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Neighbor helping Neighbor

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The woman down the street and I had become pretty good friends. We belonged to the same health club and since I had a flexible, work at home schedule I’d often go to the gym during the day when crowds were less. She often happened to be at the gym at the same time since she worked part-time and had a flexible schedule.

Sally, as I’ll call her since we need to be very discreet, had just seen her last child graduate from High School last spring. The empty nest wasn’t going very well for her and her husband and as we got to know each other she shared how they had become more and more distant. “Sometimes I don’t even like being home with him,” She told me one day. I told her (half jokingly) where my key was and that if she ever needed a place to be, my place was always available. She could use the key if I wasn’t home.

I was truly trying to be a good neighbor, but I had to admit the thought of being alone with Sally excited me. I knew her well enough that I figured there would be little chance of any physical interaction. But the thought of it intrigued me.

Sally was about 5’ 3” and even though she dressed modestly, even in the gym, I could see that she had a great rack. A couple times I’d catch myself glancing her way and wondering what it would be like to have those tits in my hands and sucking on her nipples.

Over the next couple months Sally and I would see each other from time to time. Her family situation would come up occasionally and I knew things weren’t good. I didn’t know how bad they were though until one night when I returned from a late night meeting. I was setting my things on the counter when I heard a noise in the family room. It was then I noticed a lamp turned on low and heard a moaning sound.

I quietly entered the room and saw the TV on and a porn movie playing with the sound down. There was someone on the couch! I’m not sure why I didn’t freak out. I moved further into the room and was shocked to see Sally on my couch. She had her pants at her ankles and was working my dildo in and out of her sweet looking pussy. She had her other hand under her sweatshirt fondling her breast.

I watched her for a minute feeling my cock swelling inside my boxers. It was then that Sally looked up and noticed me. She gasped and sat up. “I’m so sorry…” She began. I knelt beside her and put my finger on her lip. I took the dildo from her and slipped it in my mouth, and sucked on it.

“Hmmmm. You taste great Sally.”

“I’m sorry…” She began again.

“Don’t be sorry.” I said sliding my hand up her leg towards her pussy. I gently slid the dildo into her waiting cunt. At first she resisted, but then slid down further on the couch so I could push it deep inside her waiting hole.

“So you like my toy?” I asked as she moved her hips to match my thrusts.

“Oh, yes. I came in and found it laying here. I’ve never used one before and started to play. I turned on the TV and the movie started. I got carried away…don’t stop.”

Funny thing about all this is that Sally never asked why I had the porn and the dildo in the first place. My girlfriend and I had used it the night before and I’d forgotten to ‘clean up’ afterwards.

I continued to work the dildo in and out of her great pussy. Sally began to relax even more and moved her hands up under her sweatshirt. She played with her breasts for a couple minutes and then leaned forward and took it off. Her great tits fell free and she continued to rub them and watch my eyes.

“Would you like to suck them?” She leaned forward and pushed one into my waiting mouth. I felt her nipples harden between my lips and rolled my tongue around it.

Sally pushed it hard into my mouth begging me to suck harder. I pulled as much as I could into my mouth. I let go of the dildo and moved up on Sally, grabbing both breasts and buried my head in them. I felt Sally move her hand down and continue to work the dildo.

Her breathing started getting heavier and faster. She moved the rod deeper and faster into her wet, slippery cunt. Her panting told me she was about to cum. She started to moan and push her huge tits harder into my face.


As her orgasm began to subside I moved from her tits and down her stomach. I gently began to work her clit with my tongue.

“O Yes. Suck my clit. Suck me.” She moaned. I moved my tongue up and down her crotch, pulling on her lips, rolling her clit, pushing my tongue deep inside the well of her womanhood. She pulsed her hips against me pushing hard against my face as I continued to lick her. I slipped my finger inside, then two. “More. Give me more” she moaned. I put four fingers insider her waiting cunt as she pulsed herself hard on my hand.

“I’m going to cum again. Keep going. Harder. Push me harder!” Sally was almost screaming at me for me to be rougher. I continued ramming her sweet puss until she began to shake again and came hard on my hand.

Sally pulled me up to her lips and began to kiss me passionately. Her hands moved down my side and rubbed my bulging cock beneath my pants. I felt her undo my zipper and unbuckle my belt. She pulled my pants down and my cock sprang free from my boxers.

“I need you to fuck me. Fuck me fast. Fuck me hard. I want to feel you explode inside me.” She whispered in my ear. I knelt down and pushed my cock inside her hole. I pulled her hard against me and thrust my cock deep inside her. I did just what she asked. I thrust my cock deep inside her cunt fast and hard. She moaned as I exploded inside her sweet wet pussy. I continued to thrust until there was nothing left and I collapsed on her naked body.

After a couple minutes of collecting ourselves, Sally whispered in my ear.

“If you ever want this again, NO ONE will ever know it happened.”

With that she got up, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom. A couple minutes later she emerged dressed and ‘collected’. She walked across the room, kissed me passionately and without saying another word walked out the back door.

A couple days later I saw Sally at the gym. I wasn’t sure how that first meeting after our fuck fest would be, but she reacted to me as though nothing happened. I couldn’t wait to see what the future held. Our secret was safe with me.

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