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New World

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?Shit!? I think she saw me taking the picture.

My secretary was leaving early for the day and as she left down the stairs in the back of the building, I was trying to get a good picture of her for my collection. She looked really sexy today and I just had to jack off with a picture of her. It was my custom to try and take a picture of her secretly just for my pleasure. I was married, but my wife wasn?t interested in anything remotely sexual, so I had taken to relieving myself of the burning fire in my loins with my own fantasies. Kathy was my unknowing assistant in this matter.

She was about gorgeous, about 5?8? with a showgirl?s legs that she loved to show off. You could serve dinner off of her ass and her breasts had to be at least a 36DD. She always wore the shortest skirts and the tightest tops of anyone in the office. And she must have been the most cold-natured woman alive because her nipples were always pushing out from the obviously thin material of her bra.

I had overheard her sharing with the other ladies in the office that her husband always bought her the sexiest lingerie to wear because he was turned on thinking about her wearing it to work. The ironic thing was he was not satisfying her sexually at home. Evidently, he was a selfish lover and just wanted to look at her and, when he got himself hard, to fuck in her in the same old missionary position every time. She told the rest of the ladies that she had a vibrator that she found her own satisfaction with and she was tired of the status quo of the missionary. She wanted something new and exciting. And, dammit, she wanted to cum, too.

Today she had worn a new black mini skirt with a little slit up the back. She didn?t know it, but everytime she left my office the skirt had ridden up her ass and she was showing me her gorgeous ass cheeks that were separated by a sexy black thong. The white blouse she was wearing really showed off her breasts perfectly. The lacy bra underneath the blouse let the faint darkness of her aureoles and nipple show through. I couldn?t get up from behind my desk for a few minutes because of the raging erection poking through my slacks.

I knew I had to have a picture of her. I was going to be a happy man tonight. Like I was saying earlier, Kathy had left early and was leaving via the back stairs which are right outside the back wall of my office. I have a bay window behind my desk and I could always get a good shot of her if I was careful. I closed the door to my office and got out my camera and was ready when I heard the door close. There she was. Damn, what a body! I clicked a few pictures when suddenly she whirled around and looked right at me. I shrunk back quickly, breathing hard. I heard steps again and, in a few seconds, the sound of a car door closing, then the engine starting and she was gone.

Damn, damn, damn! I can?t believe I was stupid enough to get caught. I was really going to catch hell tomorrow. I just hoped she wouldn?t sue me or try to get me fired. I went to my credenza and got out a bottle of whiskey and took a drink straight from the bottle to calm myself. I knew it would be a restless night tonight.


I was in early the next day and trying to think of something I could say to her. I eventually decided the truth may work. Maybe she would understand if I told her about my situation at home. And I would tell her this was the first time I had done it. I felt a little better. She was always understanding with everyone in the office. She just didn?t judge people; maybe she would forgive me and I could go back to my fantasies on the computer with people I didn?t know.

There was a quiet knock on my door. ?Come in,? I called out.

The door opened and it was Kathy. Of course, she?d want to go ahead and get it over with as well. ?May I come in, Mr. Brant??

?Sure, come on in, Kathy,? I said and stood like a gentleman would.

She walked in and OH MY GOD did she look special today! She was wearing a pink mini skirt with black stockings and another tight short-sleeved sweater. Her nipples looked the size of dimes and I consciously torn my eyes away and looked into her flashing green eyes. Shit, this isn?t good.

?I think you know why I?m here, Mr. Brant.? She was standing in front of my desk, her hands on the desk and leaning slightly forward. I could smell her delicate perfume and the slight smell of cinnamon on her breath. Her curly midnight black hair was cascading down and threatening to cover my view of her nipples. I had to sit down, Junior was trying to get a peek as well.

?I think I do, Kathy,? I said in a calm voice. I didn?t want to admit anything at this point.

She seemed really upset as her voice quivered a little, ?I saw you taking pictures of me when I left yesterday. May I ask what you thought you were doing??

I rubbed my eyes with my hand, then looked up into her eyes.

?I guess I might as well tell you the truth, Kathy. You looked so beautiful yesterday I just had to get a few pictures of you.? All of a sudden a thought exploded in my mind. ?I was going to submit them to a magazine I read. They are always looking for beautiful women to feature. I didn?t want to tell you in case, for some unknown reason, they rejected the pictures.?

?What?? She smiled a little before continuing, ?What magazine??

I think I had her. I jerked the line to hook her, ?I?d rather not tell you. It?s an adult magazine to be honest with you.?

?Do you really think they would be interested in my picture?? She seemed to be flattered.

?Why not?? I said. ?I?d buy the magazine if you were in it.? Oops, I hope I didn?t go too far.

?Really,? she said with a coy flirty tone in her voice.

?Do you think I?m attractive, Mr. Brant??

I swear to God I think her nipples were as big as nickels now. Look up into her eyes, you fool. ?I do, Kathy.?

?I never knew.? She came around the desk and leaned over me. ?Look into my eyes and tell me that.?

I looked deeply into her eyes and spoke the truth, ?I think you?re one of the most beautiful women I?ve ever seen in my life.?

She stared into my eyes for a few seconds and said, ?Do you ever dream of touching me??

She stood up and ran her hands over her breasts then gently squeezed the nipples. Oh, God, I am going to come in my pants if she does that again. She looked down at my cock pushing through the material. She said, ?I guess I was looking into the wrong eye,? and giggled lightly. She took my hand and put it on her thigh. The feel of the nylon was so intoxicating. ?Keep going,? she said. I gently massaged her thigh and kept going higher and higher, past the top of the stockings and onto her soft skin. I could feel the heat of her pussy even before I got there. She gasped a little when I gently massaged her already swollen lips. No panties! Yes!!! ?Don?t stop. It?s been so long for me.?

?Let?s get more comfortable, Kathy,? I said as I got up, went to the door and locked it. I came back to my desk, thanking God I was a neat freak and had nothing on my desk except a desk pad, lamp and phone. Kathy came around to the front of the desk and sat on it as I approached her. I gently reached out and brought her lips to mine. We kissed, just kissed for a minute. Our tongues speaking words of desire with their movements. She was breathing a little heavier now as I touched her breasts. I slowly pulled her sweater over her head. Her bra was white, sheer and a perfect frame for her full breasts. The nipples strained against the lingerie. I couldn?t wait any longer and bent over and kissed each of her nipples, gently sucking on them through the gauzy material. She was moaning in ecstasy and leaning back on her hands. I pulled her up and unzipped the skirt. It fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and her stilettos. I saw she was shaven except for a dark landing strip that guided me in for a landing. I leaned over and kissed her swollen pussy lips. She tasted so beautiful, I just kept going. She slid back on the desk and lay back on her elbows, watching me kiss her shrine. She had pulled her bra down and had started playing with her nipples, pulling at them and urging me on. She gave a tremendous moan and I felt her cum on my tongue. Then she really started squirting. I tried to get all I could. She was so delicious, I couldn?t stop lapping at her. ?Please kiss me,? she gasped. Our lips met as soon as I raised my head. Her tongue went past my lips and she started sucking on my tongue trying to taste herself. Moaning as she did.

Suddenly, she pushed up. ?Now it?s your turn,? she said with a wicked smile on her face. I quickly undressed and sat on the desk. She kissed me again, working her way down, stopping for a quick suck on my nipples, then down to my love spear. She was perfect with the blow job. No teeth at all. Nothing but pure pleasure. I felt myself building and she must have felt the same thing. ?Not yet,? she giggled and pinched the head of my cock to stop the ejaculation. She quickly turned around and offered herself to me. ?Doggie style, please!?

I grabbed her hips, turned her around and bent her over the desk. I entered her quickly and she started getting religion, ?Oh, God, oh God!!!? I felt like a runaway train as I pumped and pumped.

?Here I cum!? I grunted. I started cumming like I had never done before and I felt her juices mixing with mine as she came with me.

I collapsed on her gasping for air. ?That was incredible,? I said, stating the obvious. I rolled off of her so she could speak.

She was really giddy. ?No, you were incredible. I?ve never done anything like that before. My husband thinks it?s all about him, but you?ve shown me something new. I never knew it could feel so good that way.?

?Well, it can and it always will if you?d like it to.? I couldn?t believe what I was saying.

?I?ve never wanted anything more,? she answered as she rubbed her finger on her pussy, then licked it clean. ?Want a taste??

?Sure.? She rubbed her finger on the inside of her pussy and I noticed she kept the friction going.

?Oh, God, I can?t stop. It feels so fuckin? good.?

?Don?t stop, keep going, let yourself go,? I said noticing my cock was stirring again. I immediately took hold of it and started jerking.

Kathy noticed what I was doing and started fingering herself with more urgency. We both were staring at each other and working our sex machines. She started squirting again right before I did. I came all over her breasts and she started rubbing it on her nipples. Then she cupped one and brought it up to her mouth and cleaned it off with her tongue. ?Want a taste?? she asked again.

I nodded and she cupped the other breast up to her mouth and we both licked her pretty nipple clean. Hey, I tasted pretty good myself. All that fruit must be working.

?I really can?t believe this. I?ve got so many thoughts going through my mind right now. So many different feelings. I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.?

I kissed her lips, took her hand and said, ?It has, Kathy. Let?s explore it together. There are so many new possibilities we can find.?


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