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On the Beach

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First of three chapters; Voyeur; A couple on a deserted beach find it isn't so deserted after all.

The couple made their way along the path between the huge banyan trees. "How do the trees grow in this rocky volcanic soil?" asked the woman. The man just smiled, he was thinking of what was to come, he couldn't think about trees right now. On they walked for nearly a mile sometimes the path lead them near the pounding surf, sometimes deep into forests. The further from the parking lot the better, less chance of someone else making this long hike and interrupting their fun. But wasn't that the real fun of what they had planned, that someone else might encounter them and watch.

Just thinking of someone watching them have sex on the beach made the man's cock strain even harder against his khaki shorts. He wished he could remove them here and continue on naked, with his erect cock pointing the way.

The black sand beach was finally reached. The sheltered cove where the beach had formed was deserted. Thank goodness, imagine if they had come all this way eagerly anticipating this erotic event only to find someone else enjoying this spot.

As they shrugged off their packs their eyes met and they reached for one another, her hand slipping inside his shorts, his hand finding its way inside her swim top, as they kissed passionately. "Maybe we should go swimming?" she said. She knew he wouldn't go far into the surf, there wouldn't be any real swimming, but they could let the warm water caress them as they caressed each other. "First we have to take care of all this clothing" he said as he reached for the clasp on her swim suit. While he released her breasts she reached for the waistband of his shorts and began to tug them down. They couldn't stop touching each other even as they struggled with the clothing.

Soon they were naked, anyone walking by might spy the couple but they didn't care. They walked down to the water's edge and made their way in until the gentle surf was pushing at their hips. He pulled her to him and kissed her while running his hands up and down her back. The waves pushed her towards him then pulled her away again and again. With each wave she pushed her crotch against his erection while cupping his balls in her hand. The wave motion helped her stroke him and he groaned as they continued to kiss.

He turned her putting her back against his front. Now each wave helped him push his throbbing erection against her round ass. His hands cupped both breasts. She twitched as he lightly pinched both nipples. Then one hand went down to her waist holding her tight against him and the other hand pinched the nipple harder and harder. As she squirmed at the pain he continued to hold her tightly so that his crotch rubbed up and down her ass. The hand at her waist released the pressure holding her against him and it moved down to her silky shaved cunt. His fingers stroked her clit and the other hand continued to pinch and rub her nipple.

Her hands reached behind her until she freed his cock from the crevice of her butt and she stroked him lightly with one hand then the other. He pushed against her harder, wanting to feel himself deep inside her. "Let's go back to the beach" he said. She giggled and then led the way firmly holding his cock in her hand as she walked onto the black sand.

They disengaged momentarily to get a blanket out of their bag. No sooner than the blanket hit the beach, the couple hit the blanket rolling around, groping one another, giggling and moaning, all at the same time. After a moment their actions took on more urgency as his aching cock worked to find her slippery wet cunt. The head of his cock was just barely in the opening and she moaned and moved her hips trying to get him inside. He continued to tease her and just as he thrust himself deeply into her, a movement in the trees nearby caught his eye.

Some part of his brain tried to make sense of what he had seen but his body was ruled by his thick cock pounding into her wet hole. He could think of little else except the rapidly approaching orgasm. He rammed her with his cock again and again as she moaned and thrashed beneath him. His orgasm built to a frenzy until he exploded inside her not just once but again and again. After several orgasms his eyes opened and he realized that there was definitely something, or someone, in the trees just off the trail. Was someone watching them? Did they witness his intense orgasm?

While he was considering this the woman writhed beneath him desperate for her own release. She rubbed her clit against the base of his cock up and down, up and down, until her back arched and she screamed. She clutched at him as she came again and again.

The thought that someone was watching from the trees made him instantly hard again. It was like he hadn't cum at all, he was hard and wanted to take her again. He pulled her up and turned her, she knew what he wanted and she got on all fours.

He turned her slightly angling her body and his behind her so that the watcher would get a full side view of what was to come. He reached forward and stroked her breasts and her abdomen. He slid a finger down her clit and she came again. Each of his hands now grasped her hips and she screamed as he rammed himself home as deeply as his cock would go. He could imagine the person in the trees touching themselves as they watched her squirm beneath him as he pulled her hard against him with each deep stroke. Again and again he drove into her while picturing what the person in the trees must be seeing. He was so aroused thinking that someone was watching them that he had no thought of the woman. Each stroke was like a pile driver deep into her body and she screamed each time he slammed into her. Again, and again, he drove himself into her, the sound of their bodies slapping against each other was the only sound beyond her screams.

He pictured the watcher in the trees stroking briskly to an orgasm and as he thought about the stranger's orgasm he was ready to cum again. Holding her hips tightly to his groin he buried himself one last time as deeply as he could and began to cum. His whole body emptied through his cock, his hips grinding ever so slightly while his cock remained deep in the wet hole. He came again, his cock twitching and he then began to pull out when another orgasm struck. He slammed himself home again just as the cum spurted from him and he was finally spent. Slowly he pulled out and gathered the woman in his arms. He hoped the watcher had enjoyed this day as much as he had.

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