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Newlywed Fun Chapter 7

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Newlywed Fun Chapter 7 For the rest of that week, Janet wore a smile that even she couldn't quite explain. Her sex life with Mark was fantastic, and things between her and Laura and Bob were working out even better than she had hoped. Friday afternoon, Laura came by for a little while and told her they were going to have another party, and invited her and Mark.

But when Mark arrived home around six, Janet could tell something was bothering him. He didn't greet her with a hug and kiss as he usually did. In fact, he appeared to be avoiding her for some reason, and wouldn't even look her in the eye. When she told him about the party at the Springs', he just nodded his head and said, "Sure, why not?" Finally, she couldn't take it any longer and had to know what was wrong. They had always talked about whatever was bothering one of them, and Mark's attitude was so unlike him that she knew something had to be up. She found him in the bedroom, getting undressed to take a shower, and she sat on the bed and looked up at his strong, handsome face.

"Mark," she said softly, "something's been upsetting you all evening, and you won't even look at me. Please, tell me what's wrong?" He turned away from her for a moment, then turned back to look at her. "I had to fire a guy today. And do you know why I had to fire him?" he asked, anger clearly written on his face.

"No," she replied in a whisper, although she had a feeling she knew exactly who had been fired and why.

"Well, I'll tell you. It was Roland, and I fired him because he was walking around in the storeroom, bragging about the hot piece of ass he got while moving furniture for the boss! I couldn't believe it when I first overheard it, but the more I listened, the worse it got! He was talking about the fantastic blow-job that started it all off, and about sucking your cunt till you screamed and begged him to fuck you, and then of fucking you silly, not just once, but over and over again. The real kicker was when he told them about how the phone rang and you answered it while curled up in his arms, then told me that he was working and then fucked him the minute you hung the phone up!" As he stood there, hands on hips, glaring at her, she felt the blood drain from her face and thought that she was going to faint. She didn't know what to say to ease the anger and pain Mark was feeling, or the shame she felt. She looked at the floor and began to cry softly.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Mark. I swear to you, I'm sorry," she told him between sobs. "It just happened and I couldn't help myself." "Oh, sure, my wife the uncontrollable slut who fucks and sucks everyone that comes along. Is that it?" he demanded.

"No!? she cried, still not able to look up at him.

"Yeah, well I'll tell you what. In all the time we've been together, I've never been unfaithful to you. Sure, I've looked at other women. I wouldn't be human if I didn't, but it's never gone beyond that point. And I know I could have had my share of pussy." "I know," she whispered, finally looking at him, wanting to reach out to him, to hold him, to have him hold her, but knew she would probably be rejected if she tried that now.

"Well, what you can know now is that those days are over! If you can let the first young stud (Christ, Janet, he was only 16!) that comes along fuck you, and you suck his cock like a starving man drinks water, then I can play that game too. In fact, tonight at the party, if I happen to disappear for a while, don?t bother to come looking for me. Which reminds me? You and Bob vanished for a while at the last party. What happened? Did you give him a shot of your pussy, too, or just one of your fantastic blow-jobs?" Janet began crying again, lowering her face to her hands, too ashamed to answer.

"That's what I thought," he said with disgust as he turned and went into the bathroom and locked the door.

Janet sat on the bed crying, not knowing what to do, what she could do. She felt she had lost Mark forever. It wasn't the thought of him screwing another woman that upset her so, but the thought of him never touching her again, and divorcing her! "No," she told herself, wiping her eyes with the back of her hands, "I won't let that happen. I'll do anything I have to do to save my marriage and to get Mark to love me again." Janet ran downstairs to the small bathroom there, washed her face and resolved to show Mark she was sorry and that she would prove to him how much she loved him, which was more than anything else in the whole world.

She hurried back upstairs and brushed her hair. She was just starting to put on some make-up when Mark came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist, his muscular body still wet with water from the shower.

She stood up and turned to face him. She moved closer to him, till the tops of her blouse-covered nipples were almost touching his chest. "Mark," she said softly, "I know that what I did was wrong, and that I've hurt you more than anyone ever has before, but, darling, please, if you will just give me a chance, I swear I'll make it up to you. Please, Mark!" she begged.

"Yeah? Like how? Maybe you'll suck my cock a little longer next time? Or fuck me an extra time one night?" "If that's what you want me to do, yes," she answered softly.

She saw a glint in his eye, and for the first time ever, she felt odd with him. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down to her knees in front of him, then pulled off the towel, revealing his limp cock.

"Suck it, bitch!" he ordered. "I want to feel it all the way down your throat, and you'd better make it good!" They had played games before, where he would pretend to be mean, but she could tell he wasn't playing then. She reached out and took his cock in her right hand, squeezed it gently and felt it start to harden.

"I said suck it!" he yelled, grabbing her hair and yanking her head towards his crotch.

Janet opened her mouth and sucked in the head of his prick. The spongy head grew larger and larger in her mouth. She sucked on it and ran her tongue all around it, then started to take in more of him.

Her action on the head of his cock had gotten Mark hard as steel almost instantly. Still holding her hair tightly, he shoved forward with his hips, driving his cock further in. She felt it lodge in her throat all nine inches.

Then Mark pulled out, laughing as he left just the tip of his cock in the circle of her lips. Then he shoved all the way back again, this time setting up a fucking motion that allowed Janet only quick breaths of air between plunges.

She tried to suck, playing with his balls. He was simply fucking her mouth, not giving a damn whether she had any pleasure or not. He was going to get himself off.

But Mark hadn't counted on the sexual changes she had made in the past couple of weeks. Before he knew it, Janet was sucking his cock like never before, and enjoying it as well! - When he shoved his hips forward, burying his organ in her throat, she wrapped her arms around his ass, mashing her face against his groin while working her throat in a swallowing motion. She did this three or four times before allowing him to pull his prick out, and even when he did, she continued to suck.

Janet used one hand to fondle his balls, squeezing them gently, then harder, trying to pump all the juice out of them. The fingers of her other hand squeezed the firm cheeks of his ass and trailed lightly along the crack.

Her head began to move up and down the length of his meat with him moving his hips, her lips and tongue working him as they never had before. He could feel the tightening of his nut sack, the start of an orgasm. Just as he felt the climax start to erupt, Janet shoved her face all the way against his groin, forcing his cock back into her throat. At the same time, she pushed a finger into his ass, something she had never done before! The combination of the two actions caused Mark to arch up on his toes. His cum gushed into her throat. He felt as if he were never going to stop cumming. All the while, Janet swallowed and sawed her finger in and out of his ass.

Janet smiled, lowering her head so her husband couldn't see the grin. He pulled his cock from her lips and she knew he had enjoyed the BJ, and she knew that he knew she had enjoyed it as well! Even now, kneeling on the floor, she could feel the pussy juice running down her legs.

"Don't think you get off that easy!" he told her. But as she looked at him, she could see that he was having a tough time staying angry.

He went to the closet and began pulling out the clothes he'd wear that night. She got up and went into the bathroom to redo her make-up. This situation isn't going to go away overnight, she thought to herself as she looked at her image in the mirror, but I'll make it up to him somehow. And when I do, I'm going to make sure I never hurt him again.

Janet knew that if he told her she was never to have sex with another person, she would do her best to follow that order. Yet, she also knew that if he told her to go to the party tonight and fuck every man there, and suck every woman, she would do that as well. And, she thought with a grin, that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

But what if Mark meant what he had said about fucking another woman? What if he went to the party and hit on that redhead that had been so interested in him the last time? She tried to fight her feeling of jealousy, realizing that she would have to let him have her, at least this once.

By the time she finished in the bathroom, he was gone from the bedroom. She hurried and dressed in a short skirt that showed off her legs, and a tube top which emphasized her big tits. She slipped on a pair of heels and checked her appearance in the mirror. Smiling at what she saw, she was ready for the party.

She rushed downstairs, looking for Mark, but he was nowhere around. She entered the kitchen and found the back door open, realizing he must have gone to the Springs' house without her. That upset her a bit, but she shook her head and vowed to herself that she wasn't going to let it get to her.

She hurried across the yard to the Springs', hearing sounds of music and laughter coming from within. She opened the back door and entered, only to be greeted by Laura, who smiled warmly at her. The two women embraced, exchanging a quick kiss on the lips before going into the living room to join the rest of the party.

There were already a lot of people there, and it took her a moment or two to find Mark, but Janet finally spotted him talking to a tall, slender, sultry blonde she didn't recognize. "Who's that?" she asked Laura, pointing to the woman.

"Oh, that's Carol Spellman. She's a vice president with some insurance company. She wasn't here for the last party, but her husband was," Laura told her, pointing to a man in his mid-forties sitting on the couch. He was talking to a petite redhead from the last party.

"Him?" she asked in wonder, looking closely at the man.

He was not at all what she would expect the blonde to be married to. He was at least three or four inches shorter than his wife, had a small gut on him, and was only of average height.

"Sweetheart," said Laura with a grin, "don't let his looks fool you. That man has a cock that is almost twelve inches long, as thick as your wrist, and he can keep it hard for hours. And he has a terrific tongue as well. He's one of the best pussy eaters here!" Janet's gaze darted to the man's crotch while she tried to imagine what a twelve-inch cock would look and feel like. She thought to herself, something that big could split a woman in half.

"How about the wife?" she asked. "Does she go both ways?" "Hell, Janet, just about every woman here does!" Laura replied. "But her favorite thing is getting cock in all three holes at once. She also likes to watch her husband fuck women and then eat his cum from their cunts." Janet was about to say something when she felt a hand come to rest on an ass cheek. She turned her head and saw Bob standing behind her. "Nice to see you could make it," he said.

"Nice to be here," she replied, leaning her weight back and rubbing her ass against his groin. "Perhaps a little later we can see about taking care of your hard-on," she told him.

"What's wrong with right now?" "A little early in the evening. Besides, Mark is pissed at me for something stupid I did, and I have to try and make it up to him. I want to wait and see how things go." "Oops!" said Laura, turning to look at her. "Did he find out about us?" "Yeah, and about a guy that worked for him that I fucked last week." "I'm surprised he even showed up!" exclaimed Laura.

"I'm not. He thinks he is going to get back at me tonight by fucking everyone he can get his dick into. But I've got a surprise for him." "What?" Laura asked as she and Bob began to see an opportunity to have fun while helping Janet out.

"I'm going to help him fuck everyone he can get his dick into," she told them with a grin. "I know he would love to get his hands on that redhead. I plan to help. In fact, I'm going to see to it that he has both of us. Besides, I wouldn't mind having a shot at her myself." "What do you think, Bob?" Laura asked her husband.

"I think it's the least we could do for our best neighbor," he replied.

"Then, you two will help me?" Janet asked excitedly.

"You bet!" Laura said.

"But, I think Mark has a few plans of his own," Bob noted, nodding his head in the direction of Janet's husband. She looked to see Mark and Carol slowly easing their way out of the living room, heading for the hallway and the bedrooms there. She felt a pang of jealousy stab her heart, but she fought it. After what she had been doing, she had no right to feel that way, or so she told herself. The last sight she had of Mark and Carol was as they rounded the corner of the hallway, Mark's hand resting on Carol's ass.

Janet looked at Laura. "I think I could use a drink," she said softly.

"I'll get it," Bob said, going quickly to the bar to pour her a scotch on the rocks.

Janet downed half of it in one gulp, feeling it burn her throat for a second or two before spreading its warmth throughout her entire body. She relaxed somewhat.

"Well," she told her two friends, "I think I'll go mingle a little bit and see what I can come up with for Mark later on." Laura and Bob both nodded in understanding as she walked away from them. She moved from one small group of people to another, joining conversations for a moment before going on to the next. She was waiting for Mark to reappear and he finally did, about half an hour later.

Both he and Carol were smiling, as if their little session had been most satisfying for the both of them, which it probably was. She knew that Mark was an excellent lover who could please any woman. Right now she wished that woman were herself, and promised herself that she would be his before the night was over.

Mark looked around and spotted her, and walked towards her with a smirk on his face. He kissed her and she could taste the pussy juice on his lips. That lit a small flame of desire inside her. She used her tongue to clean his lips, slipping her right arm around his neck while her left hand went down to gently squeeze his cock.

"Was she good?" she asked, her question catching Mark completely off guard for a moment.

"I... well, yeah, she was," he replied almost bashfully.

"Its okay, Mark," she told him softly. "I know what I did was wrong, and you feel that you have to do this to get even with me. I understand that." "Yeah, right," he said his expression cold. "Really, it is," she told him.

"Yeah, well, we'll see," he replied and turned away from her. He went to get himself a beer.

She stood here feeling as if she had just been slapped! Here she was, trying to show him that she loved him, that she was sorry for what she had done, and that she wasn't going to get mad or jealous if he fucked every woman in the place tonight, and all he could do was walk away from her.

As much as she wanted to understand his feelings, his treatment of her was starting to get to her a bit. She looked around the room for Bob, but didn't see him. Her eyes lit on a young dark-haired man standing off to one side by himself. He looked a little unsure of himself and she sauntered over to him.

"I haven't seen you here before," she told him in a friendly tone of voice.

"I... I haven't been here before." "Do you live in the neighborhood?" "No... I... I'm visiting my sister and her husband for a few days before going back to college." "Oh, who's your sister?" "Carol Spellman." "What's your name?" "Terry. What's yours?" he asked.

"Janet," she replied, feeling a sudden urge to do something outrageous. "Terry," she said sweetly, "do you think you could help me out?" "Sure!" he replied eagerly, completely unaware of what she had in mind.

"Come with me," she told him and led him through the crowd to the kitchen. She looked around to make sure no one could see her and then opened the door that led to the basement and motioned for him to follow her, which he did.

Once down in the basement, she found the string to turn on the light and pulled it.

"How old are you, Terry?" "Fifteen," he replied.

"Are you a virgin?" He didn't answer, but blushed deeply, giving her the answer. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, forcing her tongue between his lips and into his mouth as she ground her pussy against his crotch.

He was almost the exact same height as she was, and she could feel his cock hardening rapidly, pressing against her cunt. She was going to have a good time with this young virgin male.

She broke the kiss and before he could say anything, she dropped down to her knees in front of him, reached quickly for his zipper, and in no time at all had it down. She snaked her hands inside to grab his cock, and pulled it out through the pants opening. Terry quickly realized what was going on and unfastened his belt, then his jeans, allowing them to drop to his ankles. Janet jerked down his shorts.

While his cock wasn't as long as Mark's or Bob's, it was extremely thick, with a large purple head. She grabbed it by the base and without wasting any time at all, opened her mouth as wide as she could and took his prick between her lips.

She cupped his nuts with one hand as she began a fucking motion with her mouth. She lavished it with swipes of her tongue, tasting the drop of pre-cum that oozed out, then moved her head all the way back on him.

Terry began fucking his hips back and forth. As she allowed him to do this, she sucked on his cock powerfully, running her tongue along the shaft of it as he pulled out, and then around the crown as she trapped it within her lips.

After only about a minute or so she felt him begin to pick up his pace, hearing his breathing starting to come in panting gasps, and, as much as she would have loved to let him cum in her mouth, she knew that it would be at least a little while before he could get hard again. She wanted his cock in her pussy.

She gripped the base tightly and pulled her mouth free, quickly standing up to kiss him as she backed up to a laundry table by the wall. There, she broke the kiss and turned around, bent over the table and hiked her skirt, giving him a perfect view of her pussy.

He didn't need an invitation! He stepped forward and gripped the cheeks of her ass with both hands, and with a lunge of his hips, drove his cock into her burning cunt on the first try.

Janet bit her lip to keep from crying out as his extra wide cock pushed into the depths of her pussy, spreading the walls farther apart than they had ever been before. Her tits were pressed against the top of the table and she pulled down her tube top to let them rub against the table and excite her even more.

Meanwhile, Terry was slamming his cock in and out of her for all he was worth. He didn't have much style, but he had enthusiasm.

As an orgasm surged through her, she clamped down on his cock with her pussy, causing him to cry out, "Lady, that's fantastic!" Janet felt another climax tear through her, and then realized that Terry was about to cum himself. "Wait! Stop!" she cried softly, and he did, but with his cock still buried to the hilt in her cunt.

"Pull out a second," she told him, turning to look at him over her shoulder. He was slightly bewildered, but did as she asked.

As soon as he was out, she turned around and sat on the edge of the table and lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. She guided his cock back into her cunt with her hand, smiling at him seductively. He drove into her to the hilt, causing her to arch her back, her huge tits jutting towards the ceiling.

He lowered his head and sucked one of her hard nipples into his mouth. He was learning quickly now. He would alternate his strokes, sometimes slamming into her like a pile driver and other times giving her long slow strokes while alternating his attention from one tit to the other. He then pushed her down on her back on the table, and lifted her legs, bending them back so that her knees were pressed against her tits. He began to slam his cock in and out of her cunt, driving it into her with all the force he could.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" she cried. "Shove your cock into me! Fuck me hard! Make me cum! Fill me with your jizz and make me scream!" The young man did the best he could to comply with her desires, leaning over her bent body to bite down on first one nipple and then the other as he fucked her.

She beat her fists on the table as she felt jet after jet of his burning cum flood her pussy and run out and down the crack of her ass. She felt him shudder and then he collapsed on top of her just as the last of her pleasure faded.

She gently eased Terry off of her, letting his cock slip out of her cunt. They straightened out their clothing, then she went over to a corner where she had seen a roll of toilet paper and used some of it to clean off her cunt and legs where his cum was oozing down. Then, realizing that someone might wonder why they were down there, she grabbed a case of beer and headed back up the stairs, with him doing the same.

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