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Old Boyfriends Stops By For A Visit

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?Oh My God!? I exclaimed as I checked my text message. I was smiling from ear to ear. My husband looked at me and asked me why I was so happy.

?Kyle is going to be in the area and he wants to know if he can stop by and visit.?

Kyle had taken a job in another city and I have not been able to suck his cock for about a year. He was going to be back in the area visiting some family members and wanted to stop by. I was hoping I could get Kyle to give me a good hard fucking tonight.

?I?m going to be taking the kids out riding ORV?s. We will be gone for about 3 hours,? my husband replied. ?Enjoy yourself.?

I was like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Clause to come. I have never been so happy. Kyle and I were texting back and forth. He was going to stop by around 7pm. My husband left with the boys around 6pm and said he would be home around 9pm. Perfect!! I decided to hope in the shower.

Taking a quick shower and drying off, I put on my best thong and bra set, a pair of shorts and a shirt. I had butterflies in my stomach. It has been so long since Kyle and I have been together.

It was almost 7pm when Kyle sent me a text. He said he was running late. He would not be able to get to my house until about 8pm. Because we would only have about one hour to fuck, not nearly long enough for me, I decided to meet him at the door naked. As if he was reading my mind, he sent me another text saying, ?Get naked and be ready. I?ll let myself in and lock the door behind me. I?ll send another text when I?m about 5 minutes away.?

And then I got a wicked idea. As 8pm neared, I stripped down and grabbed my favorite dildo. I laid on the bed and started rubbing my body. As I got my body hotter and hornier, I slowly inserted the dildo into my pussy and began stroking myself. My cell phone buzzed. I checked the text message and Kyle said he was about 5 minutes away. I instantly became wetter and the dildo began sliding in and out of my pussy with ease.

As I continued to fuck myself with my favorite toy, I heard the door open and close. My stomach knotted up with excitement. I closed my eyes and continued to slide my dildo in and out of my wet honey hole.

?HOLY COW!? Kyle shouted as he entered the bedroom. Keeping my eyes closed I said, ?Do you like what you see??

?Absolutely!? I then open my eyes and see this hottie standing at the end of the bed. Kyle starts removing his clothes, telling my how hot and sexy I look fucking my hot, wet hole with my dildo. Once naked, Kyle crawls up between my legs and starts licking my thighs. I remove my dildo and Kyle immediately starts to lick my cunt. Man, have I missed his tongue!

Kyle spends about 5 minutes licking my freshly shaved box before he inserts two fingers into me and starts finger fucking me. He gets to his knees and grabs my dildo. He removes his fingers and inserts my dildo. He starts slow, but then picks up the pace. I am getting so close to cumming but I want to suck his cock!

I push his hand away from my snapper and he removes the dildo. I sit up and push him back onto the bed and take my place between his legs. I reach out and grab his rock hard 9? piece of man meat. It feels so good! And I know it will feel better once it is in my mouth.

I lean forward and put his cock in my mouth. Man, have I missed sucking this cock! Animal instincts take over and I start sucking his cock like it is the last cock on earth and I need his cum to survive. Kyle is moaning with appreciation, enjoying the blowjob that he is getting.

Kyle reaches toward me and puts both his hands on each side of my head. He starts fucking my mouth, using it like a pussy. I?m getting wetter and wetter. He finally says, ?I need to fuck that pussy.?

I roll over so I?m lying on my back. Kyle takes his spot on top of me. I reach to the night stand and grab a condom. He puts it on as I spread my legs wide, waiting for his monster cock to pierce my bald love box and fuck my brains out!

Kyle inserts his cock and with one strong, hard thrust he is buried to his balls inside of my. We both moan with pleasure, not believing how good this feels. Kyle starts stroking his cock in and out of my pink tunnel, making it wetter and wetter.

I wrap my legs around his body, trying to pull him farther and farther inside of me. We start kissing passionately, trying to make up for lost time. After giving my pussy a good hard pounding for about 5 minutes, Kyle reaches down and hooks his hands under my knees. In one swift movement, my legs are up over his shoulders. And the hard cock pounding begins! I can not believe how hard Kyle if fucking my tight, bald little pussy! And I want more.

We are both moaning, saying how good it feels. ?Fuck me harder,? I scream, wanting more and more of his cock. And Kyle doesn?t disappoint me. We are both sweating, breathing heavy, moaning. I start to scream louder, ?Fuck me harder. Don?t stop. Please don?t stop.?

I see his face start to contort; I feel his cock pulse his balls tighten. And then it happens. ?I?m cumming. I?m cumming in your pussy. God it feels good,? Kyle shouts as he fills the condom full of his seed.

About 4 or 5 more thrusts, and Kyle collapses on top of me, releasing my legs. Wow! I am gasping for breath, moaning with pleasure! Happy to have just received the hard fucking I was looking for.

After several minutes of not moving, Kyle finally rolls off of me. He removes the condom and we clean up a little bit. It is now about 8:30 pm and my husband will be home soon. Kyle says that the next time he is in town he will have to make more time so he can fuck me twice, and catch up on what?s been going on. We smile, kiss, and finish getting cleaned up. He then leaves with a smile on his face, and leaves me well fucked and tired.

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