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Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning *

Being late in the evening, knowing the building is all but empty, I remember seeing you in the halls last night, pulling your cleaning cart.

I haven't been able get you off of my mind all day today.

You were so cute when I saw you, with that little bit of dirt on you cheek.

Hearing you down the hall again tonight, you are at the forefront of my every thought.

I know it's you, I recognize the footsteps and the way you hum while you work.

And now, being practically alone here in these offices, I decide to do what I've thought about all day, with you on my mind.

Still sitting behind my desk, I lower my pants to my knees.

I start to tickle myself with light touches on my balls as I then move my hand to my already hard shaft.

I become so intoxicated in my thoughts of you that I don't hear the humming getting closer.

But then, suddenly, I do notice the absence of that humming.

It has stopped and, in the recesses of my mind, I briefly wonder to myself, "Why?"

And as I throw my head back against the chair, my eyes brush past the doorway and I see you standing there, in front of me.

My hand still tightly clenching my hard cock, I am paralyzed by the thought that you've seen me.

I am embarrassed, blushing, I look away, for I know you've caught me in the delectation of self-passion.

My eyes slowly, sheepishly, return to you there, and I see you smiling.

"How long have you been there?" I ask.

You respond, "Long enough to know what you're doing under that desk".

You ask me if you can come closer so you can watch.

With your words, a similar smile works it's way onto my lips and my hand begins to move once again.

I tell you that you may come closer, but you must do something for me in return.

Without another word, you move over to my side of the desk, just to my right, and begin to unbutton your blouse.

With each button, I now see for fact what I only thought was true a moment ago. You are not wearing a bra.

You reach into your open shirt and cup your breasts, one into each hand.

Kneading the nipples with your thumbs.

I can see your nipples get harder beneath your own touch.

And you whisper to me, breathlessly, "Do you know, I've never done anything like this before".

I tell you it will be fine, that we should just enjoy the moment.

With my few words of encouragement, you reach down and undo your jeans, sliding them down to your feet and then kicking them away.

Now I see that you are not wearing panties, either.

I ask if you always dress this way, and you tell me that only tonight, for you had hoped for something to happen.

Seeing you before me, now naked, except for your open shirt brushing your thighs, I work my shaft even harder.

You look into my eyes as one of your hands moves away from your lovely tits and down to your waiting pussy.

As you touch yourself, you moan with pleasure.

And then, making sure I am watching you, you slowly slide one finger deep into your wetness.

This is much more than I can take.

I jump up from my chair, grab you by the hips, and bend you forward, placing your hands on the armrests of the chair.

You say to me, "Wait! I'm new to this. I've only done this twice before. I want you, but please, be very gentle".

With this, I get even harder.

As I place myself against you, I hear you whimper partially with anxiety but mostly with pleasure.

I reach around to your breasts and take them into my hands.

Fondling them, caressing them.

Then move my hand down to your wet pussy and toy with your clit.

As you feel my touch, you push back against my hard cock and I know you are ready.

I position the head at your warm entrance.

And you whisper, "YES!"

I slowly penetrate you, feeling the resistance of your almost virgin hole.

You grit your teeth and push back against me once again, and I plunge deep inside you.

You almost pass out from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

I have to hold you up by your hips to keep your knees from buckling under you.

We just stand there for a moment, allowing you to regain your composure.

My fingers again start to tickle your clit, and you move into me.

Natural response takes over now, and you move perfectly as I begin to slide in and out of you.

The excitement is far too great and I tell you that I will not last long inside of you.

You answer with a loud moan, and as your body writhes beneath me, I know you are cumming.

You cum like a fountain, gushing out everything you've been waiting so long to give.

I feel the fluid of your cum wash down between us, on your thighs, and on mine.

This too much, I tell you that I am going to cum.

And now, with the agility of a ballet dancer, in one quick movement you pull my cock from your pussy, kneel before me and take my shaft into your hand, less than an inch from your face.

With only a few more stokes, I feel my cum building up from my balls, and as you part your lips, you allow me to cum into your mouth.

There is too much for you to take, and some of it drips down off your chin and onto your breasts.

Fully drained, I fall back into the chair.

You stand up and wriggle out of your shirt completely, walk over to me and start to lick the head of my cock clean, to get the last few drops.

Using your shirt, you wipe off your chin and tits.

You pick up your jeans, and slide them back on.

Walking over to your cart, you open a bag and pull out another shirt, smile at me, and say "I came prepared, just in case it worked" You get dressed and as you walk through the doorway, you look back at me and say, "I'm here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, if you need another good cleaning!"

And as I hear your footsteps echoing down the hallway, I realize that this is Tuesday, and I wonder what the hell just happened!

jgw 10-06

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