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Office Dream Encounter - Nothing Better than a Trench Coat

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There is an amazing reality in life that just smacked me in the face today and that is "there is nothing sexier than a woman in a trench coat!

I was in my office today, now mind you, my office is not a large coporate office with elaborately decorated furniture and ornate fixtures but a small office with just enough room for a couple of chairs and a small bookcase. I do have two pretty good sized windows looking out over a flower garden, parking lot and another office building accross the street. I am describing this all to you so that you have a picture of the surroundings to help you envision what I experienced in real life today. Oh yeah, there is also a very skinny vertical window along my office door that does not have any curtain.

Ok, got the picture now? I was sitting at my desk working on a special project and intently typing away at my computer when I heard a light tapping in the window next to the door of my office. My door was open and when I looked up there stood my wife in a full length trench coat. Let me tell you guys, there is nothing sexier than a woman in a trench coat. That may seem like a bizzare comment because you can't see "anything" but that is the point. We have all heard stories about woman in trench coats and your mind, very rapidly, begins to imagine what, if anything, she is wearing under that coat. Now you understand right? Ok, well she walked through the door and very quickly shut it with a swift arm movement that ever so slightly gave a hint as to the question of what was beneath the coat.

She then proceeded to spread her legs ever so slightly and started with the buttons on the coat. Very slowly, almost agonizingly, she began to unbutton one button at a time. With each new button bare glistening flesh began to emerge like a flower opening itself to the morning sun. She got down to the middle of her coat and stopped! When I looked up at her she was looking at me and smiling knowing the control she possessed at that very moment and she was intent to savour every last moment. Looking deeply into my eyes I could see an animal like hunger that was not going to be quenched easily but was going to explode upon me like a cheetah on a gazelle only this gazelle was not running anywhere! Ahhh, she began to start again and with each button more flesh was revealed from the top down. Her naked breasts emerged first and were perfect! Her nipples were as hard as two pebbles resting upon her heaving breasts. I could see them moving with each breath and with each button.

Her torso was next and while looking at her I could notice how her skin was glowing as if her perspiration was building and making her body glisten like diamonds! Even though she has made many negative comments about her body, the confidence she showed before me was more powerful than an atomic explosion and was like the most powerful drug ever created. A drug that makes men want to fall to their knees and beg for just a touch, a gaze or even just a smell of her aromatic sent! Her eyes blazed with command and the heat she was generating was cosmic.

By this time my cock was straining the very fabric enclosing it and the pain to be freed was intense to say the least. My only thought was "what was this gorgeous creature going to do to me, and my god what if someone walked in on us"? The thought just acted as fuel to an inferno of lust and desire and was not not going to be quenched by the thought of being discovered. My hands wanted to free my engorged muscle but my mind was fixed on the magnificent masterpiece before me.

As she continued her journey downward more and more or her diamond like skin was revealed until...oh my god, I could see a glimpse of her naked treasure chest. She was absolutely devoid of hair and her lips took on an intense glow as the moisture began to build within her. I would almost swear I could see drops of nectar dripping down into the darkness created by the remaining buttons of her coat. While slowly removing the last remaining buttons she had to bend ever so slightly which cause the fabric to open further and allow her heaving breasts to slip out of the meager confinement, spilling out and displaying themselves in exquisite glory. When all buttons had been undone she simply stood up, opened the coat and put both hands on her hips, displaying herself with such confidence that Aphrodite herself could not compare. She was the most gorgeous creature I had ever laid eyes on and believe me I was laying eyes all over her. I could not get enough as she stood there half naked, breasts heaving, skin glistening and her pussy was pure fire. It was indeed dripping with excitement and I could see the trails her lubrication was leaving as it traced down her lucious thighs. Her clit was so swollen it was almost erect with desire and lust and throbbing as if it was cock waiting to be carressed and spoiled. Cocks? Yes mine was pounding inside of my pants and was harder than it has ever been, wanting to take this woman and just lay her on the desk and fuck her brains out!

She had other plans! She slowly removed the coat and dropped it in a heap on the floor, walked over to me, took my hand and placed it directly on her bare pussy. She was so soaking wet that when I seperated her lips her juice began to flow freely down over my fingers and down her perfectly shaped legs. When I lightly touched her clit she moaned a moan that was pure lust! What an amazing sound. The only thing she wanted from me was simply for me to fulfill her desire to cum. Pure and simple. You see, my wife has the keen and enviable ability to have multiple orgasms and this was going to be an olympic session for her, I could tell! My finger gingerly slid down her clit and into her waiting pussy. Fire shot from her eyes and lava spilled from her cunt as she began to immediately orgasm for the first time, or so I thought but that is another story. Cum gushed from her pussy like a fire hydrant and spilled all over the floor of my office! Nothing was going to stop her now, not even if the boss himself were to walk in and catch us in the naughty act. Just as the convulsion began to subside she grabbed my belt and literally ripped it off my pants belt loops and all. She tore down my zipper not even caring if my engorged cock would get caught, luckily it didn't, and relieved me of my pants in the blink of an eye. Her eyes burned a hole in my cock knowing that she would soon have this seven inch muscle buried deep inside of her. Using it for her own personal pleasure. My cock was actually throbbing with blood that was boiling inside and the pre-cum had already begun to seap out and down the shaft.

She simply spun around with her ass facing me and impaled herself on my mamoth dick. This sight was over powering to me as I watched her magnificent ass bounce up and down on my pole. My cock would appear and disappear with a speed liken to Superwoman. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of her cunt was electrifying and within seconds I was filling her cunt with white creamy cum which at the same time mixed with the cum of her second orgasm. We came together and I swear I heard thunder and saw lightning as we climaxed together. It seemed like the feeling lasted forever and my cum just continued to pump into her sopping cunt which, combined with her tidal wave of juice, spilled out and all over my cock, legs, chair and combined with her previous pool she left from her first orgasm. She continued her bounce and before I was even soft came a third time even harder than the previous two. She moaned louder and louder with every thrust and with every burst of female semen.

Normally I am not a man that gets hard again easily but watching her remove herself, slowly, from my cock was electrifying to my wanton manhood and instantly sprang to life again as I watched my cock be revealed from her wonderous love canal. Swinging around again she quickly devoured my cock with her mouth. She is an expert in oral manipulation and it wasn't long before she was milking my semen towards the tip of my hardened cock head. My balls were like steel marbles and my dick was preparing to explode into her luscious mouth. Normally I give her a warning just before as she does not enjoy the taste of my love juices, much much different than myself with her nectar, but this time she was not going to have any of that, she just continued her professional service on my cock which just made me explode all the harder. I could feel the cum fill her mouth spasm after spasm and I could see evidence begin to seep out from the corners of her mouth but she just continued to milk every last drop I could produce, milking me like a baby sucks for nutrition. When every last drop was consumed she released me, look my right in the eyes, raised up and kissed me so deeply I could tickle her tonsils. I could taste my cum inside of her mouth and that made me even more excited once again. I could feel the blood filling up again and I could feel my cock begin another journey of expansion. This put a smile on her face that was so precious it should be put on a nasty greeting card.

As we began to slowly enter reality we had a stark awareness of presence...yes we were not alone!!

To be continued...

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