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Oh, Joy!

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Late one Friday night, driving in to the apartment complex where my best friend, Bob, and I shared a two bedroom apartment, I was unhappy to find that my parking space was occupied. I was even more displeased to see that it was Adam?s car. He, Bob and I were all in the Army, although Adam and Bob were in the same unit and I was in a different one.

I knew why Adam was there. In his mid-thirties, married, with four kids plus one on the way, he was having an affair with Joy, a young soldier in yet another unit. Since Adam was cheap (not the least of his faults), he would not spring for a motel room for his sexual encounters with Joy, nor could he carry out the affair in Joy?s barracks. The Army simply would not tolerate that and a court-martial would have been in order (heck, it WAS in order, simply for him engaging in adultery, but it would be overlooked by most folks that knew about it; he simply could not rub it the noses of the brass). The solution, aside from fucking in the back seat of his car, was for the couple to use the apartment when Bob and I were not around. Bob facilitated this, with my grudging consent, by giving Adam a key to the place. The only thing was, while Bob had flown back for the long weekend to visit his folks, I was still around and was not particularly thrilled at the prospect of spending the night listening to Adam and Joy causing the walls to thud constantly with their coupling.

Entering the unit, after I had found an unreserved parking space a few buildings away, I looked down the hall and saw Joy standing in the small living room, dressed in a black body suit and high heels. She looked great. A tall, well-endowed brunette with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, great ass and long, athletic legs, I had admired her on the few times we had met while wondering what she saw in an arrogant, rude, egotistical bastard like Adam.

My entrance surprised Joy and she greeted me with ?I thought you were away this weekend.? That took away some of my ill feelings about losing my parking space. It was possible that there had been a mis-communication about the availability of the apartment for extracurricular activities for the weekend. My ill feelings about my parking space subsided a little, but I was still not thrilled to be sharing the place with them.

?I was going to leave, but the duty roster changed and I got stuck staying here for staff duty tomorrow night. Where?s Adam??

She nodded towards the couch, which was hidden from my view. I walked down the hallway from the entry into the living room and saw Adam sprawled on the couch, eyes closed.

?Tired or passed out drunk?? I inquired.

?Both. Mostly drunk, though.?

I shook my head. ?I?m getting a beer. Would you like one??

?No beer, but I will take a wine.?

She followed me into the kitchenette, where I grabbed a cold one out of the refrigerator for me and poured a wine for her. ?Bob?s not coming back tonight, as you must know, so you can have his room. There is no way Adam can take you back to post in his condition. Why don?t we take these upstairs?? She agreed and we went up to Bob?s room.

We set on the end of the bed and started talking. I had only met her a few times and knew next to nothing about her, so I took the opportunity to expand my knowledge ? about her relationship with Adam, her career and other plans. I can be a good listener when I want to be and she proved to be a good talker, with me interrupting only from time to time to clarify something she had said. I was impressed with her. She was not stupid. She could talk, she had a sense of humor, she had a couple years of college completed and was working on getting a bachelor?s degree.

After a half hour of almost non-stop chatting, and another round of drinks, she commented ?I like it that you are listening to me. You are very sweet.? She leaned forward and kissed me. I fully expected it to be one of those nice, but sisterly kind of kisses on the cheek. Happily, I was mistaken because it was on the lips, sensual, exciting with a promise of more to come. I hoped that I was not misinterpreting the kiss. I leaned in close to her, feeling her large breasts pressing against my chest. One arm went around her back and one hand went behind her head, holding her while we kissed again. The second one had more passion than the first and we continued on. Mouths parted and tongues met. I let my hand behind her head move to the front and begin fondling her breasts. She allowed me to continue and I was getting excited. The hand still behind her back started feeling for the zipper of the body suit. I failed to find it. Slowly, casually, I moved my hands along her gorgeous body to her sides and was disappointed to find no zipper on either one. I leaned back and looked at her. No sign on the body suit of what I hoped to find.

She looked at me and asked ?What?s the matter??

?Where the hell is the zipper?? I blurted.

She laughed, saying, ?If you can?t get this off me, you can?t fuck me!? tugging at the fabric.

That was no guarantee that she would fuck me if I could get her out of her clothes, but I figured her statement indicated good prospects. Still, I had to find someway of opening the suit. We embraced again, and I tugged gently at the neck line. It barely moved, dashing my hopes that it was elastic enough to come past her shoulders. I continued exploring her body, running my hands over her breasts, back, up the outside of her legs and then the inside. As my hand came up her inner thigh, she trembled a little and I progressed further up to toy with her pussy. Sliding my fingers under the body suit, I was not surprised to discover that she had no panties to present yet another obstacle as I had seen no panty line visible underneath the suit. As I started to move the crotch of the suit a little to the side to allow better access, I felt metal. Eureka! Snaps!

I stepped off the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I reached down with both hands. Joy leaned back a little, making the opening at the crotch more accessible, laughing ?You found it!? I undid the snaps and pulled the open suit up a little, revealing her pussy with a trimmed mound of hair topping it. She pulled the body suit over the top of her head, her tits bouncing slightly as they fell free. Naked, she scooted backwards to the center of the bed and lay on her back, her legs open and her twat very inviting. I quickly shed my clothes and knelt on the end of the bed. I lifted one of her legs and kissed my way down it from ankle to groin. From there, I moved to the other leg, blowing lightly on her pussy on the way. I backed up to the ankle and repeated the process, but, this time, stopping to flick my tongue around her clitoris. She moaned as I did. After a few minutes, my chin was pretty well drenched and I kissed my way up her flat stomach to her breasts, devoting some time to sucking and licking her hard nipples. Leaving her tits, I continued up her chest to the base of her neck. Her perfume was mild and intoxicating as I nuzzled her neck. As I moved to kiss her on the lips, her hand went between us, found my cock and guided it in to her.

I penetrated her, slowly, both of us uttering simultaneous sighs. We fucked slowly for a time, then her long legs wrapped around my back, pulling me in with each thrust, demanding that I go faster and harder..

We rolled, still joined, to put her on top. Sitting erect, she slid up and down on my cock, her tits bouncing nicely. Looking down, I watched my glistening dick appearing and then disappearing inside her.

As she approached climax, we rolled once more and I began pounding her hard. She came, pressing her lips hard against mine to muffle the sound. In the depths of her orgasm, her athletic legs squeezed me hard, almost dislodging me from her pussy. I managed to stay in and the intensity of her response brought me to an equally strong orgasm after but a few more thrusts.

After we finished, we lay there on our sides, facing each other. I idly ran my fingers over her mouth, nipples, and down her stomach to her soaked pussy.

She turned, lying flat on her stomach and asked me to give her a massage. I started on the neck then the arms the back, down the buttocks, each leg and started back up. I moved from beside her to between her legs as I worked back up her fine ass to her lower back. Reaching further up, I leaned forward and she felt my cock, stiff once more, on her ass.

?Oh, my God! You?re ready so soon?? She lifted her hips a little and I accepted the invitation to resume fucking, sliding easily into her from behind. We stayed in that position, with me gently pushing in and pulling out while I watched her underneath me, her head to the side, panting and moaning in sync with my efforts. As she started to come a second time, she buried her face in the mattress. No point in loud noises waking her unconscious lover downstairs. I finally ejaculated, and rolled off her, totally spent.

Joy got off the bed, cleaned up, put the body suit back on and went downstairs to check on Adam. He was still passed out, oblivious to what had happened one floor directly above him. She did take a spare blanket down with her to cover him.

When she returned, I told her that I wanted to sleep with her during the night, but she declined. ?I intend to stay with Adam and I don?t want to upset him. Finding me simply in bed, sleeping with another man would do that, even if there was no sex involved. I can?t imagine what he would do if he found out I fucked you.? I relented, giving her a deep, long kiss and retreated to my room and sleep.

When I woke in the morning, they were gone. I was disappointed that she had decided to continue her affair with Adam. Joy and I never again got the chance to play with each other, but she did me the favor of setting me up with two of her girlfriends and one of Adam?s nieces.

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