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Not One Word

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With great deliberation, he walked up the long steps to her apartment. Standing in front of the door, he hesitated before rapping gently on the glass. He didn?t fear anyone would see him, no one knew him here. He could sense her approaching. Warmth trickled into his face. Soon. Soon she would open the door and allow him entrance.

The click of the lock brought about a sense of urgency to him. The door peeked open and he saw her face. She didn?t say anything. She didn?t need to. He reached out and pushed the door open, stepping into her kitchen. She backed up slightly. Both knew why he was there. She had called him, not saying anything other than to come. His hand reached out and touched her cheek, and unconsciously she moved towards him. He smelled the subtle perfume she wore as he drew her to him. His hand fell from her face to touch her waist. His lips touched her cheek, moving onward to her ear. His teeth bit gently on her ear.

She was close now, her body just microns away. Only their shirts, the jeans, the fabric of their clothes remained between them. Even though, the warmth of their bodies radiated outward. His arms wrapped around her, embracing her silently; forcefully. Her lips kissed his neck as her fingers danced up his chest. Her hands gripped his head, pulling his face from her ear. Her tongue invited him into her mouth, raising the passion higher. Deeper and deeper they kissed, his fingers feeling the softness of her skin under her blouse. He wanted her. She wanted him. His hardness pressed against her belly. As they kissed, she unzipped his pants, freeing his cock from its restraints. She held it in her hand, gently tugging it. As his hands unbuttoned her shirt, not once did his mouth leave hers. Their tongues were entwined, nearly one. His hand slid downward, beneath the silkiness of her panties, around to cup her buttocks but still moving deeper. His fingers touched her anus and then beyond and into a new sleekness of her pubic area. His hand became wet and slippery. Fingers probed inward, grazing just the outer edges of her pussy. She moaned and pushed down, attempting to push his digits deeper into her. But his limit was reached.

Protesting, she broke her mouth from his, kicking the door shut behind him. She led him another five steps before he grabbed her and kissed her again, pushing her against the wall. He held her there, his erect cock demanding and arrogant. Again she pushed him away, leading him onward.

Down into the living room they went, it was decorated with furniture acquired throughout the years that she lived there. Sunlight beamed through the windows and a soft breeze blew through. She turned in a circle, shedding her opened blouse and jeans. She stood there, inviting him. He stood there, admiring her beauty. His Dockers slipped off his feet and he pulled the T-shirt over his head, tossing it to the couch. His pants finally fell off his hips, leaving him clad in only his boxers. For a long moment, they stared at each other, contemplating their next action. Both of them needed each other, not for love or sacrifice, but simply to feel, to taste, to be one with each other.

She shrugged off her bra, exposing her hardened nipples to the cool spring air. Her panties fell to her feet and she kicked them away. His own had disappeared. He stood there naked, a picture of desire. A drop of cum oozed from its tip, making it glossy.

They stepped forward simultaneously, and then they were as close as their bodies could be. They were not yet joined. They were not yet as one. His cock pushed lower, and she could feel the tip, lubricated by his own fluid, slide easily between her legs. He did not penetrate, nor did she want him to - yet. They held each other there, feeling the warmth of their bodies, the sensation of flesh on flesh. His fingertips slid down her back, flittering across her buttocks and back up the side of her torso. His hands, for the first time, touched her breasts, massaging them, twisting them, pinching them gently.

For a long moment they were simply content with the awareness of each other?s presence. She pulled him down, lying back on the hardwood floor of the living room. Already the room was warmer, their bodies readying themselves for the coming exertions. His mouth went to her breasts, rolling the hardened nipples with his tongue. Sucking gently, his teeth nibbled at them, forcing a renewed whimper from her throat. His fingers touched the lips below, spreading the vertical gap apart, allowing his fingers entry. Her hands pushed his away, both knowing that now was not the time. She wanted him in her. She took his cock in her hand, feeling the wetness that was now pouring forth. Up and down the shaft her hand went, using the liquid to lubricate the rigid member. Her hands left it then, pulling him down to her.

It stood at the edge; she could feel its presence on the threshold. His cock was hot, searing. She was as hot inside, but he was not yet there. Slowly, his hips moved forward, and he pierced her with just the tip. He moaned then, feeling the exquisite torture that was the moment before entry. Unhurried, he rocked his hips, freeing the apex from her wetness and returning it to her. Her hands were on his shoulders, her head tossed back. He slithered himself fully inside of her, invoking a cried of joy from both of them.

They were finally one.

Joy, supreme and triumphant joy washed over both of them.

This is what they desired, craved, demanded from each other.

Both of them shuddered from the passion and he lay down atop her, relishing in their shared warmth and desire.

His hips began to move, her legs wrapping around his. He rose up on his arms, thrusting into her. Deeper and deeper he plunged, each plunge summoning a groan or a fevered cry. He looked at her then the sweat beading on his forehead. They smiled and shared a deep and long kiss. Her hands fell to her own wetness, touching the bud that brought her ecstasy. Her fingers were wet, slippery with her own juices. Her touch made the passion rise, filling her quickly and exploding outward from her pussy, flowing up and out, causing her to arch her back and cry out in orgasm. His furious pounding forced the sustaining of her wave of pleasure and her muscles clamped down hard around his cock, milking him. He could hold back no longer, his cock was demanding with the righteous fire that it fulfill its purpose.

His back arched as he came, hot semen spewing forth to burn her insides. She felt the geysers within her, striking within, filling her up. His cries of joy prompted a second orgasm in her, joining him at the pinnacle. He fell atop her, kissing her breasts and neck. Their sweat mingled and provided an entirely new sensation, making them both slick and tingly. His mouth was drawn to her and from where he lay; he began to writhe against her body. His cock snaked in and out of her as his tongued played with her own. He broke the kiss, rising off of her to penetrate her fully. The wetness flowed out and formed a puddle beneath her. He grabbed her shoulders, fucking her harder and harder, his cock resurging within her. She came again, the pleasure welling up from within to detonate inside her body, flowing upward to her brain, sending her passion past limits she could not endure. Grabbing his arms, she fully enjoyed the intense fucking that he was giving her as her orgasm subsided.

His cock grew within her and she knew he was going to cum again. His fingers left marks on her shoulders as he pulled her to him. Again he cried out, his cock shuddering out its milky fluid again for the second time. His frantic pace slowed and finally stopped. He lay down beside her and they held each other until that last possible moment when their joining ended. He slipped from her and they kissed, trying to make the oneness they felt go on. But it had ended. They looked at each other, knowing their ardor was spent. They dressed without a word; a longing touch was all that remained. He kissed her long and hard against the kitchen counter, their passion returning for a brief moment.

The door closed behind him, and he heard the lock click home.

Neither had said a word the entire time.

Not one word.


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