the wind is his hair as he accelerated to highway speed. As he drove, his thoughts started to wander and he felt a familiar stirring below. The stirring grew and he felt himself starting to stiffen. He idly stroked himself with his free hand and then, on a sudden impulse, unzipped his slacks. He reached in and found his cock, warm and semi hard. He pulled it out, enjoying the feel of the wind on it. Under the familiar touch, he grew longer and harder and eased more out of the opening in his tight briefs.

Now it stood straight up, pointing at the open sky. He looked at the cars he was passing, smiling at the occupants' thoughts if they could only see what he was doing....he found the thought rather exciting and wondered how he would feel if someone could see him. He looked ahead and saw a white Escalade SUV in the inside lane. Hmmm...sitting up higher, the driver could probably see him....he saw a blonde head through the rear window. Good, a girl, and alone by the looks of it.

He drew up slowly towards the other vehicle. He pulled the whole hard length of his cock out now, fully exposing himself. Holding the wheel with his right hand, he held his cock with the fingers of his left, making sure it was totally visible, As he drew level with the Escalade, he felt a surge of excitement.....

He slowed to match speeds, and drove level with the other vehicle. He stole a quick look, and saw the driver's head turned, indeed looking down at him. He stayed level long enough for her to see him fully, then accelerated ahead just enough to get out of her view. Now for the test. If she had seen, and if she was interested, surely she would speed up enough for a second look. He looked in his side mirror, and sure enough the Infiniti was gaining on him. It drew level, and as he looked up he saw the attractive face of the blonde driver smiling at him. She tilted her head sideways in an obvious motion, and he felt himself stiffening further, knowing she could see his exposed cock and apparently was liking what she saw. He started to stroke it, teasing the head, running his fingers up and down the hard shaft.

Then he felt a powerful urge overtake him. He undid his belt, then the catch at the waistband. Opening his slacks fully, he pushed them down, then his briefs. Now he was really exposed, thighs, cock and balls all visible to the eyes in the other vehicle. He spread his legs, then pumped hard on his now throbbing cock. He lifted his hands away, and let her see it all, rearing up straight and proud, quivering in the warm air. He looked over, and their eyes met. He could see the excitement in her eyes reflecting his own...and she was SO attractive too. The he saw a sign for an upcoming rest area...Just maybe, he wondered. They approached another sign, and he pointed to it, looking at her with a questioning glance. She nodded, and he could have sworn he saw a blush on her cheeks. He pulled back behind her, and followed with mounting excitement as she pulled off the interstate into the rest area.

She drove to the back of the parking area, away from the other cars and pulled in and stopped. He stopped along side, pulling his slacks back up with some difficulty over his extended cock. He saw the girl climbing into the back seat, then the back door opened and, taking a deep breath, he got in. For a moment they looked at each other, then he looked down and saw that she was naked below the waist. She was breathing fast, her proud breasts heaving against her t-shirt. He reached out for her, then she was in his arms and their lips met in an endless, electric kiss. He felt her tongue against his, and a surge of power at her touch. His hand reached down and found her golden hairs, soft and wet...she writhed against his touch and opened her legs...she was incredibly wet, and as he felt himself throbbing at the excitement the feel of her gave him he realized she must have been touching herself too, stroking herself as she had watched him. The knowledge turned him on in an incredible way, exciting him further.......

He kissed her again, passionately, deeply, with a magical intensity.....Now his slacks and briefs were off, pulled off by both of them in their urgency. He felt her moving down, then her head was over him and he felt her lips close on him, taking him deeply into her mouth. She lifted up and her tongue caressed the big head, then her mouth moved down quickly and she took the whole hard length of him deep into her in one quick movement. He stiffened at the incredible sensation, then arched his back, thrusting further into her. His fingers found her open thighs and he slid into her so moist opening, first one finger, then two...she pushed down on his hand, then he found her swollen clit. He stroked it fast, feeling her shuddering against him, her mouth still giving his rigid cock amazing sensations.

With a desperate urgency, he sat her on the seat and moved in front of her. Her legs went around him, high, and he found his cock against her golden hairs....he pushed - hard - and slid into her. She was so wet, so ready, matching his hard urgency. He thrust deeply into her, filling her, and stayed there, quivering. She pushed against him, then as she felt his cock jerking inside her, her first orgasm hit, consuming her. She writhed against him, her whole being focused on the sensations inside her, as he felt only her, enveloping him, loving him....He started to thrust now, slowly, deeply, kissing her with every thrust, both feeling the moist heat of their passion. He lifted her t-shirt, exposing her naked breasts to his hungry eyes. He reached down and caressed the hard nipples while her hands ran up and down his back, holding him close. He felt the heat growing, his cock throbbing with desire and he reached down, his hands going under her, lifting her naked body against him, pulling her against him with every thrust. Faster now, faster and deeper...She arched her back, a cry on her lips as she felt another incredible orgasm deep inside her?..and another, he was close now too, both their bodies damp, breath coming fast, consumed with desire. He felt it growing.?growing....then he pulled back - waited an endless moment, knowing how close they both were - then as he felt her own orgasm take her, with a final cry thrust deep into her as he jetted his hot come deep inside her, again and again, joining their bodies as they collapsed into each other's arms.....

Later, as they lay together, kissing, stroking, savoring each other, she whispered in his ear...."That WAS fun, darling...but next time I get to drive the convertible..."

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