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Like all human beings, solicitors are individuals, and I know plenty of solicitors and barristers who are not only great fun but as sexy as hell. I was attending a hearing at a certain Crown Court a while back when I met an old flame. Back at university Ian was a dynamite fuck and when I met him again I was anxious to hook up for a sneaky shag.

Ian's nickname was 'Ever Ready' among the female students in our year, and I was happy to find that he hadn't changed much. He grinned and suggested we meet up after Court ended and have a drink at a nearby bar.

As it was winter it was dark and chill by the time Court was finished and I made my way to the pub to meet Ian. I was glad of the drink, and as the alcohol warmed my blood, my pussy began to ache and I was really and truly ready for a good fucking. Ian caressed my hand while staring directly at my cleavage, making my nipples tingle and harden as he told me about how much he had enjoyed screwing my "hot slit" when we'd been at University.

I was excited; remembering how thick his cock was and how he really gave my pussy a good seeing to whenever we had sex. I'd barely finished the last sip of my drink when he grabbed my hand and almost dragged me out the back door of the bar. It led to a small alley where he pushed me against a wall and kissed me hard, driving his tongue deep inside my mouth. As I opened his coat and undid the buttons of his shirt, I felt a giggle erupt as I remembered how often we'd fucked in places like this in our student days.

His chest was muscular and hairy but I didn't get much time to reacquaint myself with it right then because Ian began unbuttoning my blouse and nibbling passionately at my nipples through the lace cups of my bra. Ian had never had much respect for his partners' clothing in the past, and this time was no different. He popped my tits out of their cups and into the chill air, pulling the delicate lace down with a distinct ripping noise. Then, hiking up my skirt, he caught the front of my g-string and roughly pulled it upwards, making the narrow gusset wedge between my pussy lips as he sawed it against my clit.

This rough handling had me gagging for it and my hands scrambled for his cock, quickly tugging his zipper down. When I pushed him back a little to look down I saw that his dick was 'ever ready' as usual, and I slid down on one knee and took the head in my mouth.

Ian pressed his thick knob against my lips and I lapped around his cock-head. Running my tongue all around his helmet, I gently cupped his balls and tilted my head back so that I could take his length right to the very back of my throat.

He moved slowly, pushing his cock in and out of my mouth and feeding me more of his big dick with every stroke. He was clearly enjoying every second because he kept whispering to me that I hadn't changed much and that I was still "the best little cock-sucker he had ever known".

I could feel his balls tightening as he came closer to coming. "Not yet," he gasped. Then, he slid his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up to my feet.

He turned me around so my hands were against the wall. His hand rucked up the back of my skirt and he kneaded my arse cheeks. "I've missed this," he muttered, chuckling as he pulled my damp g-string aside and drove his big cock between my juiced-up pussy lips.

Splitting my labia with one hard stroke he filled me completely, his shaft pounding back and forth as our breath steamed in the cold air. My pussy was clamped hard around his cock as he fucked me hard and set about giving me the ride of a lifetime.

The cold night air had got my nipples really sensitive, and, as I climaxed hard, Ian continued to pull and tweak them until I felt my knees nearly give way with the intense pleasure.

Still he continued reaming my slit, prolonging and increasing my orgasm as he stroked back and forth. It was the ultimate fuck and all thoughts of my boyfriend evaporated in the cold night air. Ian continued thrusting into me with ever-increasing speed, and I bumped back towards him to help push him deeper.

Even after one powerful climax I was hornier than ever before, and thrilled that Ian was giving me the grand slam of all fucks.

I was panting for breath as he slammed his prick into me for the last time and I came hard again, my soaking pussy slurping around his thick cock as he came, spurting his load inside my pussy while it convulsed and contracted around his softening shaft, squeezing every last drop of his spunk deep inside my greedy slot.

Suddenly we realised again how fucking cold it was, so we quickly fixed ourselves and dashed back into the pub. It felt so filthy having a drink with Ian's spunk dripping down my inner-thighs!

I graduated top of my class from The College of Law, London. After spending a couple of years as a trainee I finally managed to land a job with one of Britain's top legal corporations. Three years on and I'm one of the highest paid leaders, specialising in Corporate Finance, Acquisitions, Group Structures and Commercial Law.

As I'm in a position of power I'm able to exercise my considerable authority over those working their way up the lower rungs of this organisation. I don't particularly like men, especially some of the slimy ones in this business, but I do enjoy having sex with them. Don't misunderstand me, I never force sex on anyone. I merely take advantage of their weaknesses.

One of the new juniors working for the firm is a well-built blond lad called Nick. He's young, enthusiastic, and has a ruthless desire to make his way up the corporate ladder. Of course there are plenty of young men just like Nick working here, but none are as muscular, or, to be brutally honest, nearly as well hung. He's also very handsome with a square jaw and a very agile tongue. Which helps!

Nick likes to make himself useful to the senior staff in an effort to ingratiate himself to us. In a way he is kind of sly, so I don't mind using him if he's willing and able to satisfy me. I use his desire for promotion to get him to perform for me, and really get off on the way that he tries so hard to please me. Of course Nick enjoys it as well, otherwise he wouldn't be so enthusiastic about fucking me as he is.

Just last Friday I was feeling horny so I left word at our front desk that I'd be working late and that I wanted Nick to stay behind and report to my office. When the time came, I sat on the edge of my desk, told him to lock the door, and, lifting the front of my skirt, beckoned him over to me.

Knowing the drill, Nick dropped to his knees with his face just inches from my pussy. I smiled, and patted his head like a dog. Putting my hand on the back of his head I pulled his face towards my exposed crotch. I loved the feeling of power that I got as I made him lick me. This time I enjoyed the extra buzz I felt when he stuck out his tongue, and instead of licking my fanny he circled my anus with his tongue.

As his tongue swirled around my puckered ring I felt my pussy getting wet and I reached into the top drawer of my desk and found the slim anal vibrator I keep there. Handing it to Nick, I asked him to insert it in my arse and then lick my pussy.

Nick licked the vibrator before easing it gently inside my tight sphincter.

As soon as it was fully inserted he began to lap my pussy, teasing my clit with the tip of his tongue. I felt my anal muscles contracting around the hard plastic dildo as my pussy began to clench and spasm, and I came against Nick's eager mouth.

He pushed his tongue in as deep as it would go, and started to move it around inside me. Then, twisting the end of the vibrator, he turned it on, making my pussy clench as the toy worked its magic. I shuddered with pleasure as he kept lapping my slit while moving the vibrating sex toy in and out of my arse. Then, taking my clit into his mouth, he sucked on it, and nibbled it gently.

I nearly cried out as my orgasm hit, making my buttocks bounce on the desk as the mechanical device sent erotic spasms juddering through my crotch.

Nick looked on, waiting for my signal, and, once he saw that I had climaxed, he turned the vibrator off and began to unzip his trousers.

There was no reason to think we would be disturbed. It was late enough that the cleaner had been and gone some time ago. So I lay down on the deep pile carpet and waited for Nick to strip. He looked really sexy as he peeled off his clothing in a leisurely fashion. I loved the insolent way he looked down at me as he stripped, knowing that I was as hungry to feel his cock inside me as he was to fuck my pussy.

He eased between my thighs and began to tease my pussy lips with his hard cock, pressing the helmet against my entrance. Then, with one long swift stroke, he was inside me at last, driving his cock right inside until he had filled me. My back arched as my pussy gripped his shaft, and I grasped his muscular shoulders as I felt myself becoming fully impaled.

Taking his full weight on his strong arms, he began to power in and out. The vibrator was still inside my bottom as he shunted back and forth with that long thick cock. These movements created the most delightful sensations, and the friction alone threatened to send me over the edge and into yet another orgasm.

Harder and faster he rode, and before I knew it I was arching my back and moaning with pleasure. Nick slowed the pace, holding me there on the brink as I writhed under him. Then, with one final shunt, he filled me balls-deep with cock, and, just as I was on the edge he reached out and twisted my nipples, making me cry out as I came to a juddering climax and he fired his load deep inside my soaking slit.

My name is Chloe, and I qualified as a solicitor a couple of years ago.

Having finished my training contract in a small Northern solicitors' office, I moved to London to join a large firm. I specialise in all aspects of insolvency litigation, as well as working on general commercial dispute resolution.

The work is as boring as it sounds, but the pay really rocks. I'm from a working class home and have worked hard to achieve my current position. It's not easy for someone from my background to make it in this profession, but I use everything I have in my favour ? including my good looks and big boobs!

The fact is I wasn't here long before I realised that brains and good looks were not enough. While I was doing okay, I knew that I would never get fast-tracked unless I took the initiative and went after success with both hands and my pair of DD tits.

Suffice it to say that since I decided to drop my panties when necessary I have found my boss, James, to be a fair-minded man when it comes to recommendations for advancement in the company.

For weeks there had been rumours that he was looking for what amounts to a very high-powered personal assistant, and that the job would have many benefits including an executive car and pension plan.

Along with a dozen other hopefuls I applied for the position, and having heard of James's reputation for playing with his female employees I decided to go the whole hog and allow him to feel me up and fuck me in order to get the job.

Taking great care to dress smartly but provocatively, I chose a low-cut blouse and a very short skirt, with suitable underwear. I felt cool and composed when James called me into his office for the informal after-hours interview intended to discuss the possibility of my becoming his assistant.

I entered, closed the door, and he asked me to come around the desk to give my opinion on some documents. As I stood beside him and bent forward to read, his hand brushed my knee and lingered there for a while. When I showed no sign of resistance, it gradually moved up my inner thigh, and over the lacy tops of my sheer stockings.

I put my hand over his, preventing it from moving further and giving him a questioning look. He explained that we would be working closely together if I were to be offered the job. Without hesitation, I withdrew my hand and a thrill ran through my pussy as his fingers moved up until they were touching the wet silk gusset covering my moist slot.

Smiling at him, I opened the front of my blouse, and, reaching behind me, I unsnapped my bra and allowed my DD tits to swing free. James looked like all his birthdays had come at once.

Edging his fingers in under my gusset, he made my pussy tingle as his nails brushed through the scant pubic hair of my recently trimmed pussy. Inserting a finger, he worked it slowly into my soaking hole.

I no longer cared that our behaviour was hopelessly unprofessional. I needed his cock! Glancing down at James's lap I was pleased to see his hardened shaft pitching a tent in the front of his trousers. I quickly released it and began to stroke his throbbing hard-on. His dick was certainly big enough to satisfy me and I was eager to feast on it.

But James continued his finger-fucking assault on my pussy, his digit sliding up and down my wet slit, gently nudging my clit, and entering my dripping fanny over and over again. My body tensed as my pussy walls closed around his finger, contracting tightly as it passed in and out. Biting on my lip to keep from crying out, I pumped my hand urgently up and down on his cock.

My tits were swinging in front of him as I wanked his dick, and his shunting finger made me come hard as he rammed it knuckle deep in my slot. My pussy lips spasmed and my clit pulsed with pleasure, and I was disappointed when he abruptly removed his finger.

Getting up from his chair he asked me to bend over his desk so he could get a proper view of my arse. As I obliged he ran his hands across my arse-cheeks before lowering my panties to my ankles and asking me to step out of them. Happily I obliged and was rewarded by the feel of his cock-head pressing against my juice-slicked pussy lips. Firmly grasping my hips, James eased it in, reaching forward to pinch my clit as he filled my pussy with his solid shaft.

I dipped my back and widened my stance to allow him deeper access, and James immediately took full advantage, sinking his cock to the root inside my pussy. With several hard shunts he began to really fuck me, pushing me onto my toes several times as he slammed his big cock inside my aching fanny.

With a grin of pleasure I realised that this was not a compromise that I was making, but just another fringe benefit of my dream job. How many girls get to fuck during working hours?

As James steadily shagged me I felt myself being pushed towards the mother of all orgasms, my pussy clamping and spasming as it hit me. Then he groaned and emptied himself inside me.

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