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"Oh, you're so scrumptious! You're such a love! Here, let me give you a big kiss right now, you sweetie! I don't know if any husband could ever be more considerate, letting me spend all of last night over at Bill and Joanie's to relieve my...uh...stress because your mean old thing doesn't ever get hard any more. I know you didn't want me to go, and that you agreed only after I pleaded with you, and only out of love for me. I love you too, though not the same way exactly, not any longer, sweetheart. And here you are sitting up waiting for me. Well, let me tell you what happened."

"For one thing, I can tell you right now that Bill's cock hardly ever gets soft! He even managed to push it into my ass, after maybe three complete round trips into my pussy! What a shame I never let you stick yours into me there while you still could, a smaller prick would have been so much easier on me. It happened so quickly, too -- I was tangled in bedsheets from one of our previous fucks, who knows which, God was he horny! and I was exhausted, I couldn't move a muscle. I told him that, and he laughed, and then slathered stuff on himself and slipped into my rear end as easy as if he were sliding into my mouth. God, I felt full, so full I couldn't help but push myself back at him. Then he started pumping my ass and finger fucking my pussy both at once, and then there was no stopping either of us! It was a lot better than earlier with Joanie and that huge dildo she used to loosen me up!"

"But I want you to come with me tonight, so you can know too how good it feels to have a stiff cock pumping deep into your ass.

Bill thought your mouth and throat might fit him too if you opened real wide, and I think it will. And you're certainly entitled to suck up any sloppy seconds you can manage, I think. You *are* my husband, after all, and it does seem unfair that Bill gets to do all of our holes when you don't get at any of them. And I don't care, I'm going to give Joanie back the rest of the pills she gave me to soften you up until you'd agree to let him fuck me. Then in a week or so when you can stiffen your cock again, we can all do each other. I bet we can even have that orgy I wanted last month when you didn't!"


"Charlie, you been working on your forehand? Great game! Yeah, I saw in the showers, you're right about those scratch marks, all over your back and shoulders, can't miss 'em, they're gonna be a real bitch to explain to your wife! That secretary of yours is really something I guess, a kitten behind her desk and a tiger in bed. I'll be glad to help you out, Charlie, I really will. You want me to back you up, tell your wife you got scratched when you went through a glass partition while we were horsing around, that's what I'll do. You got it!"

"But it won't work, old buddy. Last week I had a great old time with that same tiger-kitten of a secretary myself. Jesus, talk about hot? She never quits, does she? I'd of warned you about her, but you're married, right, so how should I know you were gonna get it on with her? Anyhow, when your wife saw those same scratch marks on my back she wanted to know who the hell made them, and I told her straight out, hell, she isn't my wife. Well, she got so mad at me she threw me right out of your bed and all the way out of your house! So when she sees them on you, she's gonna know right off where you been, old buddy. You're really up the creek! But if you really want me to throw you through a glass partition, there's one right there, and I'm up for it. So it's your move!"


"Barbara, it was wonderful! Everyone who came fucked me! Even your own brother a few times, I think, and all those guys he brought with him, they all came in me at least once each, I don't know, I lost count. The bed was a soaked mess by midnight, and the last of just the invited guests climbed off me only about a half-hour ago. He said I'm so sloppy now, so stretched out wide open, that he couldn't feel a thing. Maybe so, I couldn't feel him either, that's for sure, and he had a big cock, believe me, a lot bigger than Jack's."

"So now what'll I do? All that cum is still oozing out of me, and who knows how much more is still in there? It's all over the sheets and towels, and it keeps coming! And I'll be walking down the aisle a few hours from now, and I don't want it to stain my wedding dress! I want to look perfect for Jack, that bastard, even though I am still mad at him for not inviting me to his bachelor party. Well, I guess I'm only a little bit mad, now that I've been the main attraction at my own party. Maybe now I should forgive him. Maybe even tease him a little about what I did last night while he was out with the boys. But only later. Only if it turns out he can't feel anything either once we've started our honeymoon."


"It was so beautiful, Dora! We spent the whole afternoon together, and we both feel the same way about so many things. He's such a gentleman, so very cultured. I'd forgotten how I enjoy his company, and how very affectionate he can be, and how satisfied a woman can feel after making love. It was all so easy, so natural!

First we had that light lunch I promised him -- a salad, Boston lettuce, Romaine, a little Chicory, you know, but with my special very strong garlic dressing, and lots of herbs. Then we just talked. When he finally came up behind me in the kitchen and kissed me, he was so gentle, and his mouth felt so delicate on my neck that I just melted into him. My heart swelled up and I knew then that I was a lost woman, head over heels lost. I don't remember any of the rest clearly, how we got there, but my head was on his shoulder, and he swept me up, and then there we were in our bedroom and then our bed, naked and clinging to each other, and he was already deep inside me, and at that moment I felt so very complete!"

"His cock is so much bigger than George's, Dora, did you know that?

I'd forgotten how big some men are, after all those years with George. And he maintains an erection for hours it seems, and he moved with such tender grace when he first slipped it in and out of me. Then when he settled in he just pounded me and pounded me, steady and hard, and I must have just kept cumming because I can't remember any time with him in me when I wasn't squealing and shrieking in pure bliss. I'm sure I fainted now and then! He himself came three times in me, and then began again without stopping, and finally before he left he managed one more time in my mouth! So now I've got plenty, and it'll all make a delicious fish sauce to serve George for his dinner tonight, our juices all blended, and flavored by the garlic and those different herbs. Oh yes, the flavor's all still there, I could taste it. Most of it's still inside me, I want to keep it warm for tonight's supper. I'm sure George'll think it's as delicious as I do. And George loves fish. In fact, I mean to serve George fish with that special sauce every Friday from now on, and much more often during Lent."

Best Friends

"No, wait, that's a huge dog, Mrs. Jamison! Better to wait till that big bulge at the base of his cock goes down before you try to separate them. Otherwise for sure your husband's ass'll get torn up, and then you won't be able to mate the two of them again for maybe as long as a week. You just heard how painful it was for him when that knot swelled up to seal his asshole tight, just before the dog dumped that load of cum into his guts. You heard the way he screamed and then fainted dead away. And he's still out!


"You know, women usually buy these trained Great Danes from me for their own uses -- you're the first to get one as a present for her husband. It's not for me to say, but he didn't sound too happy about it, at first, the way he fought those ropes when the dog mounted him and began to poke into his buttocks. But I've got to admit, when things got going he really did seem to enjoy it, a little, to judge by all that moaning and shrieking before he passed out. A dog really is man's best friend, a very thoughtful gift, ma'am, the gift that keeps on giving. Well, I'll leave you three now. I still have that other dog to deliver to that lady down the block, the one you said had been boffing your husband for months now, and you only just found out? Yes, I see by the invoice that you're paying for that one too! I suppose I'll find her gagged and tied up in her bedroom with her bottom high up in the air, ready for action, same as your husband? Well, you'll see, she'll soon prefer her new dog to your husband. My animals can out-fuck any man, any day of the week!"

Decisions, Decisions

"We were in the same math class, and every morning she wore a different sweater and a tighter skirt, but there was that same dark wavy hair, and those same black eyes looking straight into me.

God, she was just beautiful! When she sat down, I swear the seat kissed her ass. I sure wanted to. Then there were those tits, floating suspended in mid-air, held up by the curves of her body.

I could never say anything in that class -- there was always a lump in my throat. And I couldn't volunteer to do problems on the board, either, because I always had a boner. And I'm a math major, I know that stuff cold!"

"Well, one day she got back a low grade on a quiz, and I saw my chance. I hung back until everyone else was gone, and then I got up enough nerve to ask her if she needed help. You know what she did? She glanced over at me, and then down at my crotch, and then back up at me, and she said, 'Sure. I've been watching you, sport!

You want to help me, OK, but I pay you off in advance! So just take it out right now, that bulge in your pants, and lie down on the floor, right there. Quick, no hesitation! That's it. Now, you choose, do I sit on your cock or your face? Just say which, quick. This offer will expire in ten seconds!' Then she gathered up her books, and she looked down at me, and she smiled, and she just waited, and I tried desperately to clear my throat."


"You're cute, Jeff. You really are! For months you keep telling me how glad I should be to see you, and I keep telling you to go away, that you're annoying me. But do you listen? You never listen. There you are, the world's greatest stud, you think, and I should feel grateful that you want to move in with me!"

"Well, stud, now you've got your wish. Here you are. I'll look in on you every day to see that your water bowl is filled and to hose down your cage. If you behave and you're properly respectful whenever I come down, and you're on your knees with your forehead on the floor and all, I'll put something in your food bowl too, and that's a promise. Then maybe in a month we can talk about what you can do for me, and for any guests I might want to bring down here to look at you. I'll want them to see for themselves how eager you are to please me. If you're eager to please them too, and they're satisfied, no complaints, maybe in six months or a year I'll let you back into the main house, so you can please us there, and maybe even get to sleep in a bed again sometimes. But that's up to you.

I've got to go to work now, so think it over! I'll leave the light on this one time, so you can look around and get used to things."

The Lineaments of Gratified Desire

"Night, dear. I won't be back till morning, so don't wait up. But treat yourself to a good time while I'm gone! When I get home I'll want to know you enjoyed yourself as often as Frank and I did. So same as last night, be sure to save it where I can see it -- your jar's still on the nightstand on my side of the bed!"


"Up against the wall, Motherfucker!"

"Mom, not again! I can't get it up again so soon after the last time!"

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