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Part 1 I meet Suzy in AFF while lookin for a piece of ass. For those who don?t know what AFF is, its a web site called Great for hooking up with like minded people. Anyways, I hooked up with Suzy. Her handle in the room was perfect for her. Her handle was ?Suck Puppet? who later changed her handle to OSuzyQ. She made it clear that she only wanted to suck me off. We set up a meet for the next day. When she gave me directions to her house, I told her dress nasty, that I like a slutty looking whore, Short skirt, high heels, and lots of eye make up, etc. When we met she had done just as I asked. I new she was going to be good as we drove to a Motel 6. On the way we had a little small talk. She proceeded to tell me that she loved to suck cock and she had her husband?s permission to suck all the cock she wanted. But her ass and pussy were off limits. She said her husband loved fucking her in the ass and it was his. Guess she didn?t like it in the pussy. I Really didn?t care, I just wanted to feed her a gooey load of jizz...

I also told her that while she was sucking me I wanted to talk really nasty to her. Suzy said that was fine. Then I asked her if I could hold her by her hair, Make her stay down on my cock, telling her to suck me like a cock pig. She said she didn?t mind as long as I didn?t mean it in a bad way. I told her ? Oh no its just to help me cum harder.?

As we got to Motel 6 and walked up the front walk, I couldn?t help but get a hard on watching her chunky ass and thighs as she walked in that short skirt and high heels. I Just Love Fat Assed Whores. She looked slutty and trashy and I was going to enjoy using her. Using her and telling her what a filthy pig she was while she sucked my cock and took a mouth full of cum...

Once in the room, Suzy did something that didn?t match what she said was the ground rules so to speak. That she would only suck me off. Suzy set a small tube of KY lube on the night stand. Then, I?ll never forget the lusty look Suzy had on her face when I told her to drop to her knees in front of me. This bitch wanted my cock. It was written all over her face. Seeing her look of lust as she undid my pants. The look of excitement as my hard cock sprang out inches from her face. Suzy couldn?t wait to get it in her mouth. She leaned forward as her mouth opened and swallowed my hard cock. All the way down her throat she sucked me hard. I grabbed her hair and guided her sucking. I told her, ?That?s it bitch suck it good.? Suzy responded by sucking harder. She was good, probably one of the best cock suckers I?ve ever enjoyed. It didn?t take long and I filled her mouth with my first load. She swallowed every drop and loved it. I sat down on the edge of the bed while she, still on her knees continued to suck my cock. And again Suzy did something that didn?t match her rules. She raised her ass high into the air for me to see while she continued to suck me. I mean she actually stood up but was bent over, her head in my lap sucking me while I sat on the bed. I picked up the tube of KY lube and squirted a little on my finger and reached over her back while she sucked me and started to finger fuck her asshole. Suzy just kept sucking me hard. With one hand I held her hair keeping her on my dick, and the other hand was working the rim of her butthole. Her muffled murmurs of Mmmm, hmmmmm... told me that was what she wanted. I told her, ?That?s it bitch!? ?Turn around and bend over.? I could see the slutty lustful look Suzy had as she assumed her position. Suzy got on her knees on the edge of the bed with her ass in the air. I grabbed her hips and drilled her butthole hard and deep. I loved seeing her golden locks of hair bouncing to every butthole bruising stroke as she reach straight out in front of her, arms straight out as she clinched the sheets. The only lube her butthole had was from the finger fucking. It didn?t take long for Suzy to get that pained pleasured look that a butt slut gets while getting assfucked. I leaned over Suzy?s back and whispered into her ear what a filthy pig she was. That I loved to ass fuck pigs like her. Use their buttholes for my pleasure. Then send them home to their husbands with sperm dripping out of their sore assholes. Suzy just whimpered as I continued to plow her butthole deep for a good long time. Then I told Suzy to turn around and suck my cock straight out of her asshole. I only had to say it once and Suzy turned and dropped to her knees on the floor as she said, ?Oh that?s nasty.? She had the Nastiest Excited Look on her face as she opened her mouth and sucked in my butthole dirty cock? I grabbed her by her hair as I force fed her my cock and said, ?That?s it you filthy whore, taste your own ass as you suck my cock.? She just sucked it hard as she tasted her own ass on my cock. Several minutes I made her suck my butthole dirty cock straight out of her ass. Then after she sucked it clean, I?d turn her back around and buttfuck her some more. Back and forth several times I switched my cock from her butthole to mouth to butthole to her mouth. Making sure she got a good taste of her own ass, each time making her suck it clean. She absolutely loved it! Then I continued to plow her asshole hard and deep until I finally dumped my second load deep into her bowels. As I filled her bowels with my load I told her I was going to send her home to her husband with sperm oozing out of her sore butt fucked ass.

Afterwards, as I put on my pants, Suzy sat on the edge of the bed with a worried look on her face. I asked what was wrong. She told me she was worried that her husband would know that she gave up the ass. I told her don?t tell him. As I hadn?t hurt her butthole too bad. On the way home Suzy told me she enjoyed being with me. But I couldn?t help and enjoy seeing the funny look on her face. The look of her butthole stinging from being fucked hard with out enough lube. I asked her if she enjoyed her buttfucking. She said it felt good,, sort of,,, still with that stinging butthole look on her face.

The ONLY THING Suzy said mattered was NOT TO SAY A WORD in the chat room about doing her in the ass... I dropped Suzy off and went about my way.

But the best was yet to come...

For a whole week I thought about Suzy?s hot sticky asshole. Sticking my dick from her asshole to her mouth over and over again. I wanted to do it to her again. I called Suzy and arranged to meet her again. And of course she said she would only do a blowjob. I took her to the same motel and once in the room, immediately told her to bend over and give me her asshole. Without hesitation, or sucking my cock, Suzy did as she was told. What a sight seeing a self proclaimed cocksucker?s sweet chunky ass bent over in the air waiting to get her butthole used. I loved seeing her bent over like that, ass in the air in that short slutty dress & high heels. I got down behind Suzy and lifted up her short dress exposing her fat ass and underwear. I pulled the underwear aside and held the cheeks of her plump ass. Being an Assman, I enjoyed looking at the asshole I was about to fuck. Her butthole ring was hot and sticky and the tart aroma of her asshole only made me want to fuck her ass more. I loved the tartness of her hot sticky butthole. I stuck my nose an inch away from her asshole and enjoyed the smell. The more I sniffed her sticky asshole, the more I wanted to use, and bruise this Bitch?s asshole and she knew it. I told Suzy I loved the smell of whore asshole. And to reach back and spread her ass for me. Suzy did as she was told as I stood up behind her, hard cock in hand. Without a single drop of lube I lined up my cock and drove it into Suzy?s hot sticky asshole. The look on Suzy?s face said it all, she loved getting her asshole fucked. It was wonderful, fucking her dry unlubed butthole. What a grip her ass had on my cock as I plowed her asshole over and over balls deep. (And just for the record, all the times she sucked me or I fucked her ass, I never once fucked her pussy or kissed the bitch.) It didn?t take long as I plowed her butthole with my balls slapping against Suzy?s clit that she had a hard climax. It turned me on seeing her shake as she climaxed. It only made me fuck her butthole harder and deeper. I again pulled my cock out of Suzy?s asshole and turned her around. I let her suck it the first time I pulled it from her ass. But then the next few times I rubbed my dick all over her face. Spreading her sticky butthole juice all over her lips and cheeks making Suzy?s face smelled like her butthole. I wanted her to wear and smell her own asshole on her face as I fucked her butthole some more. I continued to plow her ass until I blew my first wad deep into Suzy?s bowels. It was the only form of lube Suzy?s sore ass was to receive during this hard, dry, deep, buttfucking. As I continued to shove my cock up Suzy?s ass. I again leaned over her back telling her to every butthole bruising stroke. ?I love to fuck Pig?s like You.? ?I love to Fuck them in their asses.? ?Hear them squeal as I bruise their bowels.? ?Take it you filthy whore, you filthy pig.? ?Take it in the ass..? I fucked her ass for a long time and then said., ?Yes, You Pig, I?m bruising your bowels, how does it feel?? Suzy just whimpered as I kept shoving my cock up her sore dry butthole. I told her, ?I want your butthole to hurt.? ?Take it, take it up your sore ass.? After talking to Suzy in this way, and a very long buttfucking. I knew Suzy?s asshole was sore and chaffed from her fucking without any lube. I told her, ?I?m going to send you home to your husband with a sore asshole.? ?Yes, send you home with my jizz oozing out and soothing your sore ass.? I then really started pile driving my cock into Suzy?s sore chaffed bowels. And Suzy just clinched the sheets, arms straight out in front of her, golden curls bouncing the whole time she took it up her unlubed ass. Then I said, ?I want your asshole to hurt every time you think of me.? For well over an hour I plowed her deep in the ass as she bent over giving me her husbands property. And the thought of sending her back to her husband with my sperm dribbling out of her sore hurting ass was a big turn on and did make me cum very hard. And as I shot my wad into Suzy?s bowels, I told her. ?I?m going to soothe your sore ass with my sperm, take my jizz you filthy whore.? ?Yes, take it in your guts.? ?I love sending you home to your husband with my jizz oozing out of your sore asshole.? With that I drained my balls deep into Suzy?s sore aching bowels. I could feel gush after gush shooting into her guts. Afterwards, Suzy?s butthole was red, raw, and swollen when I finished with her. Then when we were headed to take Suzy home. Suzy again said she enjoyed me fucking her in the ass. And again she had that funny look on her face. That look of a sore assed whore who just had the shit fucked out of her asshole. I had used her husband?s property and fucked Suzy?s Asshole Raw and loved every second of it....

I was loving it,, I had just used the nastiest butthole bitch who wanted to bend over and get reamed? But then I made a BIG mistake. I hadn?t believed Suzy about not saying a word in the chat room as it would cause big trouble. Sure enough I Did and It Did? Man her husband blew a fuse. After that Suzy didn?t talk to me for almost a year?

Part 2 One Year Later?

I popped into AFF again, and Suzy was there using the handle ?FaceFuckMeHard??

It took less than a minute and we had set up a meet again right then. She came to a local motel and was dressed just as I liked. Short skirt, high heels and willing to give me her ass. This time though I brought a camera and a large dildo in a paper bag. Once in the room I asked Suzy why so long since she would talk to me. She said after I had let the cat out of the bag in the chat room. Her husband made Suzy confess to him. Her husband then went overboard and all he would do was fuck her in the ass like I did. He became obsessed with fucking her ass while calling her a filthy whore and pig. He said all the same things I had. Like he was pretending he was me. She said it was weird. Fuck I thought so to? After a solid year of hard deep anal buttfuckings she and he had finally split up. I asked so why with me now? Suzy said, ?Sometimes I just have needs.?

I pulled out the camera and started clicking. Suzy posed for a couple of shots, as she assumed her position bent over on her knees ass sticking up in the air on the edge of the bed. I realized that was the same position she teased me with the first time, and all the times I did her ass. And it was the position I Remember to this day when I think of Suzy. Seeing her bent over on her knees on the edge of the bed offering me her hot sticky asshole. Her face down on the pillow with her golden locks of hair draping over her shoulders. Suzy?s arms sticking straight out in front of her, with her hands clinching the sheets, She kept this position the whole time I Plowed, Stretched and Used Her Hot Sticky Bowels. I loved the sight of her like that. Clinching the sheets getting her butthole fucked. And listening to Suzy?s whimpers and whines as I wrecked her asshole with dildo and cock just add to it. Seeing Suzy waiting in her position, I pulled out the dildo and clicked several shots of Suzy?s butthole before I used it. Then I took the unlubed dildo and shoved it up Suzy?s ass. For at least an hour straight I worked her butthole very hard with the dildo. I was stabbing her asshole over and over with full deep strokes, pulling it all the way out and stabbing it all the way in. I could actually hear it going into her asshole with a squishing noise as I stabbed it over and over. Suzy just whimpered and clinched the sheets as I Tortuously Stabbed & Wrecked her unlubed butthole with the large dildo stabbing it over and over. Then when her butthole was all red and swollen, I stood up and pulled the dildo out of her ass. I took my cock in hand and grabbed her by the hair as I lined my cock up with Suzy?s butthole. Pulling her by her hair, I Fucked Suzy mercilessly in her sore ass. Again I Enjoyed seeing her clinching the sheets and whimpering as my cock tore up and bruised her unlubed bowels. And again I said degrading things to her as I Fucked her ass until I blew my wad deep into her guts. I don?t lose my hard on between climaxes so I just kept buttfucking her until I was read to blow my second load. I pulled it out of her ass and turned her around telling her to open her mouth. She did and I stroked my cock at her face until I fed her my second wad. giving her every drop I had as I drained my balls into her mouth. When it was all over, after I had tortuously dildo fucked and then mercilessly buttfucked her asshole, until her asshole was literally bleeding I showered and told her I had to leave. Now she won?t talk to me again. Guess I used her asshole a little too hard. *Big Smile* I Did write her 3 days after using her butthole for my pleasure. I told her how much I Loved doing that to her and that I Wanted to do it Again. She replied the same day. 3 days after her tortuous buttfucking. Her last email to me was one sentence, And I Quote, ?It?s STILL bleeding,,, a little.? Oh well to bad, I liked her, she was fun?. Just a quick add in,, she?s talking to me again?? *VBS*?.

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