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New Neighbors Chapter 6

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New Neighbors Chapter 6 Jimmy and Dana moved into a swinging condo complex, and have been initiated into their new sensual lifestyle by the old neighbors. Shy Dana has come out of her shell, and Jimmy has had some of his deepest fantasies come true (and then some!). We tune in now to their second week at the complex...) Jimmy finally went into work at his new consulting firm, and Dana got busy fixing the new place. They didn't spend much time out around the pool, but Dana did take a stroll one evening to see what the Moon Crew was up to.

They were appreciative to Mike and Barb for helping them learn the lay of the land around the complex, so they invited them out to dinner and a show for the up-coming weekend. They agreed to meet Saturday at 5 to go for drinks, and then on to dinner and the play.

Saturday afternoon, after repainting the bathroom, the two of them slipped on their suits for a little bit of sun before going out for the evening. Again, Jimmy's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he looked over the beauties dr*ped around the pool. The amount of skin showing was nearly criminal, but it seemed the norm, and he and Dana were trying to fit in. He had on his little Speedo suit, and Dana had finally dared to wear a thong bikini. She went out wearing her robe, and a little self-consciously took it off to lie face up on a lounge chair. Jimmy winked at her and settled into his chair when he looked up and saw the most gorgeous woman on earth swaying around the pool.

"Wow! Would you look at that?" Jimmy remarked to Dana.

Oh, her and Jimmy could almost hear the icicles dripping from her words. Unconsciously she turned over to face away from the other woman, not realizing that she was now showing off the thong, and her smooth cheeks, to their best advantage. She's the one Barbara was telling me about. Don't stare too hard; none of it is real. You don't say! Wow, it all looks so real and so... and Jimmy couldn't help but look at the nearly exposed cheeks, the up thrust and full breasts, the model quality high cheek bones, and the long flowing hair. Then he decided to roll onto his stomach to hide the fact that part of his anatomy couldn't tell the difference.

Later that evening they began to get dressed for their night out on the town with Barb and Mike. Dana squeezed into a tight fitting silk dress, with a low scoop back, and bared shoulders. Her tan was coming along nicely, and Jimmy admired her sexy neck as she dr*ped a string of pearls around it. The dress was maroon, with a white belt to accent her small waist. She added dark hose adorned with small black spots and some high heels. Jimmy had pulled out his seldom used tuxedo and found that it still fit. Usually he just wore it to company shin-digs around Christmas, but had skipped this last year's. He chomped on some peanut butter crackers thinking it would probably be over an hour before they were able to eat some real food.

A knock at their door told them that Mike and Barb had arrived, so Jim went to let them in. Barb was there alone.

Mike will be right along, he just had to finish some work, so I thought I'd come over on time. She looked around their newly decorated place and oohed. Dana came out from the bedroom and gave her a tour while Jimmy fixed some drinks. Soon Mike knocked once and let himself in. "How do you do, buddy? Are we about ready to roll? Not yet. Your wife is getting the grand tour. What's your poison? Scotch on the rocks please. Hmmm. You've done the place nicely. Give Dana the credit. Hey Mike, I wanted to ask you about this knockout I saw at the pool today that Dana tells me are mostly surgical. Oh, you must mean Chloe! I guess she's had some cosmetic surgery done, but its okay by me. Let me tell you Jim, if you polled the men of this complex you'd find that she would win most likely to Want to Be Rolled in the Hay Again. She is fantastic! He glanced to see that the ladies were out of the room and continued, don?t say anything to Barb about this, but she's probably the best I've ever had. Unfortunately, Barb is jealous of her so I keep my distance. No! Barb jealous of anyone? I can't imagine her feeling competition from anyone. That's 'cuz you haven't sampled Chloe?s wares. She's an infrequent Moon Crew participant, so if you get a chance - take it! Just then Barb and Dana sauntered back into the room. They were a startling pair. Dana's sandy hair had been put up and revealed a very sexy neckline. Her pearls drew the eye there, and then down to her revealing dress, slit up the side and showing a lot of thigh down low and cleavage up top. The silkiness of her dress captured the light from the room and sent it back in a way that stirred the blood and jump started the thought process.

Jimmy then took in Barb and her outfit, and while not quite as seductive as Dana's, it was still very alluring. She had on a form-fitting navy blue dress that was almost formal length. It had spaghetti straps that looked a bit overworked trying to keep her buxom chest in tow. Her dark hair was in curls and nestling on her shoulders.

She wore large gold earrings, gold bracelets, and a single strand gold chain around her throat. Her little clutch purse was also a shiny golden as was her belt, and along with her tan she positively glowed gold! Her makeup was not too heavy, but again accented her large dark eyes.

If her eyes had been pools then one could have easily drowned in them.

Jimmy completely forgot about his conversation with Mike about Chloe, and put his arm around Dana's tiny waist as they headed out to the car.

This night out was on Jimmy and Dana in gratitude for all that Mike and Barbara had done for them, and they wanted it to be just right. They were headed to one of the city's fanciest restaurants, and then to a Broadway show that was touring the country and had made a 2-month stop to their area to rave reviews.

Jimmy pulled up to the restaurant parking lot in their Ford Mustang, and the attendant took his keys to park it. The restaurant was located atop one of the tallest buildings in the city and boasted a spectacular view. The eatery rotated slowly, making a circuit once an hour, so a dinner party easily got to see all of the sights during a meal. The way to get to it was on one of the two outside glass elevators that only went up to the restaurant (those who wanted to get to rooms in the hotel needed to use the inside elevators).

The four of them walked over to the elevator doors and could see that it was about half way back down. As they waited a well dressed elderly couple approached and waited with them. You could almost smell the money on them, he in a very expensive suit, and she sporting diamonds couple approached and waited with them. You could almost smell the money on them, he in a very expensive suit, and she sporting diamonds and a fur wrap over a designer gown.

Mike and Barb were arm in arm as they entered and when they took their places in the small area they locked into a passionate embrace.

Jim and Dana just hugged, and the elderly couple took their place a few steps away, trying to avoid looking at the man and woman who were kissing fiercely. The doors closed and the elevator began its slow climb to the top.

Dana turned and looked out at the view and caught her breath, Jimmy standing closely behind her with his arms around her. But soon she couldn't ignore the sights and sounds coming from Barb and Mike. Barb had raised one leg which Mike was holding as they rubbed bodies up against the glass. The elderly man was trying not to stare, but wasn't doing a very good job, and his wife elbowed him one good and told him to look away.

Dana looked away also, but when they were about 2/3rds of the way up she couldn't ignore the lurch the elevator made.

"Are we stuck?" asked the matron.

"I don't know we just seemed to stop," Jimmy replied.

Meanwhile, Mike had slipped his hand under one of the spaghetti straps on Barb's dress and while the two continued their kiss he was massaging her exposed breast. His hand then dropped down and pulled her leg up and slid his hand up her thigh until it had pushed her dress up and displayed the top of her stockings and finally her bare ass. He was grinding his pelvis into hers and it looked like they were getting into it pretty hot and heavy.

Warren, stop staring! And you two, she directed at Mike and Barb, please stop that! This is a public place!" Jimmy and Dana had turned to watch them going at it, oblivious to the other four in the elevator. They looked on as Barb reached down and fumblingly but finally successfully got Mike's pants unbelted and unzipped. She was chewing on his ear as they turned so that her back was up against the glass wall. He cupped her cheeks in both of his hands and lifted her slightly as he made connection and pinned her to the wall. Her heaving became quite heavy, and now her dress top had found its way down almost to her waist. Jimmy was still behind Dana as they watched, so he reached around her and lightly squeezed both of her breasts.

The elderly couple had turned away from them and was doing their best to ignore the sights, sounds, and smells of the love making going on just a few feet away.

Barb then began moaning and crying out each time that Mike pumped into her, which was occurring regularly and often, so that there was no way to ignore them. Finally she gave a long sustained cry as Mike's meat began to cream her deeply and her own sensations had boiled until she went over the edge herself in a shuddering orgasm. The elevator was beginning to bounce ever so slightly to their lovemaking and the elderly matron was clinging to her husband in fear, while he just looked on in fascination. Finally the bouncing action slowed to a stop, as Barb's heaving breasts turned a red flush from the excitement. Mike took a small step back, tidied up his pants while Barb slipped her dress's straps back up over her shoulders and smoothed down the front of it.

Dana and Jim let out a sigh at the climax to the encounter, feeling somehow like they'd experienced it themselves. Mike turned and gave them a smile, and then reached over to the control panel and threw a switch. The elevator began to rise again immediately.

Did you see that? the gray-hair asked indignantly. We weren't stuck at all. Warren, are you listening to me? Yes dear, her husband replied, a smile sneaking out at the corners of his mouth.

The car reached its destination and allowed them all to disembark, and the indignant woman pushed past them all to leave as soon as the doors opened enough to allow a body to pass through. Her husband gave Mike a little pat on the back as he passed and then dutifully caught up to his wife and escorted her around a corner into the restaurant. The four stepped out laughing and doing imitations of the elderly woman to each other.

The dinner was spectacular, and the view impressive as the restaurant twirled around the top of the building at one revolution per hour. The four of them had become very close and they found that they easily shared their feelings and thoughts. There was no sign of the elderly couple during their meal.

After supper they took the elevator down in a large crowd, but they did see Mike cop a feel and then wink. Jimmy and Dana just snuggled on the way down.

They walked through the hotel lobby to the theatre's entrance, and as they did Barbara caught a quick glimpse of the matron from the elevator going into the show with her husband also. Her poise seemed to have returned, and she walked with elegant grace into the theatre.

The four took their seats, and Barbara noticed that they were about three rows in front of and seven or eight chairs beside the elderly couple. The lights dimmed, notes began floating up from the orchestral pit, and the musical began. The show was well choreographed, the actors superb, the costumes dazzling. When it was over the four of them rose and applauded with gusto! As they exited their seats and began walking up the aisle the elderly matron moved to intercept them. She caught up to them in the lobby.

She tapped Barbara on the arm and announced, I need a word with you. Please follow me. I'll come along too, ok?" Dana offered.

No thank you, replied the matron, that won't be necessary. Warren I'll be right back. She led the way to the Ladies Room.

Once there she turned to Barbara and smiled. I apologize for making such a fuss up there in the elevator. She sighed and continued wistfully, I was young and in love once. It's just been so long that I'd almost forgotten how crazy love can make you.

But you reminded me tonight of the fire that used to burn within me.

Thank you for that. I've been thinking this evening of how I used to light my Warren's fire, the lingerie I wore, the perfume on my wrists and hot points, the things we used to do and try. It almost seemed like a dream. But you've reminded me that I am a woman, with a woman's needs and desires just like when I had breasts as firm as yours.

"I just wanted you to know that I appreciate now the display that you and your man gave us, and that tonight," and her eyes lit up, "I am going to stoke the fire one more time for Warren. He won't know what hit him!" She leaned over, gave Barbara a kiss on the cheek and threw over her shoulder as she hurried off, "Thanks again!" And then she was gone.

Barbara reemerged from the Ladies Room, but the elderly couple had gone by then.

"Everything okay?" Mike asked her.

"More than okay," she replied to them all, "I think things are going to be pretty hot in some parts of this city tonight." Then, taking both his and Jimmy's arms with Dana on his other, the four headed back home to what proved a hot night for them as well.

Epilogue: Warren's heart gave out that night from the excitement, but it was with a smile on his face. His rich widow subsequently relocated to Rio de Janeiro and runs a bar right on the beach.

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